21 Successful Business Ideas for Young People

Students may not carry out full-time work activities. However, on many occasions they need financial resources to cover expenses, such as buying books, tuition, transportation, among others. If you are looking for extra money, here you will learn some business ideas for young students that you can do without neglecting your studies.

Business ideas for young people

Walking dogs

If you like and are good at dogs, you can use your free time to walk pets. Work schedules are defined according to the needs of the owners. The best way to start is to provide your services to family, friends and residents of your neighborhood .

Although the investment is slight, you will surely need straps, seat belts, excrement bags. You must take it into account when setting the prices of your services.

It is a great business idea to take advantage of your love for dogs and earn money from it.


Makeup, fashion, photography, travel, cooking … what are you good at? Exploit all your skills and become a promoter of influence. To do this, you must lose the stage fright and open a YouTube channel or create a profile on social networks. The first thing is to get a high number of followers through interesting and original content. Over time come the options to earn money on Facebook , Instagram and YouTube .

The main ways to generate income with these platforms are through affiliate marketing , sale or resale of products, Google Adsense advertising, among other specific ways for each of the channels.


It is usually a very attractive paid activity for those who like children. Your role will be to take care of them while the parents are away. It’s about playing with them, helping them do their homework, etc.

Offering subject help to other students

Are you good at some subject or several? If so, you can be an instructor for other studentswho find these subjects more complex. Thus, you will earn extra money and, in the process, you will strengthen your knowledge.

Distribute flyers

Brochures or flyers are a form of “old school” advertising, but if they still exist today it is because of their effectiveness and because they are so inexpensive. Many businesses make use of this form of promotion that is based on distributing flyers in shopping malls or busy streets to reach their services to as many people as possible.

Being a part-time business, since you don’t need to spend all day handing out flyers, it’s a good way to generate some income for students.

But if that is too small for you, you can create your own flyer printing business . Of course, you will need investment in computer, printer and paper. For the flyer dealer staff, you can ask other classmates for collaboration, for a fee.

Free tourist guides

If you live in a tourist city and are looking for a business idea to get some extra money, being a “free” tour guide may interest you . And surely you will think: “How can I make money if it is a free tour “, what an inconsistency! Well, no, this groundbreaking concept of traditional tourist guides is currently highly demanded by travelers. It is about offering your guide services for free or at the will of tips . Under this model, people are not required to pay you for the tour. However, it is unlikely that this will happen, unless your visit did not please at all.

To differentiate yourself and earn good tips take a different route. The historical centers of the cities are always the most sought-after. Therefore, competition may be high on that route. But how about a bar and cafe experience? Or night tours? Study all the possibilities that have not been exploited in your city and focus your efforts on that target.

Second-hand sale

The sale of second-hand products is already a trend. Perhaps this is your idea to start your own business. There is nothing better than giving a product a second use!

First of all, start with your products. For sure, you have a lot of items that you no longer want and that can be reused by other people. If not, try to find suppliers or buy the products through marketplaces such as Amazon or Mercado Libre. This business idea is very flexible. You can sell countless items, from clothing to antiques.

On the other hand, as sales channels you have the option of renting a physical location, creating an online store or selling your items on platforms such as eBay.

Street vending

This is one of the business ideas that requires very low investment since you do not need a commercial establishment. You can sell your products through sales carts. In addition, the options to market are very varied from homemade food, desserts, accessories to souvenirs .

Elderly care

To take care of the elderly, you need basic nursing skills, patience, human quality and dedication. It is a business that requires almost no investment if you do it at home , unless you want to enroll in a training course that supports your knowledge to perform this job. You can take nursing courses, first aid, care for the elderly and gain experience as a nursing home volunteer.

This is the way to start. However, if you manage to have several elderly people to care for, you can create a center for this purpose. It is very lucrative, but requires initial investment to adapt the place to your needs.

Catering company

Although it is a business that can reach large dimensions, initially it does not entail much investment. You can even start the business from home. A catering service means planning, designing and implementing a food and beverage system for a special occasion, such as weddings, parties, baptisms, communions or business meetings.

In the first instance you will need a kitchen, utensils, supplies and perhaps an assistant. Don’t forget about sanitation and food handling permits.

Shop for souvenirs or typical products from other countries

Travelers always try to take a typical souvenir of the place they visited. And where to get that product? In a souvenir shop . If you live in a tourist city, this is one of the business ideas that you can exploit. These stores are generally physical and located in commercial areas.

What to sell It is the first point that you must analyze. The basic concept of these stores are the indigenous products of the country , or that at least characterize it. Think about what makes your nation special or a characteristic that identifies it. If you are skilled with manual work, you can market products made by yourself. If not, partner with good providers.

Now, what if you sell items from other countries in your region? Think of travelers who forgot gifts or simply people who are sympathetic to a certain foreign culture and want to take it to decorate their home.


Another low-investment business idea is flower shops . Flowers are a typical gift, therefore, they are always in demand, especially on special dates such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, etc. Don’t focus on the concept of a traditional florist with its classic bouquets. Break into the market with something innovative . For example, indigenous flowers from other countries or with exotic colors … You could also focus on a specific niche. What if your florist is the reference in wedding flower arrangements?

