Top 20 Businesses You Can Start With Rupees 50000 Investment

There are thousands of businesses available out there which you can start on Rupees 50000 investment, but among them the profitable and trusted one are few.

Here we have shared the most trusted and profitable business ideas which you can start with rupees 50,000 investment.

Mineral water plant

The packaged mineral water is popular nowadays because of its broad use in weddings, parties, inns and so forth. The assembling of bundled mineral water is a phenomenal business thought subject to the condition that it is made cleanly. Water has become a shortage in India, henceforth this is a standout amongst other productive businesses in India.

PC fixing and Repairing

Like versatile fixing, PC fixing shop is another mainstream business which goes under 50,000. Be that as it may, there are numerous shops that are as of now doing this business and on the off chance that you need to hang out right now should offer great assistance at a modest cost.


Versatile popcorn business is especially in vogue these days and you can begin this too with only a modest quantity of investment. The greatest preferred position of this popcorn machine is that you can move around to sell the popcorn.

Xerox and Printing

Xerox and printing business is an extremely basic business which you can begin with a little investment. On the off chance that you need to begin Xerox and a printing shop you will require a Xerox machine which costs roughly 12k-15k and a PC for printing cost around 18k – 20k.

Furniture Business

Furniture is an irreplaceable thing for homes, schools, business premises and so on. Everyone needs tables, seats, couches, beds, closets and so on. Along these lines, the assembling of furniture can be an extraordinary business thought. The assessed capital required is Rs. 1 to 5 lakh relying on your size of assembling. One can get significant expense from such minimal effort business thought. You can likewise start this business with enormous size and this new assembling business thought with high investment can give high benefits.

Pickle making business

Pickles making is another business thought with 50000 investments which you can begin at the present time. Hand crafted pickles are consistently sought after and ideal by a great many people as opposed to bundling one. The benefit is very high right now. In the event that you need to begin pickle causing business you can begin it from your home.

Tea Stall

This is a mainstream and old business with 50000 rupees investment. Opening a tea and bites slow down almost a jam-packed region is constantly gainful. Taste and quality are required to hang out right now. Bites like samosa, kachori and so on goes very well with a hot cup of tea

Visit Stalls

Visit slow down is well known and it has the most noteworthy net revenue contrasted with different business thoughts. Talks like samosa visit, dahi vada, papdi talk are normally sold rapidly. On the off chance that you have a financial limit of rupee 50k you can begin this business. To begin with, on the off chance that you need to begin a talk selling business you need to check in the event that there is as of now a slow down holding the position and, at that point go further.

Pani Puri Stall

I’m certain you have eaten delectable tart pani puris on a slow down. Pani puri business is perhaps the best business to begin in India. Be that as it may, before you begin considering this business you should be set up to take a stab at beginning. Making pani puri isn’t some tea that requires cooking abilities to make crispy puris.

Staple conveyance

Staple conveyance business is extraordinary compared to other business plans which you can begin with 50000 or less investment. So as to begin this business first, you need to choose the kind of things you need to convey likewise you need to check the market for your ensembles.

Inexpensive food joint

A little portable cheap food joint is an extremely well known business thought on our rundown. The fame of road nourishment is very high and opening a versatile inexpensive food shop is a smart thought.

Versatile Repairing

New age kids can’t survive without cell phones and on the off chance that you open a versatile fixing shop close to the jam-packed spot or a well running portable shop you can gain great cash. So to begin this business you need to pick a spot for your shop (leased or own) and afterward you should purchase a fixing toolbox and you can begin.

Garment Manufacturing unit

With the expanding familiarity with style, pieces of clothing have been most popular. In addition, the interest is endless. In this way, the assembling of articles of clothing is a beneficial business. There is no evaluated capital as one can begin it as low as Rs 1 Lakh and it can go to a few crores as well. This is one of the most beneficial businesses in India to begin.

Producing calfskin related things Business

Calfskin items are consistently in extraordinary interest. Little things made of cowhide can be made effectively with the assistance of straightforward devices and hardware. The capital required right now is around Rs. 1 lakh to 5 lakh. This is one of the medium scale fabricating business thoughts in India.

Manufacturing of school/office stationery

There is standard interest for stationary things for workplaces and schools. Records, organizers, pens, accounts books, pencil, eraser, sharpener, and so forth the rundown is perpetual. These things are even requested by little and enormous businesses. Thus, remembering the interest for these items, the assembling of these units can be an extraordinary thought. This is a low investment business with high benefits.

Automobile Parts producing

Vehicle industry is prospering in all aspects of the nation. All the autos business needs to save parts to be gathered IN their units. On the off chance that you have great business abilities and have significant fund limits, you can begin this business. It isn’t important to create such a large number of parts. One can spend significant time in not many extra pieces of the vehicle business. One should produce just those parts that are required on an ordinary premise. The investment here is roughly Rs.5 lakh to 15 lakh.

Fertilizer producing

We live in an agribusiness based nation. Any individual who has a decent information on synthetics and composts, he can begin with manure producing units at a little scope. On the off chance that the business goes fruitful, it has gigantic development potential. The investment here is Rs. 25,000 to 1 Lakh.

Sports Related assembling business

Indoor and open air games have consistently been famous among kids just as older folks. Assembling little games related things can be a decent business thought like assembling a ball, bat, carom, badminton rackets and so forth. This is extraordinary compared to other medium scale fabricating business thoughts in India.


The business of nectar making is related to honey bee cultivation. It is one of the least demanding business thoughts that can be begun with minimal effort. Nectar is in incredible interest because of its medicinal properties. The capital required is Rs.25,000. Individuals would likewise called this as great home assembling business thought.

High benefit Toys producing Business

Toys have consistently been most loved things for kids and their deal never goes down. One can take some evergreen toy plan and style with some development in it. The investment isn’t much right now.