24 Business Ideas Under 2 Lakhs Investment in India with Great Potential

Want to start a business with under 2 lakhs investment in India but wondering about the ideas? Talking about business opportunities, in the current digital era, many profitable sectors can be used for doing business.

Advances in technology and the internet open up many opportunities for businesses, even with small capital.

If you are still having problems choosing what business you want to run, here are business ideas under 2 lakhs that you can consider.

24 Business Ideas Under 2 Lakhs Investment

Here is the list of 2 lakhs investment business ideas:

Affiliate Marketing Program

Joining an affiliate program is a profitable small business opportunity that you can start under 2 lakhs. This program is one of the ways to earn extra money through social networks.

You only need to promote a certain party’s product or service, then get a commission after successfully bringing in customers.

Although it is free, for those who don’t have an internet connection, laptop, or smartphone, they need to invest in buying those products to get started.

Repair Workshop

Establishing repair shops has significant capital advantages. You can set up a mid-level repair shop with an investment of under 2 lakhs.

Before you set up the repair shop, what you need to do is determine if you are qualified for the repair. Then, starting with a few electronic devices, you can increase the number of products you repair.

Opening an Online Course

If you have expertise in a particular subject, opening an online course could be an opportunity worth considering. For example, expertise in digital marketing, programming, graphic design, video editing, and others.

With the development of technology and the internet today, almost all activities can be done online. You only need adequate skills, equipment, and an internet connection to be able to open online courses.

No need to bother providing a meeting place, video conferencing applications such as Zoom or Google Meet can be used as teaching media.

Graphic Design Services

If you have expertise in graphic design, offering design services is the right choice for doing business with minimal capital in India.

You not only get income but also at the same time can channel hobbies and improve skills.

Offer design services to clients through freelance sites, such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc. Previously, make sure you have compiled a portfolio of your work well so that service requests can see the results of the designs you have made.

Rent Tools or Items

Opening a rental business is also a business idea under a 2 lakhs investment that you should consider. To make a profit, unused and good things can be rented out to people in need, at a certain price.

There are many rental businesses in the market today. For example, renting cameras, drones, party clothes, musical instruments, and vehicles.

The rental system can be applied for a term, for example daily, weekly, or monthly. In addition, there are also equipment rentals that have a relatively short lifespan, for example, the rental of baby equipment such as strollers, car seats, baby boxes, and others.

Organic Farming Business

This business idea can be one of the profitable business ideas under 2 lakhs if done properly. Currently, many people have paid attention to a healthy lifestyle by eating organic foods.

The growing popularity of a healthy lifestyle makes some people even try to grow crops in their homeland.

Although it is more ideal to do it in suburban areas with large areas of land, you can also do organic farming in urban areas with the concept of urban farming.

Handicrafts Business

Business opportunities can also come from your hobbies. If you have a hobby of making handicrafts, this business can be profitable for you.

Although this business idea can be started with minimal capital of 2 lakhs, it does not rule out the possibility to obtain large profits.

Currently, handmade goods have a high value in the market. The results of your work will be of great value to consumers. The reason is, items made by hand are considered as something unique when compared to those made in the factory.

Event Organization

You can provide services for organizing various events such as weddings, engagements, parties, and birthday parties.

As in the rest of the world, there is a significant increase in event organization services in our country. Choosing the place where the event will be held, arranging it, taking care of the guests, music, etc.

You have to take responsibility for all issues. It is a business idea with high earning potential and you have the opportunity to grow day by day with references.

Gift Shop

The average level of capital required to set up gift shops is under 2 lakhs. However, it is not a bad idea to set up a small 20 square meter shop and turn to low-budget products in the first place.

In this way, you can learn the customer potential and increase your product range over time. We remind you that the gift industry is growing day by day.

Dance Education

One of the businesses to start under 2 lakhs investment in India is teaching dance. If you have the experience, you can start right away, even today.

