14 Best Furniture Business Ideas in India (2021)

Today Furniture businesses are promising business ideas, even though in the current era where technology is very familiar and has succeeded in entering the home or office equipment industry. 

But in fact there are still many people who like wood as a basic material in fulfilling various kinds of home equipment such as interior design, cabinets, chairs, or tables.  

Even in some types of furniture, wood cannot be left in the basic material, because wood will be able to further enhance the appearance of your home or office.

Furniture Business Ideas in India

Not only this business house is also needed for office installations, schools and many others.

This is increasingly emphasized even though the times have developed rapidly selling various furniture items for home or office equipment still has a great opportunity to bring in money.

Moreover, furniture is closely related to the property industry, which is increasingly moving forward, offering prices that continue to grow from year to year. Meanwhile, the enthusiasts are never lonely.

That way it will support the development of the furniture business because it will be interrelated.14

List of Furniture Business Ideas in India

Here are the 14 most profitable furniture business ideas that you can use in India:

1. Wooden Furniture Products 

Wooden furniture is the well-known furniture in India and still people like wooden furniture products more than other products.

It, be that as it may, requires abilities and skill to make wooden furniture including tables, seats, cabinets, lounge chairs, and so forth You’d likewise need to get familiar with the fundamental kinds of wood for example softwood and hardwood and where you would utilize them. 

Wooden furniture looks very charming and attractive and is one of the best business ideas related to the furniture industry in India.

2. Second-Hand Furniture Selling

Selling old furniture likewise offers great overall revenues. You should purchase a decent condition old furniture, fix, renovate it and exchange. 

The interest for selling utilized furniture is acceptable as not every person can bear to purchase new furniture. 

3. Furniture Made of Steel

The interest for steel furniture is broad in industrial, business and family unit exercises. Whenever you’re setting up furniture making business, you’ll find interest consistently. 

With easy basic devices and hardware and crude material, you can begin making steel cabinets, seats, tables and the sky’s the limit from there. 

4. Making and Selling of Woodcutting Tools 

In India, there are numerous carpentry and woodworking businesses around. However long they work and such new businesses open, there will be an incredible interest for woodcutting instruments and hardware. 

In case you’re starting a woodworking devices retail location in your region and thinking to keep all high level and conventional woodcutting instruments, you would require a generally enormous sum initially. 

5. Iron and Metal Furniture 

Created iron comprises low carbon and that is the reason it is frequently utilized in making home stylistic layout things. Regardless of whether you’re selling or making created iron furniture, ensure you remember quality, strength and standpoint to get achievement. 

The online business market is enormous in India and consequently, this furniture business thought can turn into your online business adventure. 

6. Painter and Designer of Furniture

Is it safe to say that you are acceptable at painting? On the off chance that truly, why not repair old furniture? You’ll have to purchase paint brushes and crude materials to get into this business. 

You can offer furniture painting and other related administrations. It won’t be a poorly conceived notion to recruit a couple of workers and give a wide range of painting administrations. 

7. Seat Making Business 

Seat making is one of the beneficial furniture business ideas. You’ll have to make seats for schools, universities, recreational areas, and other government and private associations. 

This business expects you to be well known enough in any case numerous associations and divisions may wonder whether or not to give you contracts. 

8. Plastic Furniture 

Plastic furniture is well known on the grounds that it offers includes that are inaccessible in metal and wooden furniture. “Simple maintenance, sturdiness, and light gauged” who won’t care for them? 

What’s more, they add to saving the trees that are sliced in request to deliver various kinds of wood furniture. 

9. Make Furniture Tools 

One of the huge furniture related business ideas is making furniture instruments and hardware. No furniture creator can work their business without their devices. 

Thus, on the off chance that you can bear to begin a furniture instruments making organization, you would bring in yourself cash as well as help woodworking and related business run. 

10. Plywood Company

One of the extraordinary woodworking business openings is a plywood processing plant. It has numerous applications including interior and outside and even primary. 

The issue with starting a plywood industrial facility is the high startup capital. Be that as it may, one can in any case think of starting plywood retailing or wholesaling businesses. 

11. Sell Furniture Online 

It is one of the innovative furniture business ideas in India. The advanced age is the time of innovation. Pretty much every business works online these days. Also, only one out of every odd online business fundamentally needs an offline presence. 

Selling furniture plans online is a comparable thought. A huge number of grounded destinations are there, having a great many enlisted purchasers, where you can sell your furniture without any problem. Perhaps the most mainstream locales such as Etsy. 

12. Furniture rentals 

Furniture rentals work best in occupation rich urban areas of India, for example, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and so forth where individuals from far off districts come for occupations. They won’t accept furniture in an offer to dodge pains looked during reselling and moving stuff when they need to move to different spots. They are your likely clients to whom you can lease your furniture through different online commercial centers. 

