26 Profitable Commission Based Business Ideas (2022)

Looking for commission-based business ideas? Then you find the right article. Here we will talk about the 26 best commission-based business ideas.

Fortunately, there are many ways to start a business and make money on commission. If you play your cards right, you will be able to get good profits from the commission business.

Some of these business ideas have a better ability to lead than others, and also you can start these businesses with no barriers and work for a limited period of time in a week.

I also tried to focus on businesses that have some kind of thing online, because that’s what I like the most. So, here you will find some beneficial ideas on which you can work online.

Commission Based Business Ideas

26 Commission Based Business Ideas

Here are 26 commission-based business ideas for your startup:

1. Used Cars and Bike Resale Commission Business

Used cars and bike businesses are one of the profitable and beneficial commission-based business ideas you can go for. You can buy cars and bikes then resale them to the buyers and earn your commission.

For example, if you buy a bike for $2000 and sell it to a buyer for $2500 then your commission will be $500. It is one of the best commission businesses, but you need to have good skills in dealing with people.

Communication skills are very important in this field as you need to convince the buyer to buy cars and bikes at the rate at which you can earn a commission.

2. Stock Broker Commission Business

As we all know stock brokering is a commission-based business. In this business, you help people in the investment in securities and stocks so that they can get good returns and from that, you also get a commission.

You have to decide your commission in advance with the client so that after getting a good return from the investment you will get a commission as decided.

3. Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is currently the trending commission-based business idea that you can do to earn maximum profits as commission.

In dropshipping, you sell products and services of others, and when buyers buy it from you the original owner gives you a commission for selling their products.

This commission-based business is in trend but is also very competitive, so before you go into this business make sure you choose the right products for reselling.

4. Investment Advisor

As mentioned above in the stockbroker, you can help in investing people in various schemes like mutual funds, bonds, etc.

As an investment advisor is something different just a stockbroker, you give people advice about the investment decision they make and get you money for your service. Here the money for your advisory service is your commission.

5. Affiliate Sales and Marketing

If you already have a website that’s driving in traffic, a great way to make passive income from the content you’re already creating is through affiliate marketing.

Clickbank and Amazon are all great affiliate marketing devices and networks that can assist you with making money from the content you already produce.

6. Virtual Assistant

Have a knack for staying organized? If you’re a jack of all trades, you ought to consider working as a virtual assistant.

You can find great gigs on Fiverr, and become a Virtual Assistant. It can be an awesome way to hobnob with some big cheeses, build up your professional network, and you’ll have the option to work from anywhere.

7. Social Media Manager

We’re all guilty of spending an excessive amount of time on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest sometimes, so why not get paid to give your expertise something to do?

Many companies, especially startups or those in retail or travel, have heavy social media existences and are constantly needing individuals to help build their brands online. You can find these kinds of opportunities on sites like Flexjobs and CareerBuilder.

8. Google Paid Ad Specialist

If you know a thing or two about paid internet marketing, a great way to make some extra income on the side is to manage a company’s Google Ad Campaigns, and gradually start bringing on more clients as your consulting business develops.

9. Presentation Design Consultant

Truly, even the modest PowerPoint requires outside consulting once in a while. You may realize that you would happily outsource the visual layout of my presentation decks for work meetings, investor pitches, and talks.

10. Travel Consultant

If you love to travel then you can also make it a business. Start with word-of-mouth recommendations from friends who realize they can depend on you for the cheapest flights and don’t forget to set up an account with platforms that pay you for your travel expertise in your available time.

11. Landing Page Specialist

If you have a way with words and the ability to make keyword-friendly, beautifully designed, SEO-optimized landing pages, why not charge different companies for your services?

Indeed, even a short landing page is worth several hundred bucks in many cases. Simply look at freelance copywriters for some inspiration.

12. Interior Design Consultant

Someone out there is remodeling their kitchen and has to realize which shade of granite will match best with mahogany flooring. That someone will frequently be happy to pay you for your advice, especially if you’re the kind of person that has expertise in interior designing.

13. Housesitter

It’s not exactly a way to make consistent great money, however, house sitting—exactly what it seems like—is a fantastic way to live in exotic locales around the world without paying a dime in rent.

14. Property Manager

Know someone who rents out property to other people? Perhaps they could utilize a hand in managing their property. If along these lines, you can make a good amount of money on the side with relatively little work on your part.

