9 Safe and Profitable Business Ideas During Ramadan 2021

The month of Ramadan will arrive soon and entrepreneurs are looking for the ideas for business during this holy month.

Here we have talked about some Ramadan business ideas that you can use in the upcoming month of Ramadan which is April, 2021.

Usually, during Ramadan there are various seasonal business opportunities that can generate significant profits. The problem is, at this time there may be many people who are inhibited from starting a business because of small capital considerations.

ramadan business ideas

Well, it turns out that there are types of businesses during Ramadan that you can do with a small capital and also stay at home. What are these businesses? Let us discuss one by one.

9 Ramadan Business Ideas

Here the profitable Ramadan business ideas for you guys:

1. Hygienic Catering & Iftar

ramadan business ideas

Even though the PSBB has implemented an appeal for Work From Home, staying at home does not mean a vacation.

People still have to work, study and do other activities even at home. Therefore, there must be people who do not have time to cook for the meal or break the fast.

But the dilemma is, at this time we cannot just buy food outside. So that many people choose hygienic and healthy food to order.

Well this can be a business opportunity for you. You can market hygienic and healthy food through ingredients, processing and packaging.

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It’s just that one of the challenges of doing a catering business is that you have to be smart in managing different menus during sahur and iftar. This is so that customers don’t get bored and keep buying your catering.

Even with a small initial capital, you can still sell catering sahur and iftar by offering it through the WhatsApp group or being a gofood and grabfood partner.

This way you don’t have to leave the house to offer it or rent a stall in the form of a shop or the like. Enough kitchen and your home address for pick up catering from Ojol to customers.

2. Selling various Takjil at home or Delivery

As with the catering business for sahur and iftar, selling various takjil in the month of Ramadan is an effort that is likely to remain busy amid the pandemic. Because takjil really enjoys doing the world people as an appetizer before eating a heavy meal at breaking the fast.

Besides that, selling takjil does not require large capital. Banana compote, fruit ice, mixed ice and many kinds of takjil that can be sold. You can match the type of takjil you want to sell with existing capital.

In the past, Takjil customers used to line up and crowd to buy it, but nowadays this is very unsafe.

Compared to inviting lots of people to your place who don’t necessarily transmit the corona virus to each other, it’s better to use digital technology such as being a gofood or grab food partner.

If you don’t want to be a gofood or grabfood partner, you can provide separate seating for customers.

Then write a large piece of cardboard containing the rules for lining up with physical distancing to anticipate a crowd.

You also offer takjil in the whatsapp group of neighbors or friends in the area with a minimum purchase requirement and use ojol goods to deliver takjil.

3. Selling contemporary spice drinks

Selling Contemporary Spice Drinks

Apart from hygienic and healthy food, spice drinks are also in great demand during a pandemic. Almost everyone now wants their immunity to be maintained and avoided by corona.

One way is to drink traditional herbal drinks which are rich in benefits for the body and keep the immune system strong. There are many types of spice drinks such as wedang ginger, bajigur, wedang uwuh, pletok beer, bandrek etc.

Especially during Ramadan fasting, herbal drinks can be an alternative to takjil drinks when breaking the fast or drinking after eating Suhoor.

Now, you can pack spice / herbal drinks with contemporary styles. For example, starting from packaging that uses contemporary plastic bottles or cups with unique logos and names for the traditional spice drinks you sell.

That way, people will be more interested and help with faster marketing. Because in addition to the benefits in the drink, current packaging and brand names make people remember them faster.

For example, the lime drink which is typical of UKM in Kuningan, West Java is known as Jeniper (Lime Peras). You can also give your spice drink a unique name.

4. Selling Dates

Selling Kiloan Dates

Dates are a fruit that is very synonymous during Ramadan in the world. Because it is the sunnah of the Prophet which is believed to have health benefits, especially when fasting. You can sell kilo dates by buying them from large date traders. Usually the price will be cheaper.

You don’t need too much, just adjust it to the capital you have. You can increase the stock of dates as your dates are selling well. Regarding how to sell, you can sell it offline or online.

You can sell dates offline at home because selling dates offline is unlikely to be as busy as selling takjil because dates can be bought directly for stock.

