7 Customer Loyalty Strategies in Marketing

To begin, it is good to remember that currently the salesperson or sales consultant is the one who relates to his client, above all, with ethics and trust when offering a product or service.

Therefore, to increase sales it is necessary to understand the customer’s purchase process, that is:

  • What are your needs?
  • Benefits
  • What motivated him to buy your service and / or product ?, among other points.

Hence the importance of investing time and interest in dedicating yourself to each client, as it is the reason why the company exists.

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And after all, what is customer loyalty?

Since we are talking about the buying process, it is the correct time to ask:

What is easier, attracting new customers or keeping the customer base active?

It is common for sellers to have goals and be directed to attract new customers, right? and that when a customer buys, they only receive “maintenance” care and not loyalty as such.

This attitude of neglecting current customers is recurring today. It is a lousy customer loyalty strategy and we will tell you why.

Opening new businesses is always important to the company, but keeping customers active is essential to the continuity of your company’s sales flow.

Relationship between customer loyalty and satisfaction

It has been discovered that customer satisfaction is not the only way to keep it in your portfolio.

It is necessary to build loyalty and this means creating values ​​higher than satisfaction for the use of a product or service, managing, measuring and creating improvements in each sale.

Loyalty, in our point of view, is above satisfaction, because satisfying the client is meeting the expectations expected. And knowing that customers want something new, they want to be surprised, to experience something different, the seller must try to innovate in each sale.

That innovation can range from sending a birthday card, prizes for purchases above the monthly customer average, miles programs, promotional agreements with partners and many other advantages, for example.

To hit the surprise you just have to be willing to dedicate yourself to getting to know the customer in order to exceed expectations. You have to be careful in what is promised and cannot be satisfied! Thus, instead of expectations, frustrations can be created.

Accompany your clients in the joys, sorrows, suggestions and complaints. It is good to always be present and ready for action. Don’t leave your customers vulnerable to competition, do your home duty and you will have a lot to celebrate with your sales team.

Advantages of customer loyalty

Now that you know more about customer loyalty, it’s important to understand its benefits.

The term Customer Loyalty has been widely used, whether in training sessions, courses, talks, the Internet or specialized magazines. This is because some research revealed that in an average of 5 years, companies lose half of their customers. Of that half, 70% left the company due to a lack of relationship.

These data are very serious, since losing a base customer is much worse than losing a single sale. This means losing the value of all the purchases that the customer would make throughout a lifetime of loyalty.

Loyal customers represent a large part of the turnover, reaching up to 65%.

The most interesting thing is that loyalty to your customer costs much less than attracting new customers and has advantages such as:

  • Indication, recommendation for other potential consumers;
  • Less sensitivity to the offer of the competition;
  • The company can launch new products and distribution channels due to the brand and credibility created together with the clients;
  • The brand is strengthened in the market by increasing the sales cycle.

What are the best customer loyalty strategies?

You already know that one of the most valuable assets within a company, without a doubt, is having a loyal customer.

Companies that keep the focus on customer loyalty function as a nucleus of attraction for new buyers.

It is not new that entrepreneurs are going through a time of crisis, which generates strong pressure to offer the highest quality available at the lowest possible cost. Therefore, presenting the maximum reliability of the product or service offered is essential.

7 customer loyalty strategies

But, in the end, how to build customer loyalty? We have some tips to share. Look at these!

1. Really know your customer’s profile

Personalized offers are excellent customer loyalty strategies, however, you have to be very careful not to go wrong with certain people, simply because the company does not know the profile of the customer as such.

The solution to take better advantage of this tool is to invest in surveys, do good research and keep in touch with clients to get to know them in depth.

With this, it is possible to effectively please and retain them, keeping tastes and hobbies recorded, to offer what is valuable to them, adapting the offers to the customer’s needs.

2. Loyalty begins before purchase

A big mistake made by even the best companies is to start loyalty actions only after the customer has made a purchase.

In reality, loyalty should start the first time the potential customer interacts with your company, either through social media or a blog post, no matter the channel.

The difference is in the fact that when you respond promptly to a comment, it can “delight” that visitor, who, in turn, may feel encouraged to seek more information about your product or service.

A client who, from the top (start) of the marketing funnel, started a quality relationship with your company, will have even more reasons to remain faithful to your brand, becoming an informal promoter.

3. Train the sales team to strengthen the relationship

This is another of the main customer loyalty strategies.

The customer’s first and main contact is usually with the sales team. For this reason, the company needs to train and train salespeople to perceive the consumption patterns of each client, offer loyalty plans and update the records of existing clients.

It is necessary to make this team understand that the sales process does not end when the customer goes home. The solution is to incorporate the motto that “Efficient sellers take care of your customer base”.

4. Study the market

Don’t just look at your company, keep in mind what other competitors offer. This is another of the customer loyalty strategies that many neglect.

Remember: customer needs change over time and if they are not updated, you will lose them.

5. Produce educational content

The educational content opens doors of opportunities not only for loyalty, but to increase sales recurrence.

Content creation is one of the most essential strategies, as they act on conversion. Within this closed system, it does not matter if the customer has just purchased a specific product, in the future he can and should be educated to enter the sales funnel of other similar products.

In other words, educational content plays a fundamental role in enabling the increase in the average purchase of each client.

6. Keep in touch

Find ways to stay in touch with the customer and show him how important he is to the business. The idea of ​​appearing only on birthdays and on the contract renewal date is not effective.

Be present and concerned about consumer satisfaction and return.

Using networks and blogging for this is an effective way to build customer loyalty online.

7. Online training for clients

To build customer loyalty, it’s even worth investing in personalized education and training content.

Training is one of the most interesting customer loyalty strategies and a way to continuously engage them. That guarantees continued success. The recommendation is that it be integrated with other monitoring platforms for a global view of customer loyalty.

Do not forget! Training is one of the most effective strategies to retain customers, because it is very important that consumers are trained to deal with the information, methodologies and software of what they have acquired, and are protected to make the best use of the product’s potential.

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