16 Worth Starting Roadside Business Ideas in India in 2021

On the roadside, there are several successful businesses, you can start a business with these ideas on roadside in India but proper strategy, location and the right selection of an idea for a business is important.

Several other factors are needed to start a business but here our focus is on the ideas for roadside business in India.

Let’s have a look at the best business ideas that you can use to start your business on roadsides in India.

16 Roadside Business Ideas in India

Here are ideas for the startup business in India that can be your dream business:

Grocery Store

The most suitable business for roadside in India is a grocery store. The goods needed on the roadside are very much needed.

For a successful grocery business, make sure you open in a roadside area. You can also choose a roadside area that is far from the main residential areas.

Some suburban and alternative roads are good enough to open this business.

Culinary Franchise Business

Of course, there are many culinary franchise businesses that you go for. But remember that the income of the people in the areas near the roadside is not as high as the people in the city. If you want to be successful in a roadside area, you can choose a franchise that is cheap but hard to find.

For example, take the fried chicken franchise.

Salon and Barber Service

A suitable business option on the next roadside is beauty services. In India, there is rarely a choice of beauty services on roadside areas.

Many people who have the expertise to cut hair or makeup prefer to go to the city.

Because of this, your competitors will definitely be few. If customers are looking for an alternative to a hairdresser, you can certainly be the first choice on the roadside in India because of this little competition.

Gas Station Business

On the roadside, access to fuel is usually provided by retailers. But if you open an official gas station, you can compete more easily. But in India gas station on the roadside is very common and the competition and capital needed for business are very high.

To open a gas station, it must be ensured that there are pumps and tools for easy distribution.

Various Bill Payment Services

For payment needs, the people living near the area near the roadside are certainly more difficult to meet. Government services are usually closer to city areas. If you open service to pay bills for electricity, water, credit, internet and many more, surely your business is in great demand.

Opening a bill payment business is certainly better accompanied by other businesses. Starting from selling cell phones, selling credit and data packages, cell phone accessories, and even cell phone service services, this can be a good side option.

Small Photocopying and Printing Business

For printing and photocopying businesses, it is certainly very useful. Many school children need this. Starting from photocopies of books, exam questions, and much more. The people on the roadside are also definitely limited to print needs such as photos, wedding invitations, posters, and others.

Instead of making consumers go to the city, you can open this business on the roadside near a residential area to make it more accessible.

All-In-One Workshop

The next roadside business idea is an all-in-one workshop. On the roadside, vehicles are certainly available. But vehicles such as tractors and farming machines can also be a target for your business.

To accommodate all your motorized service needs, you just open a one-stop-shop. Here you try to bring in handymen who are experts in motorcycles, cars, tractors, and other machines. If successful, consumers will come to your business a lot.

Open Minimarket

Minimarket is a suitable business choice on the side of the highway. When people pass by and want to just buy a drink, snack, or look at discounted items, they will definitely stop by. There are already many successful minimarket franchises in India.

If the reach of this minimarket can enter remote areas, surely people will take advantage of it.

Motorcycle Services

This business is actually a business that is minimally risky and profitable because it is a service that sells, and again on the highway there will be people who are damaged, so if you have the expertise of this business it will be very profitable, it can even be a source of livelihood.

Tire Patch

This business is the most capital-free and risk-free business that I can recommend! Imagine what the capital? Even if there is maybe the biggest one is at the beginning, namely buying a compressor, after that you only have gasoline to start the engine, you can already get income.

Laundry Services

This business is actually suitable to be carried out anywhere as long as it is crowded, and the highway is definitely busy with vehicles passing by, and the more people who see your laundry business, the more people will know about your business.

Selling Fruits

Fruits sold on the roadside have relatively more expensive prices than those sold in traditional markets, so there is nothing wrong with selling fruits because the results will definitely be very good. For example, selling honey pineapple, durian fruit, watermelon, and others.

Helmet or Motorcycle Jacket

Some people definitely need a helmet, especially if they want to travel long distances using a motorbike, and helmets also have a fairly large advantage, sellers usually take profits up to 30-60 thousand.

Driving and Vehicle Accessories

Driving accessories that I mean here such as jackets, glasses, masks, and gloves, can also be combined with selling helmets.

Car or Motorcycle Modification Workshop

A repair shop is one of the most sought-after businesses because if a vehicle breaks down, wants to be modified, or something else, the main goal is definitely an accessories workshop that is close to the highway.

School and Office Stationery

If your house is close to the highway, especially close to offices and schools, office employees and school children pass every day and what they need is school equipment and office equipment, then this business is suitable if you live in an office or school environment.

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