10 Business Ideas Under 30 Lakhs in India

Looking for profitable business ideas under 30 lakhs in india? Then here these ideas may help you establish a successful business.

Without a doubt, this country is considered one of the most important investment destinations on the continent . As a result, we decided to dedicate this article to talk about the most profitable businesses in India . As well as the legal requirements to start a business and the sectors with the greatest opportunity.

What business is profitable in India?

business ideas under 30 lakhs in india

Before thinking about starting a venture, it is important that you know the sectors and areas with great opportunities to create profitable businesses in India. Here we mention some of them:

Knowledge-based services (SBC)

Also called the knowledge economy , this is one of the sectors in which more entrepreneurship initiatives are born. Its growth is exponential and occurs in tandem with the development of the country, thanks to the impact of technology and the high demand for human capital and knowledge for the provision of professional, business and technical services.

That is why this sector houses some of the most attractive profitable business ideas in India for entrepreneurs.


India is known for being an excellent source of high-quality beef . Being this the one of greater consumption in the country and the protagonist in the typical roasts or grills of India. In addition, it is one of the largest agricultural and wheat producers worldwide .

The influence on its cuisine due to the great Italian immigration has made Argentine pizza one of the most popular in the region. And it is thanks to these characteristics that it has positioned itself as one of the gastronomic destinations preferred by travelers and tourists .

The gastronomic sector is one of the ones that generates the most jobs due to its relevance in the country’s economy. And it is also a favorite item for the development of profitable businesses in India.

Green Business

Green businesses can range from traditional industries like construction and energy to selling green products and recycling. And is that in recent years the care of the environment has become a latent concern for Argentine companies and entrepreneurs.

More and more consumers are making their purchasing decision based on the environmental impact this will have. In turn, this means a great challenge for business, since it forces them to improve their environmental standards or think about green companies.

Travels and tourism

India is the most visited country. This thanks to its variety of climates, natural and cultural attractions, gastronomic offer and world famous customs. And allowing a wide range of activities including ecotourism, adventure tourism, religious tourism and many more.

The tourism sector is the fourth exporting complex in the country, which means a prosperous terrain to start profitable businesses in India.

10 Most Profitable Business Ideas Under 30 Lakhs in India

business ideas under 30 lakhs in india

Since you know some of the sectors with the greatest opportunity, it is time to share our list of profitable businesses in India . We will see some business ideas to start an entrepreneurship in this magical country.

1. Spa fitness

Beauty salons and spas are very popular businesses in India. These respond to the need of the population to take care of their hair, nails, skin and body, which is why many entrepreneurs have pointed them to invest in this business.

However, there are few spas that also satisfy the need to exercise and train. And that’s just what we mean by a fitness spa. In other words, a business that combines the services of a spa with those of a fitness center or gym . So you can expand your potential customer base and be part of profitable businesses in India related to health and wellness.

2. Digital Marketing Agency

As part of the knowledge-based services sector, digital marketing agencies are one of the fastest growing profitable business ideas in India. Well, the field of action is so wide that services such as marketing consulting, digital strategies, advertising campaigns , among others, are increasingly in demand . This opens the possibility that you can start your business with a small digital agency specialized in a specific niche. As for example the management of social networks, the design of websites or search engine optimization. In order to scale up to consolidate a larger business that covers all specialties.

3. Consulting services

Another of the services belonging to the knowledge economy and, of course, one of the most profitable businesses in India to invest in. And it is not for less, since in the large cities of the country there is a high demand for business, market, e-commerce, digital marketing and even sports consulting . So if you are an expert in a particular subject, do not hesitate to make money from it. Whether as an individual consultant or with a small consulting company that provides added value to clients.

4. Fast meat-based meals

The Argentine grill is one of the typical foods preferred by nationals and foreigners. So setting up a fast food business based on meat is an idea that we couldn’t pass up. You can make your star product the grilled hamburger . Here, you have the option of setting up a fast food restaurant, a food truck or a home service where you promote your menu through a website. Undoubtedly, one of the profitable businesses in India with high demand in the gastronomic sector.

5. Pizzeria

The Italian influence due to the massive migration given since the 1860s is very noticeable in the Argentine culture and gastronomy. So much so that the country stands out for its pizza, prepared and consumed mainly in Buenos Aires . And which is recognized for its thick mass and abundant mozzarella cheese. So if you are a good pizza master or know one, this is the opportunity for you to become part of profitable business in India.

6. Synthetic soccer fields

The synthetic soccer field rental business is a constant income generator, since India is a soccer country par excellence and sport is one of the population’s priorities.

Soccer fields always remain crowded as people reserve them in advance for training. This shows that the demand is still abysmal. So dare to invest in this area and you will become a successful entrepreneur in a short time.

7. Wine business

The wine business is a classic of entrepreneurship in India, due to the climate of Buenos Aires and the south of the country. Therefore, a wine sales and distribution business is conducive to investing and earning money . In addition, you can combine it with the sale of other drinks such as craft beers or fruit cocktails.

8. Sale of organic products

As we have mentioned, green businesses are booming, so entering this sector could mean many benefits and opportunities for new ventures. Here we mention some ecological products in which you can focus your green business in India :

  • Water purifiers.
  • Accessories made from recyclable material.
  • Biodegradable and reusable bags.
  • Organic foods.
  • Cosmetics and natural makeup.
  • Environmental education consultancies.

9. Tourist excursions

If you have knowledge about the history, culture, biodiversity and attractions of one or more regions of India, you can venture into the tourism sector by offering excursions. Your target audience may be backpackers and tourists who have a high interest in this type of activities.

To start this business, it is recommended that you make alliances with tour operators that can provide transportation, accommodation, food and guidance services . This way you will offer all-inclusive packages and guarantee the success of your venture, being part of the profitable businesses in India related to tourism.

10. Sale of soy products

India is a major producer of soybeans, so the export of products derived from this grain has become an important market within the country’s economy . Investing in soy-based products to sell can mean a lucrative business opportunity with high demand. You can range from refined foods and oils to hair and skin care products .

Final words

Starting and achieving profitable business in India is an increasingly viable opportunity for people in all regions of the country. This thanks to its strong emerging economy and multiple business ideas to invest in various sectors.

So if you are thinking of starting your own company in India, we hope that this article will serve as motivation and guide to venture on the path of entrepreneurship.

Let us know in the comments which of these ideas interests you or if you have experience in any of these fields.

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