43 Business Ideas in Bangalore with Low Investment and High Profits

Are you looking for profitable business ideas in Bangalore with low investment? Then here we will talk about the most innovative and new business opportunities that you can grab in Bangalore for your startup business. 

Bangalore is a very popular city in which young people come forward and show their interest in the business. You may have seen that Bangalore is very famous for an MBA because that city has the potential to make young people prepare for business success.

If you want to start a business in Bangalore then these ideas will be very helpful for you. Some of them are low investment business ideas and some require medium investment ideas.

43 Business Ideas in Bangalore with Low Investment

Here are 43 amazing business ideas in Bangalore with low investment:

Food Trucks

business ideas in bangalore with low investment

It is thought that the idea of ​​selling food with trucks will grow day by day. Because as rents increase in big cities across the country, it becomes increasingly difficult for an ordinary shopkeeper to finance a workplace located in busy city centres where customers are concentrated.

Food trucks offer a great solution to this problem. Set off and park at local events, farmers’ markets, the city square; Anywhere you can reach the crowds is suitable for this job. Thanks to the low cost of a food truck and its increasing geographic versatility, you will be able to turn your grandmother’s famous dumpling recipe or any food sale idea you haven’t yet created in your mind into an ever-growing enterprise.

Remember that large and trendy cities can already have a fairly busy food truck market; so if you start work in a relatively small city, you can be much more successful. You should also take into account that the food truck industry has its own rules, commercial license, and safety compliance standard.

Car Wash Services Ideas

business ideas in bangalore with low investment

Most people would be willing to pay much more for a mobile car wash service that will come to their feet rather than driving miles for car wash service. This is especially true for people with luxury cars that prefer personalized service. As a mobile car wash service, you not only benefit from the unique value proposition of mobile service delivery but also avoid considerable initial costs of owning a physical location.

Not sure how to start your mobile car wash? You can benefit from online distributors that sell detailed car wash starter kits and provide training for those who want to start their own business in this niche sector.

Food Restaurant Business in Bangalore

Many people in Bangalore love great foods. People from anywhere love to eat outside their house. If they are treated well in the restaurant then they often visit that restaurant.

Starting a restaurant business is a profitable idea in Bangalore because people there have busy lives and they don’t have enough time to cook and eat at home. They rather prefer to eat in well maintained and well-designed food restaurants.

Consulting Firm Ideas in Bangalore

In Bangalore, many consulting firms guide you through your startup.

If someone wants to start a business they need guidance because they don’t have enough knowledge in starting a business. This is one of the profitable ideas for business in Bangalore.

Starting a business consulting firm will give you huge profits and that company will always be with you in one way or another.

Juice Corner/Cafe

business ideas in bangalore with low investment

Now people who feel thirsty don’t drink water; they prefer soft drinks, juice or coffee in cafes or juice corners.

Starting a business like this requires a small investment but they can give you higher returns.

Childcare Service for Kids

Due to the busy schedule where both parents are working, they don’t have time to take care of their child care.

They prefer childcare services who take care of their child so that they can work.

Startup business like child care service in Bangalore is profitable and one of the best business ideas because people there are very organised and they live a busy life.

Data Technology Business Ideas in Bangalore

Many independent companies need an outsider to take part in their company. 

Maybe they need more space to select people to carry out their responsibility, so in such cases, IT-based new companies are required.

Simply approach organizations that are needing helpers or individuals for giving client care administrations and your startup can end up being a one-point answer for them.

If you can deal with their function very beautifully, they will pay you an impressively decent amount that will be all that anyone could need to cover your make-back initial investment.

Training Based Startups

Business Ideas in Bangalore

With the evolving world, even training needs are evolving continuously. Significantly after getting a degree, individuals are not ready to find a decent line of work.

So you can begin a training based company that makes individuals work prepared. You can offer to improve their delicate aptitudes, clear their ideas in important fields with the goal that they become employable. Nowadays most people want to start their own business in Bangalore. This business is one of the best ideas out there in Bangalore.

These companies are much sought after and understudy is prepared to pay a large number of rupees for this work.

Attire and Lifestyle Business Ideas in Bangalore

Individuals consistently need to put their best self forward and look adequate regardless of whether it costs them a month’s compensation on a solitary buy. So this is the best time you fire up a retail business where you offer stylish and tasteful dresses.

