How to Start a Kpop Store – Best Business Opportunity

Want to start a Kpop store then here you will find the complete guide on how you can start a Kpop store business. If you live in a city that has a lot of Kpop fans but there is no Kpop store and everyone buys their Kpop albums and related items online then it is a very profitable option to start.

If you are thinking how does one start a Kpop store and are there multiple ways in obtaining a store then all your questions will be answered here.

KPop store business has mushroomed in South Korea due to the K-Pop fever that is currently sweeping the country but their fans are all present all around the world. Starting this KPop store business is quite profitable in every country such as the USA, Canada, and Brazil and mostly in well-developed cities.

K-Pop fans can not be separated from merchandise about their idol. Even though some items are not cheap, these fans don’t hesitate to spend more. This provides a huge opportunity to open a business in the merchandising field. Before starting to run this business, check out how to get started with business merchandising for beginners.

how to start a kpop store

How to Start a KPop Store

Running a K-Pop merchandising business will generate up to millions of dollars in profits every month. You can get K-Pop merchandise in two ways, namely ordering directly to the country of origin, and producing goods that “smell” of K-Pop itself. 

The following is an explanation of how to run this business so that you can get a decent profit.

1. List of Items for Kpop Store

Before starting this business, do research about the most popular types of merchandise among K-Poppers. This is very important to do so that you can list the priority types of merchandise that you should always have in your store. The results of this research can also be used to determine future marketing strategies.

Also, you should ask yourself a question, who is your target customer? Whether it is a girl or a boy or both. This helps you easily understand what items you should sell and why.

Apart from this, you should always spend some time on new trends to be updated about new releases and launches so you don’t miss any of the fans because this way you can easily increase your sales after your business is established.

2. Look for A Reliable Supplier to Start a Kpop Store

Trusted suppliers are very important in this business because they are the ones who provide the material for the KPop accessories business. One of the easiest ways to find out if a supplier is trustworthy is by looking at its stored data. Suppliers must have a clear and complete address, and have a phone number that is easy to contact.

Good suppliers have a fast response when handling goods orders, including when serving customer complaints. It would be better if the supplier had customer complaint service 24 hours a day.

Trusted suppliers have accounts on social media containing goods and materials to sell along with tests from previous buyers. You can do a trial run when choosing a supplier in this K-Pop merchandising business. Try ordering some of the items or ingredients to see if it’s honest. This method is also used to determine the accuracy of delivery.

When doing testing, buy a product or material that is inexpensive to avoid big losses if the supplier doesn’t send your order.

3. Place for storage

Now you should find a place where you store the Kpop items so that you fulfill both online and offline orders. Make sure you make a pretty list of them that attract the customers.

You can start a website and display all items with a good presentation so that even people can order Kpop items online because these people usually prefer buying online.

4. Create an account on Social Media

The increasing number of internet users today opens up great opportunities for online sales. You must have an account on social media as a means to introduce the merchandise that you sell and the promotional activities that are carried out.

There are many ways you can create an online shop for your business to make it easier for customers who want to order and buy merchandise.

Also, you can social media to promote your products to reach more customers and increase your sales.

5. Innovation for Kpop Store Business

Continuous innovation is one of the keys to success in running this merchandise business. Get product insights from all that the K-Pop art is capable of. Use your insights when creating merchandise to get unique, interesting, and original products.

Fans will surely be delighted by what is innovative about these KPop accessories. This will increase the selling value of your product because it is different from products sold on the market.

6. Join the Community

Be actively involved in the K-Pop special community. This activity aims to introduce your product to the wider community. You can also monitor the development of K-Pop artists, including their concert schedules. Just so you know, selling merchandise when the artist is holding a concert can make a big profit.

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