32 Profitable Street Food Business Ideas With Low Investment

Nowadays there are hundreds of street food business ideas that you can choose for your business with low investment or small capital. But when there are many choices it is difficult to choose from them.

The food business is very profitable and the right choice of ideas makes this business more successful than others.

Here I have tried my best to select 32 street food business ideas among hundreds so that you don’t have to waste time on that. Hope you find it useful.

Let’s get started. 

Street Food Business Ideas With Low Investment

32 Street Food Business Ideas with Small Capital

Here are amazing and profitable street food business ideas that I think are the best from others.


Essentially, biryani is a fundamental course of food. It’s exceptionally famous as well. Biryani arrives in an assortment of tastes and flavors. A Take-Away Biryani counter is a low-cost business. What’s more, you can slow down even by rethinking the biryani. You should set up the slow down in a high-traffic territory where individuals like to burn-through biryani consistently. 


We should begin with a work of art and a street food staple that never appears to lose its allure. There are some great slowdowns now selling gourmet burgers, which general society have generally expected. 

Contingent upon where you go there can be a great deal of rivalry however there is still room on the lookout for new merchants. 

Woodfired Pizza 

Newly-made batter and scope of garnishes tossed into a wood-terminated pizza broiler on wheels. The outcome? The absolute best pizza you will attempt. 

Vegetarian options 

As the prevalence of vegetarian slims down develops so is the chance on the street food scene. Various veggie lover food trucks and slow down have sprung up throughout the most recent couple of years and this is probably going to proceed. 

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They are selling everything from vegetarian burgers and sausages to veggie lover pizza. 

On the off chance that you are searching for some vegetarian motivation I suggest the book “veggie lover Street Food”. It has a wide scope of Asian street food plans to look over. 

Bao Buns 

Chinese in the beginning these little terrible young men are steamed buns loaded up with your #1 spiced types of meat or vegan elective. 


Probably the most well known Chinese foods are chow mein, Egg move, cutlet, broiled chicken, spring move, sandwich, and so forth Indian populace burns-through Chinese food consistently – pretty much every substitute day. These foods are delectable and delicious. Additionally, you can set up a ton of foods with nearly similar fixings. The northern and the Eastern piece of our nation are the significant shopper of prepared to-eat Chinese foods. 


Because of the sweltering and sticky climate of the nation, individuals devour cold beverages consistently. You can slow down a virus drink even with a Rs 50000 capital investment. Even though the net revenue is less per unit deal, you can acquire an agreeable benefit in the event that you increment the volume. Additionally, you can deal with chips, chocolates, and other prepared to-eat bundled food things from a similar slowdown. 


Idli, bara, dosa, uttapam, Upma, and so on are the commonplace South Indian food. Notwithstanding, these are famous as breakfast or even a principle supper food thing all through the nation. A small food that slows down in a high-traffic zone is an exceptionally worthwhile endeavor in the metro urban communities and small towns. 


This is another exceptionally well-known food thing that individuals devour oftentimes. Indeed, even the large organizations are currently coming into the slow down sort business. Consequently, a ton of establishment openings is additionally accessible nowadays. The chicken momo, veg momo, and the seared momos are significantly selling food of a momo slow down. 


Who doesn’t cherish Panipuri? It’s additionally famous as Phuchka or Puchka. Because of the popularity, you can discover Pani Puri all over the place – from cafés to the streets. Notwithstanding, the best ones are frequently found on the streets, and individuals have their number one objections. Starting a Pani Puri slow down is an exceptionally worthwhile business in a low-investment portion. 


In Pav Bhaji, Pav alludes to the delicate bread. Essentially, it is a cheap food dish from India, consisting of thick vegetable curry, seared, and presented with a delicate bread roll. Probably the most well-known dishes are cheddar pav bhaji, paneer pav bhaji, seared pav bhaji, mushroom pav bhaji, and so forth 

The food is profoundly mainstream in the northern and the western piece of the nation. At present, individuals from everywhere in the nation devour pav bhaji consistently. 


On the off chance that you need to begin a low-maintenance street food business, at that point popcorn slows down and is an ideal alternative for you. By and large, individuals devour popcorn at night time. The youngsters favor popcorn in the tiffin time. Popcorn can be cooked with spread or oil. These days, you can discover a popcorn making machine that produces popcorn consequently. 


Fundamentally, the sweet and tidbits slow down from the western piece of the nation. Even though the taste marginally varies locally, this kind of shop is mainstream throughout the nation. The vast majority of this kind of shop sells various sorts of desserts, Dahi, and nibble things like potato chips, Samosa, Namkeen, and so forth You can set up the food at home and sell those things from the food slow down. 


