49 Profitable Food Processing Business Ideas With Low Investment

The food processing business is always growing and will never stop and there are many ideas that you can use to start a profitable venture.

Every year there are always new food processing business opportunities created by entrepreneurs. Many people choose to jump right into this business because it has great benefits.

The reason is simple, that all humans need to eat, so the target market for the food processing business is very broad, not limited to age or gender.

So, it is a great and profitable business to start, but do you wondering about the business opportunities in food processing? Then here cyzotech will help you in deciding the right idea for your food processing business.

business opportunities in food processing

49 Business Opportunities In Food Processing

Here are the best business ideas in the food processing industry:

Assorted Cakes or Dry Bread

Pastries can also be your choice for selling a profitable home online. You can make cakes such as cakes, nastar, biscuits, or other types of cakes. You can modify the shape, color, or taste.

In addition, you can also market to your neighbors around. Create a promo price so that your prospective customers want to buy.

Crispy chicken

You can find this crispy chicken dish anywhere, especially the Taiwanese fried chicken dish. Indeed, it tastes very good, coupled with a sprinkling of spices that buyers can choose from. Besides that, the portions are also quite a lot and filling. It is also not a hassle to eat while walking around.

Wet Cakes

A wide selection of wet cakes is also a food business idea that can be sold online. The creation that attracts attention is of course needed to differentiate one seller from another, especially those that are often found on the roadside.

Some of the creations that can be used include a variety of choices of wet cakes, affordable prices, and packaging that can be tailored to the needs of the buyer. Not infrequently, consumers want special presentations, ranging from cake boxes equipped with greeting cards, to yellow rice tumpeng-style treats that contain a variety of wet cakes.

Dessert Box

Various dessert boxes are loved in the midst of society. Apart from the sweet taste that sweet tooth likes, dessert boxes also tend not to be boring because they can be created in various variants. You can make a combination of soft cake layers, whipped cream, to other layers of flavors, such as cream cheese, chocolate, and even green tea flavors.

Besides that, the dessert box also comes with a beautiful and varied packaging appearance. Of course, this is also a new way for those of you who are just at home by running a contemporary food business, to still be able to send snacks or birthday gifts to other family members and friends.

Frozen Food Business

Frozen food in the USA has been very developed nowadays. This food is usually made from processed chicken, beef, or fish which is frozen and then vacuumed. This frozen food business or popularly known as frozen food is already quite familiar in the USA. Examples of frozen food are sausages, nuggets, dumplings, French fries, and others.

Now, frozen there are also various kinds of flavors and preparations. One of them is that it can be mixed with vegetables. To open this type of home-based food business, one of them must have a refrigerator capital so that the food remains frozen and by the expiration time grace period.

Sweet dried fruit Making

You can make healthy snacks at home, namely dried fruits such as mango, strawberries, and papayas. This will combine the sweetness of the fruit with the chewy texture of the drying process, this can be a delicious snack that pampers the tongue and is healthy as well.

Simply cut the fruit thinly and dry it in the sun for about 4 hours to shrink the water content in the fruit. Nutrients in fruits such as vitamin C and potassium can stabilize energy and improve your mood, you know!

Apple Chips

For those of you who have vacationed in the city of apples, Batu Malang, of course, is no longer familiar with this healthy snack. Apple chips are made from thinly sliced ​​apples and dried in the sun for 4-8 hours. It tastes sour and sweet, in 100 grams of apple chips, there are 243 calories, 0.93g protein, and 450mg potassium. Calories are needed by the body to get energy, protein to regulate the body’s metabolism and bind hemoglobin and transport oxygen in the blood, and potassium which is useful for maintaining fluid balance in the body.

Home-Made Mango and Raspberry Roll Fruit

This recipe uses only 3 ingredients. You just need to puree the mango and raspberries with a little sugar, pour it over the parchment. Then let it bake in the oven at 65 o C until the fruit mixture is sticky but not too sticky or wet, about 2 to 3 hours. Let the skin cool. Remove from the mat and place on a sheet of wax paper. Then roll the dough.

In this snack, there are 39 calories, 0 g fat, 10 g carbohydrates, 7.5 g sugar, 0.5 mg sodium, 2 g fiber, 0 g protein. So it is suitable for you to make healthy snack ideas between meals.

