30 Profitable Entrepreneur Project Ideas For Highschool Students

Are you Looking for Entrepreneur Project Ideas for Highschool Students? Then these 30 profitable business ideas will help you in that.

Universities should be a breeding ground for starting a business. Where else can you look for resources for marketing, video, development and design, and then there are networks such as the university’s television station, radio station, and social media to help articulate the word without referring to hundreds of communities / clubs?

It’s not just about resources – the people behind them are seriously looking for experience, most of them working for free on an exciting project so they can apply for a job after graduation.

However, the background information is enough to get you through a bunch of student business ideas across online, scientific, service and everything else.

Entrepreneur Project Ideas for Highschool Students

Here are the 30 Entrepreneur Project Ideas that Highschool Students can use:

1. Photography Ideas for Students

If you have a decent DSLR, you need everything you need to get that investment off the ground. Connect with different locations directly or to an existing advertising company and become an official photographer * for specific venues or evenings. Reaching it is * officially * locked so that no one else can be in action. Then appear at the beginning of this event, turn a belt or a conveyor belt and cut it into pieces! Positions love photos and love posting pictures on social media after big events, so do your business!

By creating your own photo booth, you set the amp to another level. Pictures booths cost thousands of dollars and are completely meaningless. Grab a railroad, a shower curtain and go to your local party store for a bunch of stupid stalls. For 20 20 ($ 25), you can set up a photo booth service that you can sell, mark with dimensions and distribute social media from the halls. Simple!

2. eBay Trader in Highschool

My counterpart and I bought pills from China and sold them on eBay during our time in China. A friend of mine was looking to buy a white headset (iPhone style) in bulk and sell it separately. Another friend bought jewelry, made jewelry, and sold it separately. Choose something that works, do it on a scale and invest in some envelope / package and so on and you’re on your way.

3. Teacher

The text introduces this guide to how to be lucky at university. I can’t get a good grade without some serious support from some well-known people. Looking at it, the amount of time and value the friendship my friends gave me was angry, and they really have to pay for it! Teaching is nothing new and doesn’t need much description of me, but there are students, there are teachers. This is a fact, so why not? My focus will be on the exam time.

4. GPS Tracking Project

The GPI tracking industry has lost. 2.26 billion in big ways, and fortunately there is plenty of opportunity to enter the market. There is little competition for biting: there are options to focus on many areas, including GPS and family tracking, consumer vehicles, expensive vehicles, commercial fleets, government / NGOs, and more. . Even better, you don’t have to develop your own hardware or even software. You can easily sell GPS tracking by dropshipping or buy in bulk. Then, you can combine the GPS tracking hardware with the white label software, put your brand on it and put it all together as a package (this is a new business idea for this year).

5. Video Ideas for Entrepreneur

Yes, this is a simple format from above, but it can also be much more than that. Open video is a new business arm. You can create promotional videos for special nights, or break away from the whole nightlife and create for local companies (maybe even the businesses listed in this guide). Just like photography, if you have a good camera and a copy of Final Cut Pro, you have to cover your expenses directly from the bat.

Go crazy and set up a photography / filming company where you have unique rights in each location / event and give your license to other students!

6. Live night advertising

This is part of a guide to business ideas, not just how to make money. Yes, you can become a nightlife partner for a nightclub, but why shrink? Did you know that if you follow the big social media below, access to a network (like a community) and some good brand (simple design), you can run your own events? Choose the quietest night of the week and with a comprehensive plan, choose a great place. For zero pre-employment costs, you can run your own advertising company, work on it, and work across the city before you know it.

7. Laundry

Another straightforward and clear business idea for students. Students wear clothes Students have to wash clothes, students can’t disturb washing clothes = the market. Doing so on a real schedule can be very effective. Enroll students / apartments in a specific route for a specific day of the week, and then round it up like a round of paper when you were younger! Go to the washing machine or maximize your washing machine,

8. Design

Almost every business idea listed here requires some sort of design. If you are studying design or just interested in it, there is a definite market. Design ads, websites, ads (you think there are several ads at the beginning of the school year). Create soft and smooth business cards and start sending them to anyone who might be interested.

