Marketing Ideas for Event Planners

10 Cool Marketing Ideas for Event Planners for Business Growth

Event planners are quite in a number these days but the right choice of marketing ideas of these event planning make them successful.

Here we will tell you about 10 best and profitable marketing ideas for event planners that can give them huge returns.

Marketing Ideas for Event Planners

Below are the best marketing ideas that event planners can use for successful business growth.


Advertising is one of the marketing ideas that event planners should use to promote their business.

Many editors agree that the ad on Yellow Pages makes a good business sense. An on-line ad, which includes just your business name list, is usually offered for free when you connect your phone (if you have the Internet).

You can also choose an ad – great, limited-to-yellow ads – but there is a charge for this.

You may also want to think about advertising in your local newspaper or regional magazine, if you are planning both social and social occasions. Because the marketplace for this type of event planner can expand throughout a given region, a city-based magazine would be the best one to advertise.

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These magazines may be able to find topics related to your service (e.g., delicious food, colorful paintings) or aimed at readers in a particular region. An advertisement in a regional magazine can be a great tool to reach top consumers.

The advertisement is a regional business magazine and will reach potential customers at companies.

Create a YouTube channel

Speaking of search, did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

Youtube can increase your revenue upto 20%.

With YouTube Live, you can take advantage of the current crown of live video, streaming in real time to your audience. But what to film? There are many ideas for promoting a creative video event: township interests, introductions to speakers and sponsors, insight into what participants will find, or practical tips for running an event.


Another idea for the promotion of creative events that people don’t always think is podcasting.

An impressive 67 million Americans listen to podcasts every month. Open your podcast, with the appropriate title for your event. Or, with a little effort, become a sponsor or guest speaker for an existing podcast that draws the same intended audience.

Social networking sites

Networking and getting referrals for your business are the first things to do and the best ways to sell an event from scratch.

Associate your company with nearby business organizations. Most referrals come from former customers or sales managers. Stay in touch and stay positive.

Check your business with various business pioneers to help make sure you are the first word on their mind when they need an event coordinator.

On the website, join long-standing social media platforms and social media sites, such as LinkedIn, to market and promote your brand. You can also meet with major event planning companies this way.

Networks are important in the business sector, and sales are critical. You must be known and respected if you are to be wanted.

Offline Marketing

The online world opens up a whole host of potential customer relationships, but you must not forget your offline presence. As well as sending email newsletters, have you ever considered postcards?

They are a great way to reach new and existing customers, so make sure your message is short, slow and to the point.

You should always carry your business cards, whether you go to the dentist or to a local store, because you never know when to meet someone who may need your services.

Email marketing

Your event planning business marketing plan should also include email. Now that most of the key points are underway, it’s time to start a blog and create a new newspaper for everyone who subscribes.

Even if there is a deadline to maintain your blog and control the newspaper, don’t forget to make regular updates to the team seeking retaliation and emailing them. Email your current and previous clients.

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Email is an effective way to communicate with people. Most people do not text their coworkers via Facebook message – they send emails. When Amazon sends a product, doesn’t send a tweet, it sends an email! People receive information, updates, and more via email to keep it easy to use and use whenever needed.

Content marketing and SEO

One of the most effective ways event planners drive visitors to their site is through SEOs and content marketing on event blogs and other web platforms.

Use tools like Google AdWords and Bing Advertising to open, use, and analyze your campaigns. You should optimize your website tag and blog title and copy the keywords. Work on building mentions and links back to your site.

If you start by asking your network partners to get recommendations / links / reviews online, etc. This can help you with your search engine rankings and bring your event business to the top of search rankings.

Business Card

Don’t underestimate the power of this small but powerful marketing tool. Even in the age of computers, ainctic, printed business card is still a delicate operation.

View it as a sequential brochure, especially if you prefer a three-card business card. 

Many organizers prefer this business card format because more information can be included than a traditional business card, while the card is often small enough to be folded into a wallet or purse.

Enter your business name, contact details (email address, phone and website, for example), your name, technology, your logo, and some testimonials from customers in the past. Always carry business cards.

You never know when you will become a customer. Ask your fellow vendors (florist, celebrities and photographers) if you can leave a pile of business cards in their place of business.

Information brochures

Just like your business card, a well-designed, relevant brochure can help you color your image as a professional organizer.

Successful customers will make decisions about your company based on your brochure, so make sure they are produced and produced at the highest possible level.

Offer your services

There are many reasons to devote your time and effort to a good cause. You dedicate a few hours to community service and make more light on your genre.

Be sure to thank the guests, sponsors, partners, colleagues, volunteers, and other stakeholders who helped improve your event.

Careful, hospitable, and warm atmosphere will be key to good partnerships for future projects.

When you dedicate your time and efforts to how to advertise an event planning business, you help change the lives of participants and create lasting change in your event planning.

This is one of the best ways to keep customers satisfied and come back.

The booklet should include all the information on your 24 business card and allow you to extend this information, in particular, by adding pictures. Photos should be successful events you have organized. You may want to include a photo of yourself.

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