Sports Business Ideas: Top 36 Successful Sports Businesses

The sports business is one of the profitable business sectors right now and one in the ten entrepreneurs wants to start a sports business.

Are you passionate about sport and want to start a business in the sports sector? Do you want to get into sports entrepreneurship? This article presents 36 business creative ideas related to sport.

Aware of their sedentary lifestyle, the American is more numerous each year to take an interest in sport and to practice regular physical activity.

The sports and personal development market is booming and offers interesting business opportunities. It is a rapidly evolving market that is the subject of numerous innovations, both in terms of marketing and technology.

In any case, if you want to start a sport, start by carrying out market research.

Profitable Sports Business Ideas

Here the most profitable and successful sports business ideas.

Sports Equipment Store

Opening a sports shop can be the dream of many sports lovers.

Just imagine, almost every type of sport requires sports equipment.

For example, clothes, sports equipment such as balls or racquets, as well as accessories.

By opening a sports equipment store, you are facilitating not only one type of sport but even many types of sports.

Moreover, the types of sports are very diverse, ranging from those with a lot of enthusiasts such as football, basketball, and volleyball to those with limited interest such as takraw or hockey.

A very big opportunity, right?

Rent a Sports Arena

Increasingly, sports arenas that function as free public facilities such as football fields and athletic tracks are being eroded.

That is why more and more commercial sports facilities are being built in various regions.

Sports arenas such as futsal courts, basketball, swimming pools, and gyms are one of the business opportunities in the sports industry.

However, the magnitude of the business opportunity in this sports arena is not yet comparable to the available facilities.

Take for example the gym.

According to the CEO of Gold’s Gym USA, as reported by Kompas, the number of fitness centers is still very small, only around 1 percent.

The sports arena rental business opportunity is still very wide open!

Sports Consultant

This sports consulting business is suitable for those of you who have expertise in one aspect related to sports.

A sports consultant works closely with professional athletes to take care of various aspects such as health, branding, and various professional collaborations.

Great athletes from various sports in the world cannot be separated from the role of sports consultants to enhance their careers, you know.

For those of you who are interested in pursuing a business opportunity as a sports consultant, prepare yourself as well as possible!

Sports Trainer

This fourth business opportunity in the field of sports does not require large capital, just take advantage of the expertise you have.

This opportunity is suitable for you, an athlete, or for those of you who do have coaching certifications in various sports.

Not only trainers for the gym, but you can also train for various other types of sports, you know!

Nobar Arena

Do you have a cafe or coffee shop and want to expand your business and open a sports business?

Just take advantage of your cafe or coffee shop to become an arena for sporting events!

No need to bother opening new spaces and drawing up a business plan.

You only need to prepare the right marketing strategy for the nobar arena.

Supporters of soccer and MotoGP motorbike racing are usually the ones who hold watching events together the most.

Guaranteed your cafe or coffee shop is always busy and in demand!

Creating Sports Applications

Today, smartphones have become part of people’s lives that are inseparable from various daily activities.

This also applies to sports activities which have now developed into a lifestyle.

If you pay attention, currently many smartphone application makers are also making various sports applications.

Starting from running distance marker applications, applications for aerobic exercise at home, to burning calorie marker applications are available on your smartphone.

This is certainly a lucrative opportunity for software developers and sports lovers alike.

The market opportunity is still very large!

Sports Souvenir Business

Almost every month there are always sports events held in various regions in the USA, especially in big cities.

Starting from badminton, basketball, football, to sports that are less demanding, such as athletics or running a marathon.

Every sporting event is actually a great opportunity for those of you who are interested in being involved in this field.

You can offer a variety of sports souvenirs for both the audience and the participants.

Starting from knick-knacks such as scarves, hats, mugs, to bags, all can be attractive commodities when associated with certain sports.

Manager or Sports Camp Owner

Having a place for sports players to gather will certainly be very enjoyable for those of you who have a great love for sports. If you want to be someone like this, of course, you have to work with people who have expertise in certain sports.

Not only that, you can later become a sponsor for a sports club around you if your sports camp becomes large. Becoming a sponsor will certainly bring a lot of benefits in the future.

Public Relations Professional Athletes

A professional athlete who has many achievements usually needs a public relation. Why? Because it is not only their lives as athletes in the field that will be in the spotlight, life outside the field to privacy will also continue to be sought out.

That is why, they will need a public relation to represent them to explain some things that they cannot explain, or even cover things that are not known to many people. With the existence of Public Relations, the life of athletes will usually be calmer, and sometimes it can open other avenues to earn money.

