40 Best Business Ideas for North East India with Low Investment

Are you looking for the best business ideas for North East India? Then these business ideas will help you in starting a successful business in North East India.

All 40 of these business ideas are among the most successful and profitable business ideas for North East India that if you are looking for quick return business, new business, and internet business ideas, it is recommended that you try one of these businesses. do.

However, remember that your efforts, perseverance, and perseverance play a key role in success in any endeavor.

40 Business Ideas in North East India

Here are the 40 best and lucrative business ideas for North East India:

Provide translation services

Thanks to the Internet, the world has become a global village. Since English is ubiquitous, there is a huge demand for translation. Everyone wants to be present on the world stage, and English is an obvious requirement. Despite the various translation tools available in the market, translators and commentators are popular in every way and have their customers.

Launching a mobile hairdresser

With new business ideas, you no longer have to pay a lot of money to rent a place. You can easily get to the customer’s location by changing the gear of your car, and you can offer a variety of hair and hairdressing services, nail implants, beauty services, and more.

Mobile phone repairs

With the expansion of mobile phones, the need to repair them also increased. Many of the injuries inflicted on mobile phones are unusual. If you are familiar with mobile phone repairs, then take this business idea seriously.

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Software testing and applications

No organization wants to market an application or software that is incomplete or inappropriate. Therefore, the interest in people who test this software and applications is increasing, because the demand for software is also increasing.

To do this, you need to be somewhat familiar with programming. You need to be familiar with the structure and function of certain types of mechanisms. It is one of the best business ideas for North East India.

Pet care

Today, the category of pets is more widespread than ever. Apart from dogs and cats, people keep a lot of animals at home. Each animal requires its care, and its owners cannot afford it. Keeping a pet can be a great source of income for you.

Entertainment classes

Today, parents are looking to raise their children comprehensively and are willing to pay for it. This leads to the birth of a good business idea called entertainment classes. Based on your skills, you can hold classes in dance, music, and handicrafts.

Sports coaching

Many people pursue sports as a profession, and even parents want their children to participate in the above activities. If you are in professional sports, you can start as a professional sports coach.

Set up aerobics and Zumba class

If you are good at dancing, you may want to consider setting up a dance class, which is a great option for business. Many parents are looking for a dance class for their children.

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Today, in metropolitan areas, we can see many working women, and in most cases, it is difficult for them to coordinate their work with children. If you start a childcare service in a metropolis, you will succeed.

Event Management

Eventually, people realized that they didn’t have to do everything themselves, so the reason for the presence of experts in the field of ceremonies was to do such things. Meeting planners can do everything at a wedding, birthday, memorial, and wedding ceremony.

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Instagram Marketing Consulting

These days, many entrepreneurs make money through social media. One of the most popular and profitable social networks right now is Instagram. People don’t know much about Instagram, and companies are no exception, so Instagram marketing advice is one of the best new business ideas.

People who spend a lot of time on Instagram know all its features, and this business idea is for them. Instagram marketing consulting starts from zero rials. All you have to do is show off your skills on this social network.

Mail subscription services

This type of service is not more than a few years old. At first, it seemed like a ridiculous idea, but it quickly became a new and successful business idea and a source of income for many people. In short, your users in this business love and want the products you promote. When they join you by completing your company form or completing the online form, they will pay you monthly for what you send to their address.

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This package contains the products you choose for each user. For example, Every month you send three different perfume packages with good quality and cheap prices to the customer. To do this business, you need a website and a few pages or groups on virtual networks. Share your product link through your website and specify the purchase process. You need more than luck to succeed in the affiliate business.

Sports Club for Youth

This business idea is suitable for those who value health or are familiar with health problems. These days, more and more people are obese and struggling with health problems, so they are looking for an opportunity to do something about it. People need centers like a gym or a gym. You don’t need a lot of equipment to run a gym, but you do have a lot of ideas. So, instead of investing in devices, invest in your ideas and apply ideas that appeal to your customer.

