Five Business Trends for Next 10 Years for Great Success

Succeeding in business is also a matter of anticipation and preparation. To increase your chances of success, it is strongly advised to identify the best trends and promising sectors well in advance.

The Next 10 Years business trends remain in line with those of previous years, with a strengthening of opportunities in the fields of environment, data management and even personal service.

Here is a selection of business trends for Next 10 Years.

The environment at the top of the Next 10 Years business trends.

For several years, the environment has been at the heart of business creation and innovative projects. A major trend which should further strengthen in Next 10 Years and in the coming years.

Reducing the carbon footprint, energy transition, replacing plastic, circular economy , greening of city centers, new consumption modes, agricultural transition … the ideas for projects are many and varied.

It is possible to respond by imagining innovative economic models , based on consumption, recycling or reuse, based on innovative technologies and systems, such as GreenTech start-ups , for example :

  • Gifts For Change (advertising products),
  • Clean Fox (cleaning mailboxes),
  • Green Flex (support for companies towards an ecological transition),
  • Woodoo (in the building sector).

In general, all companies will have to gradually integrate the environmental issue into their strategy.

Ethical products.

In line with the principles of sustainable development, ethical and eco-designed products constitute a major trend for Next 10 Years.

These products highlight a social, environmental and animal-friendly dimension, responding to an increasingly strong (even exponential) expectation from the public.

It will therefore be a question of designing innovative products or services designed taking into account working conditions, organization, transport, recycling, without forgetting the usefulness, and while highlighting obvious marketing advantages .

Example of an eco-designed and ethical product: the Fairphone , modular, ethical smartphone designed to last.

Connected objects.

The success of connected objects no longer needs to be demonstrated. The sector is experiencing constant growth, and there are nearly 25 connected objects per family by 2021.

Home equipment is a buoyant sector, and many objects combining connectivity and aesthetics remain to be invented.

As a reminder, connected objects are programmable elements that work intelligently and in interdependence.

Examples of connected objects:

  • The Google Pixel Watch,
  • The Fire Alarm For Hearing Impaired Texio,
  • The Motion Ball Security System,
  • Somfy Box To Control Your House And Its Equipment, Etc

Data marketing.

Digital remains at the heart of Next 10 Years business trends. Consequence: data and data control offer themselves prominently.

Whether it is blockchain (storage, security and transmission), data management or exploitation, the opportunities are endless.

Note that the legislative framework encourages structures wishing to embark on business services, the GDPR strengthening the obligations of European professionals with regard to the processing and use of the data collected.

Personal services.

The personal service sector is also a big business trend for the Next 10 Years.

The aging population requires special attention. If the medical sector remains unavoidable, the trend is focused on the basic needs of the person such as presence, relationships, household services, and in general the improvement of daily living conditions.

On the other hand, social innovation projects, the aim of which is to encourage the collaborative spirit while redistributing wealth and acting for the common good, are on the rise.

Education and training.

The latest business trend for the Next 10 Years concerns the education of adults and children. The barometer of the training, coaching and private education sectors shows very strong public demand and a total restructuring of the sector.