Handicraft Business Ideas in India: 25 Successful Small Art and Craft Ideas

If you are looking for unique and creative handicraft business ideas in India then you can go for this successful and profitable business. It is one of the profitable business ideas in India and there are many handicrafts business ideas that you can use in India to start a successful business.

Products labeled handmade, aka handmade crafts have a special charm because they have a distinctive and unique style that factory-made goods do not have.

As we all know in the midst of an increasingly rapid digitalization era, doing business is not a difficult thing to do. The internet makes it easy for all of us to market products and attract consumers from various lines of society.

In addition, the capital needed is also relatively small and affordable for young people who are just starting a business. If you like the creative process and explore something new, the handcrafts business can be the right business area. In your free time, you can take the time to make unique creations for resale.

handicraft business ideas in india

Handicraft Business Ideas in India

Here are the small and successful handicrafts business ideas in India:

Utilizing Used Compact Disks (CDs)

Instead, you waste compact disks, it would be nice if used CDs are reused for other things, namely making them into works of art, one of which is a decoration for guitars.

Simply glue the top of the CD, and then break the CD into pieces. Can be broken manually or assisted with scissors. When finished, glue the glued pieces to the body of the guitar.

In time, these results will create an unsightly glittery decoration. This is because the bottom of the CD has a shiny appearance like a crystal so that when it is hit by the light it will reflect the sparkle.

Later these beautiful guitars can be sold.

Utilizing used plastic packaging

Used snack packaging is certainly one of the biggest sources of hazardous plastic waste. In fact, these packages still have other uses, one of which is used as handicrafts.

Armed with skills, these packages can be woven into new items such as craft bags, small kids banks, pencil cases, tissue boxes, and many more.

Of course, these packages have a unique shape and color so that with an understanding of art, the advantages of these packages can be maximally utilized.

Using used bottles

Used bottles are one of the things that have been preserved as new items. Various needs such as science experiments to art make many uses of this object.

Its versatile shape makes used bottles often used to make funnels, lamp holders, flower vases, and even musical instruments and toy rockets. From the cap to the body of the bottle it can be used for a variety of new crafts.

Utilizing used cans

Used cans that are dangerous when turned into the waste can also be transformed into handicrafts. Tins, which are strong and durable, can be used as pencil cases, decorations, and children’s toys.

It’s easy. We only need painting tools to paint what we want on the can. The painting can be done freely according to what we like.

Utilizing used cardboard

Lots of children’s toy dealers sell used cardboard toys. Armed with handicrafts, used cardboard can be transformed into a train, toy car, or robot.

Instead of wasting it in vain, or selling it to a used artisan for a small price, it’s better to turn it into a valuable work of art so that the selling price increases.

Using used clothes

Used clothes can be transformed into beautiful clothes that can increase the sale value, namely by painting them in the ‘tie-dye’ style. Lots of these clothes are sold in markets, especially in tourist attractions in many places in India.

Tie-dye clothes are very popular in the market and have a lot of interest. As long as the clothes have comfortable clothes and are accompanied by attractive paintings, they can be sold well.

Handicraft Women’s Accessories

Handmade jewelry is always attractive. The market is very wide with unlimited creativity. You can look at the accessory market as promising land for a handicraft business. You can use a variety of materials to make jewelry such as brooches, bracelets, necklaces, or rings.

Materials that can be used include pendants, small stones, threads, wires, buttons, strings, and other materials. You can be creative by making unique shapes according to the desired theme.

If you succeed in making a unique and different product from your competitors, you can make big profits in a short time. The capital needed is also affordable, with only Rs. 5000 – 50000 or less, you can start a handmade accessories business. It’s worth trying right?

Be Creative with Patchwork

The leftover fabric turns out to be recycled into creative, profitable products. Patchwork can be processed into various objects such as blankets, tablecloths, doll clothes, tablecloths, and other objects. Think outside of the box and create unique items that can’t be found anywhere else than yours.

This business is suitable for those of you who like to be creative by combining arbitrary patterns that produce high-value products. You can target college students and housewives or career women who want to organize their residence into a more artistic and comfortable space to live in. You can start this business with capital starting from Rs. 50,000.

Flannelette and attractive materials for handmade creations

Flannel is a material that can be used to create product creations. The advantage lies in its easily modified form at a relatively low price. You can make a variety of products such as artificial flowers, women’s accessories, tissue holders, jar wrappers, and other creative items.

Flannel has many color choices that can be created into different items. To assemble it, use a sewing machine so that the job is quickly completed. If you are not used to it, you can also sew by hand for starters. You can find inspiration by researching items that are easy to make and are in high demand.

The capital required is also fairly small. In the beginning, you only need to prepare funds of approximately Rs. 50000. Henceforth, develop your imagination to make products that are unique and targeted by consumers.

Unique Hand-Crafted Crochet Bag

The best businesses are those that are developed from hobbies that we enjoy. With that, you will enjoy every process to success more. One of the hobbies with business value is knitting.