But on the other hand, because the customers are not too busy offline, offering dates via social media can be an alternative.

As for the delivery, you can use ojol goods delivery services or logistic packages.

5. Online Pastry Business on Demand

Lebaran this year may not be able to gather with extended families due to the covid-19 outbreak. But the atmosphere of Eid can still be celebrated with small families and sending cookies to each other through delivery services. Therefore, the demand for pastries is likely to remain high.

For those of you who have the ability to make cookies typical of Eid, then this is your chance to start a business. You can receive orders for pastries on demand and send them according to customer requests since the beginning of Ramadan.

The payment is also made with a minimum DP of 50% and paid off before the order is complete.

You can offer orders for cakes via social media to relatives and close friends in advance by sending samples and pictures of the cakes.

Of course for this you need to spend capital. But it can still be adjusted according to budget. Make the photo look attractive because this will be a catalog of cakes that you will sell.

If the order is still possible to add according to your capacity then you can ask for help to distribute cake photos and testimonials from relatives and friends who have sent samples to their colleagues. Don’t forget to make a schedule for making cakes if the order has arrived to anticipate an overload of orders.

6. Dropship Eid clothes & worship equipment

In addition to food or drinks, other small capital businesses that are usually in demand in the month of Ramadan include dropshipping of Eid clothes and religious equipment.

Usually people want to buy new worship equipment to be more devoted to worship. In addition, Eid clothes are often the target of the community.

In addition to the capital that must be spent selling offline, it will be quite large, in the midst of a pandemic like now you may not be able to sell Eid clothes or worship equipment outside the home to the maximum.

But with your dropshipping system you don’t need to spend a lot of capital. What matters is a smartphone with a quality and a marketplace or dropship application installed on your smartphone.

Because the dropshipping system doesn’t need to stock items yourself, you only need to market them. Now you can join one of the dropshipping platforms or do it on your own system.

Items that are usually in great demand during Ramadan are Eid clothes and worship equipment. So look for these items, save the pictures and market them on your various social media.

7. Selling cloth masks

ramadan business ideas

Masks are a priority need in times of a pandemic. After being socialized by the government regarding the recommendation to use cloth masks for the general public, cloth masks are now in great demand.

Ramadan in 2021 is somewhat different because of the corona, so the business of selling masks will also remain busy during the month of Ramadan.

This can be a business opportunity for you because making cloth masks can be done at home and the ingredients are easy to find. Tutorials on making cloth masks recommended by health agencies can be seen on YouTube.

But it is advisable to sell masks at a reasonable price, so that everyone can access masks and maintain economic stability.

8. Selling Liquid Soap/Han sanitizer

Apart from masks, items that will still be busy looking for this year’s Ramadan are liquid soap and hand sanitizers. Actually, we can make liquid soap and hand sanitizer according to health standards ourselves at home. Therefore this can also be a business opportunity for us.

The ingredients can also be found at chemical stores. Meanwhile, the composition, measurement and how to make it can be seen on YouTube. You can buy several small spray bottles for packaging with labels and composition to make the product more convincing.

We recommend that you offer soap or hand sanitizer products to the people closest to you first. After that you ask for their testimonials and start marketing it to a more discerning audience.

To attract a large number of customers, people usually like it when the soap or hand sanitizer smells good. You can also add a relaxing, safe fragrance to your liquid soap / sanitizer.

9. Selling Unique Parcels

Even in a pandemic situation, we can still send parcels to our business partners, close friends or beloved family. If you have a grocery store, you can make a typical Ramadan product, a parcel. Fill the parcel with various items that are sold at your grocery store.

Because it is still a pandemic period, you can make hygienic parcel branding by adding a few hand sanitizer products to the parcel. In addition, provide a cute and unique greeting card service.

You can also replace parcels, which are usually food, drinks or Eid cakes with a set of items and tools needed during a pandemic. For example parcels containing hand sanitizers, liquid soap, hand washing soap, plain and motif masks, wet tissue and of course Eid greeting cards. Unique isn’t it?

Final Words

With minimal capital and a business that can be run from home, hopefully these business ideas can inspire entrepreneurs to keep the economy running.