24 Best Million Dollar Business Ideas in India in 2021

If you are looking for business ideas in India that will grow into a million-dollar business, then you came to the right place.

This article will talk about 24 million dollar business ideas in 2021 that you can select for your startup in India. In India, you can start many types of businesses but for a million-dollar business, the right idea is very necessary. Without such, it may remain as a small business or doesn’t have the potential to grow to a million-dollar business.

In addition, it is important to first calculate the amount of capital you need from the start, so that you can calculate the net profit and turnover. If your capital is not enough to start a business, then the solution is you can apply for a loan from banks or online loans, and you can use these funds for initial capital.

24 Million Dollar Business Ideas in India

There is no business a day that gives a profit of 1 million instantly. You have to go through a process to develop your business from scratch. After mastering the market share, then you will easily get 1 million profits per day. You don’t even need to work directly anymore, just hire your employees.

Here are some recommended million dollar business ideas in India in 2021:

Become an Interior Designer

Not everyone has the expertise in designing home interiors, especially for middle-aged people who want to build a new house. If you have skills and experience in the field of interior design, there is nothing wrong with developing it as a service business.

Usually, this profession helps home or office owners in determining color concepts, choices of furniture, and good accessories to wear.

Unlike professional interior design, which requires a person to first pass in Architectural Engineering, a freelance interior designer usually gets this skill without having to study formally, aka self-taught. The work system is also flexible because it is a collaborative project.

Gaming Internet Cafes

The presence of internet cafes at this time is felt to be more and more mushrooming and less prospective. But if you are in a remote area, the need for internet will still be excellent.

As a problem solver or alternative solution to these problems, there is an internet cafe. Now you can see various internet cafe businesses mushrooming everywhere.

However, what remains prospective is opening internet cafes in remote areas. Internet cafes are increasingly being visited from time to time. It can be an alternative business to answer people’s needs as well as having a fairly broad market orientation. But keep in mind that there is a limit on playing time for minors.

Selling Electronic Accessories

Electronic goods such as smartphones, televisions, laptops, computers, and various other accessories that require additional accessories in their use can be a never-ending business opportunity.

Make sure you have experience and expertise in the field of electronics to make it easier to understand this business.

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Many advantages can be obtained by opening an electronics store in addition to the large profits you get, but another advantage is that the risk of this business is not large because merchandise is electronic so that goods are for the long term and can be sold at any time.

Hijab Business

India is one of the countries with a Muslim population in the world. This can be a very prospective opportunity in marketing Hijab and Muslim clothing online and offline.

For the offline business, you can select the area where there is a majority population of Muslims and for online business, you can start anywhere but an appropriate location would be profitable.

With various types of Hijab and Muslim clothing that are currently in trend, you must be able to provide the latest products favored by the market.

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Why can this be a promising business at this time, because this business requires an understanding of the development of the fashion world so of course, it will be very suitable for the business you run, women who serve as a side job? It’s enough to multiply the dropshipper or reseller system, so you don’t have to bother with being a supplier anymore.

Please note that Hijab is not fashionable, other clothes can be! But girls love to wear different designed Hijabs.

Hydroponic Agribusiness

A hydroponic business that sells a lot of various vegetable agricultural products such as kale, spinach, lettuce, and others can be an option this Wednesday. The land required also does not need to be extensive, just make use of the bare space.

The advantage of this hydroponic plant business is that it has crop yields at a higher price than conventional crops using soil media.

This is because hydroponic plants do not contain pesticides which make them healthier when consumed so that the selling price can be higher and target middle to upper consumers.

Traveling Business, Tickets, and Tour Packages

You can open service to buy plane or bus tickets, and make tour packages in the area where you live. Usually Saturdays and Sundays, weekend’s people do a lot of holiday activities to tourist attractions or vacation spots.

You can use this opportunity to sell tickets, become a traveling agent, tour guide, and also other travel packages online through social media, or you can also open a small office in front of your strategic house.

Mask Distributor

When the weekend comes, many are on vacation and outdoor activities and they need a face mask to help protect their breathing. Especially now that we are in the middle of a pandemic, it requires everyone outside to wear a mask.

You can sell masks to help people prepare to protect their breathing from air pollution that gets more and more annoying when weekends and holidays arrive. Also, on daily basis, you can wear a mask for everyone’s protection.

Dropshipping and Reseller

Even though it’s a holiday, this effort may still be done without knowing the time because the activities are done virtual or online. You can choose to sell any product or service that is currently being liked by many people.

Being a reseller and dropshipper is profitable because it doesn’t require much capital to get started. With almost minimal business risk, you can start and run this business whenever and wherever you like.

Only with social media and smartphones, you can start this business. What you need to look for is the widest range of customers and connections. By maintaining the quality of your products and services, customers will give positive feedback on what you sell.

