28 Creative Ways to Retain Employees in an Organization

Looking for creative ways to retain employees? Or how to retain employees in an organisation? Then you came to the right place.

Professionals who take business life seriously know that the most important capital of a company is its skilled staff.

The most successful and innovative companies in the world are well aware of this fact. Therefore, they make a special effort not to lose their bright and successful people.

Of course, finding the most successful and smart people in the market is a move that takes time and money. In this regard, a company does not want to lose its successful personnel.

Changing staff is also more costly than many entrepreneurs think. Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh states that the company lost nearly 100 million dollars because it did not pay enough attention to the human resources issue.

“Imagine that the best employees in your company go to the rival company. This situation is a great loss on its own. It also has a negative impact on the motivation of other staff who continue to work in your company; dynamics for the team are shaken. Of course, things like posting a job, recruiting, teaching new staff will keep your company from moving towards your goals for a while and slow you down. ”

If the recruited employees resign after a maximum of 6 months, this indicates that something is wrong with your company. “Managers in the most successful companies in the world today are evaluated according to criteria such as the quality and talent of the staff they recruit to the company. In other words, one of the basic conditions of being a successful manager is to bring successful and bright people to the company and prevent them from leaving. ”

 28 Creative Ways to Retain Employees

In this article, we will show you what you can do to ensure that the most successful personnel of your company do not quit the job and resign.

1. Respect Your Employees

Creative Ways to Retain Employees

All employees, without exception, deserve respect. But respect is vital to prevent separation of the most successful people within the company.

If you approach your staff professionally and with respect, they will try to do their best. This also increases your dignity as manager, leader and boss.

The best staff in the company starts planning to leave when he feels he is not respected even if he gets a very good salary and loves the job he does. Disrespect is unacceptable in human life. For this reason, people who are treated with disrespect may even want to take revenge against you. In short, respect should be a primary priority.

2. Remove Barriers

Creative Ways to Retain Employees

Do not fall into the illusion that your task is over by recruiting and teaching staff. As a boss, one of the most important things you should do is to prevent employees from losing their motivations and prevent them from getting distracted.

So, besides asking your employees what motivates them, try to learn the things that disturb their concentration. Things such as internal conversations and boring bureaucratic structure are factors that decrease the performance of successful people. You should also try to eliminate such obstacles.

3. Care for Emotional Intelligence

Creative Ways to Retain Employees

Things like empathy, support, being friendly, respectful are among the most important elements of emotional intelligence.

Lynn Taylor says this:

“The fastest growing companies in the world try to accommodate smart people. You can hire the most knowledgeable person in the world. However, if there is a selfish and insensitive environment within the company, you will not be able to hold these people in your hands. You don’t need to know your employees’ private life literally. But knowing that they are human beings and that they have an emotional world is very important in terms of establishing a correct communication with them. ”

4. “How Can We Make You Happier Here?”

You should regularly make this kind of talk with your employees. You should learn about their satisfaction and get ideas about what kind of improvements can be made.

5. Be Consistent

Productivity and efficiency also increase if your employees know exactly what it means to be successful and the company’s goals. If the company does not have a clear target, in other words, there is an atmosphere of indecision within the company, it may cause your employees to lose support.

6. Provide Creative Freedom and Autonomy

Successful and bright people perform better when left to their own state. If you give these people creative freedom to pursue new ideas and allow them to pursue their own passions, you will see that they will add more value to the company.

7. Don’t Know

Your employees want to be appreciated for their contribution and success. Being able to thank them will make them feel valuable. Especially if you congratulate an employee in front of the community for the performance of that week, you can see that your loyalty will increase.

Of course, when we say appreciation, we are talking about a true concept. An original and unrealistic form of appreciation can become automatic and soulless, which is actually the opposite of the emotion you want to create.

8. Get Their Opinion

When you get the opinion of our employees, you convey the message that you value their opinions and that their opinions are valuable. This means that you give importance to the experience, knowledge and thought of the other party.

In fact, this is the simplest way to appreciate your employees. However, for some reason, many administrators fail to do this. The main reason for the most successful employees of the market to leave a company is that they feel that their thoughts are not taken seriously. In this regard, try to get the opinions of the personnel that you are satisfied with, especially in the company.

In addition, try to put your ideas and suggestions into action. Putting action on a strategy that an industrial engineer at your company proposes for efficiency gives you the feeling that that person is important to the company, which is very motivating.

9. Offer Satisfying Salary

The most concrete step you can take to keep your employees in the company is to keep their salary at a satisfactory level. In other words, your employees should not switch to the competitor company just because their salary is better. You should satisfy them financially with bonuses, bonuses, performance awards, personal rights.

10. Listen

Every person wants to rest, be taken seriously. This is human nature.

Listening to the thoughts and perspectives of people in the company; Sitting with them on these issues will motivate your employees. It is much more effective if you not only listen to them but also get involved in the conversation and give them logical answers.

In addition, your employees will probably have more contact with customers, vendors and other people than you do. This makes their thoughts really worthwhile. In short, listening to what your employees are saying is vital not only for kindness, but also for the future of the company.

11. Unite Around a Purpose

According to an international survey conducted in 2013, uniting around a common goal in a company is one of the most important factors for motivating employees.