Lots of handmade products are made from knitting, one of which is a bag. You can bring up your wildest ideas in the form of high-value knitting bags. You can sketch the bag and then pour it into beautiful and artistic knitting yarn.

You can prepare a capital of less than Rs 50,000 to start this business. The turnover obtained is also fairly high. You can appreciate each knitting bag that is made according to the difficulty level of the bag that is made.

Unique Painted Shoes

If you like to draw, don’t let that talent be buried in vain. You can open a business field by using plain shoes as a canvas for all your new sketches. You only need basic materials in the form of plain shoes, colorful paint, and a brush.

For example, you can use plain sneakers and draw them with a cute and artsy design. The key to the success of this business lies in the quality of the shoes and a unique, durable image. Next, aggressively market your products on social media. So that your product is widely known, make a special trademark on every shoe design you make. With that, your handmade painting shoes will be easy for many people to remember and look for. To start this business, you can prepare funds of approximately Rs 100,000.

Cute Shoes for Babies

Instagram plays a big enough role in creating the lifestyle of its users. We are used to seeing OOTD of celebrities milling about on social media pages. This can create new business opportunities that you might want to try.

One of them is a fashion business in the form of cute shoes for babies. Young mothers often share their special moments through Instagram. Of course, baby shoes play an important role in creating their own fashion trend. To make baby shoes, you only need a cloth and a sewing machine.

You can design a unique and cute shoe shape that is poured in the form of a cute little shoe. The capital required is also not large. The initial capital is in the range of below Rs 100,000. The most important thing is that quality must always be put forward and carried out by bright colors as a basis.

Tote Bag with a Fantastic Design

Tote bag is a type of bag that is currently in vogue. Its large load is a distinct advantage over other types of bags. Tote bags are usually made of canvas and are large in size.

And here is the place to be creative. You can create a business by designing tote bags and selling them on the market. If you are used to drawing on a drawing canvas, this time draw on a canvas bag. Its relatively large size can be a medium for creativity that can be freely developed. Make sure you use high-quality tools as a means of drawing so that your bag is durable compared to other handmade bags.

A Coin Wallet that is Easy to Make and Much Needed

Another handicraft item you can make is a coin purse. The coin is indeed small, but if it is mostly it will be difficult to carry anywhere. A small wallet will make it easier for you to carry coins without fear of being scattered.

You can also simply make a handmade coin purse. Use fabrics with unique designs and shapes in such a way by utilizing a typical Chinese wallet frame. You can also use zippers for clothes that are found on the market. Mix and match the colors of the wallet and zipper to become a wallet with a beautiful and unique design.

Wood Crafts that Are Never Lonely by Enthusiasts

Wood can be a medium for unlimited creativity. You can make various items using the wood material. For example, 3-dimensional paintings, miniatures, or small items such as phone cases, notepads, pencil cases, watches, and other unique creations.

The selling value of goods made of wood is usually more expensive and highly valued by fans in the market. You don’t need to hesitate if you want to enter the realm of this business.

Accessories and Jewelry

Not only women, now many men are starting to use handcrafted accessories. For example, such as bracelets, rings, watches, and so on. The accessories themselves also have quite a lot of enthusiasts. You can make accessories with a variety of leather or pearl materials that can be created according to your own ideas.

You can also find out what types of accessories are currently popular and modify them as you want. The more unique, attractive, and good quality materials, the higher the price automatically.

Aroma Therapy Candles

Besides being able to function as lighting when the electricity goes out, candles can also be created into aromatherapy candles that can spread fragrant aromas throughout the room and can provide a sensation of freshness for those who breathe them.

In fact, because of this uniqueness, it is not uncommon for people to make aromatherapy candles as souvenirs. One of them is a wedding souvenir. Because of this, aromatherapy candles can be a great and profitable handicraft business opportunity.

Aromatherapy candles are also quite cheap and easy to make. What you have to pay attention to is what type you will use. The results will also be better if you use natural waxes, such as palm wax and soy wax.

And if you talk about the aroma, you can experiment first so that the aromatherapy candles that are created have a nice smell. And to make it more interesting, also pay attention to the packing.

If you have a hobby of carving, making ceramics, or even weaving, these handicraft businesses can also have a high selling value. Apart from selling the products that were created, you also opened a training service for your hobby.

There are also quite a lot of enthusiasts for their own handicraft courses. Not only adults, but small children also like crafts like this. Because it can train creativity and stimulate motor skills to be more active.

Artificial Paper Flowers

Artificial paper flowers are also a very popular type of handicraft. Yes, using paper flowers can be considered cheaper than using real flowers. Yes, artificial flowers are now widely used in many processions. For example, during the application process, weddings, and birthday parties.

Artificial flowers seem to be a decoration trend for parties. And for sure, this is a business opportunity that you can try.