Health And Nutrition Coach

Those who like to do sports usually also adopt a healthy lifestyle. Not only do they, but some of them may also even include you, very much understand things related to the nutrition of food, drinks and how to regulate them when consumed into your body.

Ade Rai, for example, is currently one of the people who really understand nutrition and is increasingly being called here and there to talk about nutrition and health. If you do have the ability to do this, there is nothing wrong with showing your ability.

Selling Sports Merchandise That Has A History

Everything will be more valuable if not everyone can have it, or the item is with people who are very influential in their fields. For example, if you really like soccer, keep some items that you feel have a memory or history, and one day you can sell them for a hefty price.

Selling items like this will certainly be easier if you have a wide network, so use social media or several websites that are intended for such matters.

Sports Sector in the USA: Some market elements

Sport is the number one leisure activity for American people. 26% of them consider sport as their favorite pastime, in front of reading, television or music. About 29 million people participate in sport at least once a week.

48% of sportspeople are involved in walking and running, which makes it by far the most practiced sporting activity, ahead of cycling, swimming or even dancing and fitness. Running and the sale of running accessories is a particularly dynamic segment.

The USA is particularly well endowed with sports facilities. There are approximately 267,000 public or private facilities including football, rugby, tennis courts, and even gymnasiums.

The main sports practiced in the USA are, in order.

  • running (jogging, jogging, walking),
  • cycling,
  • swimming,
  • football (nearly 2 million licensees),
  • Tennis (1.1 million licensees),
  • Horse-riding (700,000 practitioners),
  • judo,
  • basketball,
  • Handball,
  • rugby,
  • Golf.

The prospect of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games should only strengthen the practice of sport and the consumption of sporting goods in the coming years.

Finally, around 200,000 people work in the sports sector in the USA.

25 Other Sports Business Ideas

  1. Settle down as a sports coach.
  2. Create an online sports coaching company, dedicated to women and postpartum fitness.
  3. Create a YouTube channel of sports advice. See our article Create a YouTube channel and make a living from it.
  4. To settle nature paths in the sport.
  5. Settling down as a sports dietitian.
  6. Settle down as a yoga teacher and open a physical and spiritual fitness center.
  7. Open or resume a fitness or bodybuilding room. Look for business opportunities near you by visiting the Transcommerce site.
  8. Open a low-cost gym club.
  9. Create an urban football center, indoor football, five-a-side football…
  10. Create a sports association. Youth and Sport approval will be obtained.
  11. Create a sports communication consultancy agency.
  12. Create a sports management consultancy agency to intervene with sports clubs and associations. The market for the distribution of sporting goods amounted to around 11 billion euros in turnover in 2017. Americans spend an average of 253 euros per year on sporting goods.
  13. Create a sports store specializing in running and hiking.
  14. Create a store specializing in sport’s shoes. The shoe segment is growing at around 7% per year, much higher than that of textiles, for example.
  15. Create a store specializing in women’s sports. Indeed, female sports practice is growing very quickly, twice as fast as men.
  16. Open a second-hand sporting goods store, on the model of CashConverters.
  17. Open a cycle store. Sales of bicycles and accessories are experiencing excellent growth, around 6% per year, driven by electric bikes and mountain bikes.
  18. Create a sporting goods rental business, ideally in a tourist area. Beware, however, of seasonality.
  19. Create an e-commerce site for sporting goods. It is an attractive idea because it allows you to work from home, but it is often difficult to manage to live from it. The key is to work with SEO several months or even years upstream, for example through a WordPress blog.
  20. Create a connected sportswear company (GPS, biometrics, like the Mac Lloyd start-up).
  21. Create a social network of meetings between sportsmen practicing the same activity.
  22. Create a new sport, develop it and organize it in a federation.
  23. Create a sports magazine, on a specific theme.
  24. Create an ultra-complete blog on the theme of a particular sport. See our article Create and live a blog.
  25. Create the most complete guide to hiking in the USA.
  26. Write and publish a book on the sport. See our dedicated article.

Steps to start a business in sport.

Here are the main steps to start a business in the sports sector.

  1. Conduct market research (click on the link for more information),
  2. Write a business plan,
  3. Look for help or funding (if necessary),
  4. Choose your legal status,
  5. Take out professional liability insurance,
  6. Get started!

Thanks for reading this post on sports business ideas. Hope this was useful for you.

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