A good boss ensures that people gather around a meaningful purpose within the company, creating opportunities for it. It establishes connections between work and common purpose. It gives employees the idea that their labor serves an important purpose. This ensures that employees have the notion that they make a difference; so their performance and motivation increases.

12. Make them Improve

If you think you have not improved at work, it starts to be the same every day. This brings boredom and depression.

Talented people become even more successful as they feel they are developing. So invest in them to retain the most successful people in your company. Celebrate their success, give them various responsibilities.

13. Be Flexible

Family and other reasons may change the working hours and working systems of people. Some research has shown that people with dogs work better and happier when they bring their dogs to the office. Providing convenience in similar situations will make your employees more comfortable.

For example, allowing every employee to leave his child’s birthday early in the evening is a very elegant gesture and ensures that you win the employee and be loyal to you.

14. Share Your Vision

If every employee clearly knows the purpose and target of the company, that is, he can see the big picture; can make more meaningful contributions for the future of the company. If employees are informed about the future of the company, they are more firmly attached to the company. As a result, a “win-win” situation arises in favor of each party.

When people do not know your company’s horizons, they cannot make a meaningful contribution to the future of the company. Therefore, directly explain the company’s future plans to your employees and indicate how they can support these plans.

15. Be Open-minded

Managers think they already know the answer when they ask questions. However, this is a rather narrow view. The best managers also listen to the approaches of their employees. This often leads to innovation and competitive advantage.

Stubbornness and status quo prevent innovation. Therefore, giving importance to different views both motivates the employees and ensures the growth of your company.

16. Give importance to Feedback and Suggestions

In fact, the concept of feeback (feedback) lies at the root of concepts such as progress, growth and innovation. Providing opinions and suggestions to your employees in the context of their performance; And getting opinions and suggestions from them for internal issues is one of the best things you can do as a manager.

Unless you usually ask, employees do not voice their opinions and suggestions for fear of being in contradiction. However, if you ensure that everyone speaks their opinions and suggestions in a reasonable environment, you can benefit from this situation in different dimensions.

Employees may lose emotional bond when they do not receive feedback from their work. In companies that regularly exchange feedback, staff’s resignation rate is very low. In other words, it does not help to say “You can do better” to an employee. It is necessary to tell this person how he can make progress.

17. Embrace the Differences

People regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation; they want to be respected as they are. So embrace the individual identities of each of your employees. Realize their unique characteristics. Innovation grows tremendously where there are differences…

18. Avoid Negative Energy Spread

Employees who create incidents within the company can disrupt the company’s culture and emit negative energy to the environment. Therefore, do not allow the inner peace of the company to deteriorate at the expense of protecting these people.

Never let the culture of gossip be created in the company. This will blunt productivity and cause your team to be fully demoralized.

19. Be Available

As the company’s boss and manager, make sure that your employees can reach you. If the employees cannot reach you in the projects that are being worked on, that project will almost hang and productivity will decrease. For this reason, you should actively participate in the internal studies, you should visit your employees and evaluate the situation.

20. Know Their Families

When many employers meet and make friends with their employees’ families, the rate at which they leave the company decreases. If you know the children and spouses of your employees, you will be qualified to be their family friend. This actually enables employees to feel even closer to you. A happy and enjoyable employee can make great contributions to your company. In other words, try to be with your employees on the good day and the bad day.

21. Provide Promotion

If a staff deserves promotion due to his performance, give him that right. Employees want their responsibilities and positions to increase. If you want to keep the best employees at your disposal, you should invest in their future and promote them.

22. Establish Trust Environment

Trust is like oxygen. A company needs trust to survive. If your team is in harmony and there is an atmosphere of trust in the middle, you can survive.

Otherwise, a fragile, uncanny and restless corporate environment is formed. This causes a company’s performance to drop noticeably. In this respect, try to create a company culture with productive, trusting friendships.

23. Do Not Favoritism

Remember that every employee within the company has a task, all of them make up a whole. If a small gear does not work, the big machine cannot work. For this reason, do not make favoritism among your employees. Because efficiency and morale are seriously reduced in a company with double standards.

24. Consider Communication for the Company

If communication channels are open in a working environment, people become more productive and comfortable. You should make sure that the company and its employees share common goals and that there is a democratic communication environment within the company.

25. Develop In-Company Attractive Applications

Whether on holiday, transportation, or maternity leave. These kinds of personal rights are the things that can make a person stay with you even if they receive lower wages than the competitor company.

Because most of the time people do not think only financially. Personal rights and comforts are also important. If you develop in-house applications that will delight your employees, you can see that they will be more loyal to you.

26. Offer Learning and Education Opportunities

Will an employee be a more experienced, more knowledgeable person 1 year after you start working?

It determines your identity as a company. Companies that attach importance to the development of their employees gain more connected and motivated employees. It is very important to provide the necessary support to your employees’ training, personal and professional development.

27. Submit Constructive Criticism

Open, honest and constructive criticism is actually something that every employee wants and deserves. Being accused and condemned after a mistake is the last thing an employee wants. However, if the worker understands the mistake after a constructive and open speech, he avoids repeating this mistake. Therefore, be constructive in your criticism rather than destructive; Prefer to be reasonable rather than combative.

28. Set an Example with Your Movements

As the boss and leader of the company, you should be how you want your employees to be. So you should be an example to them.

If you want them to work in a certain way, you should work this way. You should be able to take responsibility for your actions and avoid attitudes and attitudes that blame others.

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