How to Start a Scarf Business Successfully [Complete Guide]

Want to start a scarf business but don’t know how to start? So here you will get a complete guide on starting a scarf business.

Review your competitors before opening a scarf business. Decide if the parts you want to sell are in demand and are not available at other retail stores near you.

As a scarf business owner, if you want to earn a profit each month, you need to interact with your customers, manage your employees, have a little knowledge of business management and marketing.

Start a Scarf Business

Here are the steps for starting a scarf business successfully. 

Prepare a Business Plan for Scarf Business

While starting a scarf business, a business plan should be established in which every stage necessary for the development of the business is outlined. 

In the first part, define the type of scarfs you plan to sell, the shape you want to give to the store and the type of customer you want to attract. 

In the second part, list the starting prices, operating or personnel debts, the amount of sales required each month to cover monthly expenses, working and insurance costs. 

In the third part, prepare a marketing plan to attract customers. The marketing plan may include local newspaper and magazine advertisements, launching a website, starting your scarf business online and offline both, and printing business directories. 

In the fourth part, outline all roles and duties related to management and employees. 

Decide the location of your scarf business

Rent or buy the place where you will open your scarf business. Choose locations from crowded sales areas for your stores like malls or city centers to attract potential customers. 

How to Start a Scarf Business

These places have a large enough space for items to be displayed. There should also be showcases, dressing rooms and storage areas. Contact real estate agents to see available and suitable locations. 

Permissions and Documentation

Apply to the tax office, the municipality, Chamber of Commerce, TSE and Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen for business opening license.

Note: Please follow this step carefully. As we all know different countries might have the different procedure of obtaining a license make sure you read and will be aware of the guidelines and procedures.


Purchase business insurance from licensed insurers. Workplace insurance can include general liability, property, product, automobile and employee compensation. 

General liability, property, and crop insurance help protect business assets in litigation or deal events.

Raw Materials

Buy equipment and goods for your scarf business. Purchase a sales software to track sales, revenue, returns, and invoices. 

Place orders from vendors who manufacture according to the type of items you sell in your scarf business.

Open a Bank Account

Contact banks to open merchant accounts. In this way, you can get a loan.


Advertise your scarf business by distributing leaflets containing your name, location, working hours and contact information.  

Scarf business Opening Cost

Average cost varies between 15,000-40,000 dollars. A detailed business plan must be prepared in order to calculate the exact cost. If you provide us with detailed information about the scarf business you want to open, we can calculate the cost for you.

Opening cost may vary from country to country or location to location.

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