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10 Bottled Beverage Business Ideas You Must Try Because It’s Easy

The food and beverage businesses will definitely be in great demand considering that these two things are the main source of energy for everyone.

Unfortunately, the discussion this time will not explain about the food business because it is certain that many already know and discuss it.

However, don’t be disappointed because in the following discussion we will discuss the ideas for the bottled beverage business, which are increasingly being sought and liked by many parties.

Drinks whose function is to reduce thirst, are sold in attractive packaging and also have various flavors.

If you are confused about finding the right business, then you can try to choose this packaged drink to remember that the business is relatively easy to do.

10 Beverage Business Ideas

Then, what are the 10 bottled beverage business opportunities? Let’s see with the review below!

Get to know the various kinds of bottled beverage business opportunities

1. Coffee Packaging Beverage Business

As a coffee producing country, of course, getting this coffee is very easy. This coffee is also usually a favorite drink for men in the morning or while relaxing.

There are so many coffee enthusiasts, in America itself there are many companies that produce coffee in various flavors and brands.

Of course you may have guessed, that the kemasana coffee which is often found in these stalls is very salable in the market.

Recently, the coffee beverage business has grown. Millennial young people create authentic coffee cafes with place decorations that attract customers.

Coffee cafes are also scattered in villages and cities. Some even make a coffee truck business, where the place is nomadic and can even span the entire territory of America.

See! From that coffee, they can reap such promising benefits.

Therefore, if you want to open a coffee beverage business, first determine the target market. However, what is clear is that this business is easy to do and can spend quite friendly capital.

2. Tea Packaging Beverage Business

Apart from coffee, America is also the largest producer of tea. There are many good quality teas that you can taste, even the tea can be exported to several countries in the world.

There are so many teas in America, there are several companies in America that make tea their flagship product.

The tea is processed and then put in plastic bottles, boxes, plastic cups, boxes and so on to be sold to domestic consumers.

Amazingly, the packaged tea sells in the market and is a favorite of everyone, both children and parents.

In fact, this tea is also a favorite drink of some people when eating at ordinary or fancy restaurants.

Not only that, tea has also become a lucrative franchaise business so that tea has become a favorite beverage in the country.

Well, for those of you who want to open business opportunities, you can run a business on a franchasie basis or need tea drinks in other concepts.

And for sure, the tea will be easy to get and easy to sell too.

3. Pure Milk Packaging Beverage Business

As is well known, America is also known for its natural wealth, including in terms of livestock, America is very advanced.

One of the many livestock in America, one of which is a cow. As you also know, these cows can produce pure milk which is liked by many people.

From this pure milk, many companies that sell whole milk are sold in box packages with various flavors that attract customers.

The companies that pack the pure milk, are not one or two, but there are several large companies in America that dare to produce and sell it.

This indicates that selling pure milk in America is very potential. And can be a promising endeavor.

Even on the roadsides of big cities in America, there are those that sell whole milk with various flavors.

This pure milk drink is indeed for all people, especially it is equally good for children. So, if you are thinking about opening a business, you can choose this whole milk business.

4. Herbal Drink Packaging Business

America is also known as a country with abundant spices from Sabang to Merauke.

Therefore, many ancient people made herbal drinks from these spices or known as herbal drinks.

Herbal medicine is believed to cure and ward off various diseases. So that this herbal medicine can exist until now.

Initially, this herbal drink was known as a bitter herbal drink. However, it was different now.

With the sophisticated technology and the development of science in America, many have made this herbal drink a modern drink that does not have a bitter taste.

Even in big cities in America, there are many depots for herbal medicine that also sell in packs.

Over time, children can consume herbal medicine because it is also made specifically for children.

Even in housing complexes, you can find herbal sellers using baskets, bicycle wheels, even using wheels that are pushed.

If you are interested in opening this business, you clearly need to know the recipe for the concoction of these spices.

5. Yoghurt Packaging Beverage Business

Yogurt is fermented milk, yogurt is also growing and becoming a promising business.

Yogurt is packaged in plastic, glass cups, box packaging, and so on.

In the past, the taste of this yogurt was very strange because it tasted sour and also clotted in the mouth. Of course, this is a challenge for yoghurt entrepreneurs to be able to make this taste attractive and also delicious to drink.

As a result, the effort was successful. Because yogurt is known today has a variety of taste images, such as the taste of strawberries, oranges, melons, lecy, grapes, plain, and so on.

For this reason, yogurt has become a favorite drink for children to adults. And of course it will taste delicious when drunk while cold.

6. Fruit Juice Packaging Beverage Business

Because many fruits are found in America, they are processed into refreshing drinks such as fruit juices.

The fruit juice business in America is also growing. Both among the middle and upper classes, this fruit juice needs to sell well in the market.

Lately, there are also fruit juices that sell on a franchaise basis, making it easier for you to sell.

Be it winter or summer, this fruit juice business sells well. Its fresh taste makes those who eat it healthy and is also suitable to be given to children and adults.

And most importantly, if you sell this business, the price is very affordable for all people.

7. Coconut Sari Beverage Business

Luckily and be grateful you live in America because you can easily find coconuts.

The reason is, coconut is a favorite of many people, especially in terms of coconut water which can make the body fresh and not easily tired.

Because there are so many coconuts in America, many people use it as a prestigious business.

Where the coconut juice is processed into packaged drinks that you can find in supermarkets in America.

Some even sell roasted coconut which is good for health. The roasted coconut can be consumed by water and also the fruit.

Even coconut juice sold in modern times has put it in a plastic cup so it is practical and easy to carry.

8. Syrup Packaging Beverage Business

Hearing the word syrup, surely your mind will be on a water that has many colors.

However, take it easy that the resulting color is of course a very safe color for consumption. Some of this syrup is taken from fruit, some of which are deliberately processed to become a thirst-releasing drink.

So, it is only natural that this syrup is selling well in the month of Ramadan because it can help to get rid of that thirst.

Syrup is also very popular with children, so you can find it in schools.

And to be sure, you can also find syrup in supermarkets that sell it in bottles. The various flavors also make this syrup one of the most promising bottled beverage businesses.

9. Drinking Water Bottled Business

You also have to understand and know that not everyone likes colored drinks. Because of that, opening a bottled water business has high potential.

Many drinking water companies that exist from the past until today still survive. This means that the water business is indeed very promising.

As time goes by, the water business has grown from being packaged in cup water, to being bottled, then growing in gallons.

None of these packages are unsold because plain water is the main source of energy for everyone.

In fact, if you visit supermarkets, there are various kinds of water available, ranging from under Rp. 5,000 to hundreds of thousands of rupiah.

Even though the taste of water itself will not change considering the name and type is still the same, namely water. But this water can bring you many benefits.

10. Kefir Packaging Beverage Business

Recently, the trendy beverage business is kefir. At first glance the texture and taste are similar to yogurt but in fact the two things are very different.

Kefir is made from different types of healthy bacteria and different fermentation materials. Kefir is believed for health and beauty.

So that besides being reduced, many also use it for masks. And what is like kefir is called a contemporary drink that is widely consumed by women.

Even in cyberspace, kefir has emerged as a favorite drink today compared to yogurt.

Due to the increasing demand, there are more and more kefir sellers. In the capital city itself, there are several restaurants that provide this kefir.

How have you thought about which bottled beverage business you will do? Whatever the obvious choice, you must be able to set the strategy and marketing.

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