15. eBay Sales

Similar to selling on Amazon, eBay is a place to make money selling pretty much anything you can think of, with the added excitement of using the auction selling model to sometimes get way more than you expected for that antique baseball card you picked up at a local road fair.

16. Fiverr Gigs

Fiverr is a great place for first-time freelancers who don’t have experience and want to build up a portfolio of their work. You’ll have the option to finish simple tasks ranging from logo design to creating animations, or in any event, drawing a company logo on your forehead.

17. Web Design

Web designers are incredibly valuable for innovation companies. Web design is all about mastering the art of creating a beautiful, value-driven experience for individuals using a website or app.

There are always new websites popping up needing professional web design, and companies like Skillcrush and General Assembly have demonstrated online programs that’ll find a workable pace quickly with this career path.

18. Web Development

As a web developer, you’ll build incredibly valuable skills that are in very high demand. You can find a workable place on building websites in as little as a couple of months with inexpensive or free online education programs like Treehouse and Codecademy.

Once you command information on HTML, Ruby, Python, Javascript, or CSS, you can start taking on freelance undertakings to build your portfolio while you still hold you’re all-day work.

19. Tax Preparation

It’s not the sort of employment that’s canvassed in glory, however, someone needs to make sure all the numbers add up at the year’s end. Each business and most individuals need someone with the domain expertise to help prepare tax returns, especially time or asset-strapped small business owners.

Tax preparation is one of the profitable commission-based business ideas and you can earn good profits in this business.

The Income Tax School provides an array of training programs that’ll certify you with tax prep in as little as 10 weeks, and once tax season moves around you’ll have the option to charge an average of $229 per return as a freelance tax preparer, reports CNBC.

20. Commission-Only Sales

If you have a knack for connecting with individuals and the willingness to take on some risk, a commission-based freelance sales job could be a great fit for you.

Many startups look for part-time and commission-only salespeople, especially when they’re simply getting started. Sell for nothing yet commission and negotiate yourself a decent piece of equity, and you could profit big time if the startup succeeds. Look at Angel List and check whether an opportunity aligns with your interests.

21. Graphic Designing

While having a formal background in graphic design is going to be useful, it’s also relatively easy to learn the foundations of graphic design on your own.

An increasingly easy-to-utilize Adobe Illustrator and websites like Canva and Visme are making it so pretty much anyone with two opposable thumbs, a bit of creativity, and motivation can get paid to create or alter images.

22. Instagram Marketing Business

Build up a following on your Instagram account and you will be approached by major brands.

If you have a huge number of devotees, you can easily charge anywhere between $500 to $5,000 per post or more. Look at this fashion Instagrammer on ThePennyHoarder, making a significant income from brand sponsorship.

23. Amazon Reselling Commission Business

Anyone can sell merchandise on Amazon, provided you have products to sell. If you’re the sort to hit all the local garage sales each end of the week, there are all sorts of valuable things that can be exchanged online.

24. Local Business Consulting

If you’ve developed valuable skill sets within your industry throughout the year, consider putting your skills to use in your spare time by offering your consulting services to local business owners.

Regardless of whether you’re a specialist marketer, business strategist, or manufacturing aficionado, there’s likely a local business owner who’s willing to pay you to assist them with solving an issue with their company.

25. Domain ReSeller

As per search engine optimization domain name that matches the type of product is very helpful for recognization in search engines. One of the business fields that was born here is the resale and purchase of domain names.

The question may arise in your mind that why you should buy a domain and then resell it. The simple answer is that later you can charge more.

It means you buy a domain name at a normal price that is popular and will be famous in the future then when someone needs that name you charge even 10 times your price. It is then up to you at which price you sell the domain name.

26. Selling Photographs

This business is unique in its own way. The reason is that it is a simple idea but has a big opportunity. One who has developed his website to sell photos. Then, she or he may allow people to upload photos of any kind but good quality.

When someone buys their photos on their site the price will split between you and the owner of the website. The commission on this website is already mentioned if you are willing to upload your best shots and want to sell them online. Then this business is for you.

FAQ on Commission Business

What is Commission Business?

Before you start any of the above commission-based business ideas, you must know what are these ideas and how they help you to earn profits as commission.

Commission business ideas are those which open a door for you to earn money for the service you provide and you help people to earn money and they give you commission for your service.

Why There Is a Need for Commission Business?

People usually don’t know everything but they want to invest and earn more money. That’s why they hire people to help them in those aspects.

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