Berries, Nuts, and Yogurt Making Business

Berries are beneficial for weight loss and prevent cardiovascular disease. Everyone must know this dairy product, namely yogurt; this sweet and sour food contains many nutrients. You can make this yogurt, nut, and berry snack by mixing 1/2 cup Greek yogurt, 2 tablespoons of chopped nuts, and 1/2 cup of berries in a bowl.

Add a sprinkling of peanuts to protein-rich, fat-free yogurt for some filling, healthy fat. A small handful of berries or other chopped fruit will add texture and sweetness, plus filler fibber. Classic, tasty and healthy snack.

Peach and Honey Popsicles

Popsicles make a very refreshing snack during the day, to keep you healthy. Make a peach and honey popsicle for a naturally sweet taste. Combine peach, yogurt, and honey. Then put it in the popsicle container and let it cool. Peric fruit contains Vitamins A, C, K, iron, potassium, calcium, fluoride, and beta-carotene. Making peaches useful to avoid the risk of cancer, improves vision. What are you waiting for? Come on, make this healthy snack idea.

Chocolate Banana Ice

To make this snack, you only need two ingredients, namely banana, and chocolate. Skewer the banana with an ice cream stick then dip it in the chocolate liquid, then freeze it. Banana fruit provides many benefits for the body; it can make the stomach full longer. It is most suitable if you enjoy this snack during the day.

Chocolate Avocado Mousse

To make this healthy snack, you just need to mix avocado and chocolate and a blender or food processor until it’s really smooth. Use 3 tablespoons of milk, for a smoother consistency. Avocados are 100% cholesterol-free, contain nearly 20 vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, and just one avocado offers 8% of the daily value of fiber, a nutrient that provides a feeling of fullness and has also been shown to potentially reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Fruit Salad with Mint Orange Sauce

A simple snack to make is a fruit salad, you just need to chop fruits such as bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries, then for the sauce pour 1 tablespoon, honey, squeeze half lime, squeeze half lemon, and 1 tablespoon chopped mint This fruit salad combines the sweet taste of fruit and the strong flavors of orange and mint dressing. This recipe contains 117 calories, 0.8 g fat, 28.8 g carbohydrates, 5 g fiber, and 1.7 g protein. A healthy snack in the morning, delicious!

Red Dragon Fruit Smoothed

This smoothie bowl is a great way to experiment with dragon fruit to make a healthy snack out of this tropical fruit. Just blender the dragon Bauhaus, bananas, and raspberries. Then add a little sugar and protein powder. Dragon fruit has the function to increase immunity, help reduce the risk of diabetes, improve heart function, and prevent cancer. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and make this hot pink snack!

Pear and String Cheese

If you love cheese for its combination of sweet, salty, and creamy flavors, you’ll love this super easy-to-make snack. Pears have natural sugars and lots of fiber, while string cheese is an easy way to get fat and protein. To make it you only need, slice one medium pear. Eat it with one slice of low-fat string cheese. Per serving of this snack contains 182 calories, 6 g fat (4 g saturated), 27 g carbohydrates, 17 g sugar, 172 mg sodium, 6 g fiber, 8 g protein.

Apple Sandwich

Tired of the usual sandwiches? Come on,  make an apple sandwich. You only need fresh apples, cut lengthwise without peeling, 3 tsp peanut butter, 2 tbsp choco chips, 3 tsp granola. The way to make it is, rub both sides of the apple with peanut butter, give choco chips and granola.

Your Apple Sandwich is ready to be enjoyed! There is no doubt that this snack is a healthy snack, apples can prevent stroke, lose weight, maintain heart health, and are good for fighting cancer.

Meatball Food Business

Meatball is still a favorite food from the past until now, so it is still suitable as a food business opportunity that is worth a try. The popularity of meatballs has never been replaced. There are still many who are crazy about this one dish.

It feels like this one effort will never be crushed by time. For your meatball menu to look unique and different from the others, make a variety of the existing meatball menu.

Make breakthroughs in the culinary world. For example, you serve beef meatballs equipped with chicken feet.

In addition, you can sell chicken meatballs, cheese meatballs, egg meatballs, salted egg meatballs, shrimp meatballs, squid meatballs, even fish balls.

The uniqueness of your menu variety will make many people want to come back. Learn the recipe for delicious meatballs that are suitable on the tongue of all people.

