30 Profitable Business Ideas In Karnataka With Low  Investment

If you are interested in business ideas that you can use in Karnataka to start your own business. Then here all your problems are solved because here we have discussed the best business ideas in Karnataka that are profitable to start.

Karnataka is famous for tourist destinations, Wildlife, National Parks, hill stations, and waterfalls. All these physical features are the business opportunities for you to pursue in Karnataka.

Small and Medium Enterprises are some of the biggest commodities in economic progress in Karnataka. The world of entrepreneurship in Karnataka is experiencing fairly rapid development, many of the beginners have difficulty in choosing the type of business they will run.

The reasons are very varied, ranging from being difficult to start a business due to lack of capital, lack of experience in certain fields, not having business knowledge, not understanding marketing techniques, and many other obstacles.

For those of you who have problems in selecting the idea for your business, this article will in the choosing the best business idea that you use to start your own in Karnataka.

Business Ideas in Karnataka

Here are the best business ideas to start in Karnataka:

Fashion Business

Although it is included as a secondary need fashion can be categorized as a primary need in modern times like now. Because it can be seen a lot of business beginners who choose to try in the field of fashion.

The fashion business in Karnataka has many categories that can be developed into a business. Categories can be divided into 3 sections, namely Men’s Clothing, Women’s Clothing, and Children’s Clothing.

In terms of capital, doing business in the fashion sector can be said to require minimal capital. With the availability of a dropship system held by big players in the fashion field, it makes it easier for business beginners to market goods without having to spend extra money.

Restaurant Business

A restaurant business is a type of business that always sells well in any circumstances. The reason is that food is a basic human need that cannot be separated from life.

The restaurant business also has various categories such as snacks, drinks, to staple foods. All categories in the restaurant business have the potential to reap profits, depending on what methods are used to promote them.

Automotive Business

Private transportation has become a necessity for residents in Karnataka. It can be seen from the number of motorbikes and cars that pass every day on the streets, sometimes causing traffic jams. Therefore, as a careful person, the automotive sector is also a business opportunity that will continue to grow in the future.

Education Business

As a developed state, Karnataka must have an education system that supports the progress of a nation. But in reality, there are not many educational facilities that can be enjoyed by a group.

This is where the role of business beginners can take opportunities to develop businesses in the field of education, such as establishing language institutions that can be reached by all groups or course institutions for those who are running the National Examination. Of course, the teaching staff provided must also have the ability in the field of teaching and learning.

Internet Business

In the digital era, human life cannot be separated from the internet which has made life easier for all people. All information can be obtained easily in the virtual world.

These days you can start many businesses on the internet like blogging, YouTube, reselling business, drop shipping, etc.

Become a Dropshipper

For those of you who want to start a profitable business at home in Karnataka but have limited capital, then you can start by becoming a dropshipper.

The method is also very easy because now many e-commerce websites are earning great from this business in Karnataka. The absence of capital makes this type of business less risky but it will cost your time.

The profits you get from this business are fairly decent considering that no capital needs to be spent. With only a smartphone or laptop and the internet, you can become a dropshipper.

Content Creation Services

Currently, many brands choose to promote their products through content on the internet, both in the form of writing and in the form of video.

Also, many big bloggers hire people the writing articles. You can provide content writing and video creating services to many businesses organization and obtain a good amount of profits.


Photography is a perfect business in Karnataka for those of you who are creative. Many people need the services of a photographer for weddings, product launches, family events, and much more. This business requires decent capital for the studio and equipment. Although, you can also start as a small photographer with few basic types of equipment.

Also, you can still rent a camera that is too expensive. You just need to hone your photography skills even further.


This business idea Karnataka is similar to photography and the equipment required for more in this category.

For those of you who prefer video media, then becoming a videographer is a more appropriate choice. Videographers are also much sought after for weddings, events, or for making a company profile for a company.

Not to mention if you have been trusted by many big clients. Surely your income is enough to recruit some employees.

Bakery Business

If your passion lies in the bakery sector, why not open a bakery business in Karnataka? Indeed bakery is a business that has been started by many entrepreneurs and earning great profits.

However, many people are always looking for better bread, cakes, or biscuits. If you can adapt to market tastes, then your business will be able to survive for years.

Costume Rental

Costume rental is not only sold during parties. Because every weekend there are always people who get married. Everyone who gets married, of course, needs a beautiful costume that makes their happy moment even more unforgettable.

Not to mention the family who also wants to look perfect on the day of happiness. Therefore, costume rental is one of the creative endeavors that will continue to be needed by the community.

Service Business Listens To Complaints

This creative business idea in Karnataka is indeed very unique. If you’ve ever seen someone who can’t pour their heart out to the people closest to them, you can be the solution for them. Yes, by making service businesses listen to complaints.

Apparel Designer

Some people also don’t want to be embarrassed about coming to a party wearing the same clothes. Some of the others also want to be different from the others. This is what makes the clothing designer profession will always be sought after by fashion lovers.

