41 Profit-Making Business Ideas in Pune With Low Investment

Looking for business ideas in Pune with low investment? Then these profitable and creative business ideas will help you to establish a successful business in Pune.

Pune is one of the best cities in India that has the potential to grow. In Pune city, you can start many businesses and make them successful.

But in this article, I will tell you about the 41 best business ideas in Pune which can be set up in low investment. Every one of these business ideas in Pune has a huge profit margin. Some business ideas can be started with low maintenance and you can work from home too.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the profitable business ideas in Pune.

Business Ideas in Pune With Low Investment

41 Business Ideas in Pune with Low Investment

Here are the top and best business ideas in Pune with low investment that makes you rich.

Development of programming

Pune designers cannot be considered an ignorant and amateur group, but they are really good and excellent programmers. Regular web clients (web clients) also need to know how to go through filter walls and VIPs. Many young people and teenagers are proud to avoid security programs and the like. The truth is that there are a lot of young, persistent, and wise software engineers who have a lot of free time. This idea is the best small business idea in Pune for investors/entrepreneurs.

Training (web)

Education has a wide market in Pune. School exams and entrance exams are so popular that a large number of people spend a lot of money preparing for them.

Renewable energy sources (best business ideas in Pune)

This idea is a bit skeptical because it is only possible with the management of the legislature. Pune has a difficult path to clean energy. While nuclear energy has become a major political issue and cost Pune dearly, it enjoys plenty of sunlight. Using solar panels to use clean energy is financially and economically smart.

Excitement and fun

Themed parks, game rooms, and the like. Many young Puneians have almost no hobby or work to do. Entertainment parks for young people and families can be a huge achievement.

Gold trade/cash

Due to the sanctions imposed on Pune, Pune’s currency has changed significantly. If you are aware of the political situation, you can use this business idea to make a good income.

Job search abroad for professionals

Some young and skilled Puneians are looking for an opportunity to leave Pune and accelerate their careers. Especially for professionals and those who do artwork, many potential opportunities strengthen the idea of this small business in Pune.

Color production

It seems as simple as that. A new structure and building are being built every day, which is heating the paint market. You can start with a small shop or a small distribution center. You can enlarge it later. Color production is a small business idea in Pune that is active for 12 months of the year.

Educational counseling

Education is an integral part of any society. A good educational rate has many good effects. You can become an education expert. If you do this carefully and programmatically, you will get great results. Apart from this, you can also take online courses for a small fee.

Clothing Business Ideas in Pune

Pune has a special interest in design. Even veiled women are looking to buy well-designed and beautiful items and accessories. Puneian men also wear a variety of clothing, from suits to casual wear. As a result, offering men’s and women’s clothing in Pune is a lucrative business.

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Building equipment

Many structures and buildings are emerging. As a result, the market for companies and organizations that supply construction equipment is hot. If you have a limited budget, you can start with small supplies such as screws, nails, wires, and so on.

Preparation of food raw materials

Since the food consumed in Pune is in short supply, there is more interest in new products. You can make money by importing new fertilizers and organic products and processing them and offering them to people eager to buy.

Sell ​​Juice

In Pune, the interest in natural and fresh juices is very high. In this regard, many business opportunities have opened up for organizations to import or supply such items. Packet juices are very popular because they are more sustainable.

Website and App Development Business

Due to the increasing development in digital technology, website and app development business ideas in Pune has become a trend.

Designing a website or an app in Pune is a profitable business and it requires very low investment.

If you want to gain experience before starting any business you can work as a web designer on up work, Fiverr.

Recruitment consultant business

In India several individuals are jobless and many MNCs have a shortage of employees but they don’t have time for hiring new employees.

They request recruitment firms to hire employees for their company so that time will be saved.

Baby Care Business Ideas in Pune

In Pune as well as in all metro urban areas like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata this business is soaring.

Due to being busy they want to take care of their kids but don’t have enough and in that case, Baby care centers come.

