Learn to Create Your Online Store With Etsy

Earning a little money these days is not that complicated. The information age has created many ways to earn money without even leaving your home.

Anything you do well can be offered on the web and sold for a good price to someone who appreciates what you do.

Trust me when I tell you that more people in the world would appreciate a craft job like the one you do every day for fun and who would be willing to pay for your talent.

Get some juice out of this fact, and promote on the internet those products or services that you do very well.

However, a small drawback arises. Many times we have no idea where to post our things so that they can be seen by people with similar interests to ours.

Online stores do not always offer us a good promotion of products.

In this context, I want to introduce you to Etsy, a marketplace where you can publish and sell all those unique items that you make, where creating your online store is simply easy.

It is a great alternative to sell online, and the best to acquire unique products at an excellent price.

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E-commerce with Etsy is experiencing a revolution. Almost all of the famous internet shopping sites around the world focus on new merchandise. New products, from famous and very expensive corporations.

Own creations and small sales do not have many places in these.

But Etsy is different since it allows you to place for sale those items of your manufacture, or that you no longer require.

It is a website that allows you to sell online and buy things that you would not find in conventional stores and that to date has more than 35 million active buyers.

And it is this very thing that has made Etsy a place where genius, creativity and exclusivity come together to offer the public original articles, in every sense of the word.

In the words of his website:

Whether it’s handmade or vintage, personalized, or unique, it’s on Etsy.

Unique things await you on Etsy, as this is their complete speciality. What is handmade and what is considered old or vintage has a place to be displayed.

The things you can see on Etsy are fantastic, as you may be captivated by an object that reminds you of other times.

Creating an online store no longer has to be an obstacle, learn step by step how to sell online:


Etsy is very easy to use, so you won’t have any problem learning each of its features.

The first thing you have to take into account when entering the main page is the language. It rarely fails to detect language, but if it comes out in English, just change it and keep going.

Likewise, it is also convenient that you choose at the same time the country in which you are and the currency with which you will work.

The above is very important because the prices of the items and the offers will be reflected you in the currency you choose. Each user will see offers according to their currency of origin or configuration.


Having your product store on Etsy is pretty easy. It requires a process that will not take you more than a few minutes to complete.

You proceed with the personal account registration, open your store and get started. But let’s go step by step:


Not all actions on Etsy require the user to join the community by opening an account on the website.

But to establish yourself as a seller and have your much desired online store, it is required that you register personally and proceed to open your account.

To do this you must click on the Register option and follow the instructions.

You will be asked to fill out a short form with your most necessary personal data, and when confirming the entries you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions of the site.

Once this is done, you need to confirm with your email that you are indeed willing to open an account. If you are a user who resides or is in the United States, you can skip this step as Etsy does not require North Americans to confirm their address or e-mail.

After you’ve confirmed it, just proceed to log into your account and enjoy the benefits that an Etsy account offers you.

From there to creating your account there are only a few steps. Half of the way is already done, but we will also explain the step by step of opening the online store.

online store on Etsy


Once inside your recently opened personal account, you must click on the option to create a store.

At once, as the first step in creating your store, you must enter the name that your store will have and which will therefore be related to your profile.

Then, it’s time to add the products and their ads. Add content that adds a lot of value to what you are going to sell.

Photographs, striking and striking titles, timely information about the product you want to sell and its price.

It is also a good idea to choose the category correctly and to clarify the payment methods we accept.

After completing the above, you need to provide Etsy with the bank details where you will receive payments for your products.

You may need to enter your credit card number depending on the country you are in. I’ll tell you about Etsy commissions later.

Ready, your store has everything required to function perfectly.

Once you confirm that you agree with all the data you have just provided, your store will go out to the general public.

Congratulations! from this moment on, your products can be purchased by buyers on five continents.


For both you and Etsy, online shopping has to be profitable. The company can’t operate so effectively and have no associated costs.

For each ad you publish in your store, you must pay the company $ 0.20.

You have the power to choose what price you will place on each product since it is your store and that is valued.

But you must bear in mind that for each sale you make, the company will keep 3.5% of the sale price. Take this into account when you are going to price your products.


Etsy states that it is the seller’s full responsibility to ship their products to buyers.

Therefore, you must provide Etsy with the data of the time you will need to prepare your shipments and the associated cost per region.

But do not think that as a seller you will be unprotected, because, if you meet all the shipping requirements, the company will provide you with protection.

Likewise, if you are a buyer and you think you have been the victim of a scam, you can initiate a dispute and enforce your rights.


Also, if you want to buy on Etsy, the process is extremely easy: To make purchases within Etsy you do not need to have an account on the page.

We recommend that you open one so that you enjoy certain benefits, but if you are not interested, just proceed to enter as a guest and start buying what most catches your attention.

Start looking for the products that you may be interested in buying. Use the search engine associated with Etsy and the large number of categories that you will find as you progress through the environment of the page. That way you will find out about the best offers out there.

Once you have chosen the item that you like the most, you have to add it to your shopping cart.

Once this process is done, the next step is to choose the order details, such as the size and colour of the garments and any other variable specific to the product for sale.

Finally, you have to select the payment information and proceed to accept.

You can confirm with the seller from the same Etsy platform and clarify any details that need to be clarified.

At this point, you will already be the owner of a precious object, which will arrive very soon at your home or wherever you establish.


A very useful payment method for special occasions is gift cards. They can be purchased to be gifted to loved ones on special occasions.

A gift card gives you the power to buy a certain amount of money in products of your choice at any Etsy store.

And whoever you decide to give that card to can choose from all the products offered on Etsy to buy what they want.


Now it’s your turn to promote your store on social media, and while your sales are growing, you can seriously consider investing in online advertising so that more people know about your products.

We know how much you have dreamed of your financial independence. And also how difficult it is to do it.

At best it is a more than disturbing and annoying experience that will probably put you off and you will eventually give up.

But internet sales came to completely change this paradigm.

With hard work and good strategies, you will find yourself owning a successful web store that can provide financial support and personal fulfilment.

Not joining the Etsy seller community would be completely insane. Anything you can imagine you can sell.

You don’t need to be a recognized manufacturer or have great contacts in public administration to achieve the success that Etsy provides.

Both selling and buying on Etsy are excellent decisions because you will be collaborating with people just like you who seek to get ahead and provide quality services so that your recommendation makes them grow.

Go to Etsy right here:

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You too can grow by selling on Etsy.

I hope this article serves to give you the push you need and jump into the wonderful world of online sales. 

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