Business Ideas in Chennai: 11 Profitable Ideas with Low Investment

Looking for the business ideas in Chennai and want to start a business in Chennai with low investment but you don’t have ideas for how to start a successful business?

In this article, we find the best business ideas for Chennai city for your startup business.

Chennai is one of the best places in India to start a business and earn huge profits. As Chennai is a developing city more people come forward to start their own profitable business.

So what are you waiting for? Check out these unique and hot new business ideas in Chennai.

11 Best Small Business Ideas in Chennai

Here are the 11 business ideas in Chennai that you can use for your startup.

Boutique Business in Chennai

business ideas in Chennai

For fashionable entrepreneurs abroad, consider opening your boutique. Although this is one of the small business ideas on our list that requires an initial budget, it can be fun and successful if you find the right inventory and the right market.

Competing against large clothing retailers can be challenging, but if you can find a specific niche, such as starting a T-shirt business or a local store, you can use your creativity to stand out among other options. Use another general one there.

Steps to start a clothing Boutique in Chennai

  • Decide on the type of boutique you want to start
  • Decide on a USP Store – the purpose of your business
  • Decide what clothes to wear and who to sell to
  • Determine the source of business financing
  • Look for a place where you can find your store
  • Decide where to find the origin of the clothing
  • Decide on a price
  • Decide on the shape of the store
  • Determine the operating procedures for your store
  • Legalize the business
  • Hire the right staff
  • Make a marketing plan
  • Buy everything you need
  • Write down your business plan
  • Plan a good opening
  • Plans

What are the costs involved in opening a boutique business?

The exact cost of opening a clothing boutique varies according to your size and location. Some boutique veteran owners recommend starting with nothing less than $ 50,000 in cash, while others say $ 150,000 or even $ 200,000 is more worth it.

Small Breakfast Business in Chennai

business ideas in Chennai

Do you live in an interesting tourist destination? Does your home have a guest house, a mother complex, or even just a spare bedroom? Do you love cooking and entertaining guests?

In this case, one of the best small business ideas might be to turn your home into your B&B. Several businesses in Chennai have made your home marketable for travellers in need, and you may even find new friends along the way.

How to Start a Breakfast Business

1. Obtain the required license and registration. 

2. Find out where to sell your vacations. 

3. Create a menu. 

4. Use prices. 

5. Research vendors. 

6. Find the equipment needed. 

7. Release the voice.

Catering Service Business in Chennai

business ideas in Chennai

If you are a professional chef but tired of breaking into a restaurant, starting a catering service is a great opportunity to enter the world of self-employment.

To start a commercial kitchen, you need a part-time server staff and a married assistant cook. But compared to opening your restaurant, the cost of overtime to set up and run a catering company is much more manageable.

How to start a catering business

Create a Resources inventory

Write down the things you will need to start tasting. The inventory you have and what equipment you will need to purchase. For example, your current dishwasher may not be capable of washing enough dishes to suit your business or you may need to purchase a separate fridge. You will also need dishwashing, dishwasher, cooling and hot storage systems.

Discover Market Niche

Find the niche of the market that the competition ignores or feels you can surpass. As a freshman for the choir, you may not have the capacity to eat a wedding dinner for 100 guests but you can prepare for wedding shows, engagement parties, and bachelorette parties well. Determine the menu for serving food clients. Research what your competitors offer.

Check to see which local restaurants offer restaurant services. Support the menu with your unique features and what your market demands. Buy stuff to stay competitive but make a profit. The price is always challenging and it is determined by where you live, the time it takes to prepare a meal, the cost of ingredients and the profit margin you plan to achieve.

Establish Customer Relationships

Find vendors. “Cooking is better than cooking,” said Denise Vivaldo, in her book, “How to Start a Catering Home Business.” Frequency of cotton is expected to provide lamps, china, glassware, utensils – and even tables and chairs for specific events – and food. Research providers in your area ahead of time.

Organize Your Business

Create a business plan that includes the additional investment you will need to start within the first 3 months of funding and expenses. Obtain the required licenses. You will need a business license from the state and possibly from the city and home where you live.

Licenses and permits

The County or state health department will inspect your kitchen for safety and see if it meets your health requirements. Most residential kitchens do not. Plan to expand or retrieve a kitchen that has already been inspected. A restaurant that only serves dinner may allow you to use the kitchen for hours of rent.

A food management license will be required. The Chamber of Commerce or the Small Business Development Center can help you determine which license is required.