This business is increasingly reasonable for the female. Be that as it may, the male can likewise begin this business, you need to contract a female representative for this. Try not to choose now, read all ideas before choosing.

Industrial course business

In the upcoming year, such a significant number of establishments have begun where they prepare the designing business.

Our instruction framework and industry/organization necessities have a major distinction which turned into the obstruction landing position ( fresher).

This organization shows various courses according to the student stream.

On the off chance that they are from the software engineering stream, at that point they show the course like Android studio, Big information taking care of, AI, RBA, Language course ( python, java, and so forth).

These are those courses which school doesn’t educate, the however industry has an extreme interest in it.

Quick service restaurant (One of the best business ideas in Pune)

It is a fast-food restaurant which serves food quickly and people love to love such places. It is one of the best business ideas in Pune with low investment.

Old Books business in Pune

Second-hand purchasing and selling of book business have incredible open door Puneune.

You need to contact students of all extraordinary schools of Pune during the new session and offer the book at the lowest cost from the market.

No student everywhere throughout the world needs to contribute cash to the Book. So on the off chance that you give them at low cost, at that point, they will most likely get it.

You can likewise offer notes to get additional pay. Students are keen on Notes to adapt more things in less time.

Mentoring Business Ideas in Pune

On the off chance that you need to begin a locally situated business with the least or zero investment, at that point you can consider mentoring.

It is likewise incredibly low maintenance or side pay open door for the jobbers, students, housewives, and mothers. Coaching is a self-compensating profession. With a tad of innovativeness, you can consider an inventive business model as well.

Tire Store

The vehicle thickness in Pune is high. The city is likewise mainstream as “Engine City”. In this way, the interest in various sorts of auto extra parts, oils, and tires are additionally great. Pretty much every car organization including Bajaj Auto, Tata Motors, Mahindra and Mahindra, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Jaguar, Renault, Volkswagen have set up greenfield offices close to Pune. In this way, it is probably the best area for beginning a tire store in the auto retail industry. Peruse More…

Utilized Car Dealer Ideas for Business in Pune

The trade-in vehicle vendor is a beneficial business all through the globe. Aside from going into business, you can consider work with presumed brands like “First Choice” or “Maruti regret Value”. Be that as it may, the business requires satisfactory experience and information about the vehicle business.

Videography Business

These days, Videography starts tremendous business open doors for both awkward and proficient video makers. What’s more, online clients are indicating more enthusiasm for recordings than substance nowadays. Along these lines, if you have the videography ability and some fundamental hardware for delivering quality recordings, at that point, you can consider beginning a videography related business in this industry.

Virtual Office Space Renting

Pune is the home to more than 800 IT organizations all things considered. Likewise, the city is prominent for the assembling and training industry. Subsequently, here is a characteristic interest for the rental administration of virtual office space.

All things considered, virtual office space is a business area that solitary exists on the web. This kind of office gives critical monetary reserve funds to the business people contrasted with conventional space leasing.

Coaching Ideas for Business in Pune

On account of school students, this instructing business will run like water. Such huge numbers of students need to get ready for higher investigations like a degree.

For this, they need an instructing place for arrangement. Presently Delhi is a training focus center point for all students for higher investigations planning.

A few students need to get ready for IES, GATE, PSU, and state govt. Job too. For this, they additionally need an instructing focus.

By opening the instructing focus in Pune, you can tap this student from going to Delhi for arrangement.

Automobile parts

Maharashtra is known for car production. This business idea in Pune has an extraordinary bit of leeway Because of the simple accessibility of the market and crude material.

India is in the fourth position for selling the most noteworthy no. of vehicle units. It has surpassed Germany in 2018 for selling the most elevated no. of vehicles.

India offers an aggregate of 60 lakh to 70 lakh vehicle units every year. It’s an immense open door for car parts making business proprietors.

Freelancer Ideas for Business in Pune

In the first place, I will reveal to you what outsourcing is really?

