31 Most Profitable Business Ideas in Jammu and Kashmir

Looking for business ideas in Jammu and Kashmir? Then these 31 most profitable ideas will help you to start a successful business in J&K.

You can start many types of businesses in Jammu and Kashmir and thousands of ideas may come to your mind, but the right selection of business ideas makes you a successful entrepreneur and a businessman.

The businessman is concerned with profits and he or she can adopt several techniques to get good returns but before that, he or she needs a good business idea. I have selected the best business ideas that you can think of in Jammu and Kashmir and all these ideas are highly profitable.

31 Best Business Ideas to Start in Jammu and Kashmir

Horticulture Business

Horticulture business is always been one of the best business ideas in Kashmir. If you live in Jammu and Kashmir, then you may know that Horticulture is one of the most important business sectors in the state of Jammu and Kashmir (Now Union Territory).

This business sector contributes a lot to the GDP of Jammu and Kashmir. Also, a study done by Greater Kashmir shows that the horticultural part alone contributes around 23% of the GDP of Jammu and Kashmir UT.

The main fruit crops grown in Kashmir are apples, walnuts, cherry, apricot, etc. Here saffron (spice) is grown intensively and Jammu and Kashmir is the sole producer of this crop in India. Now, this crop has got a GI tag also.

Entrepreneurs can make more jobs for jobless youth while carrying further advancement to the agri-business area of Jammu and Kashmir.

Kashmir, being an area situated at a high altitude and having rich mineral soil, there is an incredible potential in the accompanying agribusiness and farming-related specialities, for example:

  • Potato
  • Onion
  • Potato seeds
  • Mushroom
  • Saffron
  • Vegetable Seeds
  • Apple
  • Almond
  • Strawberry

Potatoes, onions, mushrooms, and strawberries are imported in huge amounts from different states, while they can be cultivated in Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmiri entrepreneurs can stop such an enormous outpouring of cash while developing locally, advocates Startup Kashmir.

Handicraft Business

Handicraft is one of the primary businesses of the erstwhile state and has been of impressive significance given its huge work and fair potential. In India, Jammu and Kashmir are known for their handicraft products like carpets, shawls, Namdha, Basohli paintings, etc.

The handicrafts business has been a wellspring of generous foreign trade. It gives work to about 3.60 lakh artisans. The quantity of mechanical units has additionally gone up. Both Jammu and Kashmir provisions have the scope of handicraft business but it is one of the most profitable business opportunities in Kashmir.

Here are some of the well-known handicraft products of Jammu and Kashmir:

  • Kashmiri Carpets
  • Crewel
  • Namdha
  • Phool Kari
  • Basohli Painting
  • Calico Painting
  • Kashmiri Shawls
  • Wood Carving
  • Chain Stitch
  • Papier Machie

Livestock Business

In Jammu and Kashmir, livestock farming assumes a critical job. It contributes 0.15 per cent of the total national output (GDP) of the erstwhile state (Now UT).

The state has a valuable abundance of livestock in dairy cattle, sheep, goats, and poultry. The cows and poultry among all the livestock are viewed as the most significant livestock for the advancement of the provincial economy.

The Kashmir region shares 47.42% of the total livestock population. This business contributes to several other related sectors which is an advantage for your start this business in Jammu and Kashmir because if you are into livestock business then you can start the following business as well:

  • Milk Production
  • Wool Production
  • Laying Birds and Egg Production
  • Meat Production

If you want to know more about the livestock and the related business visit the JKSLBC website for detailed figures and the potential of this business.

Tourism Business in Jammu and Kashmir

The erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir is known as the crown of India. It is regarded as “Paradise on Earth”. It is well known for its towering snow-clad mountains, gurgling streams, straightforward and shining lakes, blossom knolls, beautiful plantations, meadows, and uncommon fauna. 

Every single such component of Jammu and Kashmir has consistently pulled in various tourists from everywhere throughout the world. Tourism has developed as a significant and one of the real contributors to the state’s economy.

There are many tourist places where you can start this business but before you start make sure you analyze the competition because there are already many tourism businesses running successfully.

