22 Travel and Tourism Business Ideas in India

Those who are looking for tourism business ideas in India have many choices for starting this business. In India, the travel and tourism business is quite profitable because of its vast diversity in vegetation, hilly areas, historical places, and much more. All these things make it a great place for tourism.

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari you will may great places where travel and tourism businesses are doing great. Maybe you live in such a place where you find that the tourism business will thrive but definitely, you have given it a shot.

This article will help you select your dream business idea. If you want to start big, combine the business ideas and provide diversity in services.

22 Best Tourism Business Ideas in India

1. Travel Service Business

The first business in the tourism sector in India which has been carried out by many Indian businessmen, is the travel services business.

This business requires large capital because it requires a fleet to carry passengers. Ranging from cars to tourist buses. You can provide tour packages along with lodging facilities, shopping for souvenirs, and restaurants.

In India, this business is quite profitable because each year millions of tourists across the world visit the country to explore its diversity and uniqueness. India is unique in many aspects of the world from other countries. So, if you going to start this business you should do market research to understand your customers and competition.

2. Culinary Business

The culinary business is one of the businesses that never die. This business can be done almost everywhere, from schools, offices, public places, and tourist attractions. If you like to work in the culinary field, tourist attractions can be a strategic place to sell.

To run this business you can sell food such as meatballs, soup, or snacks and drinks. All types of foods are very suitable for sale in tourist places. Remember, each place in India has its special food, and people who live in India also want to try those foods.

In many places in India, the culinary business is quite competitive because of its demand, and as well all know there is a place for everyone. So, while keeping that in mind, there are several places still that have less competition in the culinary business.

You need to start this business in a low-competition area and make your business a brand and then you can expand as you grow.

3. Tour Guide Services

This tourism business in India can be done especially in historical tourist places, such as temples, old buildings, ancient heritage sites, etc.

To serve many tourists, a tour guide must at least master several foreign languages ​​in addition to having to master the history of tourist objects of course. If you don’t know those places that people visit in your area then you can learn about them from YouTube and several other platforms.

To get tourists, a tour guide can work with travel agencies or offer services before the entrance of the tourist attraction is visited. Determine the appropriate rate and not too expensive so that tourists still feel comfortable and want to use the services of a tour guide.

4. Selling Souvenirs

It is considered profitable to run because tourists who come to a tourist attraction or a city will bring gifts for family or relatives at home. You can provide a variety of special foods or crafts that become the mascot of a place.

In India, people sell these items for centuries in tourist places even without having an actual shop. But if you want to start this business as a full-time income source then you should rent a shop where the target market is big enough so that you can cover your costs as well as earn profit from your business.

For this, you need to analyze the market to know what customers like and what is special about that place so that you will be ahead of the competition.

5. Bicycle Rental

For visitors to tourist attractions, especially those places that have a large enough area, walking is very tiring. You can offer bicycles to rent and use for circling attractions.

If you have 5 bicycles and in a day you can rent out 2-3 times for each bicycle, then at a rate of ₹2000 per bicycle, the revenue you will get can reach 4000 – 6000. If you are consistent within one month your income can reach around 120000 – 180000.

This is quite a profitable tourism business in India if you start this business strategically and in a crowded location. There are some places where tourists are seasonal but there are tourist places where tourists from all over the world visit throughout the year. This business idea will be suitable and best to place in those places.

6. Photography Services

This business can be a profitable and best choice for you in India, it’s just that there are quite a few enthusiasts. That’s because of the sophistication of today’s smartphones that can produce good pictures.

This makes the moment of documentation can be done by tourists themselves. Even so, there are still tourists who like printed photos so they can be displayed at home.

To sell well, you can choose a Polaroid camera that provides fast results and you can immediately give it to visitors. Don’t offer too high a price. This can result in a lack of tourist interest in the services you offer.

7. Developing a Tourist Area

Land clearing on the one hand can reduce the remaining productive land, but on the other hand, can have a large economic impact if managed properly. If you have sufficient capital then you can create a tourist attraction in the form of parks, water rides, orchard tours, etc.

In addition, you can also cooperate with the community to take part in the tourist attraction area that is created. Starting from selling snacks, and selling various staple foods, such as soup, meatballs, chicken noodles, etc.

Please remember this business idea will take your time, hard work, and large finance as well. So, if you are ready for that then you should consider this business otherwise many business ideas are profitable and require small capital to invest.

8. Open Parking Lot

The number of tourists who are quite a lot sometimes causes problems because there is not enough parking space. If you have vacant land in an area near a tourist spot, you can make it a parking lot.

For this, you will require enough space and proper building structure to the managing the parking lot. So, if you are going to start this business then you should be ready for the capital that is required for this business idea.

Parking lots are not only profitable in tourist places only but this can be quite a promising idea in many places in India, especially in major towns and cities. Do your market analysis and find the gaps that your competitors have left.