Outsourcing means working from anyplace as independently employed. No long term bond.

There are such huge numbers of websites from where you can get independent works.

The best thing about this business idea in Pune is you can begin this from home and additionally anyplace. Individuals are making 2,000 to 10,000 rupees day by day.

You need to simply discover a venture identified with your abilities.

On the off chance that you need to get more cash-flow, at that point simply take remote undertakings just (mostly from the US, UK, France, and so forth.)

Answering Service

If you need to begin a locally established business with very nearly zero investment in Pune, at that point replying to mail is the ideal choice for you. Just, with a PDA and a PC with a web office, you can begin replying to mail. Nonetheless, it is a tedious business. The business guarantees extraordinary income and benefits.

Bulletin Business

As Pune is a city that has high populace thickness, the bulletin business will flourish well here. The city is the central command of a lot of assembling, IT, and eCommerce organizations. On the off chance that you have past involvement in the open-air promoting industry, at that point, you can consider beginning this business here. Peruse More…

Cleaning Business Ideas in Pune

By and large, cleaning businesses consistently flourish well in the metropolitan urban areas. Probably the most beneficial open doors are vehicle cleaning, window cleaning, cleaning and waste transfer, and so on. Starting this sort of administration based business requires great ability, learning, and mastery. Likewise, this kind of business requires startup investment for obtaining gear, staffing, and advancement.

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PC Repairing

Is it accurate to say that you are a PC sagacious person? Do you appreciate fixing electronic things? If truly, PC or workstation fixing is conceivably a high-benefit business in the city of Pune.

Social Media Management

Here comes a small capital business idea for millennials. You must often use social media like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and so on. If you are internet savvy, this is a small business idea for you.

The development of social media platforms is very fast. Previously only as a medium for socializing, now social media can be a place to do business that can bring many benefits.

By running a social media management business, you don’t need to spend a lot of money, you only need your gadgets such as cellphones and laptops and your creativity in social media.

Some small businesses on social media sometimes need someone who can handle their social media accounts for marketing needs.

Not only small businesses, but almost all big brands also need the same thing. If you have free time, you can learn more about social media management by doing online research, or taking online courses to increase your knowledge.


For those of you who are passionate about photography, you can open a photography business. Now, many need photography services, be it for their job, their business, or even to take personal photos such as family photos.

With a personal camera and aesthetic instincts of photography, you can become a reliable photographer. Start by creating a portfolio with several objects that will become the focus of your photography business later.

For example, if you want to open a food photography service, then you can start taking food photo objects from several angles.

Then, upload it on your social media as a container for your work. Who knows, restaurants will start contacting and using your services.

Open the Thrift Shop

Who says used goods are of bad quality? Take a look around you, is there anything that is still good but never used or rarely used?

As the saying goes, ” One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” items that you no longer use can become very useful to other people.

The thrift shop is another term for a secondhand shop, where people usually look for the item they want at a lower price than the original. In Uncle Sam’s country, the United States has many people who openly shop at thrift stores.

Not inferior to Americans, many Indonesians often shop for used goods at thrift shops.

If you want to open this business, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. You only need to find items that are rarely used and then sell them on the internet or take advantage of social media.

But remember, you have to guarantee that the quality of the used goods you sell is still good, if they are not suitable for use, buyers will not be interested in buying your goods.

Also, make sure you give a lower price than the original price in general stores because that is the main attraction of the thrift shop itself.

Laundry business

In this day and age, everyone is always acting quickly and often they don’t have time to take care of their dirty clothes. If you have a washing machine at home, you can start a laundry business.

You don’t need to spend a lot of capital, you only need to prepare capital for electricity, laundry soap, and clothes perfume, and you are ready to run this small capital business. However, you have to be very careful in this endeavor.

It is not uncommon for some of the clothes that you will receive to have special treatment. So that you don’t get it wrong, it’s good to always ask if there are clothes that must have a different treatment every time you receive an order from your customer.

