How to Start a Cleaning Service in Georgia

Do you want to start a cleaning business in Georgia and don’t know how? Below we will give you a guide so you can start … in other words, how to create a cleaning company.

How to Start a Cleaning Service in Georgia

Starting a cleaning business is an excellent idea because it does not require as much capital to start as other types of businesses, you do not have as many fixed expenses (something that will save you a lot of money) and you grow as you expand your client portfolio.

Like any good business, to grow it requires that you know many things before starting. You must know how to manage, coordinate and find the best ways to advertise because the more customers you have in this business, your profits will be better.

Below we will give you a small guide on how to start your cleaning business step by step, the things you should know and the mistakes you should not make.


An initial question is: How much does it cost to start a cleaning business? This question is a bit difficult to answer because it depends on many factors.

You can start a cleaning business with very little money, but if you want to go big you will require a lot of capital.

We will give you an approximate sum of what you need to invest for both cases.

In the event that you do not have much money to start, what you will require to start will be the following:


Cleaning equipment : Around $ 5,000 or $ 6,000 thousand pesos ($ 300 dollars) . This is taking into account that the equipment you will buy will only be the basic one and it will not be very expensive and / or of first quality, for example, there are vacuum cleaners that can cost you from 10,000 to 20,000 pesos, but it is because their use is more Industrial, if you’re just starting out, you don’t need to buy one of those.

Salaries for workers : Because you could be limited by the budget, you can start with only one worker and reach an agreement in which they can establish a payment for each job they have, that is, if they do not perform any cleaning on the day you will not be forced to make a payment for it.

Permits to start: If you start only with a worker and with the basic equipment, it could be said that it is not necessary to have any permission to clean houses or offices, since there really is no one that you must have.

Vehicle to transport equipment: The vehicle can be a big problem if you don’t have it, that’s why you should see options to move around. If you do not have enough capital to buy a van to transport your equipment, you can opt for tricycles or motorcycles that can help you move more quickly and safely.

It is very easy to start a cleaning business with little money, you can even start with up to 10,000 pesos. Although of course, it will be a little difficult to extend, because for that you would have to pay for advertising, a place, permits and other expenses.

You can start with a low budget and over time grow and go to the next level, which is to hire more people, increase the work team, make deals with companies / offices / homes, etc.


Starting a cleaning business on a budget is always a good option, because the profits you will receive can also be very high.

We will give you an approximate initial cost:

Cleaning equipment : A large and professional cleaning business can take care of large buildings, which is why you need better equipment, which is why the initial amount could be much higher than the previous one. It is estimated that you could spend around 50 thousand Mexican pesos (around $ 2,500 dollars).

Salaries for workers : Salaries are something that you will have to take into account to start, that you will have to take out by measuring expenses and profits. Even so, you must have a little capital to be able to pay them, whether or not there is work for at least one season.

Vehicle to transport equipment: The vehicle is something important, since you will have to transport your tools. We recommend a special truck for work, the price varies a lot, but keep in mind that at least it will cost you more than 100,000 pesos (5,000 or 6,000 dollars).

Offices / premises : It will be necessary for you to have an office and a warehouse to store the tools and to have someone to organize your new contracts, salaries, payments, etc. Depending on the area it could cost you around $ 3,000 to $ 5,000 Mexican pesos a month.

Website and advertising: Having a website and investing in advertising is one of the fundamental parts, first of all you must have a working team available to help you plan advertising campaigns and to manage your site, respond to customers and give you maintenance to the website. There are companies dedicated to providing services, the cost can vary greatly in your region.


In response to the question “How to create a cleaning company” it is essential to talk about the equipment necessary to work. Whether you are going to dedicate especially to the cleaning of offices, houses, vehicles, etc. You will require some essential equipment:

Cleaning tools: Transport carts, brushes, mops, brooms, window cleaners, scouring pads, dust mops, mops with juicers, among others.

Basic machinery: vacuum cleaners (for carpets), sweepers, rotary cleaning machine, karcher, etc. (Some you can buy second hand to save money).

Cleaning products: Multi-purpose cleaner: glass, furniture, floor, metal, bathrooms and toilets. You will also require: detergents, degreasers, sealers, polishes, insecticides, waxes, antibacterial gel, etc.

Office supplies and equipment: One or two computers, printer, landline telephone, internet connection, basic stationery.

Vehicle : Some minivan or van to transport the equipment.

Many of the prices may vary, it is for this reason that we do not give you an estimate. Our recommendation is that you buy everything new, so you can make the guarantees valid in case you have a problem, in the long run that can save you money.


As such there is no specific license to clean houses, offices, cars, etc. But there are a series of necessary procedures that you must start to carry out, for example:

The first thing is that you must go to the SAT and register in the Federal Taxpayer Registry. In order to obtain your RFC (Federal Taxpayer Registry).

You also have to go to the urban development secretary and process the Land Use permit.

Statistics in Mexico say that at least 80% of cleaning businesses are informal, but there is also formality and reaches approximately 4 thousand companies.

In general, the help of an accountant is recommended for the correct processing of documents to be outside the law.

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