15 Profitable Street Food Business Ideas with Low Investment

Nowadays there are hundreds of street food business ideas that you can choose for your business with low investment or small capital. But when there are many choices it is difficult to choose from them.

The food business is very profitable and the right choice of ideas makes this business more successful than others.

Street food business is famous these days. You may have seen many food stalls, coffee shops, and cream shops on street. Large number of customers go to these small shops and buy food to eat.

Starting a street business will be profitable if done in a proper location and with proper strategy.

In this article, we will share some of the best street food business ideas and tips to get success in this business.

15 Street Food Business Ideas

Here are profitable street food business ideas you should consider:

Fried Food Business

To run this fried food business requires a small capital. The initial capital might be large because you have to buy a lot of equipment and materials to start the fried food business.

But if you don’t have large capital you can rent equipment to start this street food business.

  • Several types of fried food businesses that are in demand in the market include;
  • Culinary business selling fried bananas
  • Open a business selling shrimp dumplings
  • Food business selling sweet potato and fried cassava
  • Fried tofu, etc.

The above list may not be in demand in your country or area. Make sure you analyse the market and customers taste of preference to provide the fried food they want to eat.

Chips Business

Assorted chips are snacks that are loved by many people. There are several types of chips that are always in demand in the market, for example;

  • Assorted cassava chips
  • Potato chips
  • Assorted banana chips
  • And others.

The business of chips can also be done easily on streets and is considered as one of profitable business opportunities for small entrepreneurs.

The profits in this business are quite good if you open this business in a crowded streets.

Cake Business

In general, there are two types of cakes, namely dry cakes and wet cakes.

These dry cakes can last longer once they are produced and stored properly. While the wet cake does not last long and must be eaten quickly because it will be stale.

Pay attention to what kind of cake you are going to sell, is it suitable for your target market?

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With this cake business on street you can sell pastries, cookies and other related goods to the customers.

Sweet Porridge Street Food Business

Sweet porridge is one of the foods that many people love all around the world. That is why the sweet porridge business has quite promising potential.

Some of the favorite types of sweet porridge include; green bean porridge, marrow porridge, black sticky rice porridge, corn porridge, and others.

Currently, there are not too many sellers of sweet porridge. Even though he has quite a lot of customer base.

If you are interested in this street food business opportunity, you should look for recipes that people of our area like.

Round Tofu Business

You can try this street food business opportunity. And you have to make it look unique to distinguish it from other tofu sellers.

You can modify the round tofu recipe that is sold. For example, adding mozzarella cheese filling to tofu, sausage filling, beef filling, meatball filling, and other fillings.

People will certainly feel curious about your unique round tofu recipe. If they like it, of course they will buy again and again.

You also have to adjust the price. Not too expensive, but not too cheap either.

Donut Food on Streets

Donuts are also one of the favorite street food for many people. Of course this can be a profitable business opportunity for you.

In general, donuts taste sweet. With a little creativity, you can modify the usually sweet taste of donuts into savoury ones.

For example, you make mozzarella donuts, mushroom chicken donuts, pizza donuts, shredded beef donuts, and various other flavors.

The unique flavors you offer will attract people to buy. And if they like the taste, of course they will buy again.

Banana Nugget Business

This food is made from the basic raw material of bananas. This banana nugget recipe is quite simple, namely; bananas, flour, sugar, salt, grated cheese, eggs, and enough water.

As for the toppings usually use other food ingredients, such as; chocolate, cheese, almonds and more.

Banana nuggets are one of the contemporary culinary delights that are loved by many people. So, it can be said that selling banana nuggets is a profitable street food business.

Kebab Business

Kebab is a popular business in many parts of the world. In addition, there are several other business brands that focus on selling culinary origins from the Middle East.

Seeing this reality, we realize that the kebab street food business opportunity is quite promising. Then, how to get started?

You don’t have to go through the hassle of building your own brand and doing research to find great kebab recipes.

Now there are several popular kebab franchise businesses with quite affordable price packages.

You can become a franchise business partner and focus on running your street business.

On a small scale, you can sell kebabs on street and is already in demand so that you don’t have worry about the customers.

Toast Business

You may already be familiar with toast snacks. Yup, toast is one of the favorite foods for many people all around the world.

This street food business can be run with relatively small capital. Even though the capital is small, it doesn’t mean the potential is not good.

Selling toast should be carried out in strategic locations. For example, near campuses, offices, on the roadside, or near residential areas.