Tutoring Services

For those of you who have a basis in the field of teacher training, you can open courses or tutoring services in various fields. In addition to offline courses, you can also read online courses which are currently very popular. This is because the process is easier and with online courses, you can get more students.

In offline courses, you have to prepare a teaching place like a class in general. In addition, you are often required to repeat the material every time you teach a new class. For online courses, the learning materials can be recorded and included on the website. How, interested in opening tutoring services or courses?

Selling Cosmetics and Jewelry

The target of this business is women. There are many enthusiasts for beauty products, especially those of you who like fashion and the world of make-up. You can try business opportunities to sell non-chemical cosmetics and also sell jewelry at relatively affordable prices.

Monday usually makes women use a lot of beauty equipment to go to the office or attend other events. Therefore, this business is prospective enough to be pursued.

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Whether we realize it or not, nowadays quite a lot of women are starting to realize how dangerous the use of chemical cosmetics is. Therefore, people are trying to find out whether the product is the right substitute for it so that their bodies and beauty are always maintained. Interested in starting this business?

Animal Care Services and Pet Shop

This effort does not die. For some people who have pets, especially in urban areas, on weekends they can’t bring their pets, they can leave them to you. You can set the fee per day, week or month.

Open a professional pet care service, where you are trained and have the ability to care for common pets such as cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, and so on. Also, provide regular reports to animal owners.

Ice Cream Distributor

What’s the best seller of a weekend like Saturday arrives? Children are on holiday and they like ice cream, especially since it’s summer which of course people really like something fresh and cold.

You can try to make and sell ice cream in various flavors. There are so many types of ice cream made from various ingredients such as ice cream flavored with chocolate, vanilla, and various fruit flesh. Can sell ice cream around or sell through the pre-order system.

Selling Sugar Cane

In addition to ice cream, you can also swerve to sell ground sugar cane around, where the crowd is. Usually, Saturday is the moment of Car Free Day or people like to jog in the stadium. Or you can also sell in crowded places such as weddings, thanksgiving, and others.

This area is definitely crowded with buyers and also the benefits of sugar cane are many properties that can be used as medicine for various diseases. Very different from other products sometimes the seller uses artificial sugar instead of real sugar.

So for those of you who are looking for business ideas opportunities in this dry season, this business of selling sugar cane is worth a try.

Outdoor Blower Rental

When people hold large outdoor and outdoor events and events on weekends, usually Saturdays and Sundays, the committee requires a blower fan for air conditioning. Especially for a wedding party that has a semi-closed room.

This blower fan is relatively expensive and is not used daily. So many people choose to use rental services or rent this blower fan. You can buy several units and prepare capital in advance.

Home Catering

Even though it’s simple, in fact, home cooking is always in great demand, food is a daily staple for everyone, not a few people are too busy so they don’t have time to cook at home, and you can take advantage of this opportunity to open a home cooking catering business.

There are various types of dishes that you can choose from, such as simple menus that are usually found in local food stalls, provisions for school children to diet menus. Choose which dish you are the best at. Don’t forget to always prioritize cleanliness and maintain the quality of cooking ingredients.

If you cook using equipment that is already available at home, then you only need to pay for the capital for raw materials and packaging to produce about 50 servings with a simple menu.

Credit Distributor

As smartphone users continue to grow, making the credit counter business never die can even make this business generate income of up to millions of rupees per day in the digital era like today.

Of course, everyone has a smartphone, either as a means of communication, a means of work or as entertainment, in addition to credit… internet data packages must always be filled to be able to use various online applications.

Especially for people who really like playing games just for daily entertainment, so it’s no wonder that the demand for internet data package vouchers is very high and continues to increase.

To increase your income, you also need to provide various smartphone accessories. Currently, we are all aware of Jio, which is earning millions and billions of dollars from this business.

Custom Clothing Printing

Clothing is one of the basic human needs so that the business of selling clothes can promise an income of millions of rupiah per day, you can choose to sell baby clothes, children, to adult clothes with various types of models and sizes.

With the right sales strategy, you will not be empty of buyers. You don’t have to have a shop on the side of the road to run this business because with current technological developments you can sell clothes by building an online store, do promotions by utilizing social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

The number of internet users will make your online store a great opportunity to be visited by many people, the most important thing in running a clothing selling business is that you must always be up-to-date on fashion trends, lest you sell clothes that are considered out of date.

Always update the stock of the latest clothing models that are considered to be a trend in society, this way your business will always be full of enthusiasts and will not be abandoned by customers.

Opened the Food Stalls

The staple food is needed every day by everyone because it is always sought to meet food needs for the community.. not only for households, necessities are also needed by business actors in the culinary field, in other words, opening a business selling necessities can promise income big.