Your menu will be even stronger if you serve meatballs with delicious broth, chewy noodles, and kicking chili sauce. It is guaranteed that your meatball stall will be hunted by the public.

Selling Dry Snack

One opportunity that can be used as a business is selling snacks or snacks for snacks in his spare time. Selling snacks doesn’t have to be so strange that people are not easily accepted by the market.

You can modify traditional snacks such as egg cork, sale bananas, onion cakes, fried peanuts, etc. After that, you can provide a new flavor variant to differentiate your product from the others.

Selling various chips

This food is very popular with people from all walks of life, from small to adults. You can sell things like Cassava Chips, Banana, Tempe, or chips like never before. You can provide several flavors so that your homemade chips don’t look the same as the others.

Healthy Food or Snacks

Health is the main factor needed by all humans. Especially now that a healthy lifestyle has become a trend in modern society. You can take advantage of this as a business or venture opportunity. You can make healthy foods that you can offer them. They must be very concerned about nutritional intake to maintain health. Make healthy food or snacks that are served fresh then you can market them through social media.

Regional cakes

Regional specialties are currently the prima donna in this digital era, this is evidenced by the many artists who pioneered this business. With the uniqueness and diversity of flavors on offer, these regional cake entrepreneurs are increasingly popping up. If you have the ability to make local cakes, you can start doing this business until it succeeds. You can take this opportunity because the existing market is very large.

Food Catering Business For Offices

The catering business is very popular with food entrepreneurs because of its promising profit. If your house is close to the office area you can target those who rarely cook for lunch.

They don’t have time to go out of the office to order food. If you can cook or have partners you can work with to open a business, why don’t you try this type of business. Create an attractive menu and then offer it to offices that don’t have a catering subscription.

Grilled Meatballs

Meatballs are usually served with soup with vegetables or noodles, but now the trend is different, meatballs can also be used as snacks. Basreng is a food that comes from meatballs and then fried until it is dry as chips. Then given the spicy, salty, or cheese powder seasoning. Then besides being fried, the current trend is selling grilled meatballs. This very popular snack is very popular with the community.

Selling Dry or Wet Macaroni

This one food does look trivial, but with its tiny form, macaroni is one of the best-selling foods in The USA. Macaroni is served with various dishes such as dry, wet, and even sauce.

How not, we can be found around us such as in roadside stalls, even to restaurants. This snack is indeed a favorite food to be a distraction, so you can try selling macaroni now.

Those are the home food business ideas that you can run online. After you run your business, make sure you also manage your finances well, so that you know how much profit and also the expenses are being spent.


This food has succeeded in making many USA entrepreneurs skyrocket to become billionaires, let’s call it Baba Rafi. This typical Middle Eastern food has long been a favorite of The USA, so this kebab trend is arguably quite long. Maybe because the taste is familiar to The USA tongues and is practical for consumption. Well, a practical kebab-making material can be found in the frozen form either online or from direct suppliers. However, if you want fresh kebabs you need some special equipment such as pan and grill kebabs.

Fruit Salad

Besides having a good taste, fruit salad also has many benefits for the body because of the nutritional and vitamin content contained in its main ingredients. Some of the fruits that are commonly used to make fruit salads include melons, strawberries, grapes, apples, pears, and mangoes. The key to making a delicious fruit salad is to use fresh fruit, not frozen or canned fruit. A trend that is popular lately is a fruit salad topped with oatmeal. Because it uses simple and inexpensive ingredients, you can get huge benefits from this fruit salad business!

Fried Onions

Almost every food in The USA uses fried onions as a complement. It is not uncommon for people to stock packaged fried onions for friends to eat at home. Therefore, you can make this a food business opportunity by offering fried onion products. The capital needed to make fried onions is not large and can get a large amount of profit. Fried onion products are also suitable to be offered through e-commerce because they are not easily damaged and spoiled in the shipping process.

Healthy Food Catering

People are increasingly aware of adopting a healthy lifestyle, so many of them choose healthy foods. So, from this phenomenon, you can try the opportunity to sell healthy food catering! Healthy food catering consists of vegetables, carbohydrates, protein cooked without preservatives, and MSG. The catering business has enormous opportunities and advantages because there are not many players from this food business idea.

