33 Profitable Business Ideas in the United States

Looking for profitable business ideas in the United States? Then you came to the right place.

Starting a new business is the dream of many entrepreneurs. However, due to the investment it requires, this is not always an easy task

33 Business Ideas in the United States

However, as always, innovative and revolutionary ideas come from the United States ready to hit hard. Here we are going to present more than 33, although surely there are still more.

1. Presentation of clients

Most of the entrepreneurs who open a business are specialists in a specific subject (nutrition, interior design, technology, etc.). However, they often don’t have enough business skills to find customers to sell their products to, or at least to do it on a large scale. It is here that a professional in contact with one another can earn a living.

2. Day Trading

By Day Trading means a practice that seeks to buy and sell stocks quickly and often during a single trading day to get good profits within a short period. The potential of this idea is enormous, but its risk is also enormous.

3. Do surveys

Most of the public tends to be reluctant to fill out surveys for free. However, when they are paid, things change. The truth is that today, many companies pay for it. The income obtained is not very high, but the risk is completely nil.

4. Blog business

business ideas in the United States

Blogs, despite the irruption of social networks, are still very lucrative businesses. Creating a network on various topics and providing each of the blogs that make it up with quality and useful content is the key to obtaining good benefits via advertising.

5. Sell homemade products over the Internet

More and more people are launching to sell something online. In this sense, having a special ability to prepare cookies or soaps or to craft clothing can be a very interesting business opportunity. You can choose to sell them through a marketplace such as eBay or Amazon or choose your online store.

6. Write content

The web pages, to provide quality content to their users and ingratiate themselves with Google to go up in their rankings, need writers. In this sense, it is not necessary to have a specific career in this regard but to have writing and research skills on any subject.

7. Sale of services on the Internet

Virtually anything can be hired on the Internet. Many professionals in SEO positioning, legal advice, accounting, content writing and many other subjects take advantage of a medium as widely available like this to offer their skills and their work in this regard.

8. Sell products on a marketplace

The marketplaces like eBay or Amazon are places where anyone can sell their products and make profits. Besides, they allow faster access to a high market share, although you have to pay commissions. In any case, the risk, although high, is less than when setting up your online store.

9. Dog walker

This society is experiencing strong growth in respect for animals. For this reason, those who have dogs and, at the same time, are locked in their workplace for many hours, look for people to walk them. Taking out 4 or 5 at a time it is possible to get a good profit margin.

10. Real estate agent

The economic crisis that affected the real estate market so much in the past is finally being left behind. For this reason, this profession returns to generate good income and opportunities, especially in terms of rentals, but also, to a lesser extent, sales.

11. YouTuber

The profession of YouTuber is not exclusively linked to the youngest. And it is that anyone who can create fun, useful and hooked videos can attract followers, visits and, consequently, money. Also, YouTube is usually a platform with no middle ground. Either you earn a lot or very little.

12. Set up an online car parts store

More and more people, instead of taking their car to the workshop, try to fix it by themselves. In this sense, they usually search online stores for the parts they need to get it. This is the reason why this type of business is so fashionable.

13. Electronic commerce for local stores

Due to the small volume of business they have, most of the small neighbourhood stores do not find it profitable to have their web pages. However, this problem can be solved by making a union between several and offering the products together.

14. Set up a clothing store

Clothing is always a profitable business. Whether it is through the Internet, a medium in which these businesses are proliferating at exponential speed, or physically, the opportunities are many. And it is that you can choose to sell clothes at a low price to the general public or focus on a certain niche with more expensive creations.

15. Virtual assistant

Fortunately, today, many tasks that previously required an appearance in the offices of a company can be done electronically. In fact, on many occasions, companies prefer it to be so since they can save costs. Also, a single virtual assistant can operate for several businesses and thus multiply their benefits.

16. Offer mobile catering services

More and more restaurant and catering owners are offering their services through mobile applications. In this sense, this business model can be carried out using the order request formula or through the demand for the installation of a mobile stand from which to serve food, for example.

17. Tutoring

Those who are specialists in any discipline have the opportunity to tutor and teach others through the Internet. For this, they usually use online portals and resources, such as chat platforms, audiovisual content, etc.

