Business Trends for Next 10 Years: 12 Ideas That Will Inspire You!

Do you already have business trends for the next 10 years on your entrepreneurial radar? Then here you will find the best opportunities.

Certainly, time is not the easiest to start a company, but in every crisis, there are many opportunities. 

Just look around to see how the market is changing and new needs are emerging due to the context of the pandemic. 

To help you get your business idea off the ground, we’ve built content filled with tips.

As you read on, you will learn what are the business trends for next 10 years, why and how to take advantage of good opportunities for entrepreneurship.

If having your own company is a dream, follow the text to the end to find out how to do it in the best way.

business trends for next 10 years

What Are the Business Trends for Next 10 Years?

The business trends for next 10 years point to profound changes in the market and, at the same time, a great expectation of economic recovery. 

According to the Focus Report published in February 2021, it is estimated that the country’s GDP will grow by 3.43% by the end of the year. 

It still won’t be enough to make up for the 4.05% drop caused by the pandemic in 2020, but it is an important step towards a resumption.

In addition, even with the crisis, Brazilian entrepreneurship reached a historic record in 2020: more than 3.3 million open companies and a positive balance of 2.3 million businesses, according to the 3rd Quarter of 2020 Bulletin of the Map of Companies.

As is customary in the country’s economy, the service sector leads in volume of companies with 46.4% of all active enterprises. 

Next comes trade, with 34.8%, civil construction with 8.1% and the manufacturing industry with 9.5% – the remainder is divided between agriculture, mining and other smaller segments. 

Business macro trends for next 10 years

The 2020 year Trend Report by Sebrae reveals 4 main trends for next 10 years:

  • Globalized (Re) humanization: after a decade marked by burnout syndrome and anxiety disorders, the market turns its attention to humanization and prioritizes well-being and health
  • Connecting everything: total integration between the digital world and the physical world, driven by the social isolation experienced during the pandemic 
  • Experiencing experiences: in a technological and hyperconnected world, the desire for experiences grows among consumers and opens up new possibilities for companies 
  • Intelligent management: changes in the world oblige businesses to adapt to new demands, ranging from the need for a purpose associated with the brand to efficient waste management. 

These macro trends unfold in many opportunities for new businesses, considering the “ new normal ” that we experienced in the next 10 years.

Obviously, the pandemic has had unprecedented impacts on the way we consume and relate to brands – and we still don’t know how far this scenario goes. 

It is up to you to identify these behaviors and meet the new needs of the consumer in this unstable moment. 

12 Businesses to Take Advantage of Next 10 Years Trends

As we have seen, entrepreneurship continues in full swing – and this can be a great year to start your business. 

After all, economic recovery is a matter of time, and new consumer demands bring several opportunities during the crisis. 

Check out our selection of ideas to take advantage of business trends for next 10 years. 

1. Fitness and health app

According to a study by AppsFlyer published in the Digital Health Forum , health and fitness apps had the biggest growth in organic facilities in Brazil in 2020: 116%.

The result is explained by the increased concern for health and well-being during the coronavirus pandemic.

For those who intend to operate in the app market, it is the most promising trend, followed by game apps, which grew 97% in 2020. 

2. Circular businesses

The circular economy is a new business concept that proposes recycling, eliminating waste and reducing human impact on the environment.

According to the aforementioned Sebrae report, companies operating in this area have everything to grow this year – largely due to trends in green consumption and sustainable development.

One of the branches that should be highlighted is the reuse of materials.

A good example is the startup reLóco, which connects people with building materials left over (unused coverings, taps, ceramics, etc.) to potential buyers, promoting circularity in civil construction. 

Another successful case is from Pentatonic, which produces furniture and utensils with an innovative design from waste. 

So, if you have a good idea to use waste and recycle materials, you can turn it into a profitable startup in next 10 years.

3. Carrier

The coronavirus crisis has boosted online shopping, and the logistics industry has hitched a ride on this trend. 

According to a report by Freebras, published in Mercado e Consumo, the volume of freight grew 74% between May and June 2020, driven by the advance of e-commerce in the pandemic.

In the category of industrialized products, the increase was an impressive 93%.

There are already platforms dedicated to connecting independent truckers, carriers and shippers, such as the X Title.

The company grew 652% during the pandemic, as reported in Estadão – another reflection of the increase in logistical demand across the country.

For next 10 years, the trend is that online shopping will continue to advance and logistics companies will take advantage of the growth wave. 

Therefore, it is a good opportunity to invest in the transport industry.

4. Audiovisual producer

The Brazilian audiovisual market has been gaining strength year after year and is part of the business trends for next 10 years.

According to Sebrae’s report mentioned above, the video will become the new standard of communication in companies :

“Due to its multimedia capability (moving image, text and sound) and information agility, video is the ‘cool feature’ of the present that is likely to become the standard feature in the future.”

The market figures show that the audiovisual sector grew at an average rate of 8.8% between 2014 and 2019, according to data from Ancine, published in Jornal do Comércio. 

With the increase in demand for audiovisual content, a video production company can be a great deal for those who want to work with services.

The ideal is to have some knowledge in the area and a good capital to start an enterprise, since it is a very technical branch and requires a considerable initial investment in equipment. 

5. Pizzeria

Yes, the classic pizzeria is also a business trend for next 10 years.

During the coronavirus pandemic, pizzerias dedicated exclusively to delivery had a 10% increase in sales, according to data from the Pizzarias Unidas do Brasil Association, published in Uol. 

The reason for the growth is the reinforcement of the tradition of ordering pizza due to the social isolation and the democratic characteristic of the product, which allows sharing a meal with the whole family. 

