11 Innovative Promotional Ideas That Boost Your Business and Sales

Looking for creative and innovative promotional ideas that increase your sales and boost your business performance? Then here you will find 11 innovative ideas for a promotion that help you to grow your business.

Did you know that promotion and marketing have different meanings? In short, your business must promote as part of a marketing strategy. Marketing includes all the strategies and activities a business undertakes to gain awareness.

This marketing method includes business and audience research so that the message conveyed is right on target.

Promotions are usually short-term and only for a certain time to increase sales.

11 Innovative Promotional Ideas

When you want to launch a new product, open a new store or want to announce a business offer, you have to promote to make sure your audience knows all the info.

Then, how to promote creativity to attract the attention of the target audience and competitors?

Check out the list below for creative and innovative promotional ideas to increase your business sales.

Use Normal Prices with Additional Products or Services

This method is very suitable for the B2B Model. You can offer a basic price for a product or service but you can add a variety of free services.

Creative promotional ideas like this can use free frills or additional products or services so that they can psychologically trigger your target audience instead of having to use the word discount on your promotion.

For example, by purchasing 10 items, customers get a free bag.

Offer Member Program

Customer loyalty is key to success. Many businesses gather their customers in loyalty clubs or members. But you don’t just make them a member, you also need to give promos whether it’s a gift when they register or special offers that are only in your member program such as special member discounts.

Targeted Promotion

Audiences definitely like things like discounts, sales, and promos. You can increase sales by targeting certain groups. For example, promotion based on their purchase history.

It’s not meant to be discriminatory, you can use this creative and innovative promotional idea when you already have and analyze previous customer data, so you can target the type of promotion you will run.

Giveaway on Social Media

When you create an event, before the event you can hold a contest or giveaway with various conditions that you can apply. The prize can be a free ticket or a certain discount.

Who doesn’t like free?

Don’t forget to include a hashtag or invite other friends to attract the attention of more of your target audience. The more attractive the prize, this can be a creative promo idea for selling your event.

Event Review

You can promote your event by creating an event on the road or a hit spot that contains a little leak or preview of your event later.

In this event, you are free to promote creatively about your event and attend some of the performers later.

You can also open a ticket booth at the location to make it easier for them to buy tickets. Set special ticket prices in this preview event so they are tempted to buy.

Collaborate with Influencers

Collaborating with influencers or brand ambassadors can be one of the innovative promotional ideas for selling your product or event. Your brand or event can be increasingly known by many people, including the followers of these influencers or brand ambassadors.

But you have to be wise in choosing influencers, according to the type of product and event you want to promote.

Make sure their followers match your target audience.

Offer Samples

Usually, we often see menu books on the doorstep of restaurants, but have you ever tried offering samples to potential customers?

This innovative promotional idea is suitable for culinary or F&B (food and beverage) businesses.

The key, you have to serve good and quality food so that they are moved to enter your restaurant and order the menu they tried earlier. You can also offer food samples while they wait in line for seating.

Use the creative way possible. It could be that people will be tempted by the look and smell of the food you are promoting and immediately want to order it.

Try to sample the food served as food that remains fresh and delicious even though it is left for a long time.

Promotion with Public Figure

One of the best ways to get people to buy the products or services you offer is to invite a public figure. Actually, this is almost similar to how to collaborate with influencers, because in the end there will be promos on their social media.

However, not all businesses have the budget to pay big influencers. Therefore, you can invite local micro-influencers to the location where your business is located to increase ongoing promotions.

Combining this public figure program in the form of charity can also be a creative and interesting promotional idea for your business.

Business Location Check-in

This is the cheapest way for you to promote your business because the content that your customers upload on social media and check-in locations can be seen by their followers from various places and backgrounds.

In certain events, for example, Halloween, you can hold costume content events for your restaurant visitors with the condition that the entry is in the form of posting, liking, and checking-in locations on their social media.

Sponsoring Local Communities

Sponsoring or supporting local communities is one way to creatively increase the promotion of your brand or business so that it is increasingly recognized by many people. It also shows that your business is committed and cares about the local community.

This can be done by sponsoring a local sports team with the consideration of including your business logo on their costumes or sports equipment.

Invite Employees

Social media is now really land for promotion. Different people, different followers, this makes it diverse. The same goes for your employees. If your promotional program has a target audience that matches their followers, invite them to share your content. Your business will be known by many people.

From the list of creative and innovative promotional ideas above, have you found an idea that is suitable for your business?

Improving sales promotions is not always easy, but you have to make these methods not boring and as creative as possible with your ideas to attract the attention of customers and competitors. Make promotions as beautiful as possible, to increase sales.

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