The most important part of this business is that it is possible to start it even in your own home. Of course, we remind you that you need expertise in various types of dance forms.

Insurance Agent

It is one of the low-investment business ideas under 2 lakhs investment you can start if you have a high ability to convince people. Insurance agents are businesses that usually consist of a computer and a few desks. You can start by getting a policy preparation franchise from an insurance company.

It is a business idea that generates commissions by selling insurance policies. The potential to earn money is high, especially for those with a large circle.

Furniture Cleaning Service

In an era when furniture prices are rising rapidly, it is not a very logical approach to throw away old furniture. Instead, people buy furniture repair and cleaning services.

You can set it up in a few days with several pieces of equipment. Advertising is the thing you need to focus on the most to make money from the business. In particular, never neglect to print brochures and distribute them regularly to neighboring houses.

Decorative Candle Making

Interestingly, we have entered an era when candles are in fashion again. People now use candles for decoration purposes.

It is possible to come across interesting decorative candles in almost every residence and workplace. You can make your own decorative candles with a few pieces of equipment and earn money by opening a place or focusing on selling them online.

Career Counselling

We recommend that you consider it as a seasonal business idea. You can earn money by serving one month before university exams and one month after exams.

If you have experience in university choices or if you can improve yourself, you can guide students and their parents.

Security Services

You don’t need very high capital to start a security company. After finding the human resource, you need to be able to find a job. Let’s point out that the number of unemployed people in our country has reached hundreds of thousands even though they have security certificates, and you can find many people to work as commissions.

If you can have good relations with businesses and institutions or enter tenders; you can start to serve for several institutions in a short time.

Don’t be intimidated by this industry. It is not as difficult a sector as you might think. It is possible to do business even under 2 lakhs.

Car Wash

2 lakhs is enough to buy a car wash dealership. All products are given to you to open a car wash shop while you are buying a dealership. It is possible to determine a suitable shop to open a car wash service.

In our country, the process of obtaining a license for car wash shops has become difficult. It is recommended that you get information from the municipalities to obtain this license, especially due to noise problems, and then search for a suitable shop.

The sector is very large and the business volume is very high, especially in the summer months. A suitable shop, especially in a location where competition is low, can save you a significant amount of money.

Software Education

You can start a business to teach software or you can teach your students online directly.

It should be noted that the demand for software languages ​​such as C, C++, JAVA, and Python has increased recently. There is also significant demand in India and serious trends are observed in online courses.

Application Development

Almost every business in our country is now focused on the production of applications for their mobile needs. While large enterprises receive professional service, enterprises with less budget generally receive this service from those who work as freelancers.

If you have the talent, you can improve yourself and serve in developing applications for others.

Audio & Video Editor

Many businesses are looking for experts in audio and video editing. It is one of the business ideas that can be started by having a small home-office environment. You can find postings for these professionals on almost all business plans and freelancer sites.

Martial Arts Instructor

Are you an expert in martial arts? Do you have experience? In that case, you can make money by giving your own training in a department by agreeing.

Courier Service

If you have a capital amount in mind that you plan to reach because you want to do it, you can provide courier service for a while. To start the courier business, it is enough to have a motor license. You can find numerous companies that offer courier business in almost every region.

Couriers earn a significant income from the tips they receive in addition to the salary they receive.

Tax Consultancy

Tax legislation in our country is really a very complex issue. Businesses often work with financial advisors, but individuals do not have enough resources to work with financial advisors. If you have experience, you can provide tax advice for individuals.

Mobile Phone Repair Workshop

A business may be set up to repair mobile phones. If you have technical knowledge in this field, you can start quickly with under 2 lakhs investment. Especially small shops such as the arcade are perfect for this business.

Drone Training

You can start a special drone training for people who want to use drones and get certificates. In parallel with the increase in demand for drones, which has been the fashion of recent years in our country, significant increases are recorded in those who want to receive training.

You will need an above-average drone as you will need to start the training on your own drones.

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