20 New Product Ideas for Marketing Class for Startups

Here we will talk about ideas for a new products for market class so that you can grow your business easily. For establishing a successful business, an entrepreneur needs new ideas to make any business successful and run it for a long time.

New Product Ideas for Marketing Class

Here are 20 amazing ideas for new products for marketing class that boost your business.

Affordable GPS chips

I’d prefer to have the option to purchase a sheet of GPS chips for a low value, say $5 per chip. I could then place a chip in or take advantage of something I want to monitor.

Ideally, each chip would be controlled/tracked by a smartphone app that I’d use to see the chips’ locations. I could have the choice to arrange a geofence around a certain location and get alerts when/if a chip breaches the barriers I arrange.

This would be a great way to affordably track valuable packages, your wallet, a pet, kids, an old patient with dementia, and so forth.

Smart stop lights

Stoplights with cameras on them so they could keenly change from green to red (and the other way around) contingent upon encompassing traffic and road conditions.

Premium bits of knowledge

Offer profoundly pined for information to prominent customers for a premium. I read that a companion of James Altucher is doing this exact thing. He has a couple of pharma/healthcare customers that pay him around $10,000 every month to access his insight report.

He re-appropriates the research for a cheap cost (relatively speaking), then distils that information and presents it in a way that is edible and usable by his customers.

Real social media

A social media site that encourages individuals to post content that accurately depicts their lives. This is a horrible idea from a business point of view. The thought process in it is strong: to realize that the greater part of what we see on social media are feature reels of people groups’ lives.

I’m going to attempt to be increasingly vulnerable and transparent on social media to combat this. I trust you will go along with me.


An old buddy purchases things for cheap at second hand shops like Goodwill, then marks them up and sells them on Ebay. He makes a not too bad side pay doing it. One thing that frustrates him is that he realizes he passes up purchasing things because other individuals saw and got them first.

The idea here is to have him offer a “hauling” administration. When consistently, he offers to pick up any things a mortgage holder does not want anymore. This is a success win. He saves the donor an outing to Goodwill and he gets first access to all the things he may or may not want to sell.

Make Stylish Flashlights

It is one of the best business ideas you should try once. Making flashlights is a profitable business that most businesses have already established. Now they are earning a huge amount of money.

Window box vases

I have two pruned plants in my apartment. I’d prefer to have a couple of small vases planted around the inside of each pot that I can use to put picked blossoms in. The issue with this is that I would need to cover and unbury each vase into the soil so as to recharge them with new water.

That’s not ideal. Instead, I’d prefer to have each small vase have a little gap in the bottom that would gradually trickle water out into the soil of the pruned plant. Then I would simply top off the vases once every week. A success win for the pruned plants and the picked blossoms.

Connected soil monitor

Idea: A small monitor placed in soil that would reveal to you when a plant should be watered. The hardware would be connected to an app on your telephone. Utilizing the app, you’d basically set the plant type then place the monitor in the soil. You’d get a pop-up message when it’s the ideal opportunity for you to water your little green machines.

At-home salivary pressure tests

Inflammation is the center of all incessant disease. C-reactive protein is a biomarker of inflammation in the body. It very well may be tried utilizing saliva tests.

I’d prefer to realize how inflamed my body is each early daytime utilizing an affordable saliva test I can take anywhere. Connected to an app, the gadget would mention to me what I can do to control existing inflammation or hold it under tight restraints based on its instant outcomes (for example you have to take a nap, do meditation, drink water, take a virus shower, and so forth.).

Testing each morning, I’d start to understand how my behaviors affect my body; insanely incredible information that leads to data-driven choices.

Sunglasses with solar-powered fans

Modest fans incorporated with the sanctuaries (also called the arms) of a pair of sunglasses that are solar-powered. Feel as cool as you look.

Does it exist? I was unable to locate this creation yet however from the research I directed, these are my favorite polarized sunglasses:

Online support website

Therapists/psychiatrists are extraordinarily costly, which adds a layer of financial worry to individuals from our general public who need far less.