Sericulture Business

Kashmir has been renowned for its silk generation for decades. Rajtranagni by Kalhana Pandit, Mahabharata, and Ramayana build-up that the sericulture was being drilled in Kashmir from times prehistoric period.

Jammu and Kashmir deliver the best quality Bivoltine Mulberry silk in the nation because of its more extended length, better quality, and sparkle primarily on account of favourable climatic conditions. However out of the total creation of casings consistently just 20-25% is being used up inside the State and the rest is sent out.

Fisheries Business

The State of J&K has a unique topography that partitions the State into 3 particular agro-climatic zones viz. the tropical Jammu Division, the Kashmir Valley, and the cool bone-dry zone of Ladakh. Now Ladakh is a separate UT.

The State (Now UT) is bestowed with the characteristic water assets spread over a territory of about 0.40 lacs hectares existing in the state of virus water torrential streams, Lakes, Rivers, Sars, Springs, Reservoirs other than around 250 high elevation Lakes.

Waste Management and Recycling

SMC (Srinagar Municipal Corporation) has presented dumpers supplanting open accumulation destinations in numerous regions however the dumpers are not shading coded and no isolation of waste is completed at the source. 

Total waste created is around 375 MT/day (inside SMC limits). House-to-House collection of metropolitan strong waste is being attempted in 25% of family units in Srinagar city through Srinagar Municipal Corporation and some Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

Dairy Farming Business

Kashmir even imports tremendous amounts of milk from outside. Zam Dairy and other local brands have officially taken measures however insufficient to satisfy huge holes in quality milk supply in most urban regions of Kashmir, consequently welcoming genuine entrepreneurial consideration.

The average per capita availability of milk has also increased from 112 grams to 356 grams per day in 2010-11. So, with this figure, you analyze how is the potential of this business in Jammy and Kashmir in 2022.

Curd Making Business

There is additionally an enormous local market comprising families, cafés, lodgings, and so forth for margarine and curd items in Kashmir. 

You can start this business with livestock or milk production businesses because they are related to each other. If you can start a business on a large scale then you should mix two or more related businesses to increase your customer base.

Poultry Farming Business

The local utilization of poultry is high yet generation is feeble in Kashmir, consequently, enabling an immense outpouring of cash to different states. The local entrepreneurs can stop that to occur while opening more poultry farming units in Kashmir.

It is an important major agro-based industry in Kashmir because it has contributed to the employment of the youth of Jammy and Kashmir. With this business, you can also start a meat and eggs business that is quite profitable in Jammu and Kashmir UT.

Reusing Business

The reusing area is yet to get a full entrepreneurial concentration in Jammu and Kashmir. Notwithstanding the nearness of numerous local reusing accumulation focuses in the valley, there are enormous amounts of disposed of paper, plastic, aluminium jars, metal pieces, and so forth that anticipate endeavours of local entrepreneurs. 

You can profit while selling such recyclables to reusing plants.

Online Business Arrangements

Countless local retailers, eateries, inns, and endeavours that work in different fields are needing experts who can enable them to profit from the developing pattern of internet shopping.

How as a web-based business proficient you can offer assistance by making different web-based business arrangements, for example, online gateways, virtual shopping baskets, SEO, SEM and SMO administrations, and so on as required by their businesses.

Computer and their Repairing Business

People who possess computers, banks, government, and instructive organizations establish potential objective markets for computer bolster benefits that include diagnosing, investigating, and fixing dangerous computer gadgets in Jammu and Kashmir.

As well know now computers, laptops and related gadgets like earphones, mice, keyboards, RAM, HDD, etc. are quite in demand in Jammu and Kashmir. Now it has become the basic need for the people and this business still has the potential to thrive and also in the upcoming future.

Mushroom Cultivation and Processing

The high healthy benefit of mushrooms makes them an ideal wellspring of protein, nutrients, and minerals. This by itself ought to be reason enough for the legislature to support its across-the-board development, not to mention the advantages happening from its fare.

Gucchi mushroom of Jammu and Kashmir is one the most expensive foods in India, where morel mushrooms are famous all across the world.

Kraft Paper from Waste Cartons

Kraft paper, brown paper, or wrapping paper is produced using an assortment of crude materials, for example, bagasse, groundwood, straw, waste paper, in a different blend or alone, waste carton boxes, and so on. it is driving paper for wrapping overwhelming packs.

