16 New Product Ideas for Marketing Class for Startups

Nowadays in the modern marketing class, new product ideas are emerging because people are becoming more innovative. They solve the problems and at the same, they make a decent amount of profits from those products. 

There are many ways to come up with product ideas for marketing class such as you can take notes of everything that fascinates you. This way you will have a bunch of product ideas but it will take time.

I have researched for you and learned so much through my MBA journey, and have mentioned some of the best and new product ideas that you can use for a marketing class. Also, we all know that for establishing a successful business, an entrepreneur needs new ideas to make any business successful and run it for a long time.

16 New Product Ideas for Marketing Class

1. Affordable GPS Chips

It is one of the best product ideas for a marketing class that you can have for your startup. You can prefer to have the option to purchase a sheet of GPS chips for a low value, say $5 per chip then place a chip in or take advantage of something you want to monitor.

Ideally, each chip would be controlled or tracked by a smartphone app that you’d use to see the chips’ locations. You can have the choice to arrange a geofence around a certain location and get alerts when or if a chip breaches the barriers you arrange.

This would be a great way to affordably track valuable packages, your wallet, a pet, kids, an old patient with dementia, and so forth.

2. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Products

These products for the marketing class are superior to any other product because they are beneficial to both the environment and people. They are more natural and worth purchasing and they can be disposed of easily without harming the environment.

Making these products will be a profitable idea because now people are aware of the benefits of using eco-friendly products. Also, if people use these products then there are more chances to save the planet.

You need to think of all those products that are used every day and try to make these products around those needs. This way you will satisfy the needs of people which will generate a good amount of profit.

3. Camping, Outdoor, & Safety Gear

There is a great market for these gears and you find many opportunities to make products for camping and outdoors. These products have the potential to grow and prosper.

In many countries, the camping and outdoor market contribute a lot to the economy. In the last 3 years, this business alone generated $890 billion.

The camping and outdoor industry are big but the choice of product that you will choose should be relevant to the market you wish to target. Also, the investment required for such products will be higher than usual.

4. Makeup Products

Makeup and beauty products are in great demand in the market because of their large customer base. Now new trends are emerging which have created many opportunities for entrepreneurs in this industry.

In this business, you will get the ability to start your brand and you can pursue your passion in the beauty and makeup industry.

There are dozens of ways to start a business to make makeup products and initially, you need to be specific in the line of products in the makeup industry.

5. Handmade Products

You may have many entrepreneurs selling handmade products on Instagram it is because they are now in high demand because of their uniqueness and quality. There are many options that you can have such as greeting card makers, dressmakers, print sellers, and many others.

We all know that the world is full of creative people who can print, paint and make an existing product unique and more appealing to customers. These products have demand because now everyone wants a product that is different from others. If you have skills in creating handmade products then you should make these products and set up a business in the same field.

Mostly the products that are in demand are custom art products, gift baskets, jewelry, and wedding clothes.

6. Cleaning Products

These products are very popular because their need is very basic and are demanded daily. Although it is a competitive business but apart from the competition, getting into the cleaning products business is very profitable.

Once you get happy customers then they will be loyal to your product and your business will touch heights.  Because it is very necessary to acquire potential customers so that your business will be stable in tough situations.

You need to analyze the market so that you can make products that are demanded in the market, not those products that are demanded by a certain groups of people.

7. Smart Stop Lights

Stoplights with cameras on them so they can keenly change from green to red depending upon the traffic and road conditions. Now with the increase of vehicles on the road, the need for smart stoplights is increased.

It not only improves the lives of people but also makes it easier to travel on the busier roads and the accidents will be minimized.

It is a new product idea that you can adopt to start your own successful business.

8. Real Social Media

A social media site that encourages people all around the world to post content that accurately depicts their lives. This is the best product idea from a business point of view.

The thought process in it is strong, that is to realize that the greater part of what we see on social media are feature reels of people’s lives.

Social media now has become the best way to make a product and sell it to billions of customers because it is convenient and easier to set up a product on social platforms.