18. Design of WordPress themes

When creating your web pages, WordPress, due to its simplicity, is one of the most used platforms. However, the majority of users do not have advanced design knowledge, so they often request the services of qualified professionals to make their portal look unique and stay away from predefined topics.

19. Exercise as a personal trainer

Those who spend half their lives in the gym to improve their physique, sooner or later, come across the opportunity to advise others to achieve the goals they seek. The cult of the body and healthy lifestyle habits are more fashionable than ever, so there is no shortage of clients for these professionals who, in general, do not require extensive knowledge in the field.

20. Setting up a cleaning business

Cleaning companies are probably the simplest and the least risky. Furthermore, demand is practically unlimited. And is that all office centres, buildings, factories and, ultimately, any venue, needs this service regularly.

21. Sell photographs

Many have an SLR camera and honestly don’t know how to redeem it. A good way is to take photographs that can later be sold to companies so that they can carry out their advertising campaigns or illustrate their blog posts. There is a wide variety of image backgrounds on the Internet, which is a good example of the existing demand.

22. Cooking

But not in a restaurant. There are not a few who, having good culinary skills, start preparing tastings in their neighbourhood and give them to their neighbours to try and, later, start selling their dishes. Also, it can be accompanied by explanatory videos that are then uploaded to YouTube to generate visits. In any case, it is an ideal formula to make yourself known and start creating the foundations of a profitable business.

23. Create a local website

Creating a specific portal for a neighbourhood, town or district is often synonymous with benefits. And it is that, generally, small local communities do not usually have places where they can express themselves freely or where they can advertise or be aware of what is happening in the place where they live.

24. Create a website under the membership formula

The best thing about web pages that operate under the membership model is that they generate constant and secure income. However, quality and usefulness must be taken care of as much as, generally, users are reluctant to subscribe and pay the monthly fee at first. This model usually works especially well when they specialize in technology products.

25. Pet care

Pet owners not only want to keep them well-groomed in terms of taking them for walks and giving them quality feed, but they also want them to be neat and good-looking. For this reason, those who are specialized in the washing and grooming of dogs and other pets are usually highly valued.

26. Development of mobile games

Mobile video games don’t have to be overly complex. On many occasions, some knowledge of Java and a good idea are enough for you to enjoy thousands of downloads. The key? Make the game mechanics as addictive as possible.

27. Bicycle rental and group excursions

It requires a strong initial investment, but the truth is that more and more people are encouraged to move around the city by bike and do not find the possibility of doing so with the municipal services offered. Also, knowing the natural landscapes of the surroundings leads many to organize excursions and guided bicycle touring routes. If they are held on weekends, there is always demand.

28. Marketing in social networks

Social networks are communication media whose limits are still unknown. However, what is clear is that it is ideal to make yourself known to the public. Having the ability to manage communities on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and a good direction of digital content will be the key to the success of many businesses.

29. Mobile device screen repair

The smartphones and tablets, unfortunately, have a bad habit of falling often. And when this happens, it is not uncommon for your screen to break and replace it. This process, in general, is quite simple but, at the same time, it is inaccessible to the average user. Knowing how to change them is always synonymous with success since there is a high demand for this service.

30. Create differentiating resumes

Standing out in a selection process and getting a job, especially when it requires high qualifications, is not easy. In fact, for this, the curriculum is an essential tool. Writing it may seem easy, but the truth is that, as anyone can do, it is not easy to stand out from the competition. By promoting this service and guaranteeing successes it is possible to earn a lot of money without any risk.

31. Create a public relations agency

Businesses generally seek public relations that serve to promote and publicize their products and services to a specific market niche. Best of all, this model can be carried out through a company or as a freelance since it does not require large resources, but good skills.

32. Development of social photo-sharing applications

Users of mobile devices search for applications through which they can share, quickly and comfortably, the photos they take with their cameras. And it is that, in this sense, the traditional ones are usually slow and do not offer all the guarantees of privacy that could be ideal. As with video games, this is a pretty safe bet.

33. Teach courses through the web

Online training is in fashion. This is mainly because many people try to retrain and reinvent themselves professionally but, at the same time, due to their circumstances, they cannot take courses in person. Therefore, having a teaching qualification on a subject offers the possibility of offering them through the Internet and recruiting students.

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