Clothing and Lifestyle business is one of the best businesses these days because now everyone wants to look fashionable and they prefer to look presentable.

Vocation Counseling

Bangalore is where one gets a great deal of line of work decisions. Professional directing is tied in with giving the correct counsel to the understudy of their vocation and to the merchant additionally who is searching for better vocation choices.

With appropriate skill, you can begin this business in Bangalore with a little investment. Having a professional directing degree is constantly an hour or more right now.

Vehicle Washing and Repairing Service Bangalore Business Ideas

Autos are bounties in Bangalore. If you are prepared for vehicle fixing, at that point, you can begin a vehicle fix administration business. Great auto technicians are in acceptable interest in Bangalore.

Land Agency Ideas for Business in Bangalore

The interest for appropriate settlement is the need of great importance in Bangalore. Likewise, organizations are consistently vigilant for advantageous office spaces. On the off chance that you have great associations and have data concerning land properties, you can begin a land organization business.

Corporate Hospitality Event Planning

Corporate accommodation occasionally arranges business spins around offering support in occasions held by corporate or businesses for their staff, customers or partners. This business opportunity is nearly simple to begin, productive and appreciating one.

Bangalore is simply ideal for this sort of business. The business is everything about keeping your customers cheerful and you can mean it by another term of business engagement.

Making Music Videos 

These days a lot of organizations search for music recordings for brand building movements. Specialists and vocalists additionally search for music recordings for advancement. You can attempt this imaginative work on the off chance that you appreciate doing such.

Regular postal mail Service Consulting

Bangalore is a position of chaotic business movement. Post-office-based mail administration counselling business fits right now in the business environment.

This is a method for promoting where results can be estimated rapidly and effectively. In beginning this business you will just need to have a PC with web and telephone. You can start this endeavour in your home area.

Digital Book Writing (One of the Best Business Ideas in Bangalore)

Business Ideas in Bangalore (2)

On the off chance that you appreciate composing and you know the system of making digital books, then E-book composing is a standout amongst other business ideas for ladies. You can begin selling these E-books from your site, blog or amazon moreover.

Internet business consulting

These days each little and large business is hoping to tap the web crowds to sell their items or administrations. Bangalore as a silicon valley of India requires more administrations like this. People having an aptitude for internet showcasing, online business, and e-correspondences may begin this business from home.

Eatery Business

This is without a doubt the best business alternative to consider, as it never runs off clients. In any case, comprehend that your eatery will consistently be gotten together with clients just by the chance that you can furnish them with quality nourishment at a sensible cost.

Pretty much every substitute individual is a conceived foodie and wants to eat. So on the off chance that you have a capital imperative, at that point at first open up a little nourishment joint as it won’t require substantial investment, and afterwards step by step convert it to a major diner house.

The edge is truly good (approx 55%) in the nourishment business and you can hope to gain an extremely attractive sum from it. Find out more

Land Business

This is one of the most worthwhile business ideas in Bangalore. One can never turn out badly right now. The property costs are truly elevated in Bangalore and you can consider turning into an advertiser or beginning your land business firm.

Your firm can go about as a middle person between the different purchasers and vendors and win a great commission from every arrangement.

On the off chance that you would prefer not to contribute a lot, and afterwards simply start the whole thing you like, look for properties for lease that are both for private and business reasons and afterwards connect with planned inhabitants and take your offer from both gatherings.

At that point after a timeframe when you have earned enough from this, fire up an organization and contract people to work for you. This business is truly fulfilling and one can even get lakhs of rupees from a solitary arrangement.

Packaged Mineral Water Supply Business

This business has part of the potential and is a smart thought for the individuals who need a consistent market. Water is something that is required by all and you can begin providing it to various retail locations, homes, lodgings, cafés, bistros and a lot more places.

The investment isn’t a lot, and even by keeping a low-net revenue, you can gain truly well attributable to the deal volume. Bundled Mineral Water is normally bought in mass, so regardless of whether you figure out how to increase 2 or 3 customers during the underlying stages, you can win a good sum from it.

Likewise, remember that 20-litre compartment for home and workplaces. This is one of the most beneficial businesses in Bangalore with low investment. Arrange a water plant and get moving.

Taxi/Cab Rentals Business

Business Ideas in Bangalore (3)

This business doesn’t require a lot of exertion and can furnish you with an impressive month to month pay. You can buy vehicles and put them on a rental premise.

