What Are the Characteristics of Strategic Management

Strategic management is defined as the ongoing planning, monitoring, analysis, and evaluation of an organization’s methods and strategies so that a business can attain its goals and objectives.

In this article, I’m sharing with you the characteristics of strategic management that will help you to understand the features that strategic management has.

Strategic management talks about the big picture and the essence of strategic management are to identify the goals of an organization, resources, and how these resources can be used effectively to meet the objectives.

Strategic management is a continuous and ongoing process and must provide the basic guidelines for decision-making in business organizations.

Characteristics of Strategic Management

The organization’s strategic plan is a living document that is always visited and revisited and as new information becomes available, this should be used to make adjustments and revisions to the previous ones.

Characteristics of Strategic Management

The following are the characteristics of strategic management:

Long-Term Issues

The issues that strategic management handles are usually of long-term nature. These issues do not necessarily affect the organization immediately but will benefit the organization in the future.

For example, if a company spends on the education of its employees, it may not witness increases in productivity in the short-run, but in due course, highly educated employees will deliver better results and will also help in increasing the returns.

That is why strategic management gives you a big picture of the organization and you may not see any results in short term. They are implemented to achieve long-term goals but also they are very effective in several short-term scenarios.

As we all know it takes time to grow a plant, in the same way, if you work on the long-term issues of the organization it will benefit you in many ways. That is what strategic management does.

Strategic management helps you to keep on track and make your business profitable in long run. This helps in building relationships with potential clients which is a good thing for any business.

Competitive Advantage

Strategic management assists managers in looking for fresh avenues for achieving sustainable competitive advantage.

When strategic management principles are applied regularly in the proceedings of the organization, managers can increase the number of satisfied customers, provide goods and services at economical prices, and can develop a highly satisfied workforce.

Strategic management helps you to remain in the business and gives you an advantage over your competitors. This advantage ranges from the manufacturing process to the location of the company.

Having a favourable position in any aspect of the business over your competitors will give your many benefits both in the long and short run.

Competitive advantage is one of the major characteristics of strategic management because this way your competitors can’t compete with your product or service easily.

The main role of competitive advantage through strategic management give your front position and helps you to create more wealth for shareholders.

Impact on Operations

An effective strategic management process affects operational issues positively. For example, if increases in salary and performance are correlated then this would increase operational productivity, as the employees will be motivated to put more effort into their work.

Operating decisions are the ones that involve topics like deciding the best way to handle sales with a particular segment of customers or making decisions regarding selling products on credit. Decisions concerned with operational issues are made by lower-level managers.

It is very beneficial for any organization that operational activities are carried out effectively. It helps a business to grow and prosper in long run.

Strategic management helps you manage these activities in the business properly so that your business will provide the best quality product to its customers on time.


Strategic management makes decisions regarding situations that would occur in the future and are not a part of day-to-day activities. Managers are ignorant about the after-effects of their decisions because of the dynamic and uncertain business environment.

The best thing about being a future-oriented business will make your business highly profitable because you are adaptable and open-minded to the changes in lifestyle, technology and business policies.

You will have pretty decent outcomes by implementing strategic management but to be future-oriented, the businessman should be educated and a leader. And you should be able to draw a circle that defines the concept of future orientation because it does not only apply to business leaders but other employees should be able to think beyond the current situation.

It is obvious that in the current scenario future orientation is the most important aspect of the business but it takes time to build that potential to think of the opportunities that will come up in the near future.

Strategic management will guide you through the process and help you to a certain extent how the business will perform in the upcoming future.


Since strategic management is uncertain, it becomes complex as well. Managers come across situations related to the business environment that is not easy to understand. There is a need for analysing internal and external environments.

It is one of the concepts and characteristics of strategic management that you need to understand before you implement the strategic concept in your organisation. Many things need to be done properly in order to use strategic management.

Strategic management helps you to analyse the internal and external environment carefully and strategically so that the complexity of the concept is minimised.


The implementation of strategic management affects the entire organization and not merely the operation to which strategic management principles are applied.

It entails strategic choices and is a systematic approach. So, business organizations need to implement strategies carefully and wisely because it affects an organization as a whole and also give results that benefit the organization as well.

Strategic management affects the organisation as a whole so you need to make changes that will be beneficial for the organisation in the upcoming future and not should be focused on short-term goals.

As an organisation, we know that it is focused on the goals that different employees in different positions work together to achieve.

So if you change any of the strategies it will affect not only that particular business unit but the entire organisation. Strategic management helps you in many ways but it needs to be done properly and by experienced professionals.

Facilitates Strategic Implementation

Strategic management makes sure that strategies are effectively executed and implemented with the help of action-oriented plans and it is a very very important step because if strategies are good enough but are not implemented properly then they will not give the results the company expects.

Strategic management itself helps you implement strategies properly so that they will not affect the organisation or any plan that is in the process. It simplifies the process by making plans according to the needs and goals of the organisations.

Now you are aware of the major characteristics of strategic management that help your organisation to grow in a proper manner and be in a front position that many of your competitors don’t. It is very important to understand the characteristics of strategic management because it makes an organisation profitable and proficient.

So read them carefully and if you have any doubts make sure you comment down below we will try our best to answer that.

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