Passive Income Ideas: 14 Ways to Build Passive Income!

Do you sometimes dream of generating a long-term profit from previously made efforts? With passive income ideas, you ensure that you continue to yield energy, time and money even after you are no longer (so) intensively involved.

Ideal to have as an additional form of income.

Please note, you will also have to make an effort for a passive income, unfortunately, it will not come to you automatically.

Getting rich as you sometimes hear does not yet exist, unfortunately.

Passive Income Ideas

Maybe you have the idea to slow down over time on your regular job, do you want to build up a reserve for periods when your active income is lower, or do you just want to build up a nice savings for later dreams?

You can build up a passive income and the possibilities and combinations are almost endless.

It is often the case that once the ball is rolling, it becomes automatic to look for other sources of this type of income, so that the passive part takes on nice shapes.

You start to see opportunities in things that you actually like and often do but that you never thought you could earn from them.

A period of investing through time, energy and money results in a period in which the money keeps coming in without having to actively work for it. Nice isn’t it?

In this article, I’ll show you the most common ways to build passive income.

1) Start webshop

I started a web store in nuts & dried fruit in 2011.

You can easily start a webshop from home.

2) Investing in real estate

One of the most popular ways is to invest in real estate.

Admittedly, you do need a certain amount of starting capital for this but it is still a highly recommended strategy.

You buy real estate which you will then rent out. Not only do you periodically receive the rental income from this, you can also count on your real estate to keep its value or even to increase in value.

Look for a nice spot in an interesting location and you can start right away.

3) Investing in shares

Investing in shares is also a very popular way to build up passive income.

You need a certain amount of capital for this, but if you can invest smartly and see opportunities, you can quickly increase your sum considerably.

Of course, you also have to take into account the risk of losses here, but you can absorb this by providing sufficient spread and possibly having an expert assist you.

You will also find various courses and forums online that can help you find your way in the world of investing.

4) Investing in companies

Investing in companies, such as start-ups, for example, will yield years of returns after an investment.

Many starters try to raise the necessary capital through crowdfunding and they set certain rewards for that.

Certainly for starters, it is often difficult to get their idea sold to the regular lenders and they would like to do something for people who believe in them and want to offer them opportunities. So a win-win situation.

5) Create a blog

For those who have a smooth pen and like to share their stories and ideas with the whole world, setting up a blog is a good idea that can provide a nice extra.

A laptop and internet connection are the only things you need for this.

The moment your blog becomes known to the general public and has a lot of followers, you can make money by adding ads or placing links to the website of companies.

6) Become an influencer on social media

Social media is hip and as good as everyone uses it. Choose a specific topic, the so-called niche, and try to get a large number of followers.

The combination of a large number of followers and a high involvement will generate interest from companies that will pay you to post posts that are linked to their company.

Especially in the early days, this form of passive income building will be very labor-intensive.

You need to post and respond to your followers enough to maintain their interest and engagement.

7) Upload YouTube videos

Many people before you already made a lot of money uploading videos on YouTube.

Here you can add paid advertisements to your videos from a certain number of followers who watch your videos for a certain number of hours.

A single video can thus be viewed an infinite number of times and make money.

To build a loyal audience of followers, choose a specific topic and start working on regularly posting new videos.

The more videos with paid ads, the more you can earn.

8) Write a book

A textbook example of building a passive income.

Do you have a creative mind and would you like to write your own book?

It is hard work to get your book written, but once it is done you can make permanent money every time someone buys or lends your book in the library.

9) Publish an ebook

A bit similar in terms of work to writing a book that is for sale physically in stores, but if you look closely at interesting platforms, you can earn some nice money.

Countless people can download your eBook and every time you earn something on it.

Nowadays people also download an ebook easier than buying a physical book or going to the library.

So, find a nice topic, let your imagination run wild and start making money online.

10) Sell photos

Do you like to take beautiful, original and creative photos in your free time? Here too there is a source of income.

Share your photos on image banks and let companies buy your photos.

People often wrongly think that this is reserved for professional photographers, but the opposite is true.

Often very beautiful photos remain unused and a good income is lost.

Once your photos are offered on the image banks, they can be purchased several times and therefore yield several extras.

11) Selling designs

You can also earn money with designs. Nice prints for merchandising material, nice slogans for t-shirts and so on.

You can place your designs on online databases where customers can find you and purchase your designs.

Maybe also think about agreeing with your customer that you will get a piece of the cake from the proceeds of the products sold with your design on.

This way you can earn long-term money from a single design. More designs, more customers, more profit.

12) Rent out your own belongings

Just as you can rent out an unused space, you can also rent out your own belongings during periods when you do not use it.

Think not only of your car, for example, but also of furniture and electrical appliances.

You choose when you rent it out and in time the proceeds will exceed the purchase price and you can use it for free.

13) Investing in solar panels

By installing solar panels, you not only create a system where you can not only meet your own energy needs, you can also choose to install a larger number of solar panels and thus return the excess energy to the grid.

Your energy manager pays you a small fee for every kWh you have left and which they can use.

Think of this as a longer-term investment because you have to take into account the payback time of the solar panels themselves and their installation costs.

14) Offering online courses

Do you think people can take advantage of your knowledge?

By offering courses online you reach a large audience and you can sell your course countless times.

Various platforms can offer your course, which ensures an immense range.

Make sure that you are original and innovative and that you distinguish yourself from other providers.

Also use your own network to promote your product.


As shown above, the options for earning passive income are endless.

It often comes down to seeing opportunities and opportunities and doing something effective with them.

How often do people think “I can maybe …”, but thinking alone does not make money.

List your plans, put them into action and start earning a long-term passive income.

In no time you can buy or do the things you always dared to dream of.

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