9. Facial makeup

If you read this keyword, you’ve probably noticed a recurring theme that. Deals with students being seasonal. Just as students have to move every year (see cleaning, cleaning salons), the elderly go to the salon for thousands of years. Arezoo artists pay a fee, so if you’re doing makeup, invest in some quality products and stop all clubs and sports communities focused on women to get customers.

10. Coach fitness

When I was in school, I joined the stadium for 100 100 ($ 124) a year! Problem? I have no idea what I’m doing. Luckily I get paid for a personal trainer in regular stadiums, PT can go up to an hour for a session (like the annual membership fee). Set a store around. 20 ($ 25) an hour and chop it up.

11. Nutritionist

Students are interested in budgeting, which means wearing clothes as a coat to avoid heating bills, or eating beans every day for a year. Having a small budget for food does not mean that you have to be unhealthy. Spend your time researching how to save on healthy eating and pave the way for nutritionists. Maybe you can work with a fitness trainer and buy a joint package.

12. Play

It can be fun, but it can be expanded. There are many businesses across the country that specialize in Flickr / Bulletin distribution. I believe you can get these mailboxes without the need for a license, but if you plan to put them in a crowded place, make sure you have the necessary paperwork. Your primary customers should be nightclubs and other student occupations.

13. Delivery of food

Just like laundry, this is a classic economic economy. As a student, you need food. Supermarkets can pay. 5 for a 3-day delivery. You can spend 20  per person for every 20 pounds (for weight management / complexity) and go every day. Amazon kills 2-hour delivery slots in London – it’s not too far away! This can be further extended to public deliveries, such as deliveries from any group store that would otherwise take a week. However, be careful not to waste all your time! You need a scale to do this.

14. Delicious cooking

In the first semester at Southampton, someone in my building burned down the apartment, almost putting the pizza in the oven and almost forgetting it. Surprisingly, another person in the same building later tried to wash and sleep pasta without water. Signs of fire engines. Students don’t have enough income to hire a full-time chef, but for a weekly dinner (we had breakfast every Wednesday) or special occasions (Easter, Christmas, history, anniversary), there’s probably a market if you Make your way around the kitchen

15. Discount

When I was in college, I started a discount company called Student Hero. We approached every club in Southampton and demanded a special discount. This should not be the best, but it should be unique to us. We did the same with other popular places like pizza and crepe cream. It only takes a few days around your local city, you can get something for thousands of real people of your true value. Pack as a program or discount card and sell it to students.

You can also sell ads on the app / card in the form of logos. We bought six seats. 200 ($ 250) / tablet, always covering all design, printing and production costs.

16. Overnight entertainment

It’s a secret term that can include many different things, but I’m talking about providing places and promoters of what they need to run events without any hassle. Maybe you’re a DJ or a band; maybe you have your equipment, maybe you have a foam machine. Become a supplier for any location for the big events of the year, and you’ll have an easily scalable business. Although you take the path of the equipment, unlike most of the tips in this guide, there are significant costs.

17. Election campaigns

As far as I know, this is still a real business. Every year in South Hampton, a comprehensive platform for everyday candidates is activated. People can win in different situations like next year’s student president. The election is being held because the most important thing in the world is advertising, soap operas, speeches and viral movies. If they act as full-fledged government elections, why can’t they buy a commodity? Becoming the authority and provider of everything related to the election campaign.

18. Lists / Comments

The first time I was listed was to launch a site. Have a catalog of a store, nightclub, event and student activities at your university. Create a site like Yelp, add a personal comment and open a platform to review students, then take it to the first year of the student market.

19. Student News

The news industry is competitive in every country in the world. In the UK, you have selected at least five major newspapers to use every day and countless online news outlets. Why isn’t it right at your university? Just because there is media support for the union does not mean that there is no room for innovation. A friend of mine created a student website that was sporadically good. Adding to advertising and partnership, and you have a real business opportunity. What are the benefits of being great without dependency? You can adjust your tone as you like.

