How to Become a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant [Full Guide]

There are many business opportunities related to the world of beauty. One of the favorites for entrepreneurs is reselling cosmetics and makeup products due to the flexibility and benefits of the business model. This path has guaranteed countless women professional growth and financial independence. 

That is why many of the most recognized brands in the market constantly link thousands of consultants to their team. This is the case of Mary Kay, a cosmetics company that has positioned itself as the sixth-largest in the world in direct sales. So being a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant is a very profitable opportunity to supplement your monthly earnings or have a robust primary source of income.

Therefore, today we will give you information on how to be a Mary Kay consultant and sell your products successfully. Also, you can become a Mary Kay consultant for personal use only.

So if you are interested in being a Mary Kay salesperson, here you will learn the steps to follow to join the brand, enjoy its benefits as a consultant, and earn money.

How much do you earn selling Mary Kay?

How much do you earn selling Mary Kay?

If you have questions about how to become a Mary Kay Consultant, this is a common question. The truth here is that the income opportunity in this business is 100% open. And it largely depends on the time and effort you invest, as well as your personal goals and sales objectives. So the earnings will be based on whether you work part-time or whether you develop the business completely. So ensuring a standard income level is something relative to each consultancy.

However, there are certain percentages on sales and fixed benefits when you join Mary Kay. Here you can get up to 50% profit on everything you sell. This means that if, for example, you sell 1,000 USD you have the possibility of earning 500 USD commission. Additionally, you have access to exclusive brand promotions and programs such as events, workshops, digital platforms, and catalogs. Also, you will have the possibility to enhance your professional career and be promoted to Mary Kay Sales Director.

The 3 keys to the success of Mary Kay Ash

The 3 keys to Mary Kay Ash's success

We know that the name of the brand is in honor of its founder Mary Kathlyn Wagner, better known as Mary Kay Ash. An entrepreneur who despite successfully performing as a salesperson in several companies did not receive the recognition she deserved.

So she decided to write her book to guide women in the business world. A book that ended up becoming the business plan with which she would found her Mary Kay cosmetics company. Thanks to her effort and perseverance, she became widely respected in the industry. Standing out for its sales model based on the “Golden Rule”. In which the salespeople do not exert pressure and treat customers with empathy by putting themselves in their shoes.

This is how Mary Kay sales strategies began to be applied by all consulting firms around the world. So if you are still wondering about how to be a successful Mary Kay consultant, we share the 3 keys of its founder that will surely help you grow in the business:

1. Be inclusive

Thanks to her book and business model, Mary Kay Ash managed to open up a world of possibilities and opportunities for success for all women, leaving no one out. His idea was to have a company in which any woman was as successful as she wanted to be.

2. Recognize and reward effort

The philosophy of “treat others as you would like to be treated” is one of the pillars of your business success. And to this is added the value that the businesswoman gave by giving recognition for the effort and results of all her consultants. So the company provides incentives to the best and best Mary Kay resellers.

3. Turn failure into opportunities

As a result of her frustration at not receiving the recognition she deserved, Mary Kay Ash identified opportunities in the industry and capitalized on them. It never fainted no matter how dark the picture painted and managed to reinvent itself by creating one of the most important cosmetics companies in the world.

How to be a Consultant and Sell Mary Kay: Steps

How to be a Mary Kay Consultant Step by Step Guide

After this motivational and inspirational intervention, it is time to answer the question that everyone is asking: how to get started selling Mary Kay? Well, it’s very simple, you just have to be of legal age and be clear about the process to follow. That’s why we present you a guide on how to be a Mary Kay consultant in 3 steps :

1. Contact a Mary Kay Consultant

The first step you should take is to contact an independent Mary Kay consultant already affiliated with the company. She will be the one who will advise and guide you in your registration process. If you don’t know of any, you can locate a consultant in your city of residence through the Mary Kay website for your country. From here you can access the search engine for consultants in Peru, Mexico, Colombia, and Spain.

2. Sign the consulting agreement

Once you have completed the entire registration process, you must sign the Independent Consultant Agreement. In which the general terms and conditions between the company and you are established. This agreement must be sent to Mary Kay to formalize the start of your business.

3. Get the starter kit

You are now ready to start your business as a Mary Kay consultant so you must make your initial investment. That is, you must buy one of the company’s kits for new consultants. This kit, in addition to products of the brand, includes exclusive discounts for your first order. The cost may vary depending on the country, but on average its value ranges between 50 and 100 USD.

This is everything you need to know about becoming a Mary Kay Consultant. But you may also be wondering how to sell Mary Kay online. Well, when choosing your starter kit, you can decide to also purchase the brand’s digital resources. With which you will have your e-commerce website for customers to place their orders. As well as access to free mobile apps for consulting, sales, and catalogs.

If you still have questions about how to become a Mary Kay consultant, you can visit the official website of the brand in Colombia, Peru, Mexico, and Spain.

Benefits of being a Mary Kay consultant

Benefits of being a Mary Kay consultant

Being a consultant for a brand committed to promoting the growth of women around the world, such as Mary Kay, has great advantages on a professional and personal level. Let’s see some of them:

  • You will work with a solid company with more than 50 years of experience in the market.
  • You will sell exclusive products with a guarantee of quality and satisfaction.
  • You will build the business at your own pace, independently, and managing time your way.
  • You will receive training, accompaniment, and constant support from the brand.
  • You will be recognized for your achievements, evolution, and performance, obtaining incentives such as trips and unique collections.
  • You will have the opportunity to promote and improve your professional profile in the commercial area.

Tips for being a successful Mary Kay consultant

How to Be a Successful Mary Kay Co-Author: Tips

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Now that you are clear about how to be a Mary Kay consultant, you must know the products well and know how to reach customers. It does not matter if you decide to sell by door-to-door catalog, by social networks, or in the online store. You must have sales skills, customer service and, especially, assertive communication and good treatment of customers. Take note of these essential tips to be successful selling Mary Kay:

  • Be polite, attentive, stay positive, and act naturally to inspire confidence in customers. Your attitude influences the purchase decision.
  • Take care of your presentation and worry about having an impeccable image. Try to dress formal but casual, so you will achieve an executive and fresh look.
  • Set goals and stick to them. If you don’t set monthly goals, you won’t be able to measure your progress as a consultant.
  • Always try to have enough products and samples. This way you can offer customers different options and variety. Also, you can boost sales and make immediate deliveries.
  • Get in touch with other consultants and attend meetings with them. Their experience will help you to clarify doubts and improve your business.
  • Use social media and other digital channels as sales channels. Remember that online media are a powerful promotion and dissemination tool.

Final words

There is no doubt that Mary Kay is a company that cares about the growth and development of its employees. That is why in addition to being an excellent source of income, being a Mary Kay consultant will allow you to expand your knowledge in business and enhance your business profile. So it is important that you also do your part and train yourself and take advantage of all the support that the company offers.

We have no choice but to wish you luck on your entrepreneurial path. We hope this article helps you in your journey as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant.

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