24 Best Small Business Ideas in Punjab to Consider Right Now

Are you looking for business ideas in Punjab? Then you came to the right place. There are many business ideas to choose from and make a decent amount of profit in Punjab because it is famous for many things like agricultural goods, textile, food, and many others.

So, to start a business in Punjab, you have to be innovative and creative to create something so that people will show interest in your products. The idea of making money has always been a hot topic among entrepreneurs. There are many ways to earn money, whether full-time or part-time.

In this article, I have mentioned the best business ideas that will help you in deciding on your first business startup in Punjab.

24 Profitable Business Ideas in Punjab

Martial Arts Classes

A martial arts school is a business that would allow you to take advantage of the growing demand for martial arts classes and you can also set up this business in your own home if you have adequate space.

Due to the tendency that exists in people to lead a healthy life, and the growing need of defending themselves against bad people, more and more people are interested in taking martial arts classes. The requirements of this business are a mastery of some type of martial arts, and a place where the school operates.

Bakery Business

The bakery business is one of the profitable ideas to start in Punjab because in recent years the market for bakery products has increased. The most important advantage of this business is that you can start it from your home and also you can buy or rent a place where you set up a bakery business.

There are a variety of bakery businesses that you can start such as bakery cafes, counter services, bakery trucks, and many others. The businesses in this field are earning millions per year and in the next 3 years, it will reach up to a billion.

For this business to start you need a license to sell battery products, for which you should contact the authorities and ask them for the documents you need to open a bakery business.

Agricultural Business

Agriculture has a vast market in Punjab and there are many business activities that you can start like production, food processing, or food distribution. But there are many similar businesses and you may face challenges and competition, so you need to analyze the market and implement the strategy that helps you to compete with your rivals.

It is one of the best small business ideas for villages in Punjab because people there have a large land where they cultivate different agricultural products and sell them in the market. Among them, you have many choices to choose from, such as organic farming, poultry farming, fertilizers, a flower business, mushroom business, and many others.

If you want to go into the distributed business then this will be your best distributorship business idea in Punjab because the people in Punjab villages choose to grow different agro-based products and they need distributors who help them to set up a warehouse, receive orders, and provide them the trucks to deliver items to the marketplace.

Textiles and Garment Manufacturing

The textile and garment manufacturing business can capture a particular market segment for example you can open a closed line, garment wholesale business, or apparel factory.

On apparel, people spend a significant amount of money because they want to be with the trend that is changing every day so this business is beneficial for both small business players and larger ones who want to set up an industry.

Open a Restaurant

Talking about the restaurant business, there is a great opportunity for you to start a restaurant business because Punjabi food is very much liked all over the country. Also, people from abroad like to eat Punjabi food.

Open a restaurant where you include all the variety that people want to try and also make regional food that is currently in demand by both tourists and local people.

Cosmetic Business

This is one of the best businesses in Punjab for ladies because they have better knowledge of cosmetic products according to the skin tone of the people. For this, you also need to target women because they spend a lot of money every day on cosmetic products to look good.

In this category you can open different sub-niche businesses such as anti-aging clinics, beauty salons, cosmetic stores, and hair salons and even you can become a makeup artist.

On a small level if you want to open a cosmetic store then also you can earn a pretty decent amount of profits. You need a better understanding of the market, the right strategy, and a better location.

Yoga and Meditation Workshop

A yoga and meditation workshop is a business that is currently profitable in Punjab because so many people are demanding these types of services. Due to the benefits, they offer such as reducing stress and leading a healthy life, more and more people are attracted to the practice of yoga and meditation.

You need to have knowledge and experience in yoga and meditation, and a place where the workshop works. If you still don’t consider yourself capable of delivering the classes, you could start by hiring a yoga and meditation teacher to take care of them.

Massages Business

A business dedicated to providing a massage service on the go would allow you to take advantage of the need in people to combat the stress of these days. Due to the busy work schedule in which we live, people constantly suffer from stress, and to relieve this stress they go to massage centers.

The necessary items you need in this business are towels, oils, and a place with a good relaxing environment. In addition to offering massages at your premises, you can also offer massage services at customers’ homes.

Healthy Food Restaurant

A healthy food restaurant is a business that never dies because food is the basic need of human beings and especially in today’s world people have become more conscious about their diet. Because the customers need to eliminate junk food from their diet, they want to go to restaurant which offers organic and healthy food. 

You need experience in preparing healthy food, and a place where the restaurant works, which could be located in your own home if it is located on a busy street. Or you can rent a place for your organic food restaurant.

Please remember it is a different idea from the above because in a general restaurant you sell all types of foods and most of them are not good for your health.

Bar on The Go

A walk-in bar is a business that you can also consider can be successful in Punjab because most Punjabi people love to drink. Due to the possibility that it offers to satisfy the desire of the people to have a drink or cocktail at any time of the day.

The things that you need are a place where the bar works, necessary equipment to enable the bar such as benches, and cocktail shakers, and also it has a strict license procedure that you need to follow.