One of the innovations in the sector is the creation of apps owned by pizzerias to facilitate customer orders and avoid marketplace fees such as iFood. 

If you think about entrepreneurship in the area of ​​food, it is a versatile option with a guaranteed market – as long as you can find a differential to advertise. 

6. Distance Learning Business

For those familiar with the area of ​​education, EAD (Distance Education) is the major business trend for the next 10 years. 

According to data from Catho Educação, published on the Terra portal, there was a 70% increase in enrollments for distance learning courses between the months of March and April 2020.

In addition, data from INEP (National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira) published in the same article show that around 1.7 million Brazilians enrolled in distance learning courses in 2020. 

Once again, we see a reflection of the pandemic in the market, which should continue for a long time.

Therefore, it is a great time to invest in distance learning businesses such as online courses and schools that offer the modality.

7. Pet market

In August 2020, Brazil became the second largest market for pet products in the world, with a 6.4% global share (behind only the USA), according to data from Euromonitor International, published in Forbes.

Another evidence of the potential of this sector is that the spending of Brazilians with their pets increased by almost 10% in 2020, according to data from Guiabolso, published in Valor Investe in next 10 years. 

And there is no shortage of target audiences for pet businesses: 47.9% of households in the country have at least one dog or cat, according to IBGE data. 

Far beyond pet shops, this market offers countless opportunities for entrepreneurship, such as pet and dog accessory stores, veterinary clinics, pet sitter and dog walker services and content for tutors.

In addition, there is still a luxury pet segment that offers differentiated services, such as spa, acupuncture, yoga and even buffets specialized in dog parties.

8. Ethical products

In line with the principles of sustainable development, ethical and eco-designed products constitute a major trend for Next 10 Years.

These products highlight a social, environmental and animal-friendly dimension, responding to an increasingly strong (even exponential) expectation from the public.

It will therefore be a question of designing innovative products or services designed taking into account working conditions, organization, transport, recycling, without forgetting the usefulness, and while highlighting obvious marketing advantages .

Example of an eco-designed and ethical product: the Fairphone , modular, ethical smartphone designed to last.

9. Connected objects

The success of connected objects no longer needs to be demonstrated. The sector is experiencing constant growth, and there are nearly 25 connected objects per family by 2021.

Home equipment is a buoyant sector, and many objects combining connectivity and aesthetics remain to be invented.

As a reminder, connected objects are programmable elements that work intelligently and in interdependence.

Examples of connected objects:

  • The Google Pixel Watch,
  • The Fire Alarm For Hearing Impaired Texio,
  • The Motion Ball Security System,
  • Somfy Box To Control Your House And Its Equipment, Etc

10. Data marketing

Digital remains at the heart of Next 10 Years business trends. Consequence: data and data control offer themselves prominently.

Whether it is blockchain (storage, security and transmission), data management or exploitation, the opportunities are endless.

Note that the legislative framework encourages structures wishing to embark on business services, the GDPR strengthening the obligations of European professionals with regard to the processing and use of the data collected.

11. Personal services

The personal service sector is also a big business trend for the Next 10 Years.

The aging population requires special attention. If the medical sector remains unavoidable, the trend is focused on the basic needs of the person such as presence, relationships, household services, and in general the improvement of daily living conditions.

On the other hand, social innovation projects, the aim of which is to encourage the collaborative spirit while redistributing wealth and acting for the common good, are on the rise.

12. Education and training

The latest business trend for the Next 10 Years concerns the education of adults and children. The barometer of the training, coaching and private education sectors shows very strong public demand and a total restructuring of the sector.

Why Take Advantage of Business Trends?

Entrepreneurship in the crisis may seem risky, but allow yourself to see the other side of the story.

Why can’t this be a great opportunity to fulfill your dream of having a company?

For this, monitoring business trends for the coming years helps a lot.

As we have seen so far, the market has changed a lot and will still change, since we are experiencing an unprecedented situation with the coronavirus pandemic. 

Therefore, entrepreneurs who are able to capture the new demands of the market and start a business are now the ones most likely to prosper from now on.

In addition, economic recovery is already on the horizon, and whoever hitchhikes on that wide climb ahead in a race for success. 

What You Need to Have a Business in Next 10 Years

To close this content, let’s go to more tips.

We have prepared a checklist that brings everything you need to take advantage of trends and have your business in next 10 years.

Follow the list:

  • A good product or service idea that solves the problem of a specific audience
  • A brand that faithfully represents your business 
  • An in-depth study of the market and the target audience so that it is possible to validate your ideas
  • A complete business plan defining what will be sold, to whom, where, at what price and through which channels
  • A partner and/or team, if you do not want to undertake alone
  • Starting capital to start and invest in the business
  • A good marketing plan, but also financial and operational 
  • An accountant to support the company’s formalization process
  • A good management system, which brings together the functionalities necessary to integrate all areas of the company and eliminate manual tasks. 

Did everything note? Just choose your business idea and get started! 

Take Advantage of Business Trends to Undertake

Knowing the business trends for next 10 years, it becomes easier to continue with your plan to undertake and overcome the fear of the crisis. 

On a single platform, you can follow all the processes that are most important to the company.

We are talking about updating your cash flow, managing accounts payable and receivable, issuing invoices, registering customers and sales, controlling inventory, generating management reports and much more, in addition to always being integrated with your accountant.

With a control panel like this, you have a broader view of the company and, moreover, much more chances of being successful in your entrepreneurial project.

To top it off, you have technology at your side, optimizing your daily routine to dedicate yourself to the business.

You no longer need to wear yourself out with manual tasks and you gain time to focus on growth strategies. 

So, did you like to know the business trends for the next 10 years?

Take the time to comment on which one inspired you and share the text with other entrepreneurs. 

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