Focus on Marketing

Establish a marketing plan to reach your potential customers. Name them business cards, stationery and brochures. Make a few of your signature dishes and take pictures of the brochure and your website. Or planning a small cooking business most people use the Internet to compare in-store.

IT services

business ideas in Chennai

Its services are amazing these days. If you’re good at IT, you can start your own business.

Some of the solutions for starting small businesses are: –

  • Web Design
  • Investment Advisor
  • Compatible Fund Agent
  • Provider
  • Why start this business
  • High-speed internet is available to everyone.

All of these businesses can be started from an online platform such as social media, blog or website.

How to start these businesses

Find a catchy name and buy a domain. All of these businesses are like blogging. You will need a complete digital marketing plan and money to make that program. You can also choose some free advertising ideas. But make sure you have all the necessary skills and expertise to provide your services for the money.

Blogging is something completely different from these websites. They will hire you, and you have to work for them if you want to make money from your buyers. No one will just pay you for the information. So start to achieve the required level of expertise in your area.

First budget to start these businesses

You do not need a large amount and according to new policies if you earn less than 5 lakhs a year, then you do not need some government approval. In simple terms, the government will not charge you any price in the form of Income-tax. The initial budget is something of 30,000 INR or less to make these assumptions.

Childcare Services

business ideas in Chennai

If you are a woman and want to start a small service to provide child labour it is a good idea. It will be beneficial to big cities where women work and often look for these types of services.

Why start this business

Most moms are hired, and they need someone to look after the apple of their eyes.

In Chennai recruitment is increasing and talent is gaining equal importance regardless of gender.

How to start this business

Determine a particular age group and group things accordingly. Start a marketing campaign on how they can rely on your service. But make sure you get your state licenses and permits.

Startup budget to start this business

If you want to set up your agency or company, you need an amount of about 1 lakh, and there is no cost to provide one-to-one or home service.

Grocery Store

business ideas in Chennai

Starting a small grocery store in India is a great business idea as the population increases and the purchasing power of the average person increases, so the grocery store is a great business place.

As they grow more economically and grow economically, people choose to shop in those smaller retail outlets, where they are treated in large retail outlets with well-stocked shelves where AC is completely comfortable. Daily needs products like milk, cereals, dip, meat, cleaning supplies, and more are systematically organized with their price tags and vendors on their toes.

So if you have an idea for a grocery business used to open a Kirana store or shiny new restaurant then keep learning to find out how to start, manage, and grow one to earn the right profit and make the most out of your hard-earned investment.

How To Start A Small Business Food Store

  • Write a Business Plan
  • Target market
  • Choose the correct location
  • Business planning costs
  • Completion of Legal Entities and obtaining approved licenses
  • Distribution of Goods
  • Sales staff
  • Get your GST registered business
  • Get your Business Online
  • Profit and future income

Maid Business Ideas in Chennai

business ideas in Chennai

In all developed cities, the lack of young men remains a problem whether it is Chennai, Bangalore etc.

Too many families are struggling and have to do all the housework.

But now, most girls, women are doing the work and it is impossible for them to do household chores and work.

And when they have a baby the problem gets worse.

You can understand it too.

And when there is a problem, there is also a business opportunity. you can use this problem and turn it into a full-time or part-time profitable business in Chennai.

You can hire male and female. Men can also do homework. They can also bring the necessary food items when needed.

Reason for working on these business ideas in the city of Chennai:

  • Girls and women also do the work, they don’t get time for homework.
  • Very few girls are available.
  • Low competition means you can take a higher percentage of profits.
  • Steps to start this profitable business in Chennai:
  • Visit the undeveloped city, a small village and valley near Chennai. There you can easily find them.
  • In case you don’t get a maid. Afterwards, give a job to any poor and unemployed person, I’m sure they would readily agree.
  • You can easily find a website builder through Chennai. You will charge about Rs 3000 to 7,000.
  • The website will help you find your client service maid easily.
  • You do not need to know how to use a website.
  • Here the price and function of the maid will be listed, It will help you avoid simple questions.
  • Make an advertisement for your website, It will help you find the client more easily.
  • You can use digital media (google AdWords, Facebook ad, Instagram ad).
  • You can also use the traditional method such as newspaper ad, pamphlet, magazine, etc.
  • In case you have a low budget. Then write a WhatsApp message and tell your friend to share the situation and send it yourself. you can visit the site and request your service.