This creative business does not require a lot of capital because the raw materials are relatively easy and cheap to obtain. For promotion, you can take advantage of social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

Character Pillow Craft

The creative industry never stops producing unique products with high selling value. One of them is the character pillow business. In the past, pillows were only used as bedding with a monotonous square shape, now there are character pillows that are in great demand to be used as home decorations or unique gifts for those closest to you.

The creative pillow itself is unique in the form of a cute and unique shape. There are many materials that you can use to produce quality character pillows. For the filling of the pillow itself, you can use Styrofoam.

Flannel Craft Business

Who is not familiar with flannel crafts. Besides being easy to make, it turns out that flannel cloth can actually be a new business opportunity for you. Because, from flannel, you can be creative to produce various types of goods. Starting from key chains, brooches, to tissue boxes.

In addition, flannel is the main ingredient for making flower buckets, which will be in high demand when the graduation season arrives. Because it has a wide market, it’s no wonder that many consider this business to be very potential.

Accessories and Jewelry

Not only for women, but men can also use handicraft accessories. For example, such as bracelets, rings, watches, and so on.

There are quite a lot of accessories enthusiasts, you can make it with the type of leather or pearl material that can be created according to your own ideas.

You can also find out what types of accessories are currently popular and modify them as you wish. The more unique, interesting, and good quality materials. Automatically, the price offered can be even higher.

Aromatherapy Candles

If you like experimenting, making aromatherapy candles is the type of handicraft business that suits you. Aromatherapy candles are also in great demand as wedding souvenirs, which are great business opportunities for you.

But before making it, you have to know exactly what type of wax material to use.

Better yet, if you use natural wax ingredients such as soy waxpalm wax, and beeswax.

This type of natural wax is the one commonly used in making aromatherapy candles.

And for aroma, you have to be good at concocting a scent that is both soothing and refreshing. Packaging is also influential, you can use candle glasses with attractive shapes and designs that depict the scent of your candles.

Screen Printing T-shirts

This includes a handicraft business that is suitable for you with a hobby of printing. Business opportunities are also great because there are more and more T-shirt distributors.

Don’t let your printing hobby not be channeled into something even more profitable. You can offer your screen printing services to your friends, or college students who will make the event.

Because every event will need a uniform committee shirt and they will also order a large number of screenprints.

But you also have to think about the quality of the screen printing colors that are produced which are the best so as not to disappoint your buyers.

Traditional Crafts

Do you like carving, making ceramics, weaving? Well, handicrafts like this have high selling power and selling prices too.

In addition to selling the products you create, you can also open training services for your hobby.

There are quite a lot of enthusiasts, not only adults, but small children also like crafts like this. Because this can train creativity and stimulate children’s motor skills to be more active.

Painting Services

This craft certainly applies to those of you who like to draw. Paintings can be used as gifts to parents, birthday friends, or spouses.

The price you set for each painting can be different according to the level of difficulty. You can market your painting services through online media so that the marketing reach is even wider.

Your name is getting famous and there could be several parties who will contract to collaborate with your work.

How to Marketing Handicraft Products

There are many ways to market your handicraft products. The following are ways to market handicraft products that you can try:

Follow the Market

This method is arguably a popular choice for handicraft businessmen. Many institutions regularly hold handicraft bazaars and UMKM. One of them is the ministry of tourism and creative economy. Following the bazaar can introduce products, as well as a means to expand business relationships.

Promotion via Website

One way to expand the reach of a business is to promote via the website. Even though the business that is being carried out now is still relatively small, your handicraft business may further develop in the future.

Promotion via Social Media

We can all agree that social media is currently the most powerful marketing tool. Due to a large number of active users with various demographic backgrounds. With social media, you can establish wider interactions with various groups, have high visibility, and of course according to your needs.

Tips for Starting a Handicraft Business

Determine the Target Market

Determining the target market is a crucial thing to think about before starting a business. With this, you can easily market products according to the characteristics of target consumers.

Are your target market teenagers? Then you can package the product with bright colors that illustrate the spirit of a young soul. Is your target market male? Then you can design your Instagram page with masculine and neutral colors with a modern blend.

By determining a clear target market, the products sold will be right on target and make a profit in a short time. The marketing costs incurred are also not too large because the targeted market is more limited.

Branding Concept

The branding concept is the basic step that a new business must-have. Branding determines what consumers will remember about the products you sell. Start by creating a memorable product logo. The logo must represent the item being sold.

What branding will you carry? What makes your product different from other items already on the market? Those are the questions that must be answered before marketing the product. With this, you already have a solid foundation to introduce your product to the public.

Start Marketing

After everything is ready, start marketing your products! In the modern era like now, take advantage of platforms in cyberspace as much as possible. This method is easier because you don’t need to have a physical store to start a business.

You can rely on social media as a marketing tool. Are you going to focus on marketing on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook? Of course, you decide yourself. From there you can introduce your product to people across cities and even countries. The more people who see your product, the more they are interested in buying your products.

Final Words on Handicrafts Business

There are many kinds of handicraft businesses. And a little among the many, these types of handicraft businesses above are the easiest and cheapest to do.

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