What Your Business Needs to Thrive in 2022

A well-developed business plan is paramount – it can make or break your start-up. You need to use common sense when you write your aspirations down and be objective when setting goals. If you think that some entrepreneurs developed great businesses effortlessly, know that they hid the stress, long nights, and hard work they’ve been through, making it look like success and money are achievable if you come up with a mind-blowing idea.

You’ll need sensational publicity for your products or services, which exceeds the traditional PPC and SEO. A strong brand image is only achievable through properly spreading brand awareness. Remember when you used to type your questions into Google’s structured search place? AI has changed that: now you’re simply talking to your smartphone, and it’s just an example of why you need to keep up with ever-changing consumer behaviours to keep profits coming.

This article breaks down two essential aspects regarding marketing and user experience, which can make or break your business.

Audio Marketing

As opposed to visual or written marketing, the auditive one refers to marketing initiatives like radio ads, where the output is audio content. It can be done regardless of your company’s budget since many firms can do the job for you. Let’s discuss voice-overs, a popular strategy behind successful businesses. 

What your business needs to thrive in 2022

Voice-overs connect you with your website visitors and allow you to translate your message to different demographics. It’s gained lots of ground, and nowadays, not only huge companies like Disney use audio post production to gain viewers, but also emerging start-ups and small businesses. 

Practically, through voice-overs, you portray your brand as a valuable resource to your customers and gain more meaningful relationships. Customers love to see companies that do their best to improve their user experience and look for ways to feel connected with the organisation behind their favourite brands.

Here are the top three reasons why successful CEOs make use of good voice acting agencies and why your business could use this innovative practice.

Strengthened connections

The level of authenticity and trustworthiness that potential clients feel when acknowledging your business can be highly impacted by vocal advertisements. Remember those Pepsi and Coca-Cola ads where you hear the bottles pop up and sometimes you crave some carbonated drink? Similarly, you can help your clients better understand what you’re offering and how your company can benefit them. These practices often lead to increased conversions, considering they’re made by professional voice-over agencies.

Boosted CTA conversions

Positive, long-lasting, and widespread recognition is essential for your business to prosper. It would be best if you exuded familiarity and transparency to gain trust and turn traffic into conversions. A good voice-over artist might portray your CTAs and be efficient like social ads. 

Voice disguises the CTA as an invitation to learn more, and it’s the opposite effect of a cliché sales-like pitch. Within a voice-over, the agency blends your CTA into a form of advice through story-telling, explaining how the product or service helped them out in a funny or difficult situation, and so forth. Some listeners will remember similar stories and relate that experience to their own, becoming possible clients.

More digital ground is covered

Water splash, package ripping, and cat nails scratching are some examples of ASMRs that help clients grasp a product or service better. You only need to explain what kind of marketing you want, decide if you want a male or female voice, and choose an American, Canadian, or British voice actor – technically, a voice actor for whatever country you wish to market your business. There are never-ending ways one voice accommodates your business needs. These help you have more digital ground covered for your business through means like:

  • Video narration
  • Commercials
  • e-Learning
  • Radio
  • Podcasts
  • Audiobooks

Visual Marketing

You may already have this aspect covered through the existence of a website, online presence, personalised emails, and so on. If you have website traffic, but it doesn’t turn into conversions, maybe one of the following reasons is behind your lack of profit:

  • Your web page doesn’t attract the right traffic;
  • It takes more than 8 seconds for visitors to find what they are looking for;
  • Your site displays too many popups;
  • Your site is difficult to navigate.

Increased clientele trust

Visual content is significant and is followed by social media. You might not realise this, but it doesn’t take too many visuals incorporated into your website or blog to scare clients away. Anyways, the set of colours, designs, as well as how easily potential customers buy from your business require an excellent visual marketing strategy, that is effective in the following:

  • It simplifies the checkout process: Some firms don’t focus on this aspect too much, thinking that once they’ve made their viewers want to pay for the cart, they’ll most likely fight their way through the payment process. Don’t think like them! Customers can lose interest quickly and buy from another source. You can think of how you can incorporate transport taxes into the final cost, too, since the lack of transportation costs is among the most significant reasons why customers purchase from e-stores.
  • It simplifies the customer experience: Besides being customer-centric, your website needs to have a user-friendly interface; preferably a personalised one that uses images, videos, and voice records that tell your company’s story. 
  • Mobile responsiveness boosts conversions: Your company’s browser and mobile website should provide chat, review, and feedback features for enhanced customer engagement, especially since people are spending so much time on smartphones.


As the saying goes, to keep customers happy, you must make them the centre of attention. They want you to shower them with care, make their user experience your top priority, and would like you to only ask for a few pennies in return. 

Since there are more than 26 million eCommerce sites, and increasingly more are being created every day, you most certainly understand how crucial it is to satisfy both the visual and auditory senses of your audience.

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