15 Profit-Making Complementary Business Examples and Ideas

These complementary business examples and profitable small business ideas in which we need little investment and have low risk may help you to establish a successful business. 

So if you are looking to start a business with little investment and a lot of profit, we hope that this list will be useful for you.

Complementary Business Examples

Here are the best complementary business examples and ideas:

Handmade Furniture

Although this type of business idea would be more suitable for someone who already knows carpentry or is a good handyman, we can indeed see some entrepreneurs online who are making a lot of money without having previously dedicated themselves to this profession.

You can study the manufacture of artisan furniture and display your pieces in shows, studios, or local stores. Even more glamorous stores. You can also create your own website and make them known online. As we already said in the other articles, everything that is handmade can be charged more expensively. In fact, one of the clients who most demand this product is precisely the luxury hotels.

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Painting Business

You can do it low cost or a more professional type of paint. You can paint only facades or you can paint interior rooms originally and creatively.

Some entrepreneurs have started this idea as a summer business, even hiring professionals to do the hardest part of the work, although as a general rule, if you are going to offer a low-cost exterior painting service, you can quickly learn to sand, clean, and paint.

Human Resources Service

A small business typically doesn’t hire a full-time HR person until it is quite large, but it can hire an HR professional a couple of times a week.

This service is easy to offer if you feel comfortable visiting companies to sell them your Human Resources services. In other cases, some companies attend once a week to give sales training, or just to make hires. These types of businesses are profitable and require little investment.

Irrigation services

This type of small business already has quite a bit of competition, which is a good indication. It is a sign that it is a business that works, and to beat the competition, as we already know, we only have to do better than the rest and offer something more than the rest.

In this service, we install and provide services of underground sprinkler systems in homes and businesses. The good thing about these types of companies is that they not only sell and install the system, but they also sell annual maintenance, as sprinkler heads can break or may need to be replaced.

Catering services

One of the most named small business examples in recent years, as these types of companies can serve meals at special events. Or, thinking smaller, it could be a single person serving a small group of people. A matter of specializing in a specific branch and offering your services.

Although it has been a profitable business, during the pandemic this sector has been one of the most affected. 

Image consultant

Considering that people tend to judge you on a first impression and that the halo effect is very powerful both personally and professionally, having a good image consultant at a reasonable price will help us instantly improve our appeal. Remember that it is one thing to be handsome and another to be attractive. If you are given a choice, always choose to be attractive.

Make-up and aesthetic consultant

I have an interview pending with a girl from Granada who is a makeup consultant, which may be similar to saying that she is a professional makeup artist, although as we have already said, sometimes the name of our profession can make us charge more or less.

A big mistake is to think that makeup is only for women when in film and television, men also wear light makeup to cover their imperfections. To be successful in this profession, you must do good business to publicize your services. We will discuss this point in a future article.

Map editor and distributor

Adams started two different map businesses when he was in college. Then he sold them. One was a street map of a local tourist area that is sold to retailers and also sold advertising on the back of the maps. The other was a tourist map of an exotic island that he was selling at retail. It is true that with the current navigation systems and online maps, it might seem that this business would no longer work, but the truth is that local business sponsors are still interested in both advertising and selling these types of maps.

Mobile hairdresser

Although we can start a hairdresser in our own home or go to our clients’ home, there is also the possibility of setting up a hairdresser in a van as some entrepreneurs already do and offering your services both in hairdressing and aesthetics. This small business works, but it is also true that in many countries or cities you would have the authorities on top of it because it is not allowed.

Another small business that does not require money would be a hairdressing and beauty service at home.

Taxi service

Pets open hundreds of business possibilities for us. Now imagine that you have to take your pet to the vet and you have to work, or you do not have a vehicle, or you are simply not prepared to take your pet from one place to another. This business idea could work if you offer a professional service in this regard.

You will need an adapted vehicle for the transfer of pets because if the pet is a giant dog, you cannot upload it as a co-pilot.

Advertising business

Companies continue to hire other companies to promote their products or open markets. In this business, the important thing is specialization. You can specialize in promoting technology companies or opening markets in a specific area.

In my case, one of my first businesses was to introduce the products and services of companies in the eastern Andalusia area. That is if you were a northern company or a foreign company, and you wanted to sell your products quickly in Andalusia, it was easier to turn to someone with the necessary contacts and the ideal team of people to do it quickly. The problem with this business is that once the product is introduced and the distribution network is created, they no longer need you.

Smartphone repair and parts

With the high price of smartphones, people are forced to repair them. That is why one of the businesses that are booming right now is specialized phone repair stores. If you want this small business to be even more profitable, you can also sell accessories and even cell phones. Later you can talk to telephone services to offer and sell lines from the main operators.

Vintage clothing business

The good thing about this type of clothing line is that you do not need to compete with other retailers or with companies like Zara or Primark. Also, you can have better profit margins. Believe it or not, if you know how to make a name for yourself in this sector, it is a business that makes money. Probably more than you think because vintage never goes out of style for a very wealthy sector of the population.

Affiliate Marketing

What’s affiliate marketing? Basically, it is to use a website or a blog where we will place certain links to a product, and if the user buys that product, we receive a commission for the sale. The biggest affiliate programs where the most money can be made today are Amazon, Click Bank, and ShareASale.

To say that these links can not only be placed on a blog because you can also share them on social networks but of course, the most advisable thing is to put them on a blog of your property and position that domain to attract organic traffic.

In this way, we achieve that this idea generates passive income over time. And that is a profitable business.

Dropshipping with Aliexpress

Another of the most profitable ideas of recent times. It basically consists of selling the products of other companies as if we were selling them and that it is the company itself that sends the product to the customer’s home.

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