Rice Bowl

This rice bowl is suitable to be offered in office areas or around large campuses where an average consumer is a busy person. Rice bowls are usually packaged in practical paper bowl packaging, containing rice and side dishes such as chicken, seafood, to beef with various types of sauces and add eggs. With fairly simple ingredients, you can earn multiple times from this rice bowl business.


Toast is one of the most sought-after culinary delights for bread lovers. Especially if you provide a variety of delicious toppings such as various jams, chocolate sprinkles, fruits, nuts, to modern toppings such as cereal, marshmallows, and mozzarella cheese. Selling toast is also quite easy because all the raw materials are widely available on the market at affordable prices. So that the capital that you spend is not too big and of course it can be profitable!


Ranging from simple cafes to fancy restaurants, surely providing this typical American food. It also proves that burgers have a very potential market in The USA. One of the burgers that are currently popular is the patty burger that is cooked directly, with simple spices such as black pepper and salt so that it is fresher and juicy. To create a unique burger, you can mix your own special sauce that will become the hallmark of your burger.


Dimsum is one of the most favorite snack choices in The USA. As a seller, you can take big profits from the dim sum food business, because it’s easy to manufacture and the main ingredients are relatively cheap. Apart from selling it directly, another opportunity you can try is to become an online seller of frozen dim sum on social media and e-commerce.

Soft-baked Cookies

If in the past cookies were more synonymous with their crunchy texture, lately the trend has changed quite a bit. Now, cookies with a gooey texture seem to have a market of their own. Types of soft-baked cookies that are processed with various toppings, such as Lotus caramel biscuits, marshmallows, to red velvet are milling about in cyberspace. In fact, not a few also make it into a healthy version using whole grains and fiber-rich cereals. Soft-baked cookies are popular because they are delicious to eat with a cup of tea or iced coffee and milk at home.


Manufacturing tends to be too complicated to make brownies interest in land venture food businesses present this year. Not only soft and fluffy brownies, the brownie variant with a crunchy top layer and the inner chocolate that is still slightly melted is also in demand. Uniquely, brownie creations are no longer served plain but are also given variations of Lotus caramel biscuit toppings, Kit Kat, almonds, cheese, and pretzels. This is what makes this culinary business never die.

Cinnamon Rolls

If you usually eat cinnamon rolls in cafes, now the various flavors of cinnamon rolls have become one of the preparations that have been developed into a home business. You can also find various sellers of this culinary business in cyberspace. This sweet bread is often addictive because the taste of cinnamon is quite distinctive. Especially when added with cream cheese frosting, chocolate cream, almonds, or matcha which can enrich the taste. Usually, cinnamon rolls are sold in units. However, this time many are found in the size of a baking sheet consisting of several cinnamon rolls, so they can be eaten together with family or relatives.

Silky Pudding

This sweet dessert, which is usually enjoyed cold, is perfect for dessert. With capital starting from 100,000, you can make silky pudding with the flavor variant you want. The way to make it is quite easy. You can use some of the basic ingredients for making silk pudding or directly buy premix flour specifically for silky pudding which you can find on various e-commerce platforms. This contemporary food business can also be packaged creatively, because of the way it is drunk.


Pasta creations are indeed endless. Even though it is not a typical USA food, the pasta menu is one of the comfort foods that are in great demand by the public. Apart from the delicious taste, the manufacturing process also tends to be less complicated. You can target pasta culinary business opportunities by making spaghetti creations with creamy carbonara sauce, tasty fettuccine Aglio e olio, to penne with appetizing pesto sauce. Lately, the brulee menu, namely spaghetti bolognese topped with cream cheese, is also increasingly in demand. Although many well-known brands have sprung up, home businesses with pasta menu choices still have their own place for those who are interested.

Mac n Cheese

Still one family with pasta, mac n cheese is also not left behind as a contemporary food business idea. If mac n cheese in The USA was previously made more similar to school macaroni, now mac n cheese with abundant melted cheese dominates the market. To compensate for the creamy texture of the mac n cheese from the melted cheese, this dish is complemented with breadcrumbs to add texture on top. Interestingly, it is not only served in the form of mac n cheese in general, some make mac n cheese balls creations, namely fried balls made of macaroni and cheese as other variants. Mac n cheese creations also don’t stop there. This contemporary food business entrepreneur also dares to put a market for babies and children using ingredients that are safe for consumption by their age.

