How to Start a Wheel Alignment Business [Full Guide]

Looking for how to start a wheel alignment business? Then you came to the right place.

This article gives the best possible information to set up the wheel alignment business with all Investment details and Business Plan from scratch. 

Why Do Vehicles Need Wheel Alignment and Balancing? 

As we probably are aware of the states of Roads especially in India. Many vehicles like cars, cabs, great carriers and so on., have a chance to hit uneven speed breakers, path gaps and patches regularly. These lead to shape out of tires and also change in the alignment of wheels. 

At the point when a change in alignment and balancing of wheels gives you lopsided wear and tear of tires, overheating of tires and also changes in charge of the vehicle which leads to fatal accidents. In this way, regular wheel alignment and balancing are required for wheels. 

Presently a day’s Computerized 3D wheel alignment and balancing machines make it easy to do this business

Is wheel Alignment Business Profitable? 

Increase in usage of four-wheelers and abrupt development in Cab sectors gives a promising eventual fate of this business. With an appropriate business plan and execution makes this business more profitable. 

Starting a wheel alignment business

Wheel Alignment Business Plan 

Wheel alignment business plan starts with Identifying the market, Investment details, Permission and Requirements, Marketing and so forth and making a bit by bit appropriate notes of these details. 

Distinguishing the Market 

Here, distinguishing the market is an important task in this task. Pick the area where there is a not too bad number of car garages, car stylistic layouts and market area related to vehicle spare parts and outsider assistance communities. Picking the area near authorized assistance places is a bad idea as many individuals lean toward authorized help habitats. Distinguish and give more inclination to the area which has more car garages and tire showrooms where there is no other wheel alignment and balancing shops. Attempt to distinguish the market gap for wheel alignment business. Once picking the area, time to considerable speculation. 

Venture for Wheel Alignment Business 

Here are the equipment detail and investment required for wheel alignment business arrangement. 

3D Computerized wheel alignment machine 

Modernized wheel balancing machine 

Hydraulic Vehicle Lifting Jack

Air Compressor and Furniture 

Advanced Tool units and Malicious

Total Investment (Approximately) – $13440

This is the most ideal venture detail that we gathered on average.

Consent and Requirements for Wheel Alignment Business 

  • Trade permit from local authorities. 
  • 2kv Power association. 
  • Calibration certificate of Machine. 
  • Taking an Insurance strategy for the shop. 
  • Appropriate training to the labourers. 
  • Can get loans from Banks under Self-Employment plans with low-financing costs. 

Marketing of Wheel Alignment Business 

Marketing is a major part of this business. Many businesses fail because of lack of marketing. The ultimate goal of marketing is to get customers for your business. Here are a couple of marketing tips for your wheel alignment business. 

Display the flyers and Hoarding with special limits rates near gas stations, four wheeler parking places, mechanic shops and commercial areas. 

Offer pickup and repair done support of occupied individuals. 

Rundown in Google my business page, local classifieds and social media platforms. 

Affiliate with local mechanics, cab associations and drivers by offering fixed commission or limits. 

To support sales, start car wash administration and motor oil administration. 

Make an impression on existing customers on the timeframe with limited costs. 

Remember to take feedback and improve according to it. 

Enquire about Collaboration of existing tire brands and agencies. 

Wheel alignment types 

Contingent upon what gear you are comfortable with utilizing, you can give either a mechanical or a modernized wheel alignment administrations to your customers. Choose whether you will utilize hand tools or automated machines. The two choices accompany advantages and disadvantages. 

The mechanical kind will demand you low startup costs, however, you should get all-around trained before you prepare for conveying administrations all alone. The speed of conveying administrations is also low. An electronic wheel alignment contrary includes utilizing PC operated machines. While startup costs are immense, your profitability will be rapid. 

We might want you to consider electronic decision since automobiles proprietors offer priority to mechanized help since it is done inside 5-10 minutes. 

Purchase tools or machinery 

To convey mechanical based wheel alignment administration, you should purchase a right arrangement of tools including a camber gauge, adjustable wrench, four jack stands, string spool, tape measure, control arms shims, and so on 

The average cost for a mechanized wheel alignment machine aggregates around $ 6000 while as a wheel balancer machine costs $1500, thus, a total of $7500 will only go for the two machines.

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