How to Become a Billionaire from Zero [Complete Guide]

Looking for how to become a billionaire from zero? Want to know how to become a billionaire in 2020 and 2021? The cyzotech website aims to introduce you to the easiest ways to become a billionaire in 2020 and 2021.

The world is witnessing a growth it has never seen before. In today’s world, people can pursue their dreams and become rich. It is not difficult to join the group of billionaires anywhere in the world. People around the world have discovered the secrets and ways to get rich and have learned how to stay rich.

How to Become Billionaire from Zero

Being a billionaire may seem like a great goal, but unfortunately for many of us it’s just a dream.Billionaires increase their wealth by using certain methods. Some became billionaires thanks to their economic and educational advantages, while others became billionaires through the rational decisions they made and the right choices they made. Everything is in order: First, find a way to make money. Billionaires use one of four methods: To invent, invest, innovate, and become an entrepreneur. You can become a billionaire by using one of these four methods used by billionaires.


How to Become a Billionaire from Zero

Inventing is a tough road, but if you have the mind to create, patent, manufacture and market a product that people need, you can become a billionaire. Successful inventions don’t have to be complex or high-tech. James Dyson became billionaires by inventing a better vacuum cleaner and Gianfranco Zaccai by inventing a better check-rust. 


How to Become a Billionaire from Zero

Innovation is the art of evaluating the main market and finding creative ways to improve existing products or services. Successful innovators identify the real needs behind customer demands and respond to those needs with a better, smarter and more effective product or service. One of the best examples is IKEA. Furniture may not seem like an attractive market, but modular and economical pieces designed with modern touches attract great attention around the world. 

Don’t think you know everything

How to Become a Billionaire from Zero

Thinking that you have nothing to learn will destroy your potential to become a billionaire. If you want to become a billionaire by investing or innovating, you have to be curious and open-minded, and always keep learning. These qualities allow you to look at old things with a new eye and see the potential for change and profit that others cannot see.


How to Become a Billionaire from Zero

Warren Buffett, a self-made billionaire, is famous for his smart investments and simple methods. It takes a little money to invest, and the right perspective to understand which investments are wise and which investments are unreasonable. If you follow in the footsteps of billionaire investors like Buffett, you can find the right path for you.

 Don’t make flashy investments

How to Become a Billionaire from Zero

Investors who earn billions from their investments prefer long-term investments with good returns rather than flashy, fun and high-risk investments. While real estate, energy, steel, telecommunications and medical products are among the options, high-tech and interesting but risky investments are not among the right investment options.

Be an entrepreneur

How to Become a Billionaire from Zero

Another option to become a billionaire is to become an entrepreneur. It’s not easy to start a business and be successful, but for those with a sense of business and the talent to value good potential businesses, entrepreneurship is a great way to become a billionaire. Billionaire entrepreneurs work in two ways: they come up with a good idea and fight to the end, as in the case of Bill Gates and Microsoft, or they spot someone’s opinion and invest in that idea at the beginning stage to be successful. Both are viable ways to achieve success. Resign from your job and become the boss of your own business. 

Don’t give up early

How to Become a Billionaire from Zero

Entrepreneurs who want to be successful need to know that success cannot be achieved overnight. One business idea might not work but the next one might work. Or your company may not achieve the success you want and you may quit everything or let your dream die and your debt increases. Setting up something from scratch is not easy. If you don’t rush, time will be on your side.

Prepare a plan.

Acting without a plan can ruin you. Becoming a billionaire in 2020 is not an easy task, and people will not become billionaires by accident. Billionaires plan to achieve this goal. They determine what path they want to take and how to achieve their goal. Use a plan, so you can realistically move toward becoming a billionaire.

Make becoming a billionaire a priority.

If you put it off, your plan won’t work. In short, if you don’t take action, the plan will work on its own. If you want to be a billionaire in 2020, you have to be thirsty for it. Becoming a billionaire should be your ultimate goal, because it’s not easy to achieve. It should be at the top of your priorities.

Think outside the box.

For entrepreneurs working in the field of technology, it’s best to let your creativity work. You have to be creative, how you want to achieve your dreams. You either have to have a different idea from others or at least have a new way of looking at things. Approach your priorities in a different way. In general, sometimes funny or silly ideas are the best ideas.

Take advantage of every opportunity.

Wherever you are, you have to look for opportunities. Opportunities may be displayed in unusual ways, but it doesn’t matter. You have to seize and seize all the opportunities, big or small. Always be prepared.

Keep reading.

By being stagnant and not providing useful food for your mind and brain, you are not doing yourself any favors. Knowledge brings power. You have to keep up to date with everything and learn things. 

Learn from other billionaires.

There is definitely more than one way to get rich. This can be understood from the different types of billionaires who tell different stories of their successes. Read the success story of others. Imitate their successes. Learn from their mistakes. See what they can teach you. Practice and put your ideas into action. In this way, secrets about how to become a billionaire in 2020 will be revealed to you.

Follow the flow of money.

Your heart may want to follow your interest, but if there is no money in your favorite path, you will definitely not become a billionaire. If you really want to be rich, then you have to put getting rich at the top of your priorities and interests. Work in a field that brings you money. Start a business that will pay off well.

Do your best.

