11 Best Businesses to Start In Jacksonville FL (Florida)

Jacksonville is one of the best places to start a business in Florida. There are many business ideas that you can try in Jacksonville to earn a good amount of profits.

Already many businesses are running successfully in Jacksonville, Florida. Before you start any business make sure you do market research to check the existing business. This way it will be easy for you to see the competition. But before that, you need ideas to start any business.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the best business ideas that you can start in Jacksonville, Florida (fl).

Best Business to Start In Jacksonville Fl

Here are the best businesses that you can start in Jacksonville, Florida.

Online Shop

This business opportunity is very popular because you can start it without capital, especially for students in Jacksonville.

Why without capital?

Because to start it from scratch, you can use dropshipping or reseller sales system.

An online shop that you can run can be about selling clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, and beauty products. The fun thing is, the target customers of this business are not limited to friends on campus, but also other consumers who are interested in your products in cyberspace.

How much profit you can get?

It depends on how diligent you are in business. But remember, don’t just because of the preoccupation of online business, your college will be sidelined.

Snacks Business

This is one of the best business opportunities that you can have in Jacksonville. It needs minimal capital to run successfully in your area. You are not targeting the whole of Jacksonville with this business.

You may start this in the area where you live. This is one of the easiest ways to get profits locally anywhere in Florida.

Buying and Selling Used Books

This business idea in Jacksonville can be started with minimal capital and profits are quite promising.  Students need books in Jacksonville like other parts of the world. But not all students can afford to buy new books.

In response to this anxiety, you can come as a problem solver. You can collect various used books from seniors, used book collectors, friends, and others, to resell to college students or those in need.

Credit and Quota Selling Business

One of the business opportunities for people of Jacksonville, who do not have large capital is the business of selling credit and quota. Although each transaction only earns a small profit, if you really do it, you will get tempting results.

But make no mistake; this business often eats a lot of liver. You have to be prepared if you lose because you often take the bill. The reason is, those who owe their own friends, who incidentally are both overseas students and pay later. Want to charge bad, not billed for convenience.

Private Tutoring Business

It’s time to test the skills and knowledge you get in college by opening this business. Becoming a private tutor or joining tutoring not only transmits knowledge to others but also your way of mastering the subject.

Usually, the best-selling private lessons are Mathematics, Physics, English, and others. There are various levels of education, and you can choose according to your skills and teaching abilities.

Laptop or Computer Service Business

A very promising business opportunity for those of you who are good at computers in Jacksonville, Florida. The need for laptops or computers almost in every field is now mushrooming.

The problem is if the laptop suddenly breaks, and unfortunately, not everyone can fix it. Your expertise is the answer. Even though you need complete repair tools, it doesn’t matter if you are diligent and cooperate with fellow friends, for example.

Website Development Business

Every institution such as companies, schools, campuses, and online stores requires their existence in a virtual world called a website. That said, the existence of this website is to assess how credible the institution is.

Your opportunity is an expert in the field of programmers, you can use the skills to process Personal Home Pages (PHP), Active Server Pages (ASP), or Content Management System (CMS).

Interpreter Business

Who said studying a language major was useless. To break that bad stigma now is the time for you to prove yourself. The foreign language that you learn on top of everyday language is not enough to make you able and understand it, but also useful.

Translating speeches or meetings, films, and books in foreign languages ​​can be your career choice if you are in the translation business. The capital is not large, except for a set of gadgets and laptops, expertise, and the rest is perseverance.

Freelance Writer Business

Being in the freelance writing business doesn’t require you to major in languages. Your ability to express ideas in written form is your initial capital to become a freelance writer.

Besides, you don’t need to be time-bound. Being a writer, the most important thing is the work, be it ordinary articles, or literary works such as poetry, short stories, and novels.

Web Programmer and Blogger

You are lucky if you have the expertise as well as programmers and writers. Without you tired of having fun offering products, you just need to create a site, manage it, and fill it with quality content.

The content you can create, for example, relates to courses, hobbies, e-commerce, and so on, which might interest readers. The blog monetization that you get from this business can be from Pay Per Click (PPC), AdSense, and products sold on your own blog.

Tour and Travel Business

This business sounds pretty fun among all the business ideas for students who want to support themselves. If you have a hobby of traveling, you can try to use your knowledge as a freelance tour guide.

The chance of success is very large if you are willing to persevere in this field. For those of you who want to know how your business can develop or want to survive in difficult times, make sure you read some tips on Cyzotech.


Now you know some of the ideas that you can start in Jacksonville, Florida. There are also many other ideas that you can consider. But having an idea is not enough to start the business, there several other factors that play important role in the business.

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FAQ on the best business to start in Jacksonville, Florida

What is the best business to start in Jacksonville Florida?

The best businesses that you can start in Jacksonville, Florida are tourism, restaurant business, computer repair shop, and Private tutoring business.

Is Jacksonville a good place to start a business?

Yes, it is a good place in Florida to start this business. Many successful businesses are already established in this place and earning high profits from their business.

What business makes the most money in Florida?

Most people in Florida are earning the most money from the restaurant and tourism business. You can too start this business but the competition is very high.

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