Lease some to nearby travel organizations and lease the stays to Ola/Uber. Along these lines, you have figured out how to make a fixed payment that you will get each month.

You can likewise purchase more vehicles with that pay and afterwards start your vehicle rental business, connect with vacationers or individuals in the city who need to book a taxi for not many days or some event and begin winning.

Versatile App-based pipes, cleaning and circuit repair administration

Each individual requires these administrations sooner or later than the other. Be that as it may, the issue emerges when they don’t have the opportunity to look through handymen or circuit testers in their general vicinity when they need them the most.

In such a situation, on the off chance that you can offer these types of assistance and make an online stage where individuals can contact you through a tick on their cell phone, at that point you are en route to making a fortune.

As numerous individuals need benefits yet don’t have the opportunity to go after those specialist co-ops.

You can get a decent sum from every house on the off chance that you give plumbing, cleaning and circuit repair administrations at their doorstep. Significant investment right now in showcasing. You can begin with little scope in a couple of territories at that point and grow your serving region slowly.

Auto Repair

Even for simple repairs, it can be difficult to get your car to a mechanic. After all, most of us use our cars to get from place to place! That means having to hand over your car for repairs – which means waiting for hours at the garage, renting a car daily, or trying to coordinate with a friend or partner to get somewhere. These options are both expensive and inconvenient.

The good news is that although some of the repairs require complete equipment, there are already many maintenance and repair service centres that only need a few simple tools to complete. If you are skilled as a mechanic, you may want to consider venturing into this industry. You can provide mobile services to your customers, such as oil change, fluid filling, battery replacement, headlight repair and more, while on the road or in the office car park.

Electronic Instrument Repair

We wouldn’t be exaggerating if we say that everybody in the world is messing with electronic gadgets these days. Because each of us spends most of the hours we are awake by looking at some kind of screen. This pervasive technology addiction means that people will seek help as soon as possible when something goes wrong.

This is the main reason for the popularity of mobile electronic repair services. You can be the solution for every broken iPhone screen, every Wifi card and every laptop battery. If we add this to the customer’s feet, okay, you hit the bull’s eye! Apple stores etc. electronics retailers are on the line of fire with long customer retention times that can work in favour of mobile providers lately. So it’s time to take action to get started!

Although embarking on a mobile electronics repair business has costs in the form of purchasing consumables, not having to acquire a fixed location will save you from the high cost of a physical location. This means you will have a lot more money in your pocket.

Information (IT) Support Services

Although we think we understand this business very well, the truth is that most of us need technical support. Some of us even make our computers or other devices vulnerable to hackers or identity theft. With their own hands! Unfortunately, when things go wrong, the free call centre support provided by manufacturers is not supportive or not able to fix the problem.

If you’re a tech-savvy – and relatively patient person – you might want to consider providing mobile IT support. At least you can try to do this within the boundaries of the area you live in. All you need is time, transport and expertise; that is, this low-cost business model provides an almost pure profit.

Sports Instructor

Turning your love of being fit into a career doesn’t mean you have to work in a big corporate gym – you don’t have to pay the expense of creating a new place for yourself to train your clients. A few weights, bands, and yoga mats in the trunk of your car will be enough to start your fitness show.

Offer your clients the opportunity to take lessons in their own home, or give group lessons in your city park or cultural centre. Making sports something easy for your customers can be an exit ticket that will get both sides to their goals. Nowadays, the popularity of health and fitness businesses is increasing day by day as people attach more importance to healthy eating and exercise.

Newborn and Post-Pregnancy Services

The need for post-pregnancy and newborn services is increasing day by day. In particular, the demand for maternity and breastfeeding coach consultants has increased significantly, and both business options have no significant costs other than training and certification costs.

After School Activities

Although the number of children increases, the budget allocated to education is gradually decreasing, indicating the existence of a new bread door for both academics who provide education in the traditional sense and those who are engaged in enriching activities such as music, art and athletics.

As a result of the budget constraint, more and more parents are turning to private businesses for enriching activities outside of school. A new income has already been opened for gym centres, music schools, swimming instructors, children’s yoga teachers and other child-centred activities.

If you have the talent to teach young students in one of these areas, you already have a profitable business idea.

