22 Profitable Business Ideas for Deaf and Dumb Entrepreneurs

Have you thought about starting a business if you are unable to speak and hear? Check out our list of unique and best business ideas for deaf and dumb people with great potential to grow.

Sometimes you may feel disappointed if you are unable to speak and hear but don’t worry you can too start a business and there are many different business opportunities in the market that you can grab and start your business.

Now let’s know the ideas that you are waiting for.

Business Ideas for Deaf and Dumb

Here are the 22 best business ideas that deaf and dumb can do:

Handicrafts Business

The handicraft business is one of the profitable options you can choose if you are deaf and dumb because for that you don’t have to interact with the people, you only need skills to create something unique and creative.

Handicraft products are famous all over the world and are increasing because people are creating unique products from plastic bottles to used clothes that attract the attention of the people.

So if you have creative skills you can use them to start a handicraft business.

You may have seen on Instagram many people are selling handicraft products. They are the normal products that you see in the market, but they uniquely design them and increase their price so that they can sell them to the customers.

It is very interesting to know that people are buying these products extensively. From this, you can get an idea of how profitable the handicraft businesses are.

There are so many ways by which you can start a handicraft business. You need a supplier which provides you with different materials from which you can create your unique products or you can use small things to create something unique.

I would recommend you to please analyze the market around you and also go to social media and see the similar businesses, how they are selling their product,  their design technique, and how they are performing.

Laundry Services

Money people all over the world do not have enough time to wash their clothes and they love to have a laundry service around them. Also if that laundry business has delivery services then that is amazing.

The initial capital of this business will be high because you have to buy washing machines and other equipment for washing clothes. But if you do not have enough capital to buy new washing machines and only have a washing machine at home you can use that for washing clothes.

And when your business grows you can buy other washing machines with more advanced features.

Initially, people may not know about your business but you have to use different marketing techniques so that people can know about your business. You can approach your neighbors. Some of them might help in the word of mouth promotion.

If you provide the best services they will recommend your laundry service business to their friends and family.

Always try your best to provide quality services and also take care of the clothes of the customers because if they are damaged for any reason they will not buy your services again.

Dog-Related Business

There are many dog-related businesses, for example, such as dog walking, dog grooming, dog training business, and several others.

If you love dogs and have knowledge about dogs then you can open this business in your neighborhood where you can train dogs and even take them for a walk if the owner does not have time for that.

In countries like the USA, Canada and UK people have dogs but they do not have enough time to take them for a walk so they hire services like this and you can earn a decent amount of profit from this business.

To start this business you can initially start one sub-niche for example you choose only a dog walking business or pet grooming business, and when your business grows, you can expand your business and try to cover different related businesses so that you can acquire more customers and earn more profit.


Blogging is one of the profitable business ideas for deaf and dumb people. For this business, you need a very little investment or no investment if you choose free blogging platforms.

For starting a blog you need to select a niche on which you can work and start writing articles. When you have a good number of articles you can apply for AdSense and if your monetization applications get accepted you can earn from ads.

There are many other sources from which you can earn from blogging but you need a lot of patience because on average a normal blog post takes around 5 to 6 months to rank on Google.

Also, you need to learn a lot of things to start a blog, for example how to create a blog, how to design a website, and how to write articles. All these things are necessary for you to start a blog.

I know different deaf and dumb people cannot watch youtube to learn different things but they can read different articles that have different images to teach you how to start a blog or different techniques of writing articles, SEO, and several other things.

Knowledge of these techniques is needed before you publish your articles. However, you can publish anything from your blog but they will not give you the results which you are expecting.

Wedding Photographer

If you are deaf and dumb then you can too start a wedding photography business, for this, you don’t have to interact with the people. Several small event management companies need photography services when they are managing an event.

Once you gain popularity and people start liking your photos you can open your own photography business and hire more people who can work for you.


It is one of the most profitable opportunities in the market and if you are unable to speak and hear, you can too start this business.

You need knowledge of gardening such as flowers, and different equipment that is used to take care of gardens.

If you have experience in the gardening field you can start your own gardening business and promote it on social media so that more and more people know about your business.

Window Cleaner

The window cleaning business is one of the profitable business ideas in the USA, Canada, UK, and many other developed countries. In countries having large buildings window cleaning services are very much needed.

It is easy to start this business on a small scale but on a large scale you need equipment and expertise for window cleaning, but at a small level, you can easily do this business without any experience.

You are thinking why we need the experience for a window cleaning business. You can understand it from this example. If you have to clean a window of a 20-story building, you need different equipment such as equipment on which you can stand, ropes, and several other things.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an online business idea that deaf and dumb people can easily do. You only need to open a blog or without any blog, you can share your affiliate links on social media.

When anyone purchases from your link you get a commission from this. In this way, you can earn from this business.

For this you have to go to the different affiliate sites, they have mentioned the commission for different categories and you have to choose a profitable niche and also the one that is more in demand.

It is a similar business to blogging but in this, the articles you write should be strictly related to the product in which you can easily add affiliate links.

For example, you choose Google to search for the best entrepreneur books and you don’t go to social media for searching books or any other products if you need to know about that products before you buy them.