Personal Chef

Do you have a hobby of cooking? Or are you one of those people who have a passion for the culinary field?

If your answer is yes, then this small capital business for millennials is the right choice for you. Unlike a job as a housemaid, you will usually be recruited by certain people to prepare special dishes for certain events.

Starting from barbecues, family gatherings, birthdays, or other personal needs.

For capital, you can provide a total budget of the materials that you will use to your clients and those who will provide the money later.

So, with this business, you only need to provide your cooking skills and of course a high taste for food.


This small business is a business that you can pursue if you have an interest in literacy, for example, such as writing articles and reading books.

In short, by opening an editorial service business, you can provide services related to writing or reading.

The services you can provide in this business are proofreading, article writing, editing, or other services related to writing or reading.

You can have many clients who want to use your services, from small or large business owners, writers, to students or students who need your services to complete their assignments.

You can also price your services according to the level of difficulty, the number of words/pages, to adjust the price according to the quality of your writing.

Video Editor / Production

For this one business, it must be very suitable for those of you who really like the world of film or like to edit videos.

Many people may need reliable video editor or video maker services, such as small and large companies, YouTubers, social media influencers, or other groups who are less proficient in making or editing videos.

If you are good at this, why not make it the small business you run? All you need is your gadget and an application/software to edit videos.

If you are still not confident in your editing skills, the internet has many tutorials that teach you how to edit videos, or there are online courses on videography or video editing that you can take to learn more about the required skills.

Cleaning Service / Cleaning Service

Maybe the first impression you get after seeing the name of this small business is “how come I was suggested to be a housemaid, anyway ?”

In fact, many people underestimate this kind of work, even though many people need help cleaning their place without hiring a domestic helper.

For example, workers who still live in boarding houses or workers who rarely stay in houses/apartments do not have time to clean. What’s wrong with you taking the opportunity to start your small capital business?

Not to mention, there are still a few who open these services because most people still rely on domestic helpers.

So, your competitors are not so many if you are interested in this business. In today’s era, many need a one-day service to clean their place in a day. You don’t need to spend a lot of capital.

All you need to run this small business are cleaning tools and a cell phone to receive/contact your clients.

It could be that if your business is big, you can hire some workers and you just sit in the house while receiving the results. Not a shame either, right?

Personal Shopper

You must have heard the word mager (lazy to move) every day. The word describes someone’s laziness to do something.

One of the activities that some people may be lazy to do is shopping. Maybe a lot of people like to shop, but not a few people who don’t have time are even lazy to shop.

However, there are still few shops that can deliver directly to the place or can be delivered but it takes a while to arrive.

This is an opportunity for you to start your small business to become a personal shopper. You can offer delivery packages every day to buy the items you need.

This service is perfect for housewives who want to provide breakfast but don’t want to go to the convenience store.

For capital, you don’t need to worry. You can request a budget for your purchases along with your service costs to your clients.

One thing that you may really need is the enthusiasm to find goods according to customer requests and deliver them to their destination.

Open a course/tutoring

If you like interacting with school children, you can open courses/lessons in any field. In this small capital business, what you need is the knowledge you have.

There are also many classes that you can give to open a course business, such as academics (reading, math, science, etc.), music, or any other class you think someone might be interested in enrolling in. Don’t forget to also adjust to your abilities.

Pet Sitting

Everyone must have their favorite animal, from cats, dogs, rabbits, even to other exotic animals. Many have made these animals their pets.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for animal owners not to have enough time to take care of their pets.

By taking advantage of this situation, you can offer a pet sitting service. This service is certainly very attractive to people who have pets but have a high level of activity.

This small capital business is perfect for animal lovers. For capital, you don’t need to worry. Usually, animal owners have provided special food and tools for their pets.

All you need is great affection for their pet, and patience in taking care of its needs.

If you have any doubt regarding business ideas in Pune with low investment, please feel free to ask.

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