13 Profitable Small Scale Business Ideas in Andhra Pradesh

There are many small-scale business ideas that you can try in Andhra Pradesh. But as we all know that starting a business involves risk also, so correct and best selection ideas are necessary.

As I share opinions and ideas on this website, I would suggest that you should analyze the current market situation and demand in a particular state or city.

Here we will talk about the best ideas of small scale in Andhra Pradesh that may help you to choose your dream business.

small scale business ideas in andhra pradesh

Small Scale Business Ideas in Andhra Pradesh

Below are the best small scale business ideas that are currently trending in Andhra Pradesh:

Dropshipping business

Dropshipping is a small capital business and a business without capital. Because, anyone can do this, even without having money to invest. 

Quite simply, you only need to market the product from the seller and pass the order and simply you can collect payment from the buyer and give it to the seller.

However, even though it looks easy, this business cannot be underestimated. As a dropshipper, you must understand the features and other specifications of the items being sold, and choose a trusted supplier. Because the quality of the supplier’s product and service has an impact on your reputation too.

Women’s accessory business

The women’s accessory business can be very promising and profitable. We all know that Women do a lot of shopping than men and even their accessories are more as compared to men, actually a lot.

You can easily start this small-scale business in Andhra Pradesh and of course, success will touch your feet if you provide quality services and products.

But this business is already trending in Andhra Pradesh so you have to analyze the current in your area, if you think it will do great in that particular area, you should go for it.

Typing services

If you have a computer or laptop, this service business can be quite profitable, but on a very small scale. You can start this business anywhere with low investment but need hard work and skills, a few.

Moreover, if your place of residence is around campus or school. No need to worry about the lack of orders, because many students who get paper assignments or reports need help with typing services.

Also, there are online services and websites where you can earn decent money by providing such services. This business in Andhra Pradesh is service-based and you can also do this kind of business from any state or country.

Beverages business

Apart from the food business, the beverage business is also interesting to look at and is quite a profitable business idea in Andhra Pradesh.

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Through your creative drinks, you can also create new trends rather than just following the market trends. 

For example, in the midst of the current coffee trend, you can market chocolate drinks or even contemporary herbal medicine that surely people of Andhra Pradesh like.

Selling vegetables

Selling vegetables in Andhra Pradesh is quite a small business idea, but has huge potential because of its need.

Shopping for household needs can be turned into a business as well. The trick is that you shop for vegetable ingredients and other kitchen necessities at the market. Then, you sell it again on the porch of the house. Or you can open a vegetable selling shop in Andhra Pradesh areas to provide fresh and organic vegetables that increases people’s trust in you.

This way your business in Andhra Pradesh will be more profitable than you think.

You don’t need a lot of capital for this one business idea. You can take a margin with a certain amount which is an advantage for you.

Cake Business

On certain days you can receive cake orders because this business is quite profitable in Andhra Pradesh and other states of India as well. 

Of course, the cake is your mainstay. For example, pastries, cakes, or other related items.

How can anyone refuse the convenience of this one snack? The target market is guaranteed to be everywhere.

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This business doesn’t need a lot of capital. But it really depends on the number of cake orders you receive too. Of course, you can open a shop to provide quality cakes and other related items.

Sewing services

Opening a sewing business doesn’t have to be an investment by buying an expensive sewing machine. Even with used ones, you can start this kind of business in Andhra Pradesh and is quite a profit-making one.

Just offer clothes quality services to neighbors who really need them. If you don’t have these skills, then the course will be too. 

Selling fried foods

For those of you who live in densely populated areas, selling fried foods can be the right choice because many people like to dive in the afternoon. 

People in India like fried foods because they taste good. It is a small-scale business and you can start it on a truck also, as a food truck. It is a booming business in foreign countries like the USA, UK, etc. and you can also start in Andhra Pradesh.

You can sell fried foods such as bakwan, fried tempeh, cireng, fried bananas, and several other types of fried foods. You can start this business with small capital.

Home-based Laundry business

Opening a laundry business does require fairly large capital, and is quite a decent business.

The work system is that your house is used as a place to collect clothes for customers who want to wash their clothes. Also, you have to sort the clothes based on the type of clothing colors and materials. 

Then wait for the laundry courier to come to pick up all the clothes. The profit you get is a commission for each piece of clothing that the customer washed. Easy enough, right?

So, what is your opinion about this business?

Photo printing services

For those of you who want to start a small and profitable business, try a photo printing service business. You need to buy an economical printer that has wireless capability, so you only need a gadget without needing a laptop or computer if you want to print photos.

Even if you have the ability to design a photo, it will be an added value in this business. You can get more from the photos you edit and print.

Washing cars and motorbikes

The increase in the number of motorbike and car users according to data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) reached more than 81.5 percent. This increase can certainly open up opportunities for you to start a motorbike and car washing service business. 

The capital needed is a water pump, tire polish, motorbike, and car shampoo, and drying cloth. Already people in many states of India are running these businesses successfully.

If with the proper analysis of the market, where the demand is more than a supply then this business can be profitable in that area of Andhra Pradesh.

Hair Cutting Services

Haircut services are very possible to be pursued if you have a passion for this field. With enough scissors and a hair razor, you can open a haircut business.

If you are skilled in this field, this business can give you profit, you don’t think of!

Coffee shop

Opening a coffee shop or commonly called a warkop is a lucrative business opportunity. 

In Andhra Pradesh, this business is quite profitable and with low investment, you can take this business to heights.

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