Being on a money-making path alone is not enough, you have to try. If you want to be a billionaire in 2020, you have to work harder. This means that you must be prepared to make sacrifices along the way. If you are asked to spend more time at work, you should do so. If you are asked to provide more, you must do so. Always remember that when you value something and pay attention to it, you will one day receive the reward of your attention.

Save your money.

If you don’t have money to start with (even a thousand tomans), you can never have a savings account. Save as much money as you can. The less you spend, the more money you have left. Set a goal to save and stick to it. You will not regret it.

Find a coach.

If you don’t know what to do with your money, look for a guide or mentor. Find a coach you trust and let him or her guide you along the way.

Enjoy being rich.

It has long been said that “doing good is full of filling.” The same is true of being rich. Learn the lifestyle of the rich. Dress like billionaires. Don’t settle for less than your full potential. If you taste good things in life, you will never be satisfied with less than that. Let a good life guide you in achieving your goal. If you can’t live like the rich now, at least pay for it!

Grow a bigger dream.

Millionaires do not give up when they reach their first billion. In fact, they keep moving. They do not want one billion tomans, they think ten billion tomans. Don’t be less convinced. Have big dreams in your head.

Trust yourself.

If there’s one thing you can rely on, it’s you. You always have to believe that you can achieve everything in your mind. If you don’t have that mindset, you’ll lose the game. It’s not hard to trust yourself. Keep going and never give up. You will soon become a member of the club of billions.

People Who Become Billionaire from Zero

Jan Koum

The founder of the famous chat application WhatsApp, made a billion-dollar fortune after his company was bought by Facebook. However, Koum was living on food aid distributed in the region where he was staying at the age of 16 when he came to the USA from Ukraine. Koum is not alone in this area. Here are other names who became billionaires from scratch

Kenny Troutt

Is the founder of Excel Communication, one of the largest telecommunications infrastructure companies in the USA, and Kenny Troutt worked as an insurance salesman during his university years. He currently has a personal fortune of $ 1.7 billion.

Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, the world’s largest coffee chain, grew up in a rather poor family. Schultz won the university with a football scholarship. As soon as he graduated, he started working for Xerox. He then started to work at Starbucks, which had only 60 branches at the time. He currently has a personal fortune of $ 2 billion.

Ken Langon

US investor Ken Langon worked as a cafeteria worker and plumber in his youth. He currently has a personal fortune of $ 2.1 billion.

Oprah Winfrey

One of the most beloved hosts in television history, Oprah Winfrey from the United States came to the world in a poor family in Mississippi. Winfrey, who won college on a scholarship, became the first African American reporter to appear on the screen at the age of 19. He currently has a personal fortune of $ 2.9 billion.

Shahid Khan

Pakistani Shadid Khan, who founded Flex-N-Gate, one of the largest spare parts suppliers in the automotive industry, washed dishes for $ 1 an hour when he came to the USA from his country. He currently has a fortune of $ 3.8 billion

Kirk Kerkorian 

One of Las Vegas’ biggest hoteliers, Kirk Kerkorian is one of the families that immigrated to the USA from Armenia. Kerkorian, who interrupted his school life and worked as a boxer, served in the British Air Force during the Second World War. He currently has a fortune of $ 3.9 billion.

John Paul DeJoria

DeJoria, who founded John Paul Mitchell Systems, which sold door-to-door shampoo, was selling Christmas postcards and newspapers to support his family before turning this business into an empire. Dejoria, who later founded the company Boss Tequila, now has a personal fortune of $ 4 billion.

Do Won Chang

Founder of Forever 21, one of the largest womenswear brands in the USA, Do Won Chang worked as a doorman, gas station, and cafe worker in the early days of his arrival in the USA, before starting his company with his wife. He currently owns $ 5 billion of personal wealth.

Before Ralph Lauren Textile giant created the brand Ralph Lauren, one of the world’s largest fashion giants, it was looking at errands at a textile company. He currently owns $ 7.7 billion of wealth.

Francois Pinault

French billionaire Francois Pinault, who owns giant luxury brands such as Gucci, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and Yves Saint Laurent, was bored with the constant mockery of him and had to quit his high school education. He currently owns $ 15 billion of wealth.

Leonardo Del Vecchio,

Boss of eyeglass makers bought by millions of people around the world, such as Leonardo Del Vecchio Ray-Ban and Oakley, grew up in an orphanage. He then worked as a worker in a factory, where he lost a large part of his finger to the machine. He currently owns $ 15.3 billion of personal wealth.

George Soros

George Soros, one of the most influential investors in the global economy, fled to London during the Nazi attack on Hungary in his youth. He lived a very poor high school life in England. Soros currently owns $ 20 billion of personal wealth.

Li Ka-shing

Li Ka-shing, boss of Asian industrial giant Cheung Kong Industries, had to take a break from education to help his family after his father’s death at the age of 15. He currently owns $ 31 billion of wealth.

Harold Simmons

Known as a legend about corporate acquisitions, Harold Simmons was born in a slum without electricity and water. With his own efforts, he received a scholarship from the University of Texas and studied economics. Simmons died recently at the age of 82. He left behind 40 billion dollars of fortune.

Larry Ellison

The boss of Oracle, Larry Ellison, left school after the death of his adoptive mother in his youth and worked in different fields for eight years. He currently owns $ 41 billion in personal wealth. (CNBCE).