There ought to be an assistance that offers confidential email/SMS/Skype/phone support via trained individuals to those deprived for a reasonable month to month membership (for example $199/mo). There are existing destinations that do this fairly well. I believe there’s space for many more.

Grocery tag-teaming

I’d prefer to have a place with a grocery purchasing club. After a month, I’d be answerable for purchasing and conveying everybody’s staple goods. All other weeks, I’d have my staple goods conveyed to my door. 

A bacon emoji

There ought to be one. Also, there ought to be a peanut margarine emoji; jam emojis need not apply.

Fandom website

A website that enables raving fans of particular books/big names/motion pictures/musicians, and so on to associate and interact. Destinations like MuggleNet (Harry Potter) are immense hits. Don’t underestimate the intensity of groupies. Imagine on the off chance that you possessed the platform on which these networks operated.

Odor alerts

No one appreciates walking into a wall of unpleasant odor. Imagine a gadget that distinguishes bathroom odor. In the event that the odor is unpleasant, then a small light would turn red outside the bathroom’s entrance. In the event that the breezes are benevolent, the light would remain green.

There should be a slight grace period between when an individual leaves the bathroom and when the light turns red or green so the individual leaving can escape without feeling remorseful for doing “the deed.”

Medical matcher

You approach 15 reputable, qualified, local healthcare facilities. Each center pays $3,000 every month to be a part of your endeavor ($45,000/mo. total income). In exchange, each center gets a full profile on your website.

You pay $30,000/mo. to run TV, radio and online ads to guide traffic to your website that assists with trafficking and finding qualified medical professionals based on their remarkable healthcare needs.

Patients discover the care they need. Centers get qualified leads. You get $15,000 in repeating month to month income.

This model can be duplicated for each large city and for various qualified callings. Game on!


On an ongoing excursion, I asked a companion, “In 100 years, what do you think we’ll think back on and say, ‘What were we thinking?!'”

Today, on the off chance that we thought back nearly 67 years, you’d see advertisements with doctors prescribing that their patients smoke tobacco.

We’re dousing ourselves with its chemicals at regular intervals like our lives rely upon it. Who knows, maybe they do! Or then again, maybe they don’t. I don’t know, however I believe it’s a healthy conversation to have.

At the least, I’d suggest staying away from certain sunscreens that the Environmental Working Group classifies as being unhealthy. Snap here to see that rundown.

Video ideas

Individuals learn in various ways and like to mentally “register” on Facebook. Maybe I should record a video of me reading my ideas in addition to keeping in touch with them, so as to please more companions. I’m always up for an analysis.

Update: I’ve been doing this (watch the recordings beneath). No issues up until now, – even regardless of low-quality video production.

Snapchat story shot clock

Snapchat stories ought to be capped to a max length, say 60 seconds or less. Leaving it uncapped doesn’t encourage clients to organize content quality over quantity. Social media blossoms with quickness. Take one from Twitter’s book here, Snapchat.

Imagine you’re an avatar

This is a brain hack I picked up from Jane McGonigal, a famous game creator who played games to recuperate from a genuine blackout that tossed her into serious gloom, anxiety and disarray.

Here’s the idea: imagine you’re creating an avatar that speaks to you in a computer game.

What might be that avatar’s three qualities?

What might be its three weaknesses?

I like to picture my avatar’s traits spoken to as bright bar charts, with qualities spoken to by nearly thoroughly stocked bars and weaknesses spoken to by bars that are running on void.

For example, today, I’d say my three qualities are creativity, empathy and innovation.

My weaknesses? Organizing, staying in contact with my loved ones and work-life balance.

After you do this activity, create a game you want to play with the goal of boosting at least one of your “weakness bars.”

Today, mine’s to call my mother and perceive how her week’s been. That’s it. A small goal to improve my avatar and give me a superior took shots at dominating the match of life.

I know this sounds gooey. In any case, taking a gander at yourself from a third-individual point of view can help keep things in context. It’s also an enjoyable way to not take yourself and life so truly.

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