20. Blog

With the right time and effort, any blog in any geography can be profitable. This website is a blog, it’s a “final guide” post, but it’s just a very, very, very long post. If you’re interested in a particular topic, buy a domain for. 6 ($ 8), create a WordPress site, and write. Aim for 500+ words in each article and share it on your social media. When you add real traffic through a blog, add Google Adsense.

21. Dependent

This can be coordinated with a blog. The affiliate is the one who sends the traffic to an e-commerce site like Amazon and is paid if the user buys something. A great example of this technology – if you’re a bit of a gamer and stupid, start a blog to explore new technology with a link to each product. If you have a good traction, you can finally get your products for free from brands and get them for review. If you want, then you can donate these products through a marketing campaign.

22. French

I can’t survive if I don’t have an alternative income stream like freelancing. Over time, this was a full-time income stream, and I worked directly as a freelance translator for six months. If you are proficient in any online field such as design, copywriting, A / B testing, programming, etc., set a profile in UpWork or PeoplePerHour and arrange for business! These operating systems are review-based, so for the first time 20 customers have their own super high feedback and beyond, followed by snowballs.

23. Webinars

This is a teaching advancement, but if you are great at a particular subject, you can also host hosts across the country to train people at other universities. Spend a small amount to join or a small amount to record afterwards.

24. Author’s CV / Resumé

One of the things people normally eat is to talk to themselves. This is one of the easiest things for anyone but yourself. If you are good at writing and playing music, you can start a CV / Resumé writing business. If you do this for a customer and they get a job, get a certificate from them and a list of them, where they are currently working and your testimony on your website. Applications will be placed before you know it.

25. PR

There is another for writers. Press publications are the equivalent of a CV business. There are left, right, and center opportunities to help local businesses with PR. You can team up with your university blog and start offering it as a service (shout out to companies). If you want to do this on a scale, check out your auction offer in the All Other section of this guide.

26. Open source

The joke of choice was when I was in school, the cmd-f- replaced a word like “a” with an oath just before a friend got to work! Start writing your friend’s licenses for something as cheap as $1 for every 1,000 words. You need a scale, but with practice you will get faster and faster.

27. Cleaning the halls

I believe this is one of the best small and autonomous businesses you can ever start at university. Print some ads and go to the door around the halls of your residence. You need zero experience (assuming you know how to make food) and there is no cost other than cleaning materials. If you wait until your first reservation to buy cleaning supplies, you have zero debt and are immediately profitable. This can be too scalable. By managing business relationships with students, you can build a cleaning empire around your university, hire your friends / classmates / anyone to clean and cut.

28. End cleaning cleaning

I kept it separate from Halls Cleaning for one reason or another. Cleaning the halls is all about scale – you have a lot of work inside and out that makes a small amount for each person / room / bed. For anyone who has rented a dormitory and needs to clean it at the end of the year, you know this is much bigger and more complicated. When the semester is over and it’s time, students should thoroughly clean their entire home, clean all the walls, clean all the appliances, windows, and so on. Professional cleaning companies can pay 200 200 ($ 250) for a day’s work. I’m sure students can do it easily. With thousands of students doing this every year at every university, there is great potential for income.

29. Delivery of sandwiches

A revelation when I was in college. There is a 30 minute delivery for each sandwich of your choice. This in itself was worth mentioning in this list, but a quick way around the limitations mentioned above is to focus on something very simple and inexpensive (like a sandwich) and quick spin time. BBC Dragon Duncan sold his fortune from the refrigerator van. You may be the first dragon sandwich.

30. Burger Cake

It reminds me of an important incident, if you are selling food, make sure you have all the necessary files. The burgers weren’t in my original draft, but then I remember that the sports fields in Southampton were a million miles away. Athletes, and most importantly all sports fans, need to eat!

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