If you find a link to a product on social media, maybe you cannot click on those links but when you read about those books and if you find useful information then maybe you decide to buy those products, this way you can earn from this business very well.

Freelance Writer

Freelancer writers are more in demand than ever because now billions of people have created their blogs and for that, they need writers who can write amazing articles for them.

Many bloggers, who start several blogs at a time, do not have time to write on their own that is why they hire freelance writers who write an article for them and when they find articles good enough they will continue to work with you in the future.

Freelancers are charging from $50 to $300 for an article and it depends upon the popularity and the quality of an article you are writing.

People do not know about you initially, so you have to set your prices very low when someone buys the services, if they find it good enough they will rate which will increase your popularity.

Hair Stylist

People now are more concerned with their looks and hairstyles and they take appointments with big hair stylists who have quality skills and also charge them more.

If you have these skills you can open small shops in your city or your town and start targeting the customers who want a better hairstyle at a reasonable price.

This business has great potential in today’s world.

Social Media Manager

Many small business organizations want to promote their business on social media for this purpose they create different social media accounts but they do not have any separate department for handling social media.

They outsource these things which means they hire an external agency or freelance social media managers to handle those accounts and if you have skills and knowledge in handling social media you can start this business.

Laptop Repairing Business

If you know laptops or you may have done a course on laptop repairing then you can open this business and it is a very profitable business to start nowadays.

These days laptops or computers are extensively demanded in the market and they need several repair services from time to time.

For this, you know you don’t need to interact with those people, they can even write the problems and issues they have faced on the laptop, and then you will repair them according to those problems.

Sign Language Lessons

If you have learned signed languages then you can use this as a business opportunity and teach others.

For this you can approach certain institutions that have a subject in sign language and try to get a job when you gain experience in this field then you can turn this job into a business where you hire more people or maybe open your institutions where you teach different people sign languages and related subjects.

Publish Your Book

If you have writing skills, then you can write your book and publish it online or approach any publishing house to publish your book.

To make more sales of your book you need to be creative and write stories that people want to read these days. Most people read books online on smartphones, iPads, or even laptops so you have to target these customers as well.

You may have seen it on Amazon when you try to buy a book. You can get two editions: a Kindle edition and a normal edition. On the Kindle edition, you can read a book from your smartphone or any other device.

Create an Online Course

Creating courses online is now easy and there are many platforms where you can sell those courses but your course should have detailed material in it.

I know you cannot upload video lectures but you can make PDF notes on several subjects.

App Development

If you have coding skills or have a degree in software engineering then you should start an app development business.

These days every business has its app and many other small organizations also are looking for app development services because they need apps for their business so that more people can reach their business easily.

If you have taken education in app development or have learned coding by yourself then you can promote yourself by using a website or on different freelancing sites and social media so that people can hire your services.

Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Many among us are looking for a job and for that, they need resume services but they don’t have enough skills to write and make an attractive resume.

If you have those skills you can use that to start your own business. Initially, you can go on freelancing sites and make your profile about resume writing. When someone hires your services, provide the best quality resumes and they will rate you according to your product or service quality.

You can receive more and more orders until you gain popularity and when you do so you can open your own business where you can provide resume and cover writing services.

Resell Textbooks

If you have old books in your home which you no longer need then you can sell them and earn a decent amount of profit.

This business is a profitable option for deaf and dumb people because they can easily start this business and the initial capital will be very low, you only need to promote your business on social media or you can use your connections for greater reach.

Several people cannot afford a new copy of a book so they prefer to buy books that have been used. If you have books, you can sell them or collect some second-hand books and then resell them to the customers.

Remember to analyze the market around you so that you can manage a stock of only those books which are demanded right now.

Grow and Sell Vegetables

This business is a very profitable idea for deaf and dump entrepreneurs because vegetables are the basic need of everyone. If you have land where you can grow vegetables and fruits then you should use that land to grow vegetables and then sell them in the market.

If you have a large capital then you can open your vegetable shop where you sell fresh vegetables and people will like them because they will be aware that you grow them on your own.

There is always a demand for vegetables and you can run this whole year. Also, The profit potential of this business is huge.

Makeup Artist

If you love makeup then you can start this business, for this, you only need makeup skills and knowledge about different cosmetic products according to the skin tone.

Makeup artists are very much in demand, especially women who spend a lot of money on makeup but they always recommend a professional makeup artist to save them from any problem that can cause damage to their face or other parts if they do it by themselves.

Printing Business

For a printing business, you need several pieces of equipment but the potential of this business is very high. In this business, you need to select the right location where you can get the most customers.

You can start this business near offices or colleges and universities where you get most customers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still a profitable option to start if you have the skills to write a good email.

Many websites need email marketing to promote their blogs and also several business organizations need emails to reach more clients and customers.

Even if you don’t have skills on how to write a good email, you can learn, then you can start this business.

My Final Words

Above we have discussed the best business ideas for deaf and dumb people. Hopefully, this will be useful for you and you will be able to decide which business idea to choose. Please remember to do detailed research about the idea you choose so that you will know its all positive and negative points.

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