This business is also beneficial for those who want to start a business on a small scale. Do a proper analysis to check demand and competition in the market.

Café (with Micro Brewery)

A café is essentially a spot to have food outside your home. It is smaller in size than a lodging as it doesn’t have convenient offices. It is a foundation that serves the customers with arranged nourishment and refreshments arranged, to be devoured on the premises. The term covers an assortment of settings and a decent variety of styles of cooking.

Website Development

The utilization of the web as a way to get data about employment, shop on the web, and find out about instructive notices is continually expanding in both the provision in Jammu and Kashmir.

Hence, making it significant for business foundations, instructive establishments like colleges, universities, schools, and so on to make online interfaces and we are certain that Kashmir has no lack of youth that can give website composition and improvement administrations.

This business is considered the most profitable business in Jammu and Kashmir because it can be done anywhere in the state and the profit potential of the business is very high.

Travel Industry and Business

The travel industry is noteworthy in Kashmir, giving someplace around 30% of work to the local populace. For your data, over a million visitors visit Kashmir consistently and their number continues to expand as time passes.

In Jammu, mainly people visit for pilgrimage because there are many temples ad shrines which is why it is known as the “City of Temples”.

We realize that more the vacationer inflow, more cash to race into the economy of Jammu and Kashmir through their spending on cafés, inns, transport, and a lot more things.

Sheep Farming Business

Earlier I talked about the livestock business. This is a similar business but in this only sheep are targeted. The local populace in Kashmir devours around 51, 000 tons of sheep every year. Almost 21, 000 tons are imported from outside the state. What it means is that local entrepreneurs can supplant imported lamb with local produce while opening sheep ranch units crosswise over Kashmir.

Blogging Business

Blogging is one of the great businesses you can start if you are interested in this field. It has great potential and can give huge profits in the long run.

As per the conditions of Jammu and Kashmir, internet services are not that great but still, you can start blogging on a 2G network because it doesn’t require any high speed to post a blog. For the initial setup of the blog, you will require high-speed internet which can be managed easily.

But now in 2022 condition has been normalized and people can use a fast 4G network. This business has become now easy to run in J&K.

Restaurant Business

It is one of the booming businesses in Jammu and Kashmir. As we all know Jammu and Kashmir is known for the tourism restaurant business here that gives you huge profits.

But it requires medium investment to set up and also you have to follow some legal procedures. You may have seen many businesses like this one in your area. They have huge potential to grow.


YouTube has great potential if you take it as a business opportunity. You can build your audience and promote your existing business. Or you can be a content creator and earn money through affiliates, sponsorship, and advertisements.

For this, you don’t need any expertise, in the beginning, you will learn as you grow on this platform. At present in 2022, many YouTubers in Jammu and Kashmir are making videos on almost every niche like comedy, education, travelling, tourism, etc.

Private and Online Tutoring

In most blog posts, I always mention that tutoring is one of the best businesses you can think of. It is competitive but has high demand as always.

People who are looking for free notes, and video classes on different online platforms can be your students and you will earn from those platforms. And as you grow and people recognize you, you can use those advantages to transfer them into a business like making an institution, etc.

There are many channels on Youtube that are providing free education to the youth of Jammu and Kashmir or charging a price that is less than 500, which is nothing for one course including all subjects.

Graphic Designing Service Business

For introverts who are very innovative and creative-minded. Freelance graphic design can be a true way of making a living. In this digital era, the demand for graphic designs is higher than ever.

You can provide solutions to your client’s business problems through visual communication such as creating logos, websites, stationery, and marketing materials.

First, you should learn Graphic Designing by yourself and then teach others and make a team. After you’re ready, start your graphic designing service business in Jammu and Kashmir.

Programming and Developing Service

Some people are detail-oriented and meticulous, making them well-suited programmers and software developers. The combination of patience and focus on making programs/software is an advantage for you in entrepreneurship as a programmer.

Since coding is such a skill that few people master, there is a high demand for freelance programmers. Moreover, most of this work can be done in the comfort of your home. If you are interested in becoming a programmer you must master HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and PHP.