Set up a digital advertising agency

Internet advertising is a sector that has grown exponentially for a few years. So much so that by 2023 digital advertising is expected to represent 60.5% of total advertising expenses worldwide , according to Statista data. What does this mean? That companies and businesses will bet more strongly on online advertising than on traditional forms of advertising. The business opportunity? Set up a digital advertising agency.

If you are an advertising guru, you have already risen one step, if not, start investing in digital advertising knowledge in order to offer quality services. Being a low investment business, you can start it from your home. You only need a computer, a printer, a telephone, a fax and, of course, an Internet connection.

To publicize your business create a website, so you will reach more audiences. Another option is to go to local businesses and offer your digital advertising services.

Makeup business

The world of makeup and cosmetics is an excellent option for starting a small, low-investment business. If you have passed a professional makeup course or if you are just good at it, how about starting to offer your makeup artist services? If you do not have the budget to set up a makeup studio, the best way to start then is to offer makeup service at home .

On the other hand, the ideal would be to specialize in a specific niche. The most common and lucrative is bridal makeup . However, you can try other things, for example, makeup for theme parties. And beware of the products! It is extremely important that you work with good articles to avoid damaging the skin of the clients.

To publicize your services, create a YouTube channel and offer tutorials. It would also be great if you opened an Instagram account to upload your makeup work . These networks, for sure, will be your cover letter. Another option is to associate with nearby beauty salons that recommend your business.

A good way to earn extra money is by selling cosmetic products. Who better than a professional in the world to recommend items!

Pet care

We have already mentioned it to you, everything concerning the pet market is booming. In this case, it is about creating a space to take care of them when their owners are traveling . Although the place needs some conditioning, it does not require large investment amounts. You can create a nursery for less than 2,000 USD.

Pet cemeteries and funeral homes

You already know the importance of pets today. So much so that since offering care services, food products and accessories, it has been undertaken even in the creation of cemeteries or funeral homes for those beloved animals.

Food truck or fast food truck

If you are a potential chef, this business is for you. The food truck are trucks adapted for preparing and selling food . The truth is that this groundbreaking concept in the fast food industry has been widely accepted. However, it is nothing new. In fact, they emerged more than 100 years ago. The main ingredient in the formula for success in this business is to revolutionize gastronomic offerings .

If you start with selling traditional hot dogs, it is highly unlikely that you will go far. On the other hand, if you renew the sauces, add them and give it a unique touch, the hot dog can be your catapult. So it should be with any product you decide to offer.

Also, do not forget the itinerant route and the speed of services , so consistent with the speed and mobility of modern life!

The main advantage is that you can enter the culinary world with a small business that requires much less investment than setting up a cafeteria or a restaurant. And who knows if you are the next star in the guild.

Coffee Bike

And we continue with business ideas on wheels. This time it’s about riding a coffee bike . It is a small and low investment business , since you can build it with a budget of between 2,000 and 3,000 USD. It is about the preparation and peddling of coffee. As is well known, “red” is a highly demanded product, so there is a high possibility of customers.

The rest is up to you: the quality of your coffee, the aesthetics of the bicycle, the routes … As for this last aspect, think of strategic places. For example, in the mornings you can locate your cafeteria on wheels on the outskirts of a hospital, business center, universities, etc. On the other hand, on weekends it would be ideal to find yourself in a park or in places with a large influx of people.


Setting up a daycare is one of the small business ideas , but at the same time profitable due to high demand. Children and work do not always combine, therefore, parents require the care of their children while they work.

The flexibility that this type of entrepreneurship offers is that you can start it in your own home . The initial investment will include equipping the place with cribs, tables and chairs, games and educational materials, etc. Your nursery must respond positively to these four requirements: high security, flexible hours, healthy eating and adequate facilities.

If you want your business to grow, make sure that your proposal is not just a place to take care of children during work hours, but a space for early education and healthy eating. To do this, it hires qualified personnel who have previous experience and are highly trained in childcare, first aid and with educational knowledge.

On the other hand, your nursery must make a difference and outperform the competition. For this, it incorporates services such as language classes, drawing or theater, its own teaching system, transportation service for infants, among others.

Vending business with vending machines

The vending is a system of selling products through autoexpendedoras machines . That is, without the need for employees managing them. This business idea can be very profitable if they are placed in strategic places such as gas stations, hospitals, shopping malls, among other places with a large influx of people. In addition, they have a high percentage of use, as they are available 24 hours a day.

With these machines you can sell almost any type of product, as long as they comply with the regulations established for marketing in vending machines. For example, food and drinks, personal hygiene items, etc.

On the other hand, it is not a business that requires a lot of investment. She will depend on the products to be sold. For example, the costs of assembling a vending machine range from $ 500 to $ 5,000 .

Appliance repair shop

How many appliances do we have in our homes? Today’s human being invests more and more in these devices … In short, they make life easier for us. Vacuums, electric pots, coffee machines, mixers, etc., are devices that break down over time. Before buying a new one, we often choose to repair them. So home appliance repair shops are a business that can bring you good profits .

In addition, it does not entail much investment. For starters, you can set up your workshop at home or offer home delivery. With time and a greater number of clients, you rent a local. Another way to generate extra income is by selling parts for those who want to fix their appliances themselves.

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