9. Providing Toilet

Sometimes the public facilities provided by tourist attractions are not sufficient for most visitors to use. One of these facilities is a toilet. You can provide toilets for visitors and apply rates starting from ₹5 – ₹10.

It is a basic thing for a human being so you earn a pretty decent profit out of this business. The investment required for this business is small and also this is a small-scale business so if you want to start big then you combine this business idea with other relevant ones.

10. Become a Travel Blogger

Do you like the digital world? Currently making the website a field of money is very possible. You can discuss everything about the world of travel and recommend places to readers. Always update your website or blog so that more visitors come to your site.

People love to watch and read travel blogs so if they want to visit that place in the future, they should know about it all. So, if you love to visit different places, write and make a video about that place.

Starting travel requires hard work but very little finance. You only need some capital for domain and hosting. Also, you need to have a laptop and internet connection.

11. Hotel Business

Hotels can also be used as a tourism business. Of course, building a hotel is not an easy affair. It takes a lot of capital to build it. If you manage to build a hotel, you can get quite a large profit. To run smoothly, start building partnerships with travel parties, etc.

It is a highly profitable business and many people all over India earn a great amount of profit annually from this business. But you need to set up a hotel in a strategic location and offer great services so that tourists visit and stay at your hotel again and again.

12. Online Taxi Business

When the holidays begin to arrive, the wave of tourists coming to a city will usually increase. You can work as a taxi driver, mainly to serve tourists visiting tourist attractions. To do this, you can operate around inns, tourist attractions, and stalls.

Nowadays people almost do everything on smartphones whether it is buying goods or booking a taxi. Many such apps offer these services in India. But you can start this business in your local area and gain the trust of the customers.

Because it is one of that businesses where trust and good services can give a local customer base. You have to work for that and ultimately your business will grow.

13. Restaurant Business

The restaurant can be used as a stop for tourists visiting a city by bus. If you open a restaurant business, you should cooperate with travel agencies so that it can be included in tour packages for passengers. Restaurants can also be opened near tourist attractions and rest areas on toll roads.

Choosing a strategic location can determine whether or not your restaurant is selling well. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the place where your restaurant will open later.

14. Event Organizer

Making an event is not always themed music and is done in the middle of the city. You can do this by holding it at one of the attractions. Therefore, starting an event organizer business you can also apply to the tourism business. You only need to prepare the concept of the event so that it can be enjoyed by visitors in general.

Events such as music concerts, competitions, and quizzes can be held and involve visitors to tourist attractions. In addition to making this kind of event more exciting, it can also establish closeness between visitors.

15. Opening Outbound Places

Traveling is not always done in big places. You can create an outbound tourism concept that can be developed in a village in India.

You just need to prepare all kinds of games that can train cohesiveness and teamwork. Usually, visitors come from companies, schools to government offices.

16. Forming a Tourist Village

If a village has a distinctive culture or has certain handicrafts, tourism potential can be created in that village. With the help of the government, a village can be used as a craft center or a center for making certain foods that can attract tourists to visit. In addition, handicrafts can also be sold to visitors

The existence of a tourist village can help improve the welfare of the villagers and make them more independent in earning income.

17. Food Processing Business

You can choose a food processing business to complement existing tourist attractions. With this processing business, you can create derivative products such as chips, drinks, etc. Later this product you can sell to tourists who come.

These foods are bought by almost everyone because they are easy to buy and easy to eat. So, choose a location where it will be easy for customers to reach your shop or business place.

18. Underwater Photo Services

One of the ways to do nature tourism is by providing underwater photo services. Attractions such as natural pools, fountains, or other water attractions can be a place to offer this business. To run it, you must have complete underwater photo equipment and good photography skills.

You can create interesting photo concepts and share them via social media. Many water attractions went viral after posting cool underwater photos that were posted and liked by many citizens.

19. Diving Rental Business

Underwater tourism is not only beautiful but also challenging. If you like the underwater world, you can run a dive equipment business as well as a dive instructor for interested tourists. Prepare a team of divers who have been trained and prepare complete diving equipment.

20. Diving Training Services

Tourists who cannot dive, of course, need the help of an expert to learn. You can open diving training to the tourists who come. You can apply a super training package in a day or a regular package for a week of training.

21. Off-road Vehicle Services

Tourist attractions such as highlands sometimes leave slippery roads and are difficult for people to pass. You can provide an off-road car to be used as a vehicle to the main tourist attraction at the peak. The sensation of riding an exciting off-road car will certainly arouse the interest of visitors to try it.

22. ATV rental

Preparing land for ATV races in hilly areas is one way to fill the potential income in a tourist attraction. You can set a certain rate for tourists in one session. The sensation of playing ATV will be felt with the racing system that is applied. Visitors will be impressed and of course, feel happy.

You can sample the tourism business above and run it yourself or with your friends. The tourism business reference is also quite complete. You can even run several businesses together, so the profits you can get will also increase.

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