18 Best and Profitable Small Business Ideas in Afghanistan

Starting a small business in Afghanistan can be the right option in 2021. Here we will discuss some of the best small business ideas in Afghanistan for your business start-up.

There are many opportunities almost everywhere in the world but it is up to you how you can select those and use them to start a successful business.

Starting a business in Afghanistan is not as easy as in countries like China, India, Brazil, etc. You need a little more effort in this country to start your dream business.


18 Best Business Ideas in Afghanistan

Here are profitable and best business ideas for Afghanistan.

Business Selling Food

The grocery business is a promising business opportunity. The most important thing in this business is having the right supplier.

You can start looking for a distribution site. After you get the right supplier, you can start opening a grocery store in a strategic place, for example in the complex around your house or at the market.

Business Selling Goods That Sold Every Day

Business is sometimes busy and sometimes quiet.

As a businessman, you must be creative in finding fresh and creative new ideas.

However, sometimes you feel bored and tired because you are being chased by ever-changing business trends.

You can choose what business opportunities will sell every day, such as selling food, drinks, credit, and gasoline.

Online Business

In addition to facilitating communication, technology has another function, namely to develop an online business.

Online business in Afghanistan is a breakthrough all-powerful, which is now becoming a trend because it can be done by anyone, anywhere, and anytime as long as it has a device to connect to the Internet.

Home Business

Now many people are successful in doing business at home, both housewives and teenagers.

Many housewives generate good returns from home in Afghanistan. They can make money from their homes.

Seeing this, home-based business opportunities can be an alternative for those of you who are busy with household work, or who are still private employees, office employees, civil servants, and students.

Culinary Business

For you culinary lovers, do you feel bored with the culinary actions that have been done? Want to taste a new flavor every time?

Well, this is the solution! By opening a culinary business that is professionally managed from the combination of taste ideas that you have tasted, it will show a great possibility of success.

Why? Because food is a basic human need, the culinary business is still everyone’s favorite.

In the culinary business, you have to give a taste of a new blend of innovations, which arouses the taste buds of culinary lovers around you with its diverse culinary types.

Service Business

Business is not always about selling physical products. You can also sell the skills you have in the form of services.

In a business that is engaged in services, you must provide the best service and services for consumers.

Businesses that include services are laundry services, typing, distribution, and much more.

Creative Business Idea Business

Don’t be creative right now, if you really have the skills to make creative products.

Moreover, now there are additional funds from the government which are eager to provide opportunities for the creative industry to develop.

Many facilities are provided by the government, for example, financing policies such as People’s Business Credit with low-interest rates.

Franchise Business

You only have limited capital to start your own business?

You also don’t have enough resources to create a good business concept, a lucrative promotion concept, and how to develop your new business?

If true, then you can start a business with the concept of a franchise.

The concept of a franchise or franchise can be done by simply following all the rules applied by the franchisor, from product innovation to marketing concepts.

You can sell drinks, snacks, and pastries, both wet and dry.

Kids Toy Business

Selling is a very easy thing, especially selling with the target market of women and children.

In this case, you can include the children’s toy business as a promising business opportunity in 2021.

Capitalize a little with a clear target, without an expiration date.

Copiers and Printers

If you have idle computers and printers at home, try to use them as business capital. The target market is also diverse, can be from employees who live near your house or students and school children.

You don’t need a big copier, just have a printer that has photocopy and scan features. If your business is growing, you can get customers from various companies that need services to print documents.

Make Women’s Accessories

Hand skills and creativity are something that not everyone has. You can make jewelry trinkets such as bracelets, headbands, scarves, and others. But before starting, it’s a good idea to look for a provider of raw materials first, so that the products you offer can compete with others.

Home Catering

Opening a catering business is one of the best business ideas for those of you who are good at cooking. This business will never go out of style because people definitely need catering services. The prospects are also quite developed, you can market it at birthday parties and weddings.

Currently, in offices, many employees like to order catering when they are busy and do not have time to buy food outside. The capital needed is also affordable, such as stoves, gas, cooking raw materials, food boxes, and rice cookers. Try to target the market around the house first, like the neighbors.


Garbage is a very serious environmental problem. But who would have thought that behind the pile of garbage, you could make it a source of “gold.” Several types of waste can be recycled, such as drink cans, cloth scraps, and various plastics.

The recycled product you produce doesn’t have to be the same. Reporting from Beauty Harmony Life, you can turn the types of waste above into some handicrafts that have a selling value.

For example, detergent packaging waste can be used as a bag by sewing it. You can also turn a used plastic bottle into a beautiful table decoration as a pencil holder on the study table.

Besides being able to reap profits and increase creativity, you can also help to reduce waste.

Snack Production

For those of you who like snacking, maybe it’s time to turn this hobby into coffers of income. Light snacks such as snack egg cork, banana chips, and cassava chips could you try to make at home.

Besides being durable to be enjoyed anytime, the processing is also easy and more practical. The turnover generated is also quite large every month and is quite promising.

Custom Smartphone Case

Most of the time, young people pay a lot of attention to how their phone looks. In addition to protecting the smartphone, the case can also be beautified. Custom cases are the current trend, where everyone can choose what the case will look like.

In addition to paying attention to the quality of the images from the case, you can also provide various cases with a variety of materials such as rigid and flexible. As an initial step, you can implement a pre-order system where customers can provide their case designs.

For those of you who want to run this business, here are the steps in creating a custom case:

  1. Prepare a smartphone case that is clear or plain white.
  2. In designing it, you can draw the case using a gel pen or iron paint.
  3. If you want to print a design, you can use photo paper. In printing 3D images, a sublime machine is required
  4. You can also add ribbons and stickers to add to the aesthetics of the case

Paid Promote Instagram

If you use Wi-Fi at home and have a large number of followers, there’s nothing wrong with trying this one. The success of this paid promotion is influenced by several factors such as pretty good post material, interesting captions, and the role of hashtags.

Buying and Selling Used Motorcycles

Buying and selling used motorcycles is nothing new. According to the survey, motorcycle sales in Afghanistan continue to increase from year to year. With the high demand for used motorcycles, try to make this one idea your field of profit. With only an internet quota, you can market these used motorcycles on social media.

Become a Copywriter

This business idea with creativity is perfect for those of you who like to string words together. The series of words will later be pinned on a product to attract the attention of potential customers. The number of words was not as much as the authors of books or blogs.

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You can write the words for an interesting ad text and make potential buyers curious. Especially in today’s digital era, online businesses will continue to grow and can reap profits for you.

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