How to Start a Baby Clothing Business from Scratch (2020)

How to Start a Baby Clothing Business? We have prepared a great guide for those who want to open a baby clothing store (business or line). How much does it save to open a baby clothing store (business or line) ? What is the monthly income of a baby clothing store (business or line)? We recommend that you carefully examine this guide, where you can find answers to all your questions.

You will be able to reach all kinds of tricks from the materials necessary to open a baby clothing store (business or line) to store (business or line) decoration.

Every day in the world and in our country, a young couple enters the world house and these young couples have a baby. For this reason, the potential in the baby clothing industry is quite high and you can earn money from this business.

You can open a big store (business or line) or a small store (business or line) according to your budget. Apart from that, you can only sell baby boy clothing. The choice is yours, but it makes more sense to sell both baby girl dresses and baby boy clothes .

Families are not afraid to spend on their babies who have just opened their eyes to the world. The first glimpse and the new member of the family are lucky in this regard. For this reason, we can say that opening a baby clothing store (business or line) is a good gain.

By following the steps below, you can have useful information to bring your store (business or line) idea to life.

How to Start a Baby Clothing Business

Find a name for your store (business)

baby clothing store name finder

Find the name for your baby clothing store (business or line). Make sure the name you find matches your target market. For example; If you’re going to sell environmentally friendly baby products, try to find a name that shows your sensitivity to the environment. It is useful to find a good name for branding.

Decide what to sell

How to Start a Baby Clothing Business

Identify a profitable market for your baby store (business or line). You can sell organic baby clothes, second-hand baby clothes, or designer baby clothes. Profit margins will determine your target market or target audience. You can create a sales list in the form of bottles, pacifiers, strollers, and the most worn baby clothes.

Determine your place of sale

location of baby clothing store

Decide where you will sell your products. You can sell your products in shops, flea markets, small shops in shopping malls or online shops. If you want to sell online, you need to buy a domain and an e-commerce solution package that includes web hosting, shopping cart, software and templates that you can design.

If you are going to open an online baby store (business or line) and you do not have a large space to store (business or line) your extra goods, rent a place to store (business or line) your products. A commercial warehouse or clean empty space will do the trick.

Find a wholesaler for your store (business or line)

How to Start a Baby Clothing Business

Buy and sell baby clothes wholesale. If you buy your products wholesale, the costs become more convenient for you and you can increase your prices while making your sales.

Join relevant retail associations.

This way, you can contact suppliers, get marketing and business tips from your colleagues, and gain new customers.

Calculate the cost

baby clothing store cost

The main factors affecting the cost of opening a baby store (business or line) are the location and the size of your store (business or line). In addition to these, the clothes you will sell in your store (business or line), the decoration of your store (business or line) and the number of people you will employ in your store (business or line) can also make the cost very variable. The average cost can start from 15,000 TL up to 100,000 TL

Prepare your documents

baby clothing store opening terms

1-Application / Declaration Form

2-Photocopy of Title Deed

3- Photocopy of Lease Contract

4-Numbering Document

5-Photocopy of Tax Plate

6-If a person (Chamber Registration Certificate and Tradesmen Registration Certificate – The original must be submitted)

7-If the company (Trade Registry Certificate and Chamber Registration Certificate – The original must be submitted)

8-Signature Circular (If a company)

9-2 photographs (if personal)

10-Identity Card Photocopy (TR Identity Number)

11-Fire Department Compliance Report

12-Fire Tube Invoice (Every 100 m2 (for workplaces that do not require a Fire Brigade Compliance Report)

13-Certificate of

Craftsmanship (At Patisserie, Restaurant, Kebab, Restaurant, Hairdresser and Barbers) 14-Ç.TV Receipt Photocopy (Last Paid)

(The decision taken unanimously by the flat owners in case of opening a sanitary workplace in the independent sections of the real estates that are within the scope of the Property Ownership Law numbered 634, which are shown as residences in the title deed registry.

Note: These conditions are for informational purposes only and may differ from municipality to municipality. For exact conditions, please contact the relevant municipality.

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You can open your dream baby clothing store (business or line) by following the steps above. If you want to follow these steps from scratch and have a ready and installed layout, you can get a dealership.

You can open your store (business or line) by buying a dealership from famous and famous baby clothing brands. Of course, buying dealerships affects the commission and profit margin.

However, it makes more sense for you to work from scratch. You’ll have a bread boat after all. With a little rush and patience, you can set up a good order.

What are the advantages of opening a baby clothing store (business or line)?

stores (business or lines)where baby clothes are sold do not suffer from any economic crisis.

There is the right mindset in our country; Long-suffering parents dress them as soon as they eat.

  • Parents can easily give up all kinds of needs they will take for themselves, but their pupils will not run away from anything they will take for their offspring, and they try to get the best.
  • Baby clothing stores (business or lines)have a higher profit margin than other clothing businesses. Average profit margin increases by 30-40% in gross stores (business or lines)operating with dealership systems and by 40-70% in individual stores (business or lines)s .
  • Depending on the size of the store (business or lines)s, you can sell not only baby clothing products, but also toys, baby food and diapers with high profit margins.
  • In such stores (business or lines)s, you can become institutionalized faster and create a brand faster. Corporate baby stores (business or lines)are opening up every day in our country. There is still a need for new entrepreneurs in this sector in our country, whose population is mostly young.
  • Since there is nothing like baby fashion, you can sell products that are not sold in the season in the next year, you do not have to stock up with exorbitant discounts just because the season is over. They are always salable products.

How can I find companies that I can provide wholesale products to?

You can find wholesale products you want in Istanbul Osmanbey and Merter.

Advice for those who will open a baby clothing store (business or line)

For those who will open a baby clothing store (business or line), we will provide important and extra money-saving advice.

Create your store (business or line)’s social media accounts just as you have opened a children’s clothing store (business or line) and started selling. This is a very important detail. In this way, you can also order and sell online. Since we are in the Internet age, be very careful about this. Your earnings will increase much more.

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Make deals with shipping companies. When selling online, include shipping costs and determine the price. By doing this, you can offer a free shipping option.

Let the decoration of your store (business or line) be eye-catching. The sales rates of the store (business or lines)that appeal to the eye will be higher.

You can follow KOSGEB support and get support for your store (business or line) here.


Opening a baby clothing store (business or line) is a profitable business idea. Just be determined and determined. Also, make sure to do market research in your city or county. How many baby clothing stores (business or lines)are there? Is there a potential where you will open a shop? is not there? Find out thoroughly

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