Mobile Apps and Entertainment

If you are interested in technology or entertainment, how about directing this talent to the youngest consumers of technology? Studies show that even if experts suggest otherwise, children’s demand for tablets, apps and mobile entertainment is increasing day by day.

Have an idea of ​​an educational app for kids or parents? So now is the time to bring this brilliant idea to life for generations to come. 

Accessories and Apparel

“Cabinet” etc. websites benefit from the sharing economy by offering second-hand clothing and accessories sales services by seizing a small portion of the purchase price. Some websites offer clothing rental services. In this way, such initiatives are highly profitable since the same piece of inventory will generate revenue more than once.

Think you have a fashion eye or a sense of style that no one else has? Then you are ready to be the next “big event”!

Don’t panic, even if you feel ready to start a fashion startup worth millions of dollars, you can earn money from your local fashion sharing. For example, how about putting together your favourite accessories or outfit choices and hosting a dress rental party for high school students before the end of the year prom. If you live in a city with a university, contacting student clubs is another great opportunity to take advantage of the sharing economy fashion. And since you take shipping costs out of the equation, you’ll also have the potential for a much higher profit margin than your much larger venture company!

Home Decoration Equipment

Are you the wrecker of your neighbourhood?

Well, are you a neighbour who has all kinds of decoration equipment in his home and who will not be afraid of moving his lawn, garden or home repair/maintenance equipment when necessary, even under the hot sun?

If your answer is yes, why not take your equipment moving business one step further than your neighbour or friend group and turn this advantage you have into a profitable business?

You may even consider investing in more specific and higher cost equipment that will be useful to those around you. If a customer doesn’t know how to use a particular vehicle, you can combine the equipment rental service with a mobile equipment user service so you can earn more money. This business can indeed turn into a profitable opportunity.

Holiday Home Rental Deals

Airbnb and VRBO-style sites have made it easier than ever to profit from your unused vacation home or even your extra bedroom. If you live in a tourist attraction, you can rent your home to travellers for an affordable price and make new friends in the process!

Academic Courses

Whenever we think about education, our minds immediately drift to traditional university courses. While academic courses are not the only subject suitable for online courses, this is a highly viable option.

As long as schools strive to prepare students for both standardized tests and life outside the classroom, teachers and specific subject matter experts will have ample opportunities to earn income with online courses.

At the grade level, try to supplement your course to prepare for math, science or history, or even standardized tests. You can even offer an intensive course for parents to help their kids with math homework! If you are creative, your possibilities are truly endless.

You don’t need to limit academic classes to high school or even university. You can also share your interest in political history, Buddhist theology, or anything else that isn’t too complicated in these classes. Don’t say, “Who’s interested in what I’m telling you?” If a topic has caught your attention, you will likely encounter other people who may be interested in the same topic.

Foreign language education

As communication opportunities increased and borders blurred, almost everyone around the world became interested in languages. Whether you are an expert in English, Turkish or Urdu, you will surely find someone who wants to study language from you. And these people will certainly be willing to pay you. If you can speak one of the most popular languages, especially for 2019 and beyond, such as Arabic, Spanish and Mandarin, you are holding a business opportunity that will grow day by day.

If you are proficient in an uncommon language or are particularly interested in teaching a more widely known language, creating an online language-based training platform would be a profitable undertaking.

Business and Marketing Education

Even though social science education provides critical thinking, many university students graduate from their schools without basic marketing skills that will enable them to be successful in the business world. Do you think you can fill these gaps using your expertise?

Congratulations, you have had an incredible income opportunity with the very little initial cost.

What skills/lessons did you learn the hard way regarding your job or career? Share your expertise with other entrepreneurs via an online course focused on business and marketing. Popular course topics include bookkeeping, QuickBooks accounting, WordPress web development, graphic design, client proposal development, even cover letter or resume writing.

Personal Health Services

Are you a therapist or counsellor, or a yoga instructor or a life coach? Are you someone who has been meditating for a long time? If you have a deep passion for personal health, you can help others find their “zen”. On the other hand, you earn a considerable income. All you have to do is share what you know.

Every person desires to improve themselves, which is the main purpose of online courses.

Different Hobbies

While most of the courses are designed to improve educational or career opportunities or to encourage a major life change, you can easily design an online course in any hobby or interest. Have an interest in calligraphy or handmade beer? Or do you think you are a master of a particular video game?

Why not turn these interests into business opportunities?