In addition to a strategic place, you must be able to determine the selling price so that you can compete with the shop next door. Therefore, make sure you choose a food supplier who sells with a wholesale system because the more you buy, the cheaper the price, so the profit you can get will also be greater.

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Conduct regular surveys about the selling price of necessities at the shop next door and the local market. This is very useful so that you can adjust the price of the groceries you sell. Besides that, good and friendly service is also important to maintain buyer interest so that your grocery store will sell well and have many customers.

Opening a Franchise

If you want to run a business without wanting to start from the ground up for branding, but with a big income then you can try a franchise business. This is an attempt to sell a product without the need to start branding and marketing an item to be sold.

So like this, you can develop a business with other people’s brands that are already well known, upload pictures and product descriptions from suppliers to your marketplace, and then if a transaction occurs, the supplier will send the business package to your business.

The types of franchises that you can choose from include food, clothing and accessories, cosmetics and skin care, baby clothes, gadget accessories, and household items.

Photocopy Business

Another one million-per-day business is a photocopying business this business is suitable for running in crowded areas such as offices, campuses, and schools.

Many buyers need this service and come from all walks of life, so it is not surprising that this business will still be visited by many buyers even though there are many competitors.

To complete the photocopying business, it is also necessary to provide office stationery, binding services, scan and print documents. Currently, printing documents is more effective and efficient using a photocopying machine because photocopiers are faster when printing than ordinary printers, although they cannot be colored but can print with a machine. A photocopy is relatively cheaper.

In running this business, the performance of the photocopier is a vital thing that needs to be considered, so you should have more than one photocopier as a backup.

So when one machine has a problem, there is still another photocopy machine to serve buyers, this way you will still get daily income and customers will not run to other stores.

Crafts and Souvenirs

If you have a hobby of making handicrafts, then opening a handicraft business at home is the solution, the crafts you make can also be used as collections or souvenirs. Some handicraft products are very varied such as recycled used goods, patchwork, wood, grains, and many more.

You can open workshops at home to market directly to buyers, take advantage of social media and online shops to sell handicrafts. You can also leave them in souvenir shops or collaborate with event organizers as souvenir providers for weddings, birthdays, and so on.

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In running this business, you are required to always be creative in producing new ideas so that you can follow market tastes, buyer satisfaction is the most important thing for the sustainability of your business, and satisfied buyers can participate in helping promote the handicrafts you make to their relatives or colleagues.

Selling Organic Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetables and fruit are daily necessities that are used as cooking ingredients by housewives or can also come from other business actors such as food stalls, restaurants to luxury hotels.

This business is very promising, in addition to direct consumption. Fruits are usually used as parcels or souvenirs at certain events, fruit is also often used as a food additive, and therefore vegetable sellers with fruit can attract many buyers.

Buyers will find it helpful when they want to buy vegetables and fruit at the same time because they don’t have to move to a shop. You don’t have to open a stall in the market so that you earn millions of rupees.

You can also open a vegetable and fruit shop on the side of the road that if there aren’t many competitors if the market is usually open until noon then you should open a shop from morning to night considering there are many also people who just had time to shop in the afternoon or evening.

Selling Cup Drinks

Cup drinks are being liked by many people today. It tastes good and feels more practical. Contemporary drinks are favored by various groups from children to adults.

You can take advantage of the high demand for drinks to set up a cafe or cup drink business because they have a great opportunity to generate one million per day.

Various contemporary drinks that you can sell such as fruit juice, bubble tea, concoction milk, coffee, and so on. You can provide this Cafe drink at shops in your area. If you have more capital, you can set up a stall in a strategic place, and then you can partner with online motorcycle taxis so you can reach more buyers.

Besides that, also take advantage of social media to market products because social media is considered the most effective promotional medium at this time, therefore you can post photos of Cup drinks on Facebook or Instagram pages. This is expected to increase the attractiveness of buyers so that they want to buy the Cup drinks that you make.

Antimainstream Theme Cafe

Nowadays, many young people prefer to go to cafes because it is a fun place to just eat or hang out with friends while enjoying free WiFi facilities and also because the unique decoration of the place makes visitors feel at home for a long time staying there, so it’s no wonder if the effort This can generate millions of income.

So that this business continues and doesn’t hesitate to always provide promos at certain times… you can also sell a variety of popular food menus with very unique dishes.

Offering the menu at a lower price than other cafes so that many people will be curious and interested in visiting your cafe, don’t forget to use social media as a promotional medium which has proven to be very effective in reaching target buyers, especially young people.


Hopefully, from the many choices of types of small capital businesses that exist, you can start with the stages as discussed above, and if it develops, it is not impossible that you can get a turnover of more than 1 million per day, you know.

Also, keep in mind, the main key remains persistence, intention, and also commitment to run the business successfully.

Many business ideas have the potential to earn millions of dollars income like Tutoring, Credit Distributer, Interior Designer, etc.

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