Fried Tofu

Who says fried tofu is out of date? Recently, fried tofu has become an attractive option for a business field. Starting from tofu without filling processed with super crispy skin, to tofu with contemporary fried fillings with various fillings, such as mushrooms, chicken, sausage, beef, and meatballs popping up on the market. Apart from not having too much capital, fried tofu is also a popular snack. As a snack, fried tofu is never obsolete and is suitable to be eaten in any situation.

Home Organic Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love eating ice cream? Of course, various ages still consider ice cream to be the favorite dessert of millions of people. Therefore, this is a business idea with a huge market. In its manufacture, unlike ice cream in general, organic ice cream is made from fruit and vegetables that are harvested organically, without additives. In addition, they also use organic or plant-based milk such as almond milk as a substitute for cow’s milk. This modern food business can be enjoyed by culinary lovers with special diets, such as dairy, salt, and sugar, even the keto diet. Marketing that prioritizes the details of the ingredients to the calories contained in them, is a strong attraction for seekers of healthy types of food.

Various Fresh Drinks

The choice of fresh drinks is still an innovation that continues to develop as a contemporary business idea. You can try various kinds of choices, including thai tea, boba, frozen yogurt (froyo), fruit and vegetable juices, to traditional drinks such as cendol and pletok beer. As a heavy eating companion or thirst quencher, these various fresh drinks then become even more attractive with flavors that make it difficult for buyers to choose.

Ready-to-Use Liquid Broth

Cooking at home is one activity that is quite time-consuming. This is the forerunner to the emergence of ready-to-use liquid broth businesses that have sprung up in cyberspace, such as meat, chicken, bone, fish, and vegetable broths. Two types of ready-to-use broth are marketed today, namely stock and broth. Stock is made of bone and is thicker because of the collagen protein that leaks out during the cooking process. While broth is made more fluid with only meat and vegetables. Even though they are different, they still add a natural savory taste to your home cooking. This contemporary food business is a market for healthy food processed lovers.

Salted egg chicken

This contemporary food trend with a salted egg sauce or salted egg has been very popular for several years but is still busy with The USA. The delicious salted egg chicken is also very easy to serve, just simply put the fried chicken on top of the rice with the mouthwatering salted egg sauce.

The attraction of this contemporary food is its instagramable form, perfect for attracting buyers’ attention. Moreover, the processed instant noodles will suit the tongue of The USA people. With instant noodles, you can already make a profit from selling these Indomie donuts. Can also be added with smoked beef or mozzarella filling.

Spicy macaroni

For spicy food lovers, you are familiar with this contemporary food. Generally sold in two choices, namely dry macaroni or wet macaroni. You can provide a wide selection of spicy seasonings, from medium to extra spicy. Due to its dry-fried nature, this spicy macaroni has a long shelf life, so it can be produced in large quantities and remains durable.

Pizza fry

Once viral because of its miniature shape and resembling a pastel, this fried pizza can be a profitable contemporary food business idea. You only need to fry the spring rolls with meat filling, tomato sauce, and cheese. This contemporary food is definitely very popular with various groups, from children to adults. The price, which is much cheaper than a pizza pan, is also the main attraction.

Bola Ubi

Sweet potato balls are sold in various flavors and colors, such as green tea, hazelnut, taro, and oreo. The sweet taste combined with the savory texture makes anyone who eats it addicted. These sweet potato-based preparations are very easy to make, you also only need a small capital to be able to start this modern food business.


This Spanish snack is also very popular in The USA. How could I not, the texture is crunchy on the outside but so soft on the inside. Also complete with a sprinkling of powdered sugar and chocolate sauce which adds to the sweetness. It’s easy and fast to make too, so it doesn’t require a cumbersome business operation.

Toasted steamed bread

Somewhat similar to toast or toast, but this toasted steamed bun uses a special pandan bun which is more fragrant. The bread, which is topped with sweet or salty toppings, is steamed first, then baked. The bread texture remains soft with a smokey sensation, the more delicious it is with melted cheese and contemporary toppings.

Long fries

Actually the same as other fries, but the size is much longer. Thus, buyers are more satisfied with the portions. This unusual size is also funny to be uploaded on social media. Add it with a dip in tomato sauce, or you can also sell it with a choice of interesting spices, such as cheese or Balado.

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