Top 19 Small Low Cost Business Ideas in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the largest cities in India and there are many business ideas in Bangalore that are growing at a fast speed. As this city is famous for many things such as commercial streets, shopping, restaurants, fast food, museums, and temples, it makes Bangalore the best place to start a business.

So, if you are looking for profitable business ideas in Bangalore with low investment? Then here we will talk about the most innovative and new business opportunities that you can grab in Bangalore for your startup business.

Depending upon the size of the business the investment required can be minimized if you choose the right idea for your business. Don’t worry here we have mentioned the best business ideas that you can start at a low cost in Bangalore.

Business ideas in Bangalore with low investment

19 Best Business Ideas that Are Profitable to Start in Bangalore

1. Food Trucks

The idea of ​​selling food with trucks is increasing nowadays because as rents increase in Bangalore it becomes increasingly difficult for an ordinary shopkeeper to rent a place located in a busy place where customers are concentrated.

Food trucks offer a great solution to this problem. You can buy a truck and design it as per your requirement and sell food at any place you want. Remember this idea has emerged in the last few years in Bangalore but still there is a large opportunity for newcomers.

Starting a food truck business in Bangalore’s main city will be competitive so if you start work in relatively small areas, you can be much more successful. You should also take into account that the food truck industry has its own rules, commercial license, and safety compliance standards.

2. Mobile Car Wash Services

Most people would be willing to pay much more for a mobile car wash service that will come to their location rather than driving miles for a car wash service. This is especially true for people with luxury cars that prefer personalized services.

As a mobile car wash service, you can save the cost of owning a physical location. But in 2023 people even having normal cars prefer these kinds of services. So this is a large opportunity for you but you need to analyze your market before starting this business.

For this business to start you need a mobile car wash starter kit that you can buy easily. Once you set up the business, promote it online as well as offline to get customers.

3. Restaurant Business

Many people in Bangalore love great food. People from anywhere love to eat outside their houses. If they are treated well in the restaurant then they often visit that restaurant.

Starting a restaurant business is a profitable idea in Bangalore because people there have busy lives and they don’t have enough time to cook and eat at home. They rather prefer to eat in well-maintained and well-designed food restaurants.

Provide quality food and the best services to the customers and they will come again and again to your restaurant. Remember you should set prices genuinely so that you can target a large customer base.

4. Consulting Firm

In Bangalore, many consulting firms guide you through your startup. If someone wants to start a business they need guidance because they don’t have enough knowledge in starting a business.

This is one of the profitable ideas for business in Bangalore because starting a consulting firm will give you huge profits and that company will always be with you in one way or another.

So, decide your target market and choose a suitable location for opening a consulting firm and implement different strategies to get more clients because the more clients you have the more profit you can earn.

5. Childcare Services

Due to the busy schedule where both parents are working, they don’t have time to take care of their children. They prefer childcare services that take care of their child so that they can work.

A startup business like a childcare service in Bangalore is profitable because people are very organized and live busy lives. The location of this business is quite important. We all know that there are only some people who would buy such services.

So, you need to start this business in such a location where people are mostly busy with their life. The main location for this business can be the main city of Bangalore.

6. Information Technology Business

Many independent companies need an outsider to take part in their company.  Maybe they need more space to select people to carry out their responsibility, so in such cases, IT-based new companies are required.

Simply approach organizations that are needing helpers or individuals for giving client care administrations and your startup can end up being a one-point answer for them.

If you can deal with their function very beautifully, they will pay you an impressively decent amount. These services are extensively demanded in Bangalore due to new startups.

7. Training-Based Startups

With the evolving world, even training needs are evolving continuously. Significantly even after working hard academically, students are not able to get a job.

So you can begin a training-based company that prepares individuals for any work or job. You can offer to improve their delicate aptitudes and clear their ideas in important fields with the goal that they become employable.

Nowadays most people want to start their own business in Bangalore and these companies are much sought after and understudies are prepared to pay a large number of rupees for this work.

8. Lifestyle Business

The clothing and Lifestyle business is one of the best businesses these days because now everyone wants to look fashionable and they prefer to look presentable.

So, if you have enough capital to start this business you should then because there is a large potential for this business to grow even at a small level. A lifestyle business is a bigger niche so you need to decide what type of lifestyle business you want to start such as a clothes business, makeup business, handbag business, etc.

Decide your type of business and analyze how much capital you will require. The profit potential of the lifestyle business in Bangalore is great but it is competitive as well.

9. Music Business 

As we have talked about earlier, Bangalore is famous for literature and music so starting a music business is a good option. You can analyze first what type of music the people of Bangalore like and work accordingly.

The music industry is doing a great job and is earning quite a decent revenue across the country. Initially, you can set up your business in Bangalore and target the audience of the city and when you become famous you can expand.

You can start many different types of business in the music industry such as instrument playing, lyrist, singing, composing, and more. Decide what you want to do and start your dream business. Or you can simply record your music video and upload it on Youtube, this way you can also earn a decent revenue.