Investment Required for Maid Service Business is near about Rs 6000.

Pet store

business ideas in Chennai

Who doesn’t love an animal? look at this cute kitten. Everyone has a dream of making a pet. This is one of the most profitable business ideas.

Pet business ideas in Chennai

People treat the animal as a member of their family. They also love getting their pet trained and visiting the doctor daily. therefore, that their animal did not get any kind of disease.

Most people find it a status symbol. people are willing to spend money on animals easily. Because they are emotionally attached to them.

Reason for working on these business ideas in Chennai city:

  • Popular with almost everyone.
  • Dogs are used for safety purposes. In developed cities, there are too many thieves.
  • It wouldn’t leave you feeling lonely.

Pets that you can easily sell are:

  • Dog (popular with humans)
  • The cat
  • Rabbit
  • Bird (especially peas, dove)
  • Fish
  • Hamster (A type of large mouse known as pahadi chuha) etc.

Pet Products:

  • Pet food
  • House for pets.
  • Cage
  • Aquarium
  • Training
  • Animal accessories etc.

Steps to start this profitable business with Chennai:

  • Search for a good store location. Open a store, create a website and online.
  • There are very few I can say that 2 or 3 companies sell an animal online. So it’s a golden opportunity.
  • Contact the dealers first and buy those animals that have more demand in your area.
  • Make an ad.
  • You can use digital media (google AdWords, Facebook ad, Instagram ad). It will help in the growth of the business at a faster rate than any other.

You can also use traditional methods such as newspaper ads, pamphlets, magazines, etc.


business ideas in Chennai

Blogging requires a few initial costs or sometimes no cost. You need to plant a domain name and host. As far as promoting affordable and unlimited online costs are required.

Why You Should Start Blogging

You can write your blog from anywhere at any time. This makes it one of the best private businesses anyone can do without their job or study.

Once you get a position, there is money available for this particular business. You can find advertising, Google Adsense and by selling your product.

It does not require technical expertise to start blogging.

How To Start Blogging

You can start blogging right away from your computer or laptop. You can start with your smartphone. Getting started is easy, but the hard part is starting well. See thou to it. find one thing you can share with others. Configure your future student’s negative profile of what kind of education they may have, where they can read your blog, etc.

Analyze and finally research other websites and blogs that convey the same information. Now write down how you can provide that information differently. Now is the time to post articles on your website or blog. Promote your blog with social participation. Everything will be easier after you get the momentum.

Preliminary Budget to Start

You don’t need a lot of money. At 10,000 INR or less you can start an amazing blog.

Event Management

business ideas in Chennai

An event management business is a fast-growing business. If a good network exists and you can move things faster, this can be a very good idea for small businesses. There are good business ideas with low investment and high profits.

Why start this business

People don’t have time to organize their team because of the rapid pace of urban development. They will hire you to save time and enjoy the event completely.

Groups are organized on a large scale.

How to start this business

Like many other businesses listed here, you need to get a license from the government. If you join a certificate course and receive a certificate from a recognized institution, it will improve your position in the market. You need a complete marketing plan too to be successful.

Startup budget to start this business

You can start your event management business with 35,000 INR or less.


business ideas in Chennai

For those who have something to say or important stories to tell, you may want to start a podcast business. With the popularity of newspaper podcasts and other provider media, private individuals have been able to go through an upward trend – turning entertainment into a very broad business.

Podcasting requires some initial investment in audio equipment and editing software, but once you get started, you can speak, produce, and market your podcasts just as quickly.

Also, if you are particularly interested in the business idea of ​​online business, podcasting can be done at home and completely online.

How to Start a Successful Podcast

To start a podcast, at least, you need to:

  • Come up with an idea (title, name, format and target length for each episode).
  • Draw creativity and write a definition for your “brand” podcast.
  • Record and edit your audio files (such as .MP3s). Recommended microphone (more on later equipment).
  • Find a place to host (such as a podcast host file, such as Libyan or Podbean).
  • Sync these audio files to so-called “RSS feeds” for distribution through iTunes and downloaded or distributed on any demand system.

How does podcasting work?

Podcasts can be played in one of two ways.

The first one to stream or download a podcast from an RSS feed can be to a feed reader such as Feedly or to the blog/website itself where the podcast is hosted or hosted.

These business ideas are not only profitable in Chennai but also in other cities or states of India like Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Delhi, etc.

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