Assorted Cassava Snack Business

Not many businesses that specialize in selling cassava are running it. However, that does not mean there are few fans of this snack.

In fact, cassava lovers are actually quite a lot. That is the reason why the cassava snack business is worth considering.

Some types of processed cassava that are in great demand by the public include:

  • Cheese cassava
  • Grilled cassava
  • cassava sticks
  • Cassava balls
  • Milk cassava cake
  • Thai cassava
  • Layer cassava
  • And others

You can focus on selling one type of processed cassava. Or you can also sell several types of processed cassava at once.

Rice Street Food Business

This street food business idea has the most demand. In addition to the taste that fits the tongue of many people, the price is also very pocket- friendly.

In general, sellers sell simple menus, namely; fried rice, round eggs with rice, omelette with rice, vermicelli, and fried foods.

Well, if you want to look more attractive then you have to give it something different.

Learn the delicious recipes. Then, offer a variety of different side dishes to add to the deliciousness to the rice.

Some of the different side dishes, for example; gizzard liver, chili fried tuna, chicken satay, clams, meat cakes, egg stews, and so on.

Don’t forget to also provide delicious and special chili sauce that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Street Fast Food Business

Today there are many businesses that run street fast food businesses. From staple foods to snacks.

Some of these ready-to-eat foods include; hot dogs, burgers, fries, pizza, fried chicken and more.

The fast food business has many big players. Call it McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, KFC, Domino’s Pizza, and others.

It turns out that this type of business is still mostly run by local businesses, even small-scale businesses. This means that the fast food business has huge potential.

Selling Seafood

Seafood is a favorite food of most of the people. This is the reason why the seafood business is never goes off demand.

As for some of the seafood that has the most fans, namely; crabs, sea fish, squid, clams, octopus and of course lobster (Some of the seafood is not good for health, still in some countries they eat them, please do a proper research which is good for your health also).

Seafood can act as a staple food or just to satisfy a culinary desire. But for sure, opening a seafood business is a profitable street food business.

Noodle Food Business

Who is not familiar with this one food? Yup, many people are very familiar with noodles.

Most of our people considers noodles as the most delicious food.

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A delicious noodle recipe and the way it is served play an important role in this business. The combination of noodles with delicious side dishes like eggs, vegetables can make your culinary business more attractive.

Foreign Specialty Food Business

Many people are known to be consumptive and easy to adapt to foreign food. This is the reason why we find many culinary from abroad in our countries.

The good news is, you can use this as a profitable street food business opportunity.

For consideration, here are some of the best-selling foreign specialties:

  • Tom Yum (Thai)
  • Sushi (Japan)
  • Pizza (Italian)
  • Ramen (China)
  • Waffles (Belgium)
  • Macaroni And Cheese (UK)

Tips for Running the Street Food Business Successfully

In addition, to be able to successfully run a street food business, we must run it diligently and with good management.

There are many factors that influence the success of a street food business, including;

Quality of Food Sold

Make sure that the food sold is guaranteed quality, both in terms of taste, ingredients, and packaging.

Always use food ingredients that are still good and clean, and processed in a way that is in accordance with food processing standards.

Innovation in Running a Business

Only those who are willing to innovate in business can be winners. With innovation, there will be new variants of the types of food that have been made so that consumers remain interested.

It doesn’t matter if the product has been sold by another street food business. If you give a new touch to the product so that it becomes different then this can be an interesting thing for a business.

Maintain Good Relationships with Consumers

Providing the best service to consumers is something that is very wise, even if you have never known it before.

By providing good service, these consumers will get the impression that your food business is running professionally.

Of course this will make consumers want to come back again.

Target the Right Market

Since the beginning of building a street food business, we must understand who the target market is.

For example, we want to sell fried culinary products at low prices. Then the most suitable target market is from the lower middle class or even all circles.

In running this street food business, it helps us also provide promotions.

Think Positive

All types of businesses definitely need a positive mind-set from business actors in order to develop, including street food businesses.

Why so? Because usually what we think about continuously then that’s what will happen.

One example, for example, subconsciously you always think that your street food business will get a lot of buyers. Then you will find various ways or ideas to achieve that goal.

This happens in our subconscious, so make it a habit to always think positively.

Final Words on Street Food Business

Finally, there are many street food business ideas around us. But not all food businesses will suit everyone.

Therefore, you must really pay attention to what kind of food business is the most suitable for you to run.

Also keep in mind, the main thing in every business is an idea, opportunity, creativity, perseverance, and of course the courage to start it.

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