16 Profitable Business Ideas in Germany in 2021

There are many business ideas in Germany to consider this year, 2021 to start your first startup. Selecting appropriate business ideas is very necessary to be successful.

Business depends upon a lot of factors and the right selection of ideas in your area or country to make a business successful.

Germany is a country in Europe and is one of the most popular countries in the world and starting a business there is very profitable and beneficial. If you are wondering about the business ideas in Germany with low and medium investment then I got you covered.

16 Business Ideas in Germany in 2021

Here are the lucrative business ideas in Germany in 2021.

Online Shop

Business Ideas In Germany

4.0 technology is increasingly developing, according to statistics from SimilarWeb, now everyone is spending 1-3 hours a day surfing Facebook and social networks. Therefore, selling online is extremely effective, especially clothes.

Have you ever bought at least once online shopping on Facebook? Or your loved one has already done some shopping, right?

Just financial about 10 million, you will become a boss/owner and earn quite a lot and realize this business idea right on Facebook.

Clothing is an indispensable item of the public, especially young people. Keeping up with current fashion trends will help you bring a relatively decent income to the online clothing business.

Clothes Wholesale Business Ideas in Germany

Business Ideas In Germany

Many of you mistakenly think the “workshop” will be very big, but there is not a single store in any workshop. But the “workshop” you see online is just a tiny house.

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This workshop will pick up the goods at wholesale markets or factories and leave them wholesale to eat the difference in prices. Each order only needs a profit of about 5,000 -10,000 dollars, then every day you have made a fair amount.

Resell Foreign Goods in Your Country

Business Ideas In Germany

Online business on the Internet is a channel to make money rich if you know how to attract customers.

Buying cheap goods at foreign websites is a small business but has surprising results.

Mobile Cafe Business Ideas

cafe Business Ideas In Germany

This model helps the shopkeeper to save a lot of costs: space, wifi, furniture … but the price is suitable for everyone.

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With a capital of about 5 to 10 million dollars, you will have a cafe to satisfy your passion for business.

Selling snacks online in Germany

Business Ideas In Germany

With the era of technology 4.0 increasingly developing, now you just need to stay in the office to order a cup of homemade milk tea, after 15 minutes, you will have it right away.

Too great, right?

It can be seen that selling junk food online is a popular form of office people today.

You will not need space costs nor be afraid of stagnation like snacks outside.

Fruits, regional food, Tay Ninh rice paper … are popular snacks today.

Selling fast food, delivered to the place

With the growing economy, fast food is the menu for busy people.

With about 5-8 million dollars and 1 motorbike, you can completely sell fast food and deliver them to them. Simple dishes such as bread, dumplings, fried chicken, grilled rolls, pizza …

Open a bakery Business

Capital of about 20 million, the bakery business is not a bad idea!

If you are skillful and meticulous, this is an interesting form of business.

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However, this market is quite competitive, so you need to pay attention to the quality and highlights of your shop such as a variety of cakes and cakes to easily attract customers!

Open a homemade milk tea shop

Milk tea is one of the drinks, whether in the city or in the countryside, which is popular with many people.

About 10 million of you were completely able to do small business on this item. However, you should pay attention to the quality and unique features that will be an easy point to attract visitors to the shop.

Patterns such as graffiti drawing, the artwork will give customers a comfortable space, interesting selfies for young people.

Cheap price regression electrical accessories store

Products you can trade cases, flash, phone cord, power bank …

The profit you will receive: 10,000 – 50,000 dollars / product.

This market is extremely rich with a variety of users. However, you should note that this item is competitive. Therefore, you should choose impressive and beautiful products that are easy to attract customers.

Technology Business Ideas in Germany

Business products: smartwatches, control toys, 3D glasses …

This market is mainly students and young people who are passionate about technology toys. You should choose unique and unique items that will easily attract customers!

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Girls Accessories Businesses in Germany

Products can be traded: necklaces, necklaces, bracelets, rings, hairpins, makeup tools …

For a successful business, you should have a real photo model posted on social networking sites, websites to easily attract customers.

The profit you will receive when trading these items will be from 10,000 dollars – 50,000 dollars/product and the target audience will be all women.

Online psychological counseling in Germany

Life becomes busier and busier, stress always appears in every corner. Therefore, the need for “salvation” for psychological counseling has never been as much as at present.

The need for consultation is spread over almost all fields: marriage – family counseling, psychological – gender sharing, love, law … In addition, this market is quite diverse in terms of subjects. business is sure to be successful. Besides, when your consulting work has been in position, customers come more and more, you need a suitable, luxurious and spacious position for the number of customers like your customer, office service. Virtual rooms are also very popular today and are being searched quite a lot. This virtual office service is both economical and you get a premium position for your online consulting firm.

Advisor Business Ideas in Germany

It is always the dream of many parents to let their children study abroad. You want your children to go to an American school, shoot English like the wind and when you return home there are hundreds of companies.

Everyone wants that, not just you!

This, giving rise to the demand for studying abroad, which school is the best now?

Therefore, the service packages you can consider: Consulting, orientation, support for study abroad procedures … will be a suitable choice for you to do business.

When you have consulted the service packages, parents also want to put their faith in trustworthy centers. First of all, your office model must be structured and have a stable location so that customers can search your center or office for advice. The position of your office is also the point that increases the client’s trustworthiness towards you.

But finding an office is too difficult and the cost is too expensive outside your business idea budget, the best suggestion for you is that virtual office rental services are now extremely popular, the low cost that guarantees you a super nice location to book your office.

Reproductive health counseling

Reproductive health counseling is a suitable business type today. This model is suitable for young couples who have not had children or are looking for a baby.

Because it is aimed at young couples, finding information where they can trust to listen to advice is essential that the center or office must have a reputable, well-located location. clear. No one wants to lose money to places that have ghost addresses or unidentified offices. The best option is why don’t you use a virtual office rental service? This is a service that helps your business idea to save space costs optimally, with only a small cost that you can own a modern office space, located in a beautiful, dreamlike location. to wish.

Service packages you can do business: infertility counseling, infertility, the appropriate time to give birth …

Note, this business idea requires you to have in-depth knowledge of health to advise clients.

Event Services (one of The Best Business Ideas in Germany)

The event industry in the current era is extremely developed, so the event organization business, creating ideas, decorating customers’ ideas will help you make a lot of money.

  • Birthday
  • Celebration
  • Company travel
  • Picnic
  • The wedding
  • Come on, crib
  • And another 1001 occasions, just having the play factor.

But surely, after customers know your event decoration service, customers will immediately find the company’s address on your company’s website, location for the company office also affects more or less. that the customer wants to talk to and choose your side. If your company has a beautiful location in the center or prime locations, of course thinking about your company in the customer will lie at a different level. Currently, virtual office rental services are very suitable for many business models. Both save space costs and have a beautiful location for your office.

Translation or Content Writing Services

Germany is in the middle group in terms of English proficiency, so the need to hire a translation or writing articles is always a service that attracts a lot of customers.

If you have free time choose the content writing and translation job posted on the classified classifieds every day.

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