You can start your bar on the go with a small stand, for example, in a tourist area, and eventually look for a fixed place, for example, in a shopping center. But it is best to choose a location where you can target the most customers and also location should be as per the norms of the government.

English Academy

In Punjab, most people want to go to foreign countries such as Canada and USA and for that, they have to learn English to get a visa. An English academy is a business that would allow you to generate good profits. English is still the main language used when doing business with companies located abroad.

If you have a degree in teaching English, and a place where the academy works, then you are good to go. To differentiate yourself from the competition you can make your learning procedure easy for everyone.

Soccer Academy

A soccer academy for children is the best business to start in Punjab because soccer is probably the first thing that comes to mind when a parent wants their young child to play sports in their spare time or on vacation.

If you do not have a soccer teacher title, you could hire a soccer teacher to provide the classes. If you do not have the necessary investment to buy land then you can choose to look for a sports center where they rent their facilities to you.

Relationship Seller

Some people are born marketers and have good persuasive power. Being a salesperson means that you receive a commission to promote the products of a particular company.

This idea is one of the best ideas for making money in the digital age. In Punjab, many companies need salespeople to get the job done. Go learn some experience there and then start your business.


This idea is suitable for those who are interested in writing. If you want your work to be published. Blogging is very easy. All you have to do is be good at what you write. Blogging is one of the most popular and lucrative ideas for making money in Punjab.

Also, there are many platforms such as YouTube where you can learn about different aspects and techniques of blogging so that you can implement the right strategies to increase traffic to your blog.

Online Tutoring and Training

Demand for Internet educators has increased, thanks to the variety of opportunities the Internet has provided for us. Hence, if you are interested in education then you can take advantage of this opportunity.

There are many benefits to starting this business for the students and trainers because they can do this business even from their homes. Its convenience and profit margin make it the best business idea to start in Punjab.

Buy and Sell Domains

Buying and selling domains are good ideas nowadays. It doesn’t take a lot of capital or time. This way of earning money includes buying domain names at approved prices or below your sales rate. If you are into the blogging business then you are aware of this opportunity.

Every organization wants the best name for their business and when they select it then they create pages on social media and buy a domain with the same name. What happens is that the good names are already taken and if a business wants to buy that domain name, then the owner can charge him as per his choice.


If you are a professional in your field, you can work as a freelancer and achieve your goals. There are project-oriented sites where companies or employers present the specifications of the project they want, and you can earn money by doing those projects.

For this business to start, you should have an identity as a freelancer which you can gain working on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and many others. When you do so, open a website and start your own freelancing business.


With this idea, you will have the opportunity to generate profits by selling advertisements on your website or blog. Advertising is free, and your revenue comes from the number of clicks each ad receives.

Businesses spend a lot of money on advertisements because they want their product or service to reach more and more people so that they can generate better sales which ultimately increase their profit. For that purpose, they approach you to list their product on your website and you get a commission.

Mobile Restaurant

A mobile restaurant is a business that recently came into a trend because of its ease and you don’t need a place for that to run. It is a profitable business idea to start in Punjab because you can take your vehicle to any place where you get the most customers.

A vehicle is needed which has been modified and transformed into the restaurant, necessary equipment to enable the restaurant such as a deep fryer, oven, and a permit that allows you to operate in a strategic location. You can start your mobile restaurant with a small vehicle such as a tricycle, and eventually can acquire a larger vehicle such as a van.

Complete Surveys

These surveys are designed to get information from young people. You can participate in these surveys, play games, register for newsletters, and liking. No special skills are required to do this, and the subject matter of these surveys varies, from fashion and clothing to politics.

But rather than working to complete surveys you can open your own business like this and sell information that you collect to the organization who need that to make products as per the customer demand and taste.

WordPress Template Business

Demand for a variety of website templates and themes has increased due to the growing number of people in the blogging industry. If you are good at designing templates, you can create your templates for customers.

There is a great demand for WordPress themes because website owners want their sites to look professional and load faster. If you have the skills, you can create a lightweight theme with all the necessary features. Initially create a free theme that attracts more and more customers and you should include features that a premium is providing. This way more and more people will use your theme.

Selling Stock Photos

If you are good at photography then you can use that opportunity to sell your photos. There are many platforms where you can sell your photos and earn a decent amount of money.

People need stock photos for different purposes and they buy them on stock websites where you can list your photos and if someone buys them, you get your commission. 

Graphic Designing

Do you specialize in graphic design? You can upload your designs on some sites and find a buyer. These schemes can be in any field. One thing that you should avoid initially is high prices because buyers don’t know anything about you and your design experience so keep the price low to gain more customers.

The first year in graphic designing will help you to gain experience in how to interact with clients and how to satisfy them with unique designs then you can make a business out of this profession.

App Development

With the growing popularity of smartphones among people, there is an insatiable market for a variety of applications. The important thing in this regard is that making an application does not require a lot of money. In the last 2 years, many businesses hit the $700 billion mark in the app development business.

For this, you should have experience in app development and have creative skills to develop an app for a client. There are many apps that you can create such as Native apps, HTML apps, or hybrid apps. The variety in this niche is vast and you can also choose a sub-niche to target a particular group.

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