How To Start Dairy Farm Business In 2023

Setting Up the Cost of Milk Production Farms, Dairy Production Farm How to Install? Government Support in Building Facilities.

Milk Production Farm Establishment and Conditions

If you want to invest in a new field, building a dairy farm with profitable business ideas will be one of the most intelligent business ideas . Milk Production Farm is a very profitable product when the demand for milk is taken into consideration. It is very difficult to make a net cost calculation as the initial investment cost changes according to the milk and plant capacity. Today, we need to build a dairy production farm under the following headings.

Animal Selection

If you are going to establish a dairy farm, you should prefer Friz, Montafon and Simmental Cow species. This species of cow gives an average of 4 thousand to 5 thousand liters of milk per year. Animal Breed is very important in milk production.

Facility Location and Conditions

The location of the animal farm is very important in terms of location. Choosing a Productive Land as Pasture as Outside of the City will Affect the Yield Yield Directly. In addition, sufficient capacity for the capacity of the plant, grassland and milking plant is also required. Otherwise, animals fed with ready food will be lubricated and milk yield will decrease after a while.

Another issue related to the location of the facility in the area where the facility will be installed, water cleanliness of the facility, electricity, environmental cleanliness should be provided as sufficient factors. It should be passed through the water treatment plant taken from the city network and then used as drinking water. Even though the electricity will be supplied from the City Network, the generator should be taken against the cuts and the needs of the animals should be met completely.

Machinery and Equipments

Milk Production Machines, Pasteurizing Plant, Ideal Heating System, Heating System, Feed Mixing Machine, Milk Storage Facility, Facility Shelter, Food, Providing Facilities to Live. The ideal living conditions for these facilities should be provided in a minimum manner and the animal and employee efficiency should not be lowered.

Cost of Establishing a Milk Production Farm

Cost Estimation for a Dairy Farm can be made per animal. If You Prefer a Good Breed of Milk, An Animal Cost is About 12,000 – 15,000 Lira. If you choose a more moderate type, this figure drops to 6,000 – 9,000 pounds. If the land is located outside of the city, it will cost between 15.000 – 30.000 TL. If you are going to establish an average of 30 animals, two acres of land will be sufficient. In this case, approximately 350 thousand pounds, such as a figure of 30 dairy farms have established a dairy farm.

Grant and Credits For

Milk Production Farms State Support for Milk Production Farms is provided by different Ministries. Agriculture and Credit Cooperatives affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Livestock are the most important institutions in this field. If you are going to build a farm with more than 50 animals, you can receive 1/3 of the cost as a grant. Another option is to use 65% of the cost with zero interest rate and 5 years non-refundable credit.

Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology 

The delegation examining the grant and credit applications gives half of the price of machinery and equipment as a grant if the work plan of the facility to be established is accepted. In addition, on demand, the land rent is also met with Zero Rate. KOSGEB Supports People Who Create a New Employment Area Out of These Institutions and Gives 40% of the Machine, Equipment and Employee Costs specified in the Business Plan as a Grant, and Grant a Maximum 150 Thousand Lira Grant According to the Business Plan.

Milk Sales

Milk Contracts for Milk Produced in the Production Farm You Should Find Continuously Purchasing Agencies and People. If you want to make a profit you must absolutely keep your market wide. Otherwise, you may have to make minimum profit by selling milk from the purchase price of a liter base that is determined by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Livestock. If you do not keep your market wide, you have the possibility to keep your milk.

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