App design for children

Today, many children spend their time on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Because children are growing up in the age of technology and technology, parents tend to use appropriate and useful applications for their children to help them grow and have fun. This is a great idea to make money. To get an idea of your smartphone or tablet application for conversion must be familiar with programming. You can also use software such as Unity 3d to help you build the app. The choice is yours, spend your time playing computer games or making them rich and famous. When children prefer your play to other games, you make money.

Training Software

Technology is common in today’s modern world. People prefer computers to books for reading or entertainment. Today’s societies are highly dependent on computers, so one of the best ways to make money from these computers is to set up your online computer school that teaches various computer programs. Advertise this school on various social networks after launching it. All you need to do is learn software and computer programs that you can teach others to use or install.

Mobile food truck

A portable food truck is probably expensive, but it’s up to you to find a way to drive it at the lowest cost.

The truth is that people need to eat every day and always. Some of us don’t like or don’t have enough money to eat at a restaurant all the time. So we are looking for a faster and cheaper way to eat – a mobile food truck. The information shows that the food truck industry has a turnover of $ 2.5 billion.

Freelance writer

Requiring quality content on the Internet is a step-by-step process. The attractiveness of the content has changed dramatically. People need compact, essential, and important data. At a time when standard advertising is slowly being forgotten, and advertising is becoming increasingly limited, there is a growing need for a list of independent and innovative articles.

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If you play with good words, and you want to enjoy the peace of your home, this is for you.

Mobile consulting

There are many new mobile business ideas. There are still many companies that need to adapt to the daily use of mobile phones.

The mobile counseling business teaches customers how to implement this process. This sets up a quality business framework in the organization.

Financial planning

Today, people’s concern is how to manage their financial accounts and put their money in the right direction. If you have a good middle ground and know-how and where to use it, then this business is for you.

Your role here is to chart and secure a secure future for your customer. So if you can do that and you can gain the trust of your customers and make money, get to work.


Today, sports-related businesses are booming. Professional athletes make a lot of money every year. But the truth is, the people around them also make a lot of money.

Experienced and carbald coaches have a good reputation. The closer you get to the professional world, the better your money will be.

Interior designer

An interior designer is constantly confronted with new topics and tests. This business is a wonderful combination of innovation, progress, commitment, and passion.


The next era is focused on blogging. That’s why blogging is so popular.

If you enjoy combining, searching, filming, photography, and the like – then you’re the man. It is difficult to achieve fame in this field, but if you achieve fame, you will benefit a lot from it.

Meditation Instructor

In today’s stressful and stressful lives, people are looking for peace. This relaxation is often achieved through certain activities, such as massage or yoga.

With the increasing number of people who meditate daily, whether for fun or relaxation, the need for meditation educators is also increasing.

Graphic Designer

Packaging is very important for product delivery. When comparing two pens, customers usually choose the nicer package. So today, visual designers have infiltrated all companies and institutions. The obvious output of this business is enormous. From web design to clothing design, and packaging. A visual designer can take great advantage of this.

Online retail

Did you know that you can sell your goods on Amazon or eBay? This is also possible in other stores.

These online stores have a lot of guests and customers every day, which allows you to show your products to a significant number of people. A good product and an enthusiastic customer, this situation is nothing but an extraordinary benefit.

Online Advertising Specialist

In recent decades, there have been many job opportunities for the Internet and mobile phones. Newspapers, radio, and television are at least losing their advertising plans, while the Internet is making more money every day for its advertising efforts.

Since the number of sponsors in the Internet space is expanding, effectiveness is very important. To find your place in this space and grow.

Travel and tourism consulting

These days, travel and tourism counseling is more popular because more people are interested in travel and tourism. Thanks to cheap transportation, the number of trips has increased, and many people who do not have enough travel experience want to travel to relax or change their mood.

Travel and tourism consultants will book a trip for you and provide the right services for your budget and ensure that there are no problems for their customers.