Opening a small tea slow down is a profitable and self-remunerating business. Contingent upon your investment limit, you can set up the store in any size. Additionally, you can think about purchasing an establishment. A tea slow down business is amazing to begin an adventure in the metro urban areas as well as in small towns. 

These days, individuals look for good food at a sensible cost. Thus, interest in street food things is expanding quickly. Aside from the above rundown of street food business ideas, you can open any kind of street food slow down with the items that have a nearby interest. Street food that slows down in the correct area can create adequate benefits. 


These have been around for some time and burgers appear to have not faltered regarding customer interest. Probably the greatest lines I have seen have been at falafel wrap slows down. 

Broil supper wraps 

Consider cuts, cooking hamburgers, destroyed cabbage, and carrots with horseradish and sauce in a Yorkshire pudding wrap. Indeed, these are currently a thing and scrumptious! 

Cushion Thai 

Wok-seared noodle with egg, or prawn, chicken or hamburger. This is a delicious dish and simple to make. Famous all through Thailand 


On account of The Lego film, I will everlastingly connect Tacos with Taco Tuesday (sorry on the off chance that you didn’t get the reference). I had probably the best fish tacos as of late out traveling to Koh Lanta, Thailand. 

Caribbean food 

Caribbean food is consistently well known with street food going masses. Specifically, snap chicken flame-broiled directly before you on a BBQ or rich and flavorsome curried goat. 

In the event that you are searching for plans, at that point “Unique Flava” is a decent cookbook, giving you true Caribbean plans. 


This is another dish that is well known all through Thailand on the street food scene, however not something I have truly found in the UK. Sound and new and not very weighty when it’s hot. 

Messy Chips 

Any chips, however ones that accompany cheddar and a wide scope of sauces and preparing. At the point when I originally knew about this idea, I figured it couldn’t work, however, there is one merchant I know off who is extremely effective and has recently opened up fixed premises. 

Versatile mixed drink bar 

Mixed drinks and summer frequently come inseparably, so it sort of bodes well to serve this outside. You don’t see a considerable lot of these (yet) at street food advertisements however keep an eye out for them, particularly as gin is currently so famous. 

Portable Juice Bar 

Individuals are more well being cognizant nowadays and need their everyday leafy food consumption. Smoothies are additionally truly well known with the children. 

In the event that you need some juice ideas, at that point look at “The juice sweethearts’ enormous book” You won’t be shy of ideas with more than 425 juice plans to browse. 

Smoothie bowls 

In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea of what a smoothie bowl is, think of a thick smoothie in a tub with a scope of nuts, seeds, and natural products as fixings. Truly, this is a thing and is slowly discovering its way into street food markets and food trucks close to you. 

Espresso Iced espresso 

Hot espresso when it’s cold and frosted when it’s hot. The mutual benefit right! 

Air pocket Tea 

A beautiful new idea in the West and some territory’s air pocket tea bars are more famous than the juice bars! A scope of enhanced natural product teas with milk served hot or cold with custard balls. 

Frozen yogurt 

Another staple, Ice cream trucks, and slows down have been going for quite a long time. However, individuals consistently concoct a cutting edge turn on an old work of art. From made with natural milk to sans dairy frozen yogurts, there has been somewhat of a renaissance as far as frozen yogurt. 

Frozen yogurt rolls 

Making these is a serious display and unquestionably attracts a group. Fluid frozen yogurt is spurted on a virus level steel surface and as the frozen yogurt sets, it is scratched into moves with metal spatulas. You would then be able to add a wide range of brilliant fixings. 


You can have these dainty flapjacks with a scope of flavorful or sweet fillings. My undisputed top choice is Nutella and banana. Bon appetit! 

Veggie lover/plant-based other options 

As referenced, veggie lover counts calories are on the ascent and this pattern doesn’t give any indications of slowing down. As indicated by a new report by the Guardian, the number of individuals rehearsing a vegetarian diet has expanded from 150.000 to 542.000 in the most recent decade in the UK. 

There are vegetarian food trucks and street food slows down out there however this is a long way from a soaked market as of now. 


As street food has developed so has the degree of refinement. Gone are where you could pull off selling low-quality burgers from the roadside. Nowadays you truly need to up your game regarding the item, introduction, and bundling. 

Biodegradable bundling 

The interest in biodegradable or compostable bundling isn’t disappearing. Single-use plastics are awful for the climate and the overall population is more mindful of this than any other time in recent memory. 

Increasingly more Festival panels and occasion coordinators additionally require it as a condition to exchange at their celebrations and street food markets. 

“Vegware” is one of the main organizations in the UK delivering compostable items and offers a scope of eco-accommodating disposables, for example, smoothie and espresso cups.

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