In addition, sometimes people have the ideal style of dress according to their tastes. But cannot pour it into a finished product. So all he can tell is a rough picture.

If you are going to be a clothing designer, then that is your job. Your job is to translate the wishes and tastes of the client, which sometimes they find difficult to explain themselves, to pour into a unique and exclusive outfit for the client.

Now you are aware of many businesses that you can start in Karnataka, but why not start a business that will save the environment also.

Green Business Ideas in Karnataka

Environmentally Friendly Retail

Rewarding consumers is common among retailers, and the EcoPlum e-commerce website is one of them. With each purchase, customers receive an Eco Chips or Bonn Prize, which they can spend on a prize or donate to environmental issues.

Also, any product that is sold as a green certificate from a reputable organization or has a label that indicates its compatibility with the environment.

In addition to selling products whose primary resources are sustainable, EcoPlum also produces educational content, such as monthly columns in a journal written by industry experts, lists of green businesses in the region, recycling information, recommendations for environmental protection, and book and video offers.

Another retailer that sells environmentally friendly items is Eco Carmel, a home appliance and gardening store in Kremlin, California that is a center for the sale of products and services and partnerships in the field of green living.

The owner, Christie Rimmers, sells environmentally friendly home appliances, from non-toxic paints to wood-based meat boards whose tree resources are sustainable. Raimer also uses his knowledge of environmentally friendly raw materials to help businesses and local homeowners find ways to include renewable or recyclable resources in their reconstruction projects.

Stable Or Durable Building Materials

You may think that construction materials are not very stable and recyclable, but now some companies are producing recycled materials for use in projects such as infrastructure repairs. Axion, for example, hopes to change the way companies think about rebuilding American infrastructure with their environmentally friendly products.

Instead of volatile raw materials such as metal and concrete, the company’s traverses and prefabricated rails are made from recycled plastic for home or industrial use. Ossian is currently working with large and important companies such as Long Island Rail Road to improve US infrastructure safely and sustainably.

Organic Food Preparation

A great way for environmentalists to share their interest in food and the environment is to start an organic food company. For local events and lunches, prepare meals made from organic raw materials and local produce, and offer a variety of meat from livestock grazing in the wild, along with vegetarian, gluten-free, and Paleolithic diets to nature lovers. And make health enthusiasts enthusiastic about your business.

By avoiding plastic and paper goods and turning food waste into compost, make sure to keep environmental impacts to a minimum as much as possible. And if you own a food company, turning to organic products and environmentally friendly foods can be a great way to grow your business.

Eco-Friendly Beauty Salon

Despite the increase in the number of people who eat what they eat, the products they use for their bodies, and the impact they have on the environment, it’s no surprise that people are looking for natural alternatives to their favorite beauty products.

Organic and herbal beauty products, from soaps and shampoos to cosmetics, are everywhere. One way to take advantage of this trend is to open an eco-friendly beauty salon. You can start a hair salon that uses completely natural shampoos and conditioners, or a nail salon that provides environmentally friendly polishes and hot water treatments. If you are interested in makeup and beauty, start a beauty business that Mother Nature approves.

Organic or Recycled Fashion

Organic cotton fabric, reusable headbands, and even plastic bottles can be a good starting point for a green fashion line. You can use silk screen printing to print works of art on eco-friendly T-shirts, or you can design handbags and accessories using recycled materials.

Many raw material distributors falsely claim to be “organic” or “fair” and “environmentally friendly”. So research them well to make sure you get your raw materials from reputable and reputable organizations.

Green App Developer

Do you want to help others pursue a green lifestyle? Create an application. From reference guides to activity and game tracking software, green app developers can create apps to help users learn more about green lifestyles and guide them toward achieving sustainable lifestyle goals. Your app can cover green life in general, or focus on specific areas, such as energy storage, recycling, and environmentally friendly products, and green living.

It can simply be an app that lists green businesses in the area, or something sophisticated and interactive that users can enjoy every day. You can also create educational apps to teach children about green lifestyles and help them become citizens who protect the environment in the future.

Environmentally-Friendly Landscaping

Professional landscaping may give the front yard a beautiful view, but not all of the maintenance you do is necessarily environmentally friendly. With a few environmentally friendly techniques, you can help homeowners beautify their yard both in the true sense of the word and in appearance. SheKnows’s website recommends artificial turf, low-water plants, and strategic tree planting for the yard, as it saves water, energy, and money.

Holding a Sustainable Event

Meetings and events, big or small, can produce a lot of waste and a lot of energy and water. The organizers of the event Green can specialize their green and skills in holding the event will be the venue, goods and materials, facilities and other necessities event with eco-friendly materials and to limit the effects of the meetings and events on the environment, help.

Considering the environmental impact of the event, the benefits of sustainable event management will not be limited to the environment: According to the Sustainable Event Guidance in the United Nations Environment Program, the use of sustainable requirements for the event also has financial benefits and in addition to the above. Awareness of people and inspiration for community change create a positive image for event organizers. It is one of the best green business ideas in Karnataka.