Marriage counselling

This business is old-fashioned but very profitable. In today’s life, people are very worried about choosing a partner. Many of them help people to assess their fitness with the person they want. This is where marriage counseling becomes important and counseling comes into play.

Juice shop

Everyone loves juice. Especially in hot countries. You can open shops and sell a variety of cold drinks and juices.

Managing restaurant

Restaurant management is one of the best and most profitable business ideas for making cash. Everyone needs healthy and tasty food. If you are interested in serving healthy and delicious food, this idea is for you. You can expect a 25% profit margin from this business. If you have less capital, you can start by selling food on hand.


The second most profitable business idea is from the food industry, yes you guessed it! You can start your catering. You need very little capital to start a catering business. However, a good team, including a chef, is needed to start this business. A profit margin of 30% is expected for this business.

Breakfast snacks

Opening a store ‘Breakfast Snacks’ is a very lucrative business idea. You can start your home-based business tomorrow with very little start-up cost. You can expect a 20-25% profit from this business.

Real estate transactions

Today, the real estate sector is not booming, but it will certainly boom with new projects and infrastructure. If you want to start a small business, this is a great idea. In this business, you only get one percent commission for each transaction, however, if you trade a high-value project, this profit margin will be very high.

Playroom or entertainment

Hall playing an idea of the business is profitable. You need a little capital to do this. You can expect a profit margin of 20-25% when you cross the overhead profit point.

Regarding this idea, the location of this hall is important. You need a stylish place or a shopping center to implement this idea. If you want to invest more in this, you can open a themed playroom, such as SVM bowling and funky funky funky.

Educational or professional groups

Education is always a new subject. You can form training classes or skill groups. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. In this business idea, you have a 50% profit margin.

You can take specialized classes such as IT, foreign language teaching, or entertainment classes.

Mobile sales and repairs

You can take advantage of the growing popularity of smartphones and open a mobile sales and repair shop. You need to invest in this and you have a profit margin of 5-10%.

Job search

You can set up your job search agency and help others find a job. Opening a job search agency requires little capital. Profit margins of 30-40% are expected from this business.

Sport Club

Establishing a sports club is the next idea. You need capital to open a sports club. Skill is very important for the success of a club. After going through the super profit stage, you can expect a profit margin of 20-30%.

Advertising agency

A good advertising company is like a gold mine and you can get a significant profit margin from it. You can make money by producing and selling promotional ads for companies. Advertising comes in a variety of formats, both online and offline. You have to work hard to set up an advertising agency.

Job search services

You can set up your own company and provide employment services to other companies. All you need is good information about job seekers. All you have to do is refer a job seeker to a company and make money.

How to start a business in North East India

Here are steps that you should follow to start a business in North East India:

Select Your Idea

First, you need to choose your idea for a business. You can choose an idea from the interesting list of business ideas that you can start in northeast India if you find some suitable for you. If you want a new business idea to pursue then you should analyze the market and competition to reach an idea that is profitable to start.

Write Down Your Requirements

You need to write down all your needs that are required for your business to start. Below are some things that are needed by most of the businesses:

  • Equipment
  • Personnel
  • License and permit
  • Advertising and promotion

Prepare the Capital

Now you have a list of the things that are needed for your business. It is time to prepare the capital to invest for starting the business in northeast India. Before you do this, list out all the things big or small needed for the time.

Business Plan

Now you must have a business plan to run a business smoothly and well-prepared manner.

Start Your Business

Now is the time for you to finally start your business and launch the products or services in the market.


It is one of the basic things now a business needs to grow in modern times. It increases your reach and helps you to gain more customers.


Which is the most profitable business in northeast India?

There are many profitable business ideas to start in northeast India like the restaurant business, tea business, fashion business, handicrafts business, and clothes business.

Which business is most demanded in northeast India?

Most businesses in northeast India are agriculture business, tea plantation, tourism business, and fashion and clothing business.

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