What is New Generation Entrepreneurship?

The new generation entrepreneurship is the one who succeeds in influencing the society with a project, idea or innovation by revealing what is not there and trying the untested. It is the job of people who follow their dreams. These people use their mind, time and knowledge with a focus on science and knowledge. They never finish university and start working like ordinary people do. He is constantly involved in technology, such as Gates, Jobs, Zuckerberg, Page or Yong that you all know well. These people havecreated innovative companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, Yahoo, Facebook . They combined their dreams with technology and fed with science.

With the new generation entrepreneurship, the departments of top universities around the world focus on science and technology. The new generation entrepreneurs are starting to catch up from their student days. Students gain experience by working in R&D and technology departments. Many successful science-focused universities focus on raising entrepreneurs by leaving the classical education approach. At the end of this process, new projects and innovations emerge. Technology-oriented students who are the best, equipped, creative and pursuing their dreams are leaders in entrepreneurship. 

New Generation Entrepreneurship Features

  • New generation entrepreneurs look at problems from a different and broad perspective.
  • They are solution oriented. They find solutions by using technology at the most advanced level. 
  • They frequently do R&D Studies.
  • It aims to solve the problems that people have difficulty in solving.
  • They take risks . Because they try to solve problems encountered for the first time, they can make mistakes at every stage.
  • They are generally not for profit. They aim to raise awareness. They spend their profits on issues that will raise awareness.
  • It is open to all kinds of innovative ideas. They are compatible with change and innovations.
  • They can produce new things and bring them into our lives.
  • They venture around the world. They try to find solutions to the common problems of the world and the country.
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New Generation Entrepreneurship and Generation Z

There is a close relationship between the new generation entrepreneurship and Generation Z. Generation Z includes the generation known as millennial children and born from 2000 to the present. This generation, which was born almost with technology, is also known as the “internet generation” . A generation that is smart, ambitious and highly entrepreneurial. It consists of people who are not afraid to take responsibility to advance in their careers. According to researches, most of the young people of this generation want to be their own bosses.

The entrepreneurial spirit of the generation Z works patiently and motivated to achieve its goals. They are prone to network marketing . It makes R&D studies at every opportunity. For the new generation entrepreneurship, you can constantly improve yourself and receive trainings on this subject. You can improve yourself professionally by taking ” Entrepreneurship and Value Creation Strategies Training”  given by Istanbul Business Institute .

Why is Generation Z so prone to new generation entrepreneurship? 

  • They grow up with technology : Since the generation Z was born and raised with technology , they also dominate all digital platforms. They actively manage and use social media . They can set up their own YouTube channel and produce all kinds of content. Thanks to these platforms, they share their skills with the whole world.
  • Increasing unemployment: A significant portion of young people cannot get the job they want after graduating from their schools. He works for a small job for a temporary period or even without insurance. All these negativities encourage young people to start their own businesses instead of hiring unwanted and low-income jobs. 
  • Ability to use different applications: Young people who use different applications used on some sites can benefit from all the possibilities of technology. By working freely in many digital marketing areas, they can earn money by finding potential customers.
  • They can show their skills in the digital environment: Young people can show all their skills on the internet. They use YouTube channels effectively. They produce content such as videos and text on every subject and make their own promotions. They also use social media effectively to start their own business, sell, market and produce their products.
  • Their willingness to act now is at the forefront: Instead of waiting for the economy to recover, they act and try to stimulate their own economies. They mobilize their own businesses with their entrepreneurial spirit. The new generation entrepreneurship also requires this. Many of the young people do internships at top companies and use their experience to start their own businesses. 
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What Does Being a New Generation Entrepreneur Provide for You?

The new generation entrepreneurship is to set off with courage and self-confidence, to bring creative ideas to life and to try the untested . Being a new generation entrepreneur gives you experience in many ways. We can list these experiences as follows:

  • Different Thinking Ability : You are constantly in research to produce an idea, especially a different and untested idea and project. You have to be creative to design and produce new things. Entrepreneurship gives you the ability to think differently than anyone else.
  • You Set Up Your Own Business : With the new generation entrepreneurship, you can start your own business and become your own boss. You set the rules of your business. You plan all the details of your business. 
  • Your sense of responsibility grows: You are responsible for all your own business. Any risk, positive or negative, is yours with the responsibilities you assume. You set your own rules. You are also responsible for what happens to you when you break the rules you set yourself. 
  • Your leadership skills improve: When you become a new generation entrepreneur and start your own business, you are now the leader. You have all the responsibilities of leadership. You manage your business and your employees. 
  • You use digital platforms more and more efficiently: Being a new generation entrepreneur means being intertwined with technology. When you work with devoted and continuous research, you will use digital platforms more effectively. This will increase your customer and sales volume.
  • You gain social status: Your job, your position and the sector you work in determine your general status before the society. People who do their job fondly and are successful are always approved by the society. As a new generation entrepreneur, you will have proven what you have done at a young age.
  • You learn to be determined and not give up: You will be determined to succeed, no matter how hard the job you are doing. You cope with difficulties and learn not to give up.
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Entrepreneurship and Value Creation Strategies Training

For the new generation entrepreneurship, you have to improve and keep yourself updated. It is important to be successful in business and learn entrepreneurial skills. 

Entrepreneurship and Value Creation Training is given by Istanbul Business Institute . The aim of this training is to gain basic entrepreneurship skills and to reveal a creative business model. In order to increase the success rate of companies, it is necessary to increase their innovation and value creation capacities. This training is a long term training and you can learn valuable information by paying a few coffee prices. You can adapt the valuable information you have learned to your work. You can benefit from education for a year and reinforce what you have learned. If you pass the exam at the end of the training, you will be entitled to receive a digital certificate. This education; Entrepreneurs, managers, employees and students who want to do their own business can participate. With this training, you will gain basic entrepreneurship skills.

What should the new generation entrepreneurs not do?

The new generation entrepreneurs should never give up, they should try to overcome difficulties by keeping their motivation high. Do not go out alone and have partners. Success is teamwork, build your team and brainstorm. 

Can anyone be an entrepreneur?

Anyone can be an entrepreneur. However, in order to be an entrepreneur, you need to have a determined, highly motivated and creative idea. At the same time, people with full self-confidence and leadership qualities can become entrepreneurs.

Who is an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is a person who realizes different ideas and projects designed by taking risks. On the one hand, it makes money, on the other hand it produces value to meet the needs of people. It reveals ideas that make a difference with their courage, creativity and talent. 

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