Instagram Consultant

Many businesses today have abandoned traditional marketing methods and turned to social media networks like the ever-popular Instagram to promote their products and services.

The majority of companies may not have expertise in marketing techniques on Instagram, which is why outsourcing an Instagram consultant is often the best option.

Instagram consultants help companies grow their Instagram and sustainable influence. Companies are buying higher amounts from these agencies and even individuals who are popular on Instagram.

Nature Photographing Business

Landscape photography takes focus and observation, a quality that many you can share. The opportunities for landscape photographers in Jammu and Kashmir can be enormous because it is the most beautiful place in the world.

There are several ways to generate income from being a photographer: shooting for websites or publications, selling your fingerprints or using rights to your images, or, if you are skilled enough, offering classes to other aspiring photographers.

Today, the internet makes it easy to market your business. Many people have been fashion and wedding photographers over the years and have run their own companies.

Car Rental Business

In my opinion, this business has less competition yet. As we all know this business has not emerged to great extent in Jammu and Kashmir even having great potential. In Jammu and Kashmir, there are 100s of tourist places people want to visit but not all of them have cars. They use public transport which is that comfortable.

If you start a car rental business near airports, railway stations, and the main bus stands then people coming from India or outside India will visit Jammy and Kashmir and they might want to book a car for their holidays, honeymoon, etc., which is far more comfortable than public transport.

Cleaning Business

The cleaning business in Jammu and Kashmir has not yet extended that much like other developed states of India. So, there is an excellent opportunity in starting this business. But there are several things that you should take care of such as perfect location and target customers.

As we all know in Jammu and Kashmir people don’t hire a person for cleaning purposes. People hire cleaning professionals for big houses, offices, and hotels who don’t do it alone or don’t have time to do it.

Massage Therapist

There are few businesses like this and mostly in cities like Jammy and Kashmir, but this has the potential to grow. Remember, in Jammy and Kashmir people usually don’t prefer to go massage therapist because of the privacy.

But what if you start a massage therapist business in which privacy can be maintained. You can do it by making premises and hiring people who massage customers of the same gender and no one should be allowed.

Interior Designing

You have seen many big houses or even small ones that have impressive and attractive interiors. Yes, this business has potential in many ways and almost in all areas of Jammu and Kashmir. Interior designers are creative people that have a unique mindset as compared to others.

But on a large scale if you make a business in which you hire people for the work. When a customer visits your office you can show them the samples and you sent a professional for the work. This way interior designing business can start in Jammy and Kashmir.

Other than these business ideas there are many dealership opportunities that you can grab in Jammu and Kashmir. For that do a proper analysis traditionally because that is the most recommended idea in the state which can save you from any future losses.


Now you are familiar with profitable business ideas in Jammu and Kashmir. Choose one which you find suitable and profitable in your particular area or region. Please remember this post is all about the ideas that you can pursue. As we all know everything has its pros and cons. Make sure you analyze and research an idea you choose.

Also, do research in your area and try to find the taste and preferences of your people. Then start a business and change these people into customers.

FAQ on Business Ideas in Jammu and Kashmir

Here are some frequently asked questions on business in Jammu and Kashmir:

Which businesses are best in Jammu and Kashmir?

There are several best businesses you can start in Jammu and Kashmir. As we all know Jammu and Kashmir is famous for its tourism sector so starting a business related to tourism is one of the best business ideas you can think of. Also, business ideas like horticulture and handicrafts are among the best ones.

What kind of businesses are most profitable in Jammu and Kashmir?

Handicrafts, Tourism, and Horticulture are among the best business ideas you can start in Kashmir. But I think the people of Jammu and Kashmir are ignoring the online business ideas which are currently booming all around the world. Take your business online, any business you start in Kashmir, take it online, and attract more customers and gain high profits.

How can you start a business in Kashmir?

Most people are wondering how to start a business in Jammu and Kashmir? There are different procedures for starting a business in Kashmir, some need to be legalized, some need handwork and little investment, some need to follow the guidelines of a given franchise, etc. If you want to start any business, do proper research about the business requirements and legal procedures.

If you have any regarding these business ideas in Jammu and Kashmir, please feel free to ask.

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