You will be amazed by the number of people willing to pay to learn about their interests.

Not sure how to start designing your online course? There’s even an online course on how to start an online course! So you no longer have the slightest excuse to delay starting this job.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Accounting or bookkeeping business i.e. money management is the inevitable reality of being a business owner. However, for most entrepreneurs, this is the worst part of running a business. Whether you’re a licensed chartered accountant or a QuickBooks wizard, keeping your fellow entrepreneurs’ personal or small business finances in order is a clean start on the road to starting your own business. Bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation and payroll services have long been among the most profitable businesses for entrepreneurs, with a net profit margin of 19.8%.

As an accountant, you can process invoices and payrolls, compile expense reports, and more. If you have a financial advisory license, you can help business owners write taxes, create balance sheets and other accounting documents, and provide professional advice on your client’s net balance sheet.


If you’ve been in the business world for a long time, people will be craving to get a piece of your industry knowledge and expertise. So why not turn your expertise into a new career opportunity where you can start as an independent consultant? You can speak at industry conferences or events, advise a new business that has just entered the market or leverage your expertise to shape an existing business strategy on a contractual basis. Whatever your talent, starting your consulting firm is a great way to get your dream income while working by your own rules.

Graphic design

Creating a bright image for small businesses has become more important than ever as the number of brands competing fiercely to attract consumers’ attention has increased. Regardless of whether they have the money to pay for a large-scale advertising or marketing agency, almost every small business will sooner or later need some graphic design work.

How well do you know using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign programs? If your answer is positive, you can turn your skills into a source of income as a freelance graphic designer. You will have almost no expense and will be paid by the hour to handle this job that small business owners cannot do.

What are you waiting for?

Get started right away by creating great marketing graphics.

Social media management

The young generation was born and raised in social media. This means that future customers will expect a business to take a strong stand on social media and be sensitive to social customer service.

However, while most small business owners know they need to be active on social media, few have the time or expertise to manage all of their social media accounts.

If you are actively using Twitter and Facebook or acquired your current business through LinkedIn, you should consider turning your social media expertise into a venture of your own to support business owners who need help with social media management.

Marketing Text Writing

Similarly, you can use this ability to write texts for various companies’ marketing efforts, especially if you are well versed with words. The net worth of the content marketing industry is expected to reach $ 412 billion by 2021.

If you can create a catchy slogan or write a detailed description of a company’s offerings, moreover, if you are doing it as an independent employee, we are confident that you will earn a substantial income for your services.

Virtual Assistant Services

At one time, every entrepreneur, manager, or leader had their assistant. Even over the years, this has not changed, each has a workload and a full schedule to make an assistant useful even today (although not necessary), but most still do not want or cannot afford to pay for a full-time helping hand.

Virtual assistants used to fill this gap have become the most important common point of the sharing economy and freelance sales/marketing services. As a virtual assistant, you can select your customers and create a scheduling system that suits them by performing all the basic tasks to manage your customers ’emails, schedule their meetings, make travel reservations, that is, to make your customers’ lives run smoothly.

Online shop

Currently, a business does not have to have a location that is used as a shop. This cannot be separated from the existence of internet technology that makes it easy to create online stores. You can try to create an online store from several marketplaces that are already widely available.

Or, you can also use social media such as Instagram or Facebook as a place to buy and sell yours. The main capital you need is a cellphone and laptop if you have one. Later, when there is an order, you only need to go to an online courier or courier service for the delivery process.

Handmade accessories

Still a business that comes from a hobby, this type of small capital business with big profits is suitable if you have a hobby of making accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, and so on. This business tends to use cheap capital and only requires the main capital, namely to buy raw materials for making accessories.

Typing services

Do you have a laptop or computer and like to type? Then this business is for you. This is because businesses with service types always use minimal capital. You can offer your typing skills, especially to students or school children. This is because the need for a quick paper or report is needed, and not everyone is able to type fast.

Selling food and drinks online

Currently selling food or drinks does not have to be a shop. In fact, nowadays there are many food and beverage businesses selling their various products online. Consumers only need to order the food or drink they want, then it will be delivered by an online motorcycle taxi.

Animal care services

This type of small capital business with big profits is no less lucrative. You can put your knowledge of animals to good use by opening an animal farm. Usually, pet care will be crowded during school holidays and during long holidays on major holidays.

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