10. Digital Book Writing

There are few people that still read books traditionally, but we all know that now people have smartphones, laptops, iPads, and tablets on which it is easier to have thousands of books and easy to read so they prefer online books or ebooks which can be also called digital books.

From this, you can get an idea of how much you can earn by writing ebooks. Ebooks are very good for passive income if you have a great strategy that will increase your ebook sites.

Believe it or not, ebooks are one of the best ways to earn a pretty decent amount of profit and as a business when you grow you can hire more employees that write ebooks for you and you sell them under the brand you have made.

11. Taxi/Cab Rental Business

This business doesn’t require a lot of hard work to set up and can give you impressive profits. You can buy vehicles and start your rental business.

To make this business successful you can approach several hotels and reservation centers and ask them to recommend your taxi and cabs to the visitors. In this way, you can generate a pretty decent revenue and increase your customer base.

Nowadays almost everything is digitalized, why not open an app where people can easily book your cabs? Do promote your business as much as you can to increase sales.

12. Fitness Business

Turning your love of being fit into a career doesn’t mean you have to work in a big gym center and you don’t have to pay the money for creating a new place for yourself to train your clients. A few weights, bands, and yoga mats in the trunk of your car will be enough to start your fitness business.

Offer your clients the opportunity to take lessons in their own homes, or give group lessons in your city. Nowadays, the popularity of health and fitness businesses is increasing day by day as people are more concerned with their health.

Remember to start this business where people are interested in gym and yoga because there are several rural places in the world where there is no need for fitness trainers. Do a proper analysis and start with a good plan.

13. Academic Courses

Whenever we think about education, our minds immediately drift to traditional university courses. While academic courses are not the only subject suitable for online courses, this is a highly viable option to start in Bangalore.

As long as schools strive to prepare students for both standardized tests and life outside the classroom, teachers and specific subject matter experts will have the best opportunities to earn income with online courses.

We all know that in Bangalore many students are looking for online courses because they are cheaper than offline courses. So there is a big opportunity for you to start this business.

14. Foreign language education

As communication opportunities increase and many people from Bangalore want to go to foreign countries, starting a foreign language business is a profitable option.

Whether you are an expert in English, Turkish, or Urdu, you will surely find someone who wants to study a language from you. And these people will certainly be willing to pay you. If you can speak one of the most popular languages, there is a great opportunity for you.

If you are proficient in an uncommon language or are particularly interested in teaching a more widely known language, creating an online language-based training platform would be a profitable undertaking.

15. Graphic Designing Business

Creating a bright image for small businesses has become more important than ever. As the number of brands has increased and are trying to attract consumers’ attention. Regardless of whether they have the money to pay for a large-scale advertising or marketing agency, almost every small business will sooner or later need some graphic design work.

How well do you know using Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign programs? If your answer is positive, you can turn your skills into a source of income as a freelance graphic designer or a full-time graphic designing business.

You will have almost no expense and will be paid by the hour to handle this job that small business owners cannot do.

16. Social Media Management

The young generation was born and raised on social media. This means that future customers will expect a business to take a strong stand on social media and be sensitive to social customer service.

However, while most small business owners know they need to be active on social media, few have the time or expertise to manage all of their social media accounts.

If you are actively using Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook or acquired your current business through LinkedIn, you should consider turning your social media expertise into a venture and support business owners who need help with social media management.

17. Handmade Accessories

Still, a business that comes from a hobby, this type of small capital business with big profits is suitable in Bangalore. If you have a hobby of making accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, and so on. Then with just an Instagram account, you can make thousands of sales every day.

Now people are buying more handmade products because they are unique and are designed for certain events. Everyone wants their event to be beautiful so they buy these products.

Also, some customers prefer these handmade products on a daily basis. So decide your niche and start your handmade business in Bangalore.

18. Pet Care Services

In Bangalore now people are more into pets such as dogs, cats, etc., but they don’t have enough time to take care of them because of their busy work schedule. They want someone to look after them, so they hire these services.

If you have experience in pet caring or have done some courses in it, you have to start this service-based business. The investment required for this is quite low and the profit potential of this business is high.

Analyze where you get maximum customers in Bangalore and then with a good marketing approach open this profitable business.

19. Senior Care Services

Senior care services help old aged people with their daily needs and improve their quality of life. In this business you can offer services such as home care, assisted living, memory care, nursing care, and hospice care.

Bangalore is a rapidly developing city and its population is also increasing. That is why businesses that cater to the needs of seniors are increasing day by day and are also earning a great profit.

Also, these services provide assistance with daily living activities, such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation, and medication management, to seniors who prefer to stay in their homes. They are offered by trained caregivers who are skilled in providing care for seniors with different needs.


Bangalore is one of the best places in India to start a business so if you want to make your business dream successful then there are a lot of business opportunities waiting for you. You just need to work hard with dedication, your dream will come true.

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