13. Lap work area Maker 

Lap work areas are utilized by PC clients in request to evade different conceivable medical conditions arising from the overheating of PCs. It is interesting to discover that PC clients have filled in numbers thus does their interest for lap work areas. On the off chance that you are a woodworker, you could make and offer your own plans of lap work areas to your PC clients. 

14. Furniture Blogging

Blogging is a business that should be possible anyplace on the planet online, demanding you simply a PC, internet office, and a blog to advance your insight for furniture. Different things needed for brisk achievement in blogging are picking a productive specialty and great writing abilities.

Tips for Starting a Furniture Business

Starting a furniture business is not necessarily able to do that easily, you have to study the business mechanisms and of course how to make the furniture business you run run as expected. Here are some tips that you can apply:

1. Business Capital

To start any business, including furniture, the main thing that needs to be prepared is venture capital. Moreover, to be able to run this furniture business requires a lot of capital because we have to prepare equipment and materials that are not cheap.

However, capital is not the main obstacle in a business. The most important thing is the quality that can be competitive in making a product.

If indeed capital is the main obstacle, try to start this business by becoming a reseller or furniture salesperson. This will give you the experience, networking, and of course the necessary cash.

Now from the money we have made and the skills that have been honed, you can bring in capital from a bank loan. Because several banks in the country are concerned about capitalizing a business through the KUR program they offer.  

2. Good at reading opportunities

In any business, including furniture, something that is no less important in developing this business is to be good at reading the opportunities that exist. Therefore, you must carefully read the opportunities around where you live.

If you are sure you want to start a furniture business, read the opportunities that already exist, if it is possible there is nothing wrong with creating your own opportunities in the furniture business that you will live in.

Of course, all of them are in a mature framework of consideration and analysis so that your furniture business will grow quickly and of course get the results as expected.

3. Choosing a Target Market

The next step in running a furniture business is to choose a clear target market. Remember your ‘opponent’ furniture business in this business is not just anyone.

Because usually people who are in this business are people who have good financial capabilities. So we must be careful in choosing a target market that allows us to ‘play’ in their market.

Choosing a target market according to our abilities is also one of the strategies that we must choose so that it is easier for us to direct to the target market.

4. Raw Materials

Raw materials will be a crucial problem if we don’t prepare in advance about the availability of raw materials that you will use in this business.

Because there is less wood in India, if any, the price is usually exorbitant, due to the increasing market demand for this material. For that you have to be able to outsmart it all in several ways that you can do.

There are at least 3 types of raw materials that are widely used in India, including:

  • medium Density fibreboard. Have you ever seen a desk from a famous brand? The material is made from compacted sawdust and then coated with thin and smooth wooden plates. This is a great and inexpensive option for mass production.
  • Rattan. This one ingredient is on the rise in the international market. India is also rich in this material. However, you need to do special training because not everyone can process rattan.
  • Wood. This is a material that is in great demand of the public. Its elegant shape also shows its high price.

5. Labor

In running the furniture business, we definitely need a qualified workforce in this business, because we cannot run this business alone, especially if the demand is increasing.

This business relies on creativity, so you shouldn’t be too restrictive of your employees, because if someone is restrained it will actually reduce their creativity, as a result their creativity will become dull. This can be bad for your business.

6. Government

If your business has a big vision, then you may never be able to avoid the government. Therefore, from the start, embrace the government to be a strategic partner to advance your business.

You also certainly need the government to take care of your business licenses such as NPWP and SIUP. For that immediately take care, rather than you get into trouble later.

You can also do business with the government through some strategic project procurement, but usually government projects use an auction system, so you have to prepare from now on the required documents.  

7. Engage Associations

Community or association is important in you running a business, therefore there is nothing wrong for you to join furniture associations around you. Because from there you can get knowledge and networks that we can use in the future.

By joining associations we can work together or even create new opportunities in this one business . Basically, getting involved in an association will have a positive impact on the progress of your business.

8. Dare to Export

If we have obtained the business license and required documents, why don’t you try to open an export segment. Many people still hesitate if they have to go to the world market, even though the opportunity is wide open.

In some other parts of the world there is a lot of demand for furniture exports. This is a great opportunity because not everyone dares to do it.

The export market is selling well. Besides the people there love wood art. Another cause is when winter in Europe comes. In winter, old furniture will be used for fireplaces as body warmers.

9. Market Online

In an age that has advanced like now and the internet can be accessed by everyone. Selling online is one that we can use in developing your business.

There are many ways we can choose, such as maximizing the role of social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Or even we can create a kind of online shop that provides furniture items that we will sell.

Those are some tips in running a furniture business that you can try, this business has a great opportunity to gain a lot of money, provided you have to be careful and painstaking in running this business. Good luck.

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