9. Make Stylish Flashlights

It is one of the best product ideas you should try once for a marketing class. Making flashlights is a profitable business that most entrepreneurs have already established. Now they are earning a huge amount of money.

Manufacturing these products is not very hard in today’s time because now gaining knowledge has become easier because of digitization. But the entrepreneur should focus on the demand for the flashlights in the location where you wish to target the customers, if it is higher then you should go for this business.

Also, remember now with the advancement in the smartphone industry the need for flashlights has reduced so do a proper analysis as per your target market before you step into the flashlight business.

10. Window Box Vases

Suppose you have two pruned plants in your apartment. You can prefer to have a couple of small vases planted around the inside of each pot that you can use to put picked blossoms in.

The issue with this is that you would need to cover and unbury each vase into the soil to recharge them with new water.

That’s not ideal. Instead, you can prefer to have each small vase have a little gap in the bottom that would gradually trickle water out into the soil of the pruned plant. Then you would top off the vases once every week.

A successful win for the pruned plants and the picked blossoms. This is one of the best product ideas that you can go for because these box vases will be in great demand.

11. Connected Soil Monitor

A small monitor was placed in the soil that would reveal to you when a plant should be watered. The hardware would be connected to an app on your smartphone. Using the app, you’d set the plant type and place the monitor in the soil.

You’d get a pop-up message when it’s the ideal opportunity for you to water your little green machines. In my opinion, it is a great idea for marketing class because those who love plants and flowers around their home and want to maintain them by themselves.

12. Online Support Website

Therapists and psychiatrists are very costly, which adds a layer of financial worry to our general public who needs their services. There ought to be assistance that offers confidential email/SMS/Skype/phone support via trained individuals to those deprived of a reasonable month-to-month membership.

There are existing businesses that do this reasonably well. But there’s space for many more. So, if you are into the online support website then this kind of product is very profitable in the marketing class.

13. Odour Alerts

No one appreciates walking into a room with an unpleasant odor. Imagine a gadget that distinguishes bathroom odor. If the odor is unpleasant, then a small light would turn red outside the bathroom’s entrance. If the breezes are benevolent, the light would remain green.

There should be a slight grace period between when an individual leaves the bathroom and when the light turns red or green so the individual going can escape without feeling remorseful.

This kind of product for the marketing class may receive a positive response if the price will be genuine as per the need of the product.

14. Medical Matcher

You approach 15 reputable, qualified, local healthcare facilities. Each center pays $3,000 every month to be a part of your endeavor. In exchange, each center gets a complete profile on your website.

You pay $30,000/month to run TV, radio, and online ads to guide traffic to your website which assists with traffic and finding qualified medical professionals based on their remarkable healthcare needs.

Patients discover the care they need. Centers get qualified leads. You get $15,000 in repeating month-to-month income.

This model can be duplicated for each large city and various qualified callings. But it will take time to set up such a business for a marketing class.

15. Personalized Nutrition and Meal Planning App

Health and wellness have become important for people and a personalized nutrition and meal planning app can help people in dietary needs and health goals. The app would use data analytics and user-provided information to generate personalized meal plans, taking into account dietary preferences, allergies, and nutritional requirements.

To promote this app you can collaborate with fitness influencers or health experts to endorse the app could lend credibility and attract health-conscious consumers seeking a holistic approach to their well-being.

16. AI-powered Fitness Coach and Virtual Workout Platform

As people become increasingly health-conscious, the fitness industry is continuously growing. An AI-powered fitness coach and virtual workout platform could revolutionize how people approach their fitness routines. This product would offer users personalized workout plans, real-time feedback, and virtual training sessions with AI-generated trainers.

As we all know people noew are more active on social media so social media campaigns with user success stories and before-and-after transformation pictures could generate a buzz and encourage fitness enthusiasts to try out the platform.


Now you are aware of some of the best and new product ideas for marketing class but do remember it’s not really about coming up with an idea. It’s creating something that provides value to the customers.

This takes time to make a business successful because a product will take time to become popular in the market because customers will buy it, consume or use it for the purpose it has been made, and when they find value in it they will recommend it to their friends and family. That way your product will give the profit that you are expecting.

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