44 Small Business Ideas in Haryana but Promising and Profitable

Haryana is one of the best places in India to start a small business. These ideas will help you to start a successful business in Haryana. There are thousands of business ideas that you can use in Haryana to start your own startup business.

As we all know a business requires physical efforts and financial efforts as well but before that, you need to select the right idea for your business that makes you successful. I have tried my best to choose these ideas among other businesses available out there.

Some of these ideas require small startup costs and some require medium investment.

44 Business Ideas in Haryana

Here are the best and profitable small business ideas in Haryana.

1- Writing and producing content

You can earn a good income on the internet by producing content. Writing is a sustainable job opportunity that allows you to find the right position. You can earn money through advertising, affiliate links, information products (e-books, audio, clips or a combination of all of them) or many other ways. To generate content, you can create a site and start producing content.

2- Virtual assistant

Companies and professionals usually need the help of an assistant to manage tasks such as sending emails and using social media. As a virtual assistant, you can offer these services online.

3- Director of Social Media

If you’re on social media, you can offer your services to brands that need help managing their social pages on a daily basis.

4- Social media consultant

On the other hand, instead of managing social media for customers, you can only advise them on social media.

5. Influencer (influential person) on social media

Instead of managing and consulting, you can focus on building your social networking accounts. And when you have enough influence on your networks, you can start a social media influencer. In doing so, brands promote their products and services on your social media account.

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6- The author of the e-book

If you have an idea to write a book, you can write a book and publish it on sites like Amazon.

7- Manufacturer of online courses

By building online courses and selling them on your website or via email, you can share your information and knowledge online with different people. If you specialize in something, you can also get a training video and publish it on YouTube and earn dollars from visiting it, or you can publish your training courses on sites such as ” Faradars “, ” Franesh ” which are Iranian and earn money. .

8- Business coach

If you have enough skills and expertise in the business, you can consult or train customers and communicate with them via email or video calling programs such as Skype.

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9- SEO consultant

SEO consulting is another idea to make money online. You can offer special services such as SEO to businesses that want their website to appear more in the search section.

10- Dependent marketer

Dependent marketing programs give you the opportunity to earn money by sending links to different products, services and getting some money from the sale of these products and services.

11- Instagram face

Instagram is one of the most important platforms you can make money from! but how? You can be a blogger! Who is a blogger? If you feel comfortable in front of the camera, or you live in a city that has good attractions, good things happen, or you travel a lot, or you cook, you go to a restaurant, or you have some special skills and talents in producing programs. You have 1 minute of interesting and educational programs (cooking, English, Turkish…), you can film them and introduce your page to the general Instagram users. Over time, your page will become popular and you will find potential users. By doing this, you can advertise on your Instagram page and earn money.

12- Podcast maker

You can start podcasting and start a business around podcasting by selling ads and sponsoring.

13- Seller on the wall and trumpet

If you want to sell real products, you can easily set up an online store on the wall and trumpet site and sell different products.

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14- Handmade products store

You can make your own products and start your own e-commerce products or set up a shop on different sites.

15- Web designer

If you are a designer and have information about the website, you can provide your services to customers as a web designer.

16- Website programmer

With the help of Back End programming, you can start a business. This requires more technical knowledge and less understanding of design than web design.

17- Graphic designer

You can offer less specialized design services, but still as a graphic designer, communicate with customers online and attract them.

18- Application programmer

If you have a lot of technical information about mobile applications, you can set up application programming for customers, or you can even build and sell your own application.

19- Internet domain seller

Anyone who wants to start a website needs a domain first. That means they have to buy the domain from somewhere. So you can start buying and selling domains.

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20. Freelance writer

Those who want to start writing without starting a blog can offer their writing services to external clients as a freelancer.

21- T-shirt designer

With online platforms like Redbubble and CafePress, you can easily design T-shirts and things like that and then sell them to online customers.

22. Remote tutor

You don’t have to see people up close to teach effectively. You can meet customers online and help them with various issues. Currently it is one of the best small business ideas in Haryana.

23. Online advertising specialist

If you know of different ways to advertise online, you can offer companies that want to use online advertising to promote their products.

24- Travel consultant

Travel agency employees are not as common as they used to be. But you can still start a business as an online travel consultant and help customers and the travel team find the best travel options.

25. Sample reader

You can start reading or editing for different businesses, writers and customers who want to send their work to you online.

26. Archive photography

If you want to start an online photography business, you can take photos and then sell them on archive photo websites.

27- Author of website advertisements

This is another possible career opportunity for writing. In doing so, you help businesses create ads for their website.

28. Virtual technology support

If you have enough information about technology, you can provide remote support services to customers who call you online.

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29. Customer service on a contractual basis

You can offer your services to companies that want to provide customer service communications abroad.

30- Software programmer

Those who are quite familiar with building software can offer their services to companies on a freelance basis, or they can even build and sell their own software.

31. Content Marketing Consultant

If you have experience in marketing, you can offer your services to companies that need help planning and implementing online marketing.

32. WordPress Content Developer

WordPress is a popular platform for blogs and websites. So you can start a business by creating pre-designed content for those who want to easily build their website in WordPress.

33- Researcher

There are many opportunities for researchers to offer their services online to writers, companies and other customers.

34. Exchange

To do this, you need experience and training. If you take a month to read the numerous articles that have been published on the Internet about the stock market and technical analysis, and if you take part in face-to-face training courses, you can also invest in the stock market.

35- Blog Network Builder

Another idea is to make money online. You can create a network for bloggers and make money for network members or earn money through advertising and product information.

36- Advertiser of the advertising network

You can create a network for bloggers, site owners and other online businesses who want to find a sponsor or advertiser.

37. Online Public Relations

Public relations is a long-term job opportunity. You can set up a business that communicates primarily with customers and publications online.

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38. Website support and maintenance services

You can offer your services as a webmaster or maintenance provider to businesses that have a website but need help maintaining and managing it.

39. Website critic

You can criticize the website of businesses that need to change or improve the history of their site visitors.

40. Online employment

If you want to help businesses find employees, you can set up a recruitment service and find and contact people who are mostly online.

41. Creator (Producing goods)

What is meant by creator here is to take advantage of your knowledge, skills, and passion to create a product that has the potential to be marketed or is indeed needed by the market.

For example, such as producing various kinds of crafts for those of you who have skills and passion in the craft sector? Open a restaurant or restaurant for those of you who have hobbies and cooking skills. Making clothes, hijab, and so on for those of you who have a hobby of sewing, as well as many other various business ideas that you can run with this creator- type business model.

42. Consumer Service (Providing services for consumers)

The second business model is to provide services or Consumer Service to consumers (both individual and group consumers). For example, such as business opportunities for laundry services, catering services, motorbike and car repair businesses, motorcycle taxi services, car rental businesses, hair cutting services, tutoring, and various types of other service business opportunities that you can run according to your skills.

43. Product Sales (sales product)

The third business model is to act as a marketer or distributor of goods needed by consumers. Usually, this business model is much sought after by consumers, because the capital and risk are not too big and the benefits obtained are also quite promising. For this kind of business model, you can try going through a retail business, becoming a reseller of Branded products, or becoming a product marketing agent for SMEs around you.

44. Business Services (Meeting the needs of business people)

In addition to targeting end users (end consumers), you can also provide services for other business people. For example, opening a plastic screen printing business (for product packaging), becoming a marketing consultant for large companies, business trainers for business people or beginners, freight forwarding services, business cart manufacturing services, and so on.

Now, after knowing the four categories of business models that you can run, now it’s your turn to choose the right business model for you. Hopefully this information on business tips for choosing the right business model can provide benefits for readers, and help beginners who want to enter the business world. Keep moving forward Indonesian SMEs and best wishes.

If you any queries about these small business ideas in Haryana then feel free to tell us.

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