Dust and other particles that accumulate in the ventilation system can reduce the efficiency of the house in terms of optimal energy consumption.

Help homeowners save money, gas, and electricity by cleaning the air duct. If you do not have a portable suction device, you may need to purchase some equipment to get started, and sufficient knowledge of heating and air conditioning is also essential. Spring is the best time for this business: those who suffer from seasonal allergies are happy to pay you to clean sensitive things from the air ducts of their home.

Bicycle Repair and Renovation

If we travel short distances instead of by car, it is better for both the environment and our health. Like most vehicles, bicycles sometimes need to be adjusted and maintained. You can be the one the local cyclists turn to when they need to repair or clean their bikes. If you have an unused garage or indoor space, you can also buy, build and sell older, cheaper bicycles to make a profit.

Fully Natural/Organic Handmade Products

Soaps, cosmetics, and cleansers are just a few of the household products that can be made using common organic materials. Sure, anyone can find a recipe for a sugar scrub or vinegar cleanser and make their own, but if you pack these and sell them as a set, your customers can get all of these completely natural products without spending their own time and resources. Be available. Local markets and events are a good place to sell, or you can set up an online store.

Environmental Counselling

Do you specialize in green living? Help others make their lives more environmentally friendly by setting up an environmentally friendly counseling service. These consultants evaluate homes and offices to make them more environmentally friendly. This could mean advising people on how to use low-cost devices or how to simply implement a recycling program. Get an Environmental Consultant Certificate to increase your credibility with potential clients.

Waste Green Management

Many homeowners consider bins for recyclable materials such as paper, glass, and plastic, but they often do not bother to recycle electronics and batteries properly.

However, these devices can be extremely harmful to the environment if left in the landfill. Offer people to pick up all their e-waste stored in their home’s storage, such as old TVs, broken laptops, and broken phones, and hand it over to an e-recycling center. To determine the rate based on the weight of each commodity or the number of items at a given rate, in addition to the cost of travel to that location, receives a fee. These ideas in Karnataka for business are very profitable.

Garbage compression is another type of business that helps take the waste out of the waste management industry. In the United States alone, garbage trucks consume about 1 billion gallons (3.7 billion liters) of diesel fuel, according to the InformInc website. Companies such as Big Ball Solar are trying to reduce the amount of traffic on garbage trucks by using solar energy compression and reduce fuel consumption and pollution. Waste compression also reduces waste overflow, which is a common problem in landfills.

Sales of Agricultural Products

Thanks to the growing organic movement, those who are good at growing plants and gardening have a golden opportunity to make money by selling products in the region’s agricultural market. You may have to go through the licensing process or get a certificate from the regional health center to start selling the process.

Green Cleaning Of the House

For parents who have long working hours, cleaning the house can quickly fall to the bottom of the to-do list. Introduce yourself as a green solution to their housework and provide any services, from dusting the lighting system to heavy work such as cleaning the kitchen and bathroom.

Remember that you can only use completely natural and environmentally friendly approved cleaners. Set an hourly rate, or you can create your service package and get a fixed rate for each package. Don’t forget that your customers allow you to access all of their homes, so make sure they have a credible reputation through the people who know you before you advertise to strangers.

Compost Preparation

Many home gardeners in urban areas or those with smaller plots of land often do not have enough space to start storing their compost. If you can dedicate a corner of your yard to it, you can make compost and sell it to flower and plant lovers in your area. It’s a dirty business (after all, you’re dealing with food scraps, cutting grass, and worms), but this perfectly natural fertilizer is in high demand among organic gardeners. Farmers’ markets and community-sponsored farms often buy and distribute compost mainly, or you can sell it directly to consumers.

“Furnished” Furniture

Don’t let your old and broken furniture end up in the landfill. With simple patterns and access to powerful tools, you can detach different parts of a chair, table, and closet, and reassemble them to create something new, color, and sell. You can easily make a shelf and a cupboard with a few pieces of wood, but depending on what you have, you may even be able to recreate a device like the first day. Or you can renovate the seats and sofas by changing the fabric. Buying second-hand items are not only useful for saving the consumer but also helps the environment.

Green Franchise

Do you want to manage your business with the brand and collection of customers that already exist? Maybe your answer is investing in a franchise. While the franchise may feature fast-food chains and hotel chains, there are a few environmentally friendly businesses that tend to give you their brand representation.

If you have any questions about these 17 green business ideas in Karnataka, then feel free to tell us.


What is the best business to start in Karnataka?

The best businesses one can pursue in Karnataka are mentioned as follows:

  • Food business
  • Fashion business
  • Education business
  • Consume rental
  • Cleaning services

Which is the most profitable business in Karnataka?

Many business ideas are profitable but some of them require a large investment. Here are some most profitable businesses in Karnataka:

  • Restaurant business,
  • Car rental business,
  • Organic food business,
  • The event management company, and
  • Furniture business.

Final Words

Now you are aware of the best business ideas that you can have in Karnataka for your upcoming business. But before you start any business